Reviews of Cardhu Gold Reserve

Main advantage: 

Cardhu Gold Reserve is a whiskey with a very characteristic flavor. It is one of the whiskeys chosen by lovers of this liquor. It is very representative of what 100% malt scotch is and with an excellent value for money.

Main disadvantage: 

There are few things that can be said against this whisky. However, the Cardhu cellars make some very special whiskies, with a very mild flavor, which may not appeal to the most whiskey purists.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Cardhu Gold Reserve is the best whiskey to give as a gift. Its bottle is very characteristic, so it will look good in any display or bar cabinet. It’s also a very luxurious and eye-catching bottle, making it an ideal gift for someone just taking their first steps in the world of whisky. 

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Main Features Explained


Cardhu Gold Reserve is a single malt whisky. It is a liquor that keeps the purest and most traditional flavor of Scotch whiskeys or scotch. It is balanced, intense and delicious. One of its strengths is that it slightly changes flavor depending on how it is consumed.

If taken alone, it is slightly dry. With the typical oak flavor of Scotch whiskeys and toasted aromas reminiscent of cookies, baked apple, cinnamon or toffee. However, when served with ice, it releases a series of fruity flavors, in which fresh apple and dried fruit or vanilla stand out.


Cardhu is one of the oldest distilleries in Scotland. Its name means Black Rock in Gaelic and is due to the place where it was built, at the top of Mannoch Hill, on the River Spey, a place where peat was softened by water and could be used for whiskey making. In 1824, Cardhu was a farm, owned by John Cumming, a booze smuggler, who made the brand’s first whiskeys.

Over the years, Cardhu has become a prestigious brand and one of the most appreciated in the world according to the opinions of experts. Today, Cardhu is part of the Johnnie Walker distilleries, which use its single malt to make their own blends.


Cardhu is synonymous with luxury and elegance. The presentation of its whiskeys is always the most careful. From its typical 12-year-old, with its representative red box, to this Gold Reserve, which presents the typical and well-known bottle of the brand, but with its own gold-colored label, on which the Cardhu winery logo is seen, Helen Cummings, founder’s wife, with a flag.

The bottle has a lacquered wood and cork stopper and is presented in a golden box, silk-screened with the brand logo and its legend, which narrates the hospitality of the Cummings. 

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