Reviews about MacAllan 12 Double Cask

Main advantage: 

It is a very balanced scotch -type whiskey, since being a double cask it obtains the dry and smoky flavors typical of Scotch whiskey, but mixed with the sweetest vanilla and apple extracted from the American oak barrels in which it rests, which have been seasoned with sherry.

Main disadvantage: 

The price of the Macallan Double Cask 12 years is slightly higher than other whiskeys on the market, which can be a problem for some users. However, this higher price is due to the fact that it is a very high quality whisky.

Verdict: 9.8/10

Macallan is one of the best whiskey brands in the world, according to the opinions of experts. This Double Cask 12 years could be considered as the best whiskey according to the opinions of the experts. It is an ideal liqueur for true whiskey lovers who will know how to enjoy it. 

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Main Features Explained


Macallan 12 Double Cask is a classic single malt, with all the flavor and aromas of the purest Scotch whiskey, but with a special touch. This different touch comes from its long double maturation process in American and European white oak barrels that have been seasoned with Oloroso sherry. The result is a whiskey full of nuances, with a smooth and harmonious character.

To bring the balance between the traditional flavor of Scotch whiskey and the nuances of oak into perfect balance, Macallan’s team of master distillers optimize the combination of American and European oak casks, while controlling the time the spirit spends. in each one of them. In this way, a unique nuance is achieved, without losing the classic personality of the brand’s whiskeys.


The first thing that strikes you about this Macallan Double Cask 12 Year Old is its golden yellow colour. Next, its aromas capture the user and envelop them with caramel and apple, toffee, candied oranges, vanilla cream and the unmistakable aroma of freshly felled oak, which gives it a balsamic characteristic.

On the palate it is a whiskey that mixes the dry and smoky flavors of oak and peat, typical of Scotland, with other sweeter ones such as spices, raisins or caramel. It is a full-bodied whiskey, powerful at the start and with a persistent and warm oak finish. 


Macallan is, according to the opinions of whiskey experts, one of the best brands on the market. This Double Cask 12 Years is a liquor that is very representative of the brand’s values, with an elegant and luxurious presentation, but nothing excessive. The bottle has a very personal line, narrow at the bottom and wider in the central part, with a triangular relief and gold details on the cap and label.

Any whiskey aficionado will want a bottle of Macallan on their display and the Double Cask 12 Year Old is one of the most representative of the brand, making it an excellent gift. 

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