Recipe Caipiroska

Caipiroska cocktail

The Brazilian cocktail with vodka Preparation time10 min Number of people: 1


  • 50 ml of vodka.
  • Half lime.
  • 25g of sugar.
  • Ice.



  • Crusher or mortar.

Legend has it that Caipiroska was invented in Russia, when a Soviet soldier, who had been in Brazil, wanted to copy the famous Brazilian cocktail based on Cachaça. However, he found it impossible to find cane liquor in his Motherland, so he used vodka instead.

In the 1980s, with the rise of vodka as a base ingredient in cocktails, Caipiroska or Capirivodka, as it is also called, became popular, also reaching Brazil. In Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro this cocktail became very popular in some of the most important clubs in both cities, for which it became the reference drink among the Brazilian upper classes. 

This cocktail is part of the family of cocktails known as “caipiras”, which are usually very fresh drinks. Most of the cocktails in this family have their origin in hot countries, especially in the Caribbean area, since they are ideal drinks to beat the heat, since their ingredients are usually natural, with a citrus flavor and contain a large amount of of crushed ice. In this sense, another of the characteristics of “caipira” cocktails is that they are very versatile, so their ingredients can be changed to obtain different flavors, such as the strawberry caipirinha, in which the lime is replaced by strawberry.

These cocktails with vodka have become very popular all over the world, for example, in Spain it is common for Caipiroskas to be served in places near the beach. On the other hand, in Álava, Basque Country, this cocktail is known as “croska” and is one of the most drunk in the city’s clubs and bars.

Although the caipiroska recipe is very simple, its preparation requires a little more elaboration. In this sense, to begin with, in a wide and low glass we place the lemon segments and the sugar. With a mortar or pestle, mash the lime and, once crushed, add the vodka and crushed ice. 

To finish, you can decorate the glass with a slice of lime on the rim or, if you prefer something more elaborate, you can moisten the rim of the glass with lemon juice and sink it in a plate with sugar to make it sweeter. However, the Caipiroska, like the Caipirinha, should be drunk through a straw, to access the mixture that remains under the ice.

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