Reviews of Jack Daniels Single Barrel

Main advantage: 

Each bottle of Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey is unique, since each barrel used for its rest is different. Some have a higher concentration of burned wood, others less. Each white oak barrel has a different character, resulting in a unique whisky.

Main disadvantage: 

American whiskey, especially that made in Tennessee, is very different from Scotch whiskey. This whiskey does not rest for 12 years, but spends a shorter time, between 2 and 4 years in barrels. The flavor is not as smoky as traditional Scotch whisky.

Verdict: 9.5/10

Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey is a whiskey that cannot be missing from any collector’s shelf. Each bottle has a mix of different flavors, thanks to its unique casks, so it could be the best whiskey for collectors. 

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Main Features Explained


This Single Barrel is made using a unique aging process. Jeff Arnett, master distiller of the Jack Daniels house, chooses the barrels in which the whiskey will rest one by one. These American white oak barrels are toasted on the inside, so each one gets a different level of “burnt”, which will give different flavors and aromas to each whisky.

In addition, each barrel is placed in a different place in the Jack Daniels cellar. At different heights and positions, with different maturation times and with the special character of each of the barrels, the result is a very particular whiskey in which it is not possible to find two identical consignments.


Jack Daniels Single Barrel Whiskey is presented in a flat, square-bodied bottle with a long, convex neck. The stopper is made of wood and cork. It is a perfect bottle to give as a gift and to have on display, in a display case or on a bar cabinet, as it is reminiscent of the old saloon bottles of the American Old West.

In addition, on each label, the cask number, batch number and bottling date are detailed, allowing the user to distinguish their whiskey from the rest and giving a sense of quality and exclusivity, which other whiskeys lack. lower price.


Tennessee whiskeys, according to the opinions of expert tasters, are often very different from Scotch. These tend to be more refined, less full-bodied and without the smoky, peaty finish typical of Scots. This type of Single Barrel whiskey, due to its preparation, also usually has greater organoleptic properties.

This Jack Daniels Single Barrel has an unusual smoothness in whiskeys of these characteristics, with a very intense color and aroma. As usual in this type of whisky, the flavors of the toasted cereals stand out, as do the flavors of vanilla, oak and caramel. The result is a very personal and different whisky.

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