Opinions about Orbegozo VT 1210

Main advantage: 

The dimensions of this wine cellar allow you to store 12 bottles of wine, distributed in 5 removable chrome shelves that facilitate access to drinks. For its part, the adjustable temperature favors the proper conservation of wines to taste them whenever you want. 

Main disadvantage: 

When in operation, the equipment emits a slight humming sound, perceptible to people with high hearing sensitivity, which can become a long-term annoyance. However, this does not affect its functionality. 

Verdict: 9.9/10

It is a spacious wine cellar, with an elegant design and intuitive operation, whose shelves are removable to facilitate the storage of bottles. 

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Main Features Explained


Wine lovers know that to enjoy all the nuances of flavor and aroma of this drink, it is necessary to keep it at the right temperature. In this sense, when you have several bottles of wine at home, you must keep them very cold because you do not know when it will be time to uncork them, and many times in the refrigerator there is not an appropriate space to store them, so it is necessary to get one of the best wine cellars on the market. 

Consequently, the Orbegozo VT 1210 may be the one indicated because it is designed to hold up to 12 bottles of wine or the equivalent of 35 liters, since the size of the bottles can vary and can also be accommodated, thanks to the fact that the shelves are removable and can be You can adapt the space to store those drinks of several liters. 

It should be noted that these support trays are chrome plated, which improves their appearance and resistance. In addition, they have a curved format that adapts well to the body of the bottle and holds it securely. 

Although this wine cellar is spacious and has a good capacity, its dimensions are compact and can be adapted to strategic spaces, thanks to its measurements of 26 x 65 x 50.3 cm. Also, you can easily move it around because it barely weighs 12 kg. 


Thinking about buying an appliance exclusively to cool wine bottles can affect your decision, if you see it as an additional cost of electricity that will affect your monthly budget, since, previously, wine cellars had high electricity consumption.

But, Obergozo has taken this aspect into account and therefore designed this product with an A energy rating and thermoelectric cooling, to be more environmentally friendly by dispensing with the use of refrigerants.

This improvement has not affected the price of the wine cellar, since it has one of the most competitive costs in the market, taking into account its capacity and operation.

Regarding the power of this model, you should know that it is 70 W, which allows efficient operation at a temperature that ranges between 11 and 18 ° C. You can also change the measurement to degrees Fahrenheit, if you prefer. 

For its part, access to the wine cellar depends on a door with a side handle and double-insulated glass. Regarding the handling and configuration of the wine cellar, according to the opinions of the users, the design is intuitive due to the touch control panel and the digital display that shows the temperature inside the appliance. 

Design and guarantee

You don’t have to be a professional taster or a sommelier to know that the wine cellar, in addition to being functional for preserving wine, can become an elegant element of decoration anywhere, both for its appearance and for the bottles it contains. inside. 

In this sense, Orbegozo has opted for a sober and modern design in this product, preserving a vertical format and an elegant black tone, where the only element of distinctive color is given by the blue display on the front.

For its part, the internal lighting in the wine cellar is LED and is always on, without representing additional energy consumption. However, it gives a refined touch to the appliance, while being functional because it allows you to see the bottles inside and make a choice before opening the door. 

Regarding maintenance, the auto-defrost function avoids the uncomfortable cleaning tasks that many users resist, so it is a plus point that stands out in the comments of its buyers.

Now, the manufacturer’s backing is determined by a two-year warranty, but its build quality and energy-efficient design provide a powerful, functional, and long-lasting appliance.

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