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Beer Keg – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


The beer barrels allow this drink to be not only fresher on the palate, but also with greater body and foam, by controlling the pressure at the time of serving it. Hence, the preference of many users for this format. For this reason, the large breweries have put their products on the market in presentations that are easy to transport and handle, and which retain these qualities. An example is the Desperados CN02 5-litre keg, which allows you to enjoy its peculiar and refreshing flavored drink. Another equally interesting option is the Heineken 510848 set, providing quality and volume to enjoy on any occasion.

The 8 Best Beer Kegs – Opinions 2022


In our selection you will find beer barrels that not only adapt to all the tastes and preferences of consumers, but also make it easier for them to enjoy their favorite drink at home, while sharing it with family or friends. Likewise, they turn out to be good alternatives to offer as a gift both for the quality and the flavor they contain.


5 liter beer keg


1. Desperados Draft Beer

This 5 liter beer keg offers the possibility of acquiring a considerable volume of this refreshing drink, without having to deal with a large number of glass containers or cans. Also, its design with handles makes it even easier to port.

As for its content, we can mention that it is the Desperados version of Heineken. An innovative lager-type beer with a 5.9% alcohol content, because in addition to barley malt, glucose syrup, sugar, hop extract and water, it uses tequila, mint and lemon extracts as flavourings; ingredients that give it an extra freshness.

On the other hand, this format incorporates a dispenser at the top of the bottle, which makes it easy to pour the liquid into each glass and enjoy the characteristic body of a draft beer. However, to appreciate these qualities, the manufacturer refers to being consumed between 2 and 4 °C.

This product is not only one of the cheapest, but also an interesting purchase option. Learn more about him below.



Presentation: The 5-liter format with handles makes it easy to transport to accompany any meeting with friends.

Taste: It is a lager-type drink characterized by its aroma of tequila, mint and lemon, which give it refreshing citrus touches.

Compatibility: It is compatible with some domestic dispensers, which allows enhancing the flavor of the product.



Foam: It can be abundant in the first glasses, but letting the barrel rest in the refrigerator and a good pouring technique prevents this effect.

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2. Kulmbacher Edelherb Barrel Premium German Beer

For those who love traditional German beers, Kulmbacher Edelherb offers you this 5-litre beer barrel. A manageable and economical format, which may well be the best value for money barrel of beer.

This presentation is convenient to quench thirst on weekend getaways, parties or barbecues. It incorporates a system made up of a decompression button and a tap at the bottom of the bottle, which make it easy to serve the drink without the use of additional dispensers. In addition, its compact, low-weight design allows for easy portability.

Referring to the drink, it is made from barley malt, spring water and aromatic hops. It has also been subjected to both a careful alcoholic fermentation process and rigorous quality controls to obtain a Pilsner beer with an intense aroma and acidity, with a pleasant palatability.

We invite you to know some additional qualities of this barrel that contains a German quality beer.


Handling: It incorporates a pressure system and tap that facilitate serving the beer without having to resort to any extra accessories.

Size: The dimensions that make up the barrel allow it to be refrigerated in any refrigerator of conventional size.

Gift: This barrel is accompanied by 5 coasters of different designs, which contribute to the care of the surfaces where the beer is enjoyed.


Handles: It lacks a grip system that makes it easy to transport it. However, its low weight allows it to be loaded without a problem.

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Heineken beer keg


3. Heineken Beer Keg 2 Pack

This format is presented as a different alternative to enjoy a Heineken beer in the comfort of home. In addition, being one of the cheap packs on the market, it becomes one of the most attractive purchase options to entertain at parties, barbecues and sports activities.

On the other hand, it is also important to mention that this Heineken beer keg is equipped with special technology, since it has a dispensing system made up of a tap, a lever for practical handling and internal CO2. Elements that regulate the passage and keep the pressure constant when pouring the beer, allowing the full body of this genuine drink to be appreciated in each glass.

To obtain its flavor, the beer is made in the traditional way, using type A yeast, typical of the brand, which, together with other natural ingredients and an exclusive process, give rise to a product with a balanced flavor and a 5° alcohol content. alcoholic.

So that you have enough quantity, you should analyze this presentation of what could be the best brand of beer barrels.



Pack: It is offered in a pack of two barrels of 5 liters each, to conveniently cover an event or family gathering.

Grip: Each barrel incorporates support handles in its design to facilitate its portability.

Tap: The manufacturer, thinking of providing comfort without compromising its quality, provides each bottle with an efficient dispenser tap.



Compatibility: The position of the nozzle may limit its affinity with a dispenser. But, its design does not require using it.

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2 liter beer keg


4. Zerodis Stainless Steel Mini Beer Keg

Zerodis brings to the market this innovative low-volume container, which may well provide an answer to those who are wondering which is the best beer barrel, to use in the preparation of their own craft-type beverages or to preserve commercial ones. It is a robust single-walled container that can be fitted with a pressure dispenser or compatible carbonation system.

On the other hand, this 2-liter beer keg allows you to take any type of drink to an outdoor activity, as its spiral design and cover gives it an airtight seal, which maintains both the cold and the carbonization pressure for longer.. Likewise, its short dimensions of 17.8 x 17.8 x 26.5 cm allow it to be placed inside a refrigerator or warehouse according to the temperature required by the product contained inside.

This barrel offers the possibility of keeping any drink of your choice; so you could analyze its pros and cons before making a decision.



Material: Its construction in food grade stainless steel provides resistance to breakage and the incidence of environmental agents.

Versatile: This keg allows you to store beer, wine, and even ferment, mature and dispense craft beverages.

Design: Its two-liter format, provided with handles and an airtight lid, facilitates its transport, storage and hygiene.



Dispenser: It lacks a dispensing system with a pressure regulator. But, it can be purchased separately for convenience.

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beer keg for home


5. Krombacher Pils 4 Barrels

Every day more users are inclined to acquire the beer barrel format for home. The reason may be that these offer the possibility of having a larger quantity of drinks when celebrating a special date or occasion, accompanying a meal, and even refreshing a summer afternoon. In this sense, Krombacher, in addition to having a 5-liter format, offers the possibility of carrying it in a pack of 4; which makes it one of the options with the highest volume and, therefore, the most economical on the market.

If we talk about its operation, it is a barrel that offers practicality because being pressurized (it contains an integrated C02 cartridge) and having an outlet valve on its upper part, it allows the user to regulate the volume of beer when serving it. Finally, we can add that it contains a refreshing German beer suitable for vegetarians.

This could be the best beer barrel of the moment, as it integrates design, volume and a drink suitable for a wide range of consumers.


Quantity: This pack is economically convenient to give as a gift, cover an event or enjoy the product in the long term.

Dispensed: It has a nozzle and C02 cartridge, which provide a stable output pressure.

Taste: For those who are inclined towards German beers, this one has its typical bitterness and accentuated flavor.


Expiration: As 4 barrels of 5 liters each come, it is convenient to detail their expiration date, if you plan to store them for a long time.

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6 liter beer keg


6. Leffe Belgian Beer Perfect Draft Keg

Conveniently pouring the beer into the glass is the factor that allows you to appreciate all its qualities. In this sense, Leffe ‘s 6-litre beer keg, being compatible with Philips PerfectDraft domestic taps, offers the most demanding brewers the possibility of enjoying the good level of carbonation, temperature, crown, aromas and subtle flavors of this beer. Belgian beer.

Focusing on this drink, we can say that its worldwide recognition is the product of centuries of experience and a carefully managed recipe. This formula uses the traditional Leffe yeast, water, barley malt, wheat malt and hop extract, to result in a blonde beer with a prolonged effervescence.

Finally, it is important to note that this presentation is among the best beer barrels of 2022, both for the quality of the beverage contained, as well as its innovative volume and alcohol content of 6.6°, which invites the consumer to subtly relax.

If you are looking for a drink that allows you to relax in your leisure time, you should know more about this Belgian product.



Compatibility: It is compatible with the Philips PerfectDraft dispenser and those universal accessories that fit your mouthpiece.

Labeling: The barrel contains technical details and images that guide the user in handling and preserving the organoleptic qualities of the drink.

Volume: It offers a volume of 6 liters, thus providing a good supply of beer.



Tap: It lacks a tap, so to appreciate all the qualities of the beer, its corresponding dispenser must be used.

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Other products


7. Hopt Beer PerfectDraft keg 6 liters Jupiler

When looking for the best beer barrel, there are several aspects that are expected to be found in it, such as volume, quality of the product contained, ease of handling and portability. In this sense, Hopt has been concerned to offer its followers products that meet these requirements. Such is the case with the Jupiler beer keg.

It is a format that invites you to serve this full-bodied Belgian beer at home, just as it would be enjoyed in a local bar, simply by using the PerfectDraft hygienic technology. In addition, its low weight ergonomic design facilitates its portability, handling and storage.

Likewise, through this six-liter barrel you can not only enjoy a refreshing beer with an alcohol content of 5.2°, but also its characteristic bittersweet, as Jupiler achieves the appropriate balance between the hopped and malted flavors provided by its ingredients..

The Perfect Draft barrel offers a beer with a unique flavor, to be enjoyed alone or with a partner. Hence, you might be interested in knowing some pros and cons of said presentation.


Portability: This barrel has two plastic handles that make it easy to carry comfortably anywhere.

Returnable: Its returnable format avoids the handling of large volumes of glass containers and cans.

Availability: You can enjoy a typical Belgian draft beer at home as it is easily found in physical establishments and online stores.



Compatibility: Its compatibility is limited, since it only accepts Perfect Draft dispensers with a capacity of six liters.

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8. Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier naturtrüb barrel wheat beer

This barrel is characterized by its attractive and particular design that evokes a large can. Likewise, it is equipped with a tap that allows beer to be dispensed by gravity, making it easier for any user to serve themselves; so it is not necessary to be an expert in handling this type of container.

Alluding to the drink, this Paulaner Hefe-Weißbier presents a cloudy, bubbly appearance in the glass and a robust crown of balanced bitter sweetness, qualities typical of beers from the Bavarian region, in southern Germany. Attributes provided by the proper handling of its ingredients (water, hops, yeast, wheat flour and malted barley) and its top fermentation.

In short, it can be said that this 5-litre German presentation in a pack of 4 with an alcohol content of 5.5° is the special beer to offer at outdoor events or to enjoy on a family weekend.

With so many great options, deciding which beer keg to buy can be difficult. However, you might want to evaluate this Paulaner presentation.


Pack: Being offered in a pack is an alternative to consider when it comes to covering large events.

Tap: This barrel incorporates a practical tap at the bottom, which makes it easy to serve the beer without resorting to extra dispensers.

Gift: Its origin, format and content make it an interesting option to offer as a gift.



Spills: When served by gravity, drips could be generated in your tap, so you must be careful to avoid considerable beer losses.

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Shopping guide

This format has been designed for enjoyment among family and/or friends, on different occasions in life. Therefore, when you want to acquire one or several, it is recommended that you evaluate, through a comparison of beer barrels, all the qualities that characterize them so that you choose the one that meets your personal requirements.


You will be able to observe that this market is characterized by the use of stainless steel, aluminum and PET plastic in the manufacture of its various formats of beer containers, although the latter is very rare. Meanwhile, those made of stainless steel are aimed at those users who are inclined to prepare their own craft drinks, since this material offers the barrel resistance to oxidation, shock, and facilitates both hygiene and disinfection. Although not for that reason, it is no longer a good option for storing and dispensing commercial beers.

For its part, food-grade aluminum is the most common in beer barrels for final consumption; that is, those for use in the home, since it not only turns out to be an economical and light material, but also allows it to be recycled by brewing companies. In addition, its manageability makes it easy to give the barrel the distinctive and attractive design of each brand.


Although the beer industry worldwide has not standardized the size of the barrel, these can be 20, 25, 30 and 50 liters of capacity according to the metric system used by each country. However, given the difficulty of handling that they offer to the final consumer, mini-sized barrels have been placed on the market, which can hold from 1.8 to 6 liters of beer. Hence, this aspect can influence how much a certain presentation costs.


dispensing system

If you are going to acquire one of these containers and you do not know which dispensing tap is more practical to use. This guide to buying the best beer keg gives you a basic orientation, so that you lean towards one that is not only comfortable for you, but also allows you to serve the drink with all the qualities that you are used to tasting.

In this sense, you may be interested to know that, among the alternatives, you will find the spigot, which is a type of dispenser located at the bottom of the barrel and causes the beer to be expelled by the action of gravity. Unlike pressurized barrels, which dispense beer due to the effect of the internal pressure contained and have an outlet valve located at the top of it .

On the other hand, there are also the barrels without taps, as is the case with the stainless steel ones. These come with a spiral lid that, when removed, can be poured directly into the beer or screwed on to a compatible and easy-to-install portable dispensing tap.

Duration or expiration

Another aspect of great importance to consider when purchasing a beer barrel is its expiration date, especially if you plan to obtain a pack that offers great content to keep in reserve. If so, it is advisable to observe not only the expiration date, which is detailed on the label or even on the side of the barrel, but also the handling and storage conditions, since they must be in ventilated and cool places, preferably at a low temperature., as heat, light, and oxygen can affect its contents.

On the other hand, it is convenient to know that once the keg is opened, the duration or degradation of the beer will depend on both the aforementioned conditions and the dispensing tap, because if there is no loss of gas, it will remain in optimal conditions for longer.

variety of beer

This type of presentation does not limit the user to just drinking traditional beer made from water, barley malt, hops and yeast. In fact, you can choose between the different flavored, refreshing, dry and bitter versions with or without a strong alcohol content, which are offered by beer brands in their various catalogs, depending on the event or special occasion.

On the other hand, if you are a user with special requirements (Celiac) you will also be able to find gluten-free beers or those suitable for vegetarians, since thanks to the incorporation of brewing technologies into the processes and the careful selection of ingredients, products can be developed for all tastes and requirements, in order to enjoy its beneficial properties for health.

Frequently asked questions


Q1: How many liters does a beer barrel hold?

The brewing world has not created a standard barrel size, so it depends on each country and manufacturing company. However, the most common measurements to find are 20, 30 and 50 litres. For their part, European countries in addition to these, innovated the 25-liter barrel. Now, if we refer to the mini-sized barrels, the most common have a capacity of 5 liters and are used for sale to the final consumer. However, there are brands that offer their products in barrels with other capacities, for example, 4 and 6 liters.

Q2: How to serve draft beer?

Regardless of whether the beer barrel has its dispenser at the top or bottom of it, it is advisable to refresh the glass with very cold water and drain it well, place it under the tap at a 45º position and as it fills it straightens until serve it whole. It should also be taken into account when serving the beer to leave at least two fingers of foam and cut it, this in order to protect the drink from contact with the air and in turn not lose its carbonation.

Q3: How many glasses come out of a beer keg?

This will depend on the content of the barrel. Thus, for example, if we refer to the size of a normal glass of 330 ml, approximately 3 glasses are obtained from 1 liter, so that from a 4-liter barrel 12 glasses would be obtained. However, it should also be foreseen that a percentage is always wasted when throwing the rod.


Q4: What can be done with an empty beer keg?

Various products for domestic use can be made from an empty beer keg. In relation to the stainless steel ones, they can be transformed into jugs, ice chests, food storage, cotton, water holders for walks, pasta drainers, a small coal-based stove, among others. Now, if they are made of aluminum or plastic, their practical uses include using them to plant plants, keep pencils and crayons, piggy banks, waste baskets, for storing nuts, bolts and much more.


Q5: How to open a beer keg?

To open a barrel, it is advisable to read the established instructions, either on the sides or on the top. This way there will be no mistake when opening it. However, this will also depend on the dispensing system you have, since those with a nozzle in the upper area of ​​the container are connected to the handle, while those with a tap with a button must be turned to the right and removed, to later turn the ring of depressurization located in the upper part of the barrel and with it you can pour the beer into the glass. Also, there are simple ones with a spiral lid, that all you have to do is turn it in the appropriate direction and once the beer has been dispensed, close it again, so that the gas does not escape.


Q6: How to puncture a beer keg?

This will depend on the head model that the barrel has, as there are various shapes. However, the procedure is similar. The type S, for example, has 2 notches on the sides that, when adjusted to the tabs of the barrel, the head is turned, the lever is pushed down and it is at that moment that the puncture occurs, this in order to release contained pressure and avoid possible accidents.

However, in relation to the mini formats, their mechanism is less complex than the high-capacity barrels, since the gas pressure valve is generally located in the upper part of the container, and it is through this that This pressure is released, just by removing the security seal and turning it in the indicated direction.

Q7: How to change a beer keg?

To change a beer keg, you only have to remove the empty keg, anticipating closing the carbon dioxide (CO2) line, if it has one. The top coupler is then lifted by rotating it in the direction indicated, the latch is removed from the empty container, and the new one is set aside and installed. However, in the low-volume formats compatible with domestic dispensers, only the change from one barrel to another is made with the care required by said equipment.

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