Opinions about Martini Fiero

Main advantage:

Its fresh and citrus flavor is completely different from other Martinis, it is a perfect drink for the afternoon or for the night, to drink as a drink.

Main disadvantage:

It has a much fresher and lighter flavor than vermouth, so it is not the most suitable for purists who are looking for a more traditional drink.

Verdict: 9.6/10

Martini Fiero is ideal to drink as a drink in the afternoon or at night, either mixed with tonic, with orange juice or just with ice, as it is very fresh and sweet.

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Main Features Explained


It is one of the vermouths with a more personal flavor of the Martini brand. It is made with orange peel from Murcia, which gives it its particular bitter and citric flavor, impressive, refreshing. It is a modern drink, designed to be enjoyed as a drink or as an ingredient in cocktails.

In its elaboration, dry white wines from the Piedmont region have also been used, infused with orange and with a unique mixture of 42 botanical species, among which artemisia stands out, responsible for the bitter nuances that accompany orange.

The result could be the best Martini to enjoy in the afternoon or at night, thanks to its fresh and sparkling flavor.


The Fiero martini bottle has a much more modern and casual style, with a circular label, reminiscent of an orange split in half. In it, the protagonist is the Martini logo, which occupies almost the entire central part. The label and details of the bottle are orange, marking a style consistent with the main ingredient of the drink.

On the other hand, its holding capacity is 750 ml, it has a classic shape, with some serigraphs and reliefs showing the date 1863, the year in which the brand was founded, which has become an icon of Italian culture and, according to user opinions, one of the best brands of vermouths.


The composition of the Martini Fiero is specially designed for use as a cocktail ingredient. Its flavor goes especially well with tonic water, since the association of citrus flavors and the natural bitterness of quinine offer a great richness and complexity of nuances, resulting in a very light and fresh combination, perfect for vermouth time or to drink at night. In addition, it is an affordable product, so you will have no regrets when it comes to mixing it.

In this sense, it is also a very appreciated ingredient by chefs to prepare dishes, especially desserts, since its characteristic citrus flavor blends very well with other sweet flavors. 

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