Taurus PTWC reviews 12

Main advantage:

Its ample 12-bottle capacity in a sleek, compact size makes it suitable for small apartments or tight spaces. In addition, the vertical shelves allow you to store some already opened bottles, in addition to the horizontal trays for sealed wines.

Main disadvantage:

In this wine cellar, the minimum temperature is not indicated for some white wines, so you must take this aspect into account when storing the drinks inside. 

Verdict: 9.8/10

The value for money of this product is very efficient, its cost is affordable and its design allows you to store some bottles in an upright position.

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Main Features Explained

Power and efficiency

Modern wine cellars work with thermoelectric refrigeration, so they do not use compressors or refrigerants, so their environmental impact is lower. In the case of this Taurus model, the thermoelectric operation depends on its 65 W power, which allows its temperature to be regulated between 8 and 18°C.

An outstanding aspect in the opinions of the users of this device is its anti-vibration system, which considerably reduces the noise emitted by the fan, at the same time that it favors the stability of the wines, since its natural sediments are not altered. This fact allows the drink to age naturally while refrigerated. 

In turn, the low noise of the refrigerator is an aspect that its users appreciate, especially those who live alone, because there is barely a slight buzz when the temperature setting is changed, but when the cold level is established, the sound totally decreases. 

Regarding the electrical consumption of this product, you should know that it has an A energy classification, so you will barely notice its impact on your electricity bill. We could think that this improvement in its design affected the retail price, increasing it, however this is not the case, since the Taurus PTWC-12 has a competitive cost. 


The appearance of this model draws the attention of its buyers because it is compact and elegant, being considered by some as the best wine cellar. First of all, its dimensions of 25 x 63 x 49.5 cm stand out, a reduced size and easy to locate in small spaces. 

Secondly, there is the external appearance in black and a smoked tempered glass door that, in addition to giving it a distinguished touch, favors the protection of the wine by preventing the sun’s rays from penetrating inside the wine cellar.

Inside, there are the removable chrome trays that are sturdy and very pretty. In terms of operation, its intuitive design makes it easy to use, since it has a touch panel and a display where you can see the temperature of the fridge. You can also change the degree mode to Centigrade or Fahrenheit.

For its part, the touch panel has the auto-lock function that is activated 20 seconds after pressing the last button. To unlock it, keep the button pressed for 2 seconds or until you hear an acoustic signal. This prevents accidental changes in the temperature setting that could affect the preservation of beverages. 

Space and lighting

For people who enjoy accompanying their meals and celebrations with a good wine, having a reserve of several types of this drink makes it much easier to choose the right wine for each occasion. 

In this sense, the Taurus wine cellar has a capacity for 12 bottles distributed on the horizontal and vertical shelves. This is a very flattering feature for storing uncovered or sparkling wines. 

Another aspect that contributes to the functionality of this equipment is the interior insulation that keeps humidity stable, to prevent the cork from drying out. This quality helps preserve the properties of the wine so that its flavor and range of aromas are not altered.

Likewise, the interior of the wine cellar with LED lighting allows you to view the stored bottles, before opening the door. To activate it, you only have to press a button, which also serves to turn it off. And if you forget to do so, you don’t have to worry, because it doesn’t stay on for more than ten minutes, thus favoring its energy efficiency. 

All these qualities in the Taurus wine cellar make it the favorite option of many buyers, since its cost is affordable, its design is functional and its appearance is very attractive. Without a doubt, it can become a good investment to keep your wine bottles in the best conditions of temperature and humidity. 

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