Reviews of Johnnie Walker Black Label

Main advantage: 

Johnnie Walker Black Label is a blend type whiskey, which means that it is made with a mixture of the best whiskeys. Therefore, it has a more pleasant flavor, which, according to the opinions of experts, is ideal for cocktails.

Main disadvantage: 

Despite not having a high price, it is still a bit expensive for a lower-middle category and blend type whisky. Other brands offer higher quality spirits at cheaper prices.

Verdict: 9.6/10

It is a high quality whiskey, made from the best pure malt from Cardhu’s liquor stores. It is a highly appreciated whiskey for cocktails due to its balanced and slightly sweet flavor, but it can be perfectly enjoyed on its own, with a little ice.

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Main Features Explained


Due to its preparation, mixing the best whiskeys over 12 years old, Johnnie Walker Black Label has a unique flavor. It is intense, but perfectly balanced. The oak wood, in which it rests for up to four years once the mixture is made, gives it sweet notes of vanilla, orange peel and raisins, as well as offering a whole range of spicy aromas.

The more than 30 whiskeys that are part of the blend give it body and slightly smoky top flavors, reminiscent of nuts such as hazelnuts, as well as an intensely smoky, peat and malt finish, typical of Scotch. with which the mixture is made.


Johnnie Walker is the best brand of blend – type whiskeys on the market and a benchmark in this type of production. Since he opened his first shop in Kilmarnock in 1819, his master blenders have achieved very high levels of quality, combining rich and sweet flavors to create a rewarding experience.

Black Label author Jim Beveridge has used a blend of 30 of the best grain and malt whiskeys made in the finest distilleries across Scotland, each aged for 12 years or more.


The Johnnie Walker bottle is iconic. Its square shape was the result of the brilliant idea of ​​the founder of the brand, who observed that many of the bottles of whiskey that he sent by ship ended up broken. Being square, the Johnnie Walker bottle was better able to withstand the blows of the sea and, by tilting the label, he was able to insert more text over the brand.

Black Label comes with a cardboard box, in which you can see the walker, the walker, the brand’s unmistakable logo. In addition, all the details of the label and the cap are black and gold, so the result is an easy to identify and very attractive bottle that will be perfect in any showcase or bar cabinet.

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