Strawberry mojito recipe

Strawberry Mojito – Cocktail

How to prepare a strawberry mojito Preparation time15 min Number of people: 8


  • 450 grams of clean and cut strawberries.
  • 1/2 cup of lemon juice.
  • 1 cup of syrup (water and sugar).
  • Mint.
  • 2 cups of sparkling water.
  • 1 cup of white rum.
  • Ice.



  • Blender.
  • Mixing jar.
  • Crusher.

Caribbean legend says that the mojito recipe was the work of the great English corsair Sir Francis Drake, who prepared a mixture of low-quality brandy, sugar, lemon and mint. This drink had its reason for being, since the brandy combated the cold, the water diluted the alcohol and the lemon, thanks to its contribution of vitamin C, made it possible to combat scurvy, a common disease among sailors. Finally, the sugar sweetened the aguardiente, while the mint brought some freshness to the mixture.

This is a very versatile recipe and the mojito ingredients can change a lot depending on availability or the tastes of each consumer. In this way, it is possible to change the rum for another type of liquor or, as is the case at hand, change the lemon for strawberries or for any fresh fruit such as pineapple or orange.

This homemade strawberry mojito is an ideal cocktail to serve at a party or any gathering with your friends. In addition, it is a very simple combination, since if you do not have a blender, you can make it by mixing all the ingredients in a large jar, without further complications.

To start, add the strawberries, fresh lemon juice, sugar syrup, or any sweetener you like, along with the mint or spearmint sprigs to a blender. Blend all the ingredients until you obtain a fine and foamy dough.

Next, in a large jar, add the remaining stems and a few more mint leaves and, using a masher, grind everything a bit until it begins to release its aromas. Add the strawberry-lemon smoothie, along with the rum. In this sense, it is better to add a little rum and, if it is very weak, add more, since in this way it will be suitable for all tastes.

Add the ice, the mineral water and mix everything well. Taste, rectify the sugar and rum until it is to your liking. Serve in tall glasses, with lots of ice and decorate with a sprig of mint and cut strawberry pieces. If you want a more elaborate decoration, you can moisten the edges of the glass with a lemon to decorate with sugar.

If you want to make a version without alcohol, mix all the ingredients, but without adding the rum. Let each diner be the one to add the alcohol to their liking.

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