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Our selections of the best Albariño wines

Albariño is a typical Galician grape variety, it has white meat and is very perfumed, which produces a highly appreciated type of wine; elegant, high acidity, full-bodied and structured. Albariño wines are a benchmark for Spanish white wines and from around the world. In this article, we have selected some of the best Albariño wines on the market.

1. Vionta Albarino

Near the coast of Galicia is Vionta, an island that offers an unparalleled window into the natural setting of the Rías Baixas.

There, the best grapes of the Albariño variety are grown and selected, so that each bottle is unique and conveys the brand’s message to the consumer: energy, enthusiasm and passion for Galician wine.

Vionta is considered by some users to be the best Albariño wine of the moment, and has been awarded the gold medal “Albariños del Mundo” in 2017 and the first prize in the XXIII DO Rías Baixas Tasting Contest in 2016. With DO Rías Baixas and 100% made with Albariño grapes.

The lees of the grape are used in its maceration, which improves the structure of the wine. The result is a perfect white to accompany fish, shellfish, rice dishes and white meats, with a straw yellow color, fruity and tropical aromas and a mild and slightly acid taste.

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2. Martin Codax White Wine

For many Albariño lovers, Martín Códax is the best Albariño wine brand. It takes its name from a famous Galician troubadour, whose works extolled love and passion for the sea and were collected in the Vindel Parchment. As a fruit of the Galician land, this wine is made only with the Albariño grape.

It is a wine awarded with the Gold Medal at the Magnum Awards in 2018, the silver medal at the Women’s Wine and Spirits in 2018 and the bronze medal at IWC in 2018. With DO Rías Baixas, it is made following a rigorous and careful process of selection that guarantees varietal purity and the essence of the wine originating in the area.

It is a lemon yellow wine, with an intense citrus aroma of lime and tangerine, with hints of white flowers such as jasmine and a herbaceous finish.

On the palate it is light, fresh and very balanced, with a citric, slightly acid aftertaste. It is the perfect companion for shellfish, fish and all kinds of cold salads.

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3. Sea of ​​Frades Albariño Wine

For the production of the Albariño Mar de Frades wine, the grapes are harvested, taking care to cut only the healthy clusters, which are transported in small boxes to the winery, where each grape is selected. The must obtained is clean, with a floral aroma and a lot of sugar, which produces full-bodied wines.

If this is the first time you are going to try a DO Rías Baixas wine and you don’t know which Albariño wine to buy, Mar de Frades is perfect for discovering them. It has a very light color, with a crystalline profile, with reflections of apple peel.

Its aroma is reminiscent of jasmine and violets, with a background of tropical fruits such as mango. In the mouth it is bold and forceful, typical of the wines of the area.

Thanks to its saline and floral notes, it is perfect for Galician seafood. Try it with some cockles, some barnacles or some clams.

Although Mar de Frades also pairs well with white meats such as pork tenderloin and also with cured cheeses.

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4. Marieta Albariño white wine 

Although Martin Codax wines are not among the cheapest on the market, the truth is that they are worthwhile products. We have the proof in Marieta, this tasty Albariño white wine with denomination of origin of the Rías Baixas.

This wine is made entirely from Albariño grapes using a traditional system. The result is a semi-smooth wine, with a yellow color reminiscent of lemon in appearance. Among the aromas of the wine, we find notes of white fruits, such as pear or apple, along with a background of orange.

As for its flavor, a slight tip of bubble is perceived with a sweet and intense step in the mouth. Perceptions similar to those offered by its aftertaste, with particularly intense fruit and citrus sensations. An appropriate proposal if you are still not sure which is the best current Albariño wine.

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5. Camino de Cabras Gourmet product gift box

Camino de Cabras is a brand for lovers of good wine. The two bottles presented in this gift box will delight wine lovers.

It is not one of the cheapest options you will find, but it is one of the highest quality, since its wines have a score of more than 90 in almost all international wine guides.

The case includes two bottles of wine: a red Crianza with DO Valdeorras and a white Albariño with DO Rías Baixas. Both are limited production gourmet wines. The white is made from 100% Albariño grapes from Condado de Tea and Val do Salnés.

It is a straw-colored wine, with shades of lime green and aromas reminiscent of citrus fruits and stone fruits such as apricots. On the palate it is balanced and fresh, with tropical notes of mango.

This wine, served very cold, is perfect to accompany lobsters, rice dishes, fresh pasta and aromatic dishes from exotic cuisines. 

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6. Pazo San Mauro 

This wine comes from the wineries located in Salvaterra do Miño, where it is said that the best Albariño grapes in the world are grown.

The Pazo de San Mauro is one of the oldest in the area and winemaking has been linked to its history since the 16th century. This could be considered the best Albariño wine with sub-denomination of origin Condado de Tea.

It is made 100% with Albariño grapes from vineyards over 35 years old, which are harvested by hand and produced following traditional methods to obtain the maximum complexity of each wine.

Thanks to this process, it is a wine of great aromatic intensity and a broad and fruity flavor, with a persistent finish. 

It should be served cold, at about 10ºC and it will be the perfect companion for Galician seafood, such as barnacles, spider crab and all kinds of red seafood, as well as for white fish, sushi, empanadas and also for rice dishes.

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7. Valdeulla White Wine Albariño Rias Baixas

The Ulla river valley produces some of the best Albariño grapes, which is why the DO Rías Baixas expanded here, producing some of the highest quality white wines.

Presented in an attractive box with three bottles, this could be considered the best value for money Albariño wine by all those users looking to save a little on their purchase.

It is a wine with character, made from 100% Albariño grapes through a controlled fermentation process. It has a bright golden color, very characteristic thanks to its green reflections of apple peel.

In the glass, its very intense citrus and tropical aromas stand out. On the palate it is soft and enveloping, with a lot of structure and notes of slight acidity that give it freshness and harmony.

It is an excellent wine for light lunches and dinners, and as an accompaniment to fish and shellfish such as clams or mussels.

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8. Paco&Lola White wine

Paco&Lola’s white has been selected by a jury of 12 expert oenologists as one of the best Albariño wines of 2022 in the “Viños e de Aguardentes de Galicia” tasting.

This wine is born in a young and modern winery, committed to its products, which seeks to offer different options, starting with its modern and fresh image.

This wine is made from the flower must of selected grapes in the best sustainable production vineyards. It is 100% Albariño and with DO Rías Baixas.

In the glass it is yellow, with greenish tones, but very clean. On the nose it has a medium intensity, with balsamic aromas and notes of grapefruit, lemon, pineapple and a floral finish. On the palate it is fresh and very sweet, with a fruity and balanced finish.

It is a cheeky wine, perfect to drink with appetizers or sushi, but also to enjoy more classic dishes such as rice dishes, white meats and seafood.

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9. Raimat Saira Organic Albariño

Those looking for a fresh Albariño can find in this wine the best option to complement typical white meat dishes with rice or pasta. It is a complex wine in terms of its flavor that, when tasted, offers a voluminous body, with a long and refreshing finish.

As for its aroma, it is characterized by the great variety of fruity touches, some citrus and others tropical, which combine very well with its fresh taste. In relation to its appearance, we can describe it as a straw-colored wine with subtle greenish reflections.

Among its most praised aspects are its balanced acidity, which does not leave a bitter sensation in the mouth, thus making it a soft and very pleasant wine. On the other hand, its Catalan origin is surprising, which due to its quality competes with the traditional Galician albariños. In addition, it is an organically grown wine, from an arid area.

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10. Pinord Pazo Rosqueira Albariño White Wine

Pazo de Rosqueira is a modern winery that applies scientific methods to the care and harvesting of the grape.

Located in the Rías Baixas area, the grape feeds on its sandy, slightly acidic soils and the irregular area that, together with a highly variable climate, give the Albariño grape a particular personality.

The result is a bright and clean greenish-yellow wine with intense reflections of gold.

In the glass, it is very aromatic, with great depth and elegance, unfolding a range of subtle and fragile aromas, of flowers and grass, but in which the personality of the grape stands out.

On the palate it is strong, with quite a bit of acidity, but without losing its delicacy, thanks to floral notes and fresh fruit.

It is a perfect wine to accompany rice dishes with fish, red shellfish such as spider crabs or lobster, pasta and vegetable salads, and shellfish, as well as light fish.

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Origin and use

We continue this comparison of Albariño wines by explaining the origin of this variety of grapes, its uses, as well as the best conservation methods, which will allow you to store the wine and preserve all its properties.


Albariño is the name given to some of the best Galician white wines. Albariños wines usually belong to the DO Rías Baixas and their name transports the consumer directly to Galician lands, where strains of this grape variety have been cultivated for centuries and these appreciated white wines are made.

The Albariño grape is small and ripens late, which means that it has a longer vegetative cycle than other varieties. It has a pale yellow color, with light green touches. These vines develop very well in the sandy Galician soils, where the Atlantic climate, characterized by cold and intense rains, means that the vine obtains the necessary level of humidity to develop. These vines are grown on high ground, to prevent soil moisture from causing infections that can damage the vines.

The origin of this grape variety dates back to the Middle Ages. The Albariño grapes were imported by the Cluny monks who arrived from France in the 12th century and, at the end of their pilgrimages, settled on the Galician coast, specifically in the Armenteira Monastery, in what is now the province of Pontevedra.. Here, the monks cultivated the Albariño vines and spread them throughout Galicia and also throughout Portugal. 

The production of Albariño is linked to the Rías Baixas area, especially in towns such as Cambados, Condado do Tea, Barbanza and Iria, in the Salnés region, where 70% of the production of this type of wine is concentrated. In other DOs such as Ribeiro or Valdeorras, the Albariño grape is mixed with other varieties such as loureiro, godello, caiño or treixadora, something that was common throughout Galicia, until the creation of the DO Rías Baixas in 1986.

Albariño wines have a high alcohol content and notable acidity, superior to other white wines. They are also usually very aromatic wines, with fruity, floral and citrus aromas. This wine is usually consumed young, so it usually has a very fruity and sweet flavor. 

Today, the Albariño grapes are part of the more than 200 native grape varieties of Galicia and are deeply linked to Galician history and culture, as they also have their place in gastronomy, as decoration for the Santiago cake, as well as in the preparation of queimadas.


We continue with this guide to buy the best Albariño wine with a selection of cocktails and mixes, since for some time now, white wine has broken into the world of cocktails, positioning itself as a top quality ingredient.

Albariño, being a strong wine, with balanced and fruity flavors, is a good option to make a cocktail with berries. The tropical and sweet flavors of the Albariño combine with the acidity of the fruits of the forest. This mix can be made with raspberry vodka, brandy, chopped berries, and a little lemon or lime soda.

For all those wine lovers who are looking for a refreshing and easy mix, the Club Soda could be your best choice. It is a combination of white wine, with sprite or soda and a slice of lemon. It is a simple drink, but very fresh and tasty, perfect for summer meals.

And for the most gourmets, nothing like an Albariño Gin. For this combination, the Albariño and the gin are mixed in a cocktail shaker with lots of ice, shaken and served in a wide Martini-type glass. It must be very cold and can be garnished with a green olive. The gin and Albariño balance each other out and offer a delicious contrast.


Wine contains tannins, making it a “living” drink, which will be affected by temperature, air, and sunlight. Albariños wines are sold in their optimal state of maturation, so it is convenient to consume them when buying them. 

However, even the cheapest Albariño can last up to a year or two, if stored well. To do this, it must be in a horizontal position, so that it is properly aerated and the cork is always kept moist. Also, it should be in a place with a constant temperature, away from direct sunlight. 

Nutritional value

White wine is an organic product and has beneficial properties for health. For example, it increases good cholesterol and contains antioxidants and polyphenols, although the latter depend on the variety of vine.

The properties will also be affected by how much each bottle costs, as cheaper wines, which contain sulphites, will have fewer beneficial properties.

drink responsibly

Albariño wine has a high alcohol content compared to other white wines, so its consumption should not be abused. If you have been drinking you should not drive either.

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