Recipe mojito

How to make a mojito?

Cuban classic mojito Preparation time5 min Number of people: 1


  • White rum (approximately 40 ml or as needed)
  • 5 mint or spearmint leaves
  • Crushed ice (amount needed)
  • Juice of one lime or 30 ml
  • 1 tablespoon of refined sugar
  • Soda



  • Glass
  • Stirrer or stirring spoon
  • ice pick
  • mortar and pestle

There are different ways to prepare a mojito, from the original version from Cuba consisting of 100% rum with lime juice, to the diluted versions with soda that have become classic spring and summer cocktails.

This drink is refreshing and sweet. In addition, the amount of alcohol can be adjusted to individual tastes. On the other hand, many mixologists recommend cutting the mint or spearmint leaves to remove the stem, since this part of the plant provides a bitter taste to the drink.

Here we are going to show you step by step the order in which you should use the ingredients of the classic mojito with a low alcohol content.

Step by Step

To begin with, it is advisable to fill the glass with crushed ice and let it cool while the table is prepared to make the cocktail. Once you have all the ingredients for the mojito ready, pour the ice into another container and start the preparation with the instructions below:

  1. Cut the lime in half and squeeze the juice into the glass.
  2. Add the tablespoon of sugar and stir.
  3. Now, cut the mint leaves, keeping in mind the observation we mentioned about removing the stem. If you have a mortar you can place the leaves inside and crush them lightly to release their essential oils. Then you add them to the glass.
  4. Next, you must pour crushed ice up to half.
  5. It is time to add the soda to fill ⅔ of the glass.
  6. Finally, add the 40 ml of rum to complete the glass or, failing that, add the amount of rum you like and stir the entire mixture.
  7. Now it’s time to decorate the drink with mint or peppermint leaves and a slice of lemon.

Tips: Instead of squeezing the juice from the lime, you can cut the fruit into four parts, add them to the glass and press them with a mallet to extract the juice, then add the other ingredients.

A non-alcoholic option

A non-alcoholic version of this refreshing drink can also be made. To do this, you just have to replace the rum with lime soda and combine the rest of the ingredients to enjoy its citrus flavor and herbal aromas. 

fruit mojitos

By learning the basics of a classic mojito you will be able to make creative and delicious variations to present at your parties and celebrations with friends during hot days or nights.

One of the most popular is the strawberry mojito. For its preparation you must add 4 or 5 small strawberries in the glass, the tablespoon of sugar and several mint leaves.

With a mallet crush these ingredients, add ice up to half the glass and then add a measure of lime juice, a measure of lemon soda, plus the amount of rum you want. 

Now mix well and decorate the glass with a chopped strawberry on the edge. Remember to serve the drink with a straw.

You can make a similar version with mango, only instead of strawberries you are going to add 5 pieces of ripe mango and carry out the rest of the previous procedure. Another variation can be the passion fruit, only you would not add the pulp but the juice of the fruit.

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