Reviews about Perrier Jouet Grand Brut

Main advantage:

This champagne has managed to position itself in the market due to its pleasant fruity aroma which, thanks to its low concentration of residual sugar, provides an intense note, capable of seducing the most demanding tasters.

Main disadvantage:

It is possible that the shape of the bottle does not offer enough ergonomics when handling it. However, this is an assessment that must be evaluated personally.

Verdict: 9.8/10

With this champagne you will enjoy the perfect aperitif to accompany any fish and seafood dish, since it has an intense note and fruity aroma, which complement these preparations.

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Main Features Explained


The aroma of a good champagne has the power to seduce the person as soon as the tasting of the drink begins, offering a scented sensation, which varies according to the fruits integrated into the ingredients. Similarly, there is the percentage of residual sugar present in the harvest, added to the aging time, which are a couple of aspects that are responsible for developing the maximum aroma.

In this sense, Perrier Jouet Grand Brut champagne has managed to capture the attention of tasters of this type of beverage, since, according to the opinions found in the main purchase portals, it is a drink that transmits floral harmony and freshness. This is due to the notes provided by ripe fruits, flower honey and low sugar content.

bottle closure

The closure method used for the selected bottle of champagne is a characteristic that buyers do not evaluate very often, but it is an aspect of great importance, which should not be overlooked, since it influences part of the conservation process of the bottle. product.

For this reason, Perrier Jouet Grand Brut, which is considered one of the best champagnes, incorporates a robust ocher-yellow cork in the mouth of its elegant bottle, which is placed and released by means of pressure. In this way, the container is completely sealed and, therefore, the entry of air into its interior is prevented, which allows the bubbly body of the drink to be preserved, as well as its flavor, aroma and beneficial properties for the body.


There are many champagnes on the market, so the variety in its body, color, flavor, aroma, alcohol content, price, among other aspects, is not surprising. However, the storage method of these bottles does not vary, because this type of beverage is characterized by having a consumption time of approximately one year, due to the fact that they are marketed when they reach maturity in the cellar.

For example, Perrier Jouet Grand Brut is a champagne with an aging time of 18 years that, once uncorked, must be stored under specific conditions, in order to extend the consumption time to a maximum of three years. To do this, it is necessary to place the bottle on its side in a dark area, without vibrations, with a temperature of exactly 10°C and adequate humidity.

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