Review of Martini Bianco

Main advantage:

It is one of the best Martinis to combine with other drinks, since its slightly sweet and balanced flavor is highly appreciated in cocktails.

Main disadvantage:

White vermouth tends to have a sweeter and less spicy flavor than black, so it may not be to the liking of lovers of more traditional vermouth.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is an ideal drink for those who love a mid-morning or mid-afternoon aperitif. It stands out for its fresh and light flavor, with soft notes of vanilla, botanicals and citrus, which give it more body.

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Main Features Explained


Although it is difficult to decide which is the best Martini on the market, the Bianco could be, since it is, together with the dry, the most consumed in the world. This is especially due to the balance of its flavors, which perfectly mix citrus, bitter and sweet, with the added touch of vanilla that softens and offers a refreshing and slightly sweet finish.

Due to its taste, the Martini Bianco is, according to the opinions of the experts, a very versatile drink. It is highly appreciated in cocktails, as it allows many great-flavored cocktails to be made, but it is also used in cooking, where for some time it has taken center stage as an ingredient for all kinds of dishes and sauces. Of course, the Martini Bianco is an excellent drink to have as an aperitif or as a drink, thanks also to its flavor that pairs very well with cheese, chips or seafood.

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The Martini Bianco is an icon in the world of cocktails, James Bond himself drank Vodka Martini. This vermouth, when mixed with other liquors or with drinks with a stronger flavor, such as juices or fruit juices, has a flavor that is very difficult to distinguish, becoming a perfect base for making cocktails of all kinds. 

This type of Martini is still a type of dry wine with spices and herbs, so it has a very low alcoholic volume (around 15%). This is another attractive feature for bartenders and cocktail professionals, who find in this drink a perfect ingredient, with a light flavor and low alcohol content, with which to experiment. In addition, it is an affordable drink, making it perfect for this use.


All Martini vermouths are made with dry wines from the Italian Piedmont area, specifically Trebbiano wines are used in the Bianco. Botanical ingredients are added to the wine base, including wormwood, which gives it a slightly bitter taste, without which it could not be considered vermouth. 

Since its beginnings in the Martini house, mugwort has been an essential ingredient, this aromatic herb is mixed with orange peel to offer light citrus nuances. To round it off, sweet flowers, such as violets, and vanilla flowers are added to the mix, which are responsible for producing the characteristic sweet and refreshing flavor of Martini Bianco.

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