Reviews of Martini Bitter

Main advantage:

It has a very deep flavor and rich nuances, different from other martinis that are usually sweeter and more spicy, which is why it is widely used in cocktails and in the kitchen.

Main disadvantage:

It is a bitter and full-bodied vermouth, so it will not be the best option for users who are not used to this type of drink.

Verdict: 9.8/10

It is the perfect vermouth for lovers of strong flavors with personality, thanks to its unique blend of herbs and 100% natural ingredients, which is why it has a slightly bitter taste.

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Main Features Explained


This new martini recipe is inspired by the original by Luigi Rossi, the founder of the brand. Unlike traditional vermouths, this is a bitter liqueur, with a lot of body and a very wide depth of flavours. Only natural ingredients are used in its preparation, to emulate the original manufacture of 1872. 

The botanical base does not change with respect to other vermouths of the brand, since the mugwort is still present, providing a certain complexity and bitter nuances. However, the Bitter is not made on a wine base, but on the botanical mixture, which in this case has three main ingredients: saffron, angostura and rhubarb.

All these ingredients, once infused, are mixed with alcohol and the alcohol content is rectified, to obtain a very different vermouth, full of citrus, herbal, fruity and, above all, bitter nuances.

cocktail bar

The Bitter martini has become a highly appreciated ingredient in cocktails due to its bitter taste. Many chefs and bartenders have found in its characteristic flavor an ideal base for all kinds of combinations, ranging from the simple mix of Bitter martini and tonic, to very elaborate cocktails such as the Negronni, which allows professionals to experiment with wine mixtures. infused or Campari, to find the perfect point of bitterness.

Furthermore, as it is an affordable vermouth, it can be the best martini for those users who enjoy experimenting and creating their own cocktails, as well as for the more daring who are looking for a different ingredient for their dishes and sauces.


The Bitter martini is presented in a very elegant 700 ml bottle and with the traditional design of the brand. The glass is transparent, so that the consumer can observe the liquid inside, which has a very peculiar ruby ​​color and is different from that of traditional vermouth, which is usually more purple, with purple hues due to the wine used as a base. 

For its part, the label shows the traditional logo of the brand, an icon of Italian culture, and is decorated with borders, which represent the traditional art nouveau design of the martini bottles of the time. In addition, the medal is shown as a product won by Fibar 2018, which according to the opinions of the experts is one of the most prestigious awards.

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