Reviews of Jameson Black Barrel

Main advantage: 

It is an Irish and blend type whiskey in which the best triple distillation whiskeys have been used to produce a very balanced liquor with a very correct flavor. According to the opinions of mixologists, it is a perfect whiskey for mixing, as it goes very well with other spirits and with carbonated drinks.

Main disadvantage: 

For users accustomed to the more traditional flavor of Jameson whiskey, this Black Barrel can be a bit harsh and dry, as it has smoky and peat notes, coming from the burnt barrels used for its rest.

Verdict: 9.5/10

It is a different type of Irish whiskey, with an exclusive touch thanks to that “burnt” touch of the Black Barrel. It is a perfect liqueur for those who are looking to try higher end whiskies, but without having to spend a lot of money. 

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Main Features Explained

Triple Distillation

Jameson Black Barrel is a premium whiskey within the brand’s spirits. It has been elaborated by Ger Buckley, Jameson’s master blender, for this he has personally chosen each barrel, focusing on the flavors that each whiskey used in the mixture contributes to obtain a unique and defined flavor profile.

The barrels used have been previously used to mature bourbon and sherry, they are American white oak and have been burned inside, hence the name Black Barrel. Each of these barrels has gone through a deep charring process that is essential to obtain the flavour, color and aromas of this whiskey.


Jameson Black Barrel has an intense flavor provided by charred barrels. It is much more spicy and smoky than the brand’s whiskeys, although it does not have that almost bitter aftertaste of the Islay-type Irish whiskeys. The charred wood gives it the spicy personality, but the sherry and bourbon give it distinctive notes of fruitiness in the former and hazelnut and vanilla in the latter.

In addition, due to its unique distillation, it retains a slightly spicy flavor, reminiscent of black pepper. In the glass, it releases a whole series of aromas such as caramel, cream and ripe fruit such as apricots, nectarines or apples.

cocktail bar

Jameson’s Black Barrel whiskey is perfect for mixing, as it has the taste of premium whiskies, but at an affordable price. It is a light and balanced whiskey, highly appreciated for high cocktails, thanks to the harmony between the smoky and dry notes, and the fruity and sweet ones.

As the motto of the brand “Sine Metu” says, without fear, it is a whiskey for the most daring, who are looking for a different flavor and who dare to try it alone, with ice and lemon, enjoying a whiskey with a lot of personality, far from the standards of traditional Irish whiskey. 

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