Reviews about Jose Cuervo Special

Main Advantage:

The opinions of many bartenders and tequila fans have placed the José Cuervo Especial as one of the best tequilas for cocktails and the preparation of cocktails.

Main Disadvantage:

This liquor has a different production process than other tequilas, which can be an inconvenience for some users who prefer younger or reposado tequilas of a purer cut.

Verdict: 9.6 

It is a very different tequila, which is made by mixing reposado and young tequilas, to obtain a high-quality product, with a perfect balance between the power of young tequila and the flavor of reposado.

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Main Features Explained


José Cuervo Especial tequila is made with only the finest blue agave, hand-picked from the plantations of the José Cuervo family wineries. These agaves grow for eight years and must have a minimum content of 51% sugar before harvesting. The jimadores, experts in harvesting agave, harvest the plants in the traditional way and keep only the heart of the plant.

These hearts are cut in half and slowly fired in room-sized adobe ovens at temperatures reaching 480°C. Once cooked, they are ground together with spring water and a juice is obtained, known as mead, which is very rich in sugars.

This juice is fermented and distilled to produce the different José Cuervo tequilas. To make the Special, young tequilas, white or transparent, are mixed with other reposados, golden in color. The result is a very fine and bright tequila.


The result of mixing young tequilas with reposados ​​is a drink with an intense but pleasant flavor. Although it can be perfectly enjoyed neat, with a little ice or lemon, this tequila is highly appreciated for cocktails, as its flavor mixes very well with soft drinks and juices, both citrus and sweet.

It is a slightly sweet tequila, with nuances of oak and spices, with the pleasant spicy touch of cinnamon and the final smoothness of vanilla. The aroma is also sweet, with notes of agave, alcoholic and a touch of wood, which balances it.


José Cuervo Especial is a perfect tequila to keep in the fridge and take out when guests come to the house, since it is a high-quality reposado tequila at an affordable price.

The 700 ml bottle has a traditional presentation, reminiscent of the taverns of Jalisco. It is narrow, square and with rounded corners. The labels display the familiar logo of the José Cuervo family wineries, along with the seal of the La Rojeña factory.

The cap and neck cover of the bottle are made of brass and are silk-screened with the Cuervo family brand. On the other hand, the body of the bottle has the motto of the family and the distillery marked in relief on the back.

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