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Beer Dispenser – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

A good cold beer at the right time can be extremely pleasant, even more so if we are in the company of family and friends. A beer dispenser allows us to enjoy this pleasant experience in a comfortable way; It’s like having your own bar at home. Therefore, when purchasing one of these pieces of equipment, you must take into account aspects such as the capacity of the dispenser, time and cooling system, ease and comfort in its use and handling. Among the best rated beer dispensers, we can recommend the Krups The Sub Vanilla, with effective cooling technology of up to 2 degrees in 5 hours, it works for 2L barrels and 20 different types of beers, it has a pressure pump for foam and a ready-to-serve and barrel level indicator. We also highlight the Klarstein Beerkules, which is suitable for all types of 5-litre kegs and offers you a complete cooling and control system.

The 5 Best Beer Dispensers – Opinions 2022

If you need a device that helps you keep the beer at the temperature of your preference, here we leave you a brief selection with the best beer dispensers on the market, according to the opinion of the users.

1. Krups The Sub Vanilla

main advantage

This dispenser’s main advantage is its cooling technology, which allows you to bring your beer from room temperature to 2°C in just 5 hours.

main disadvantage

The main disadvantage mentioned by users is that it is not as versatile as certain models from other countries, known to some of the customers.

Verdict: 9.7/10

Very practical, light and compact dispenser, non-slip base, capacity for 2 liters and allows you to serve very cold and very foamy beer to enjoy it in a more pleasant way.

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You can enjoy draft beer at home with your family and friends in a comfortable, simple and pleasant way. All you have to do is insert THE TORP into the SUB and it will begin to do its cooling work so that you have the most delicious draft beer at hand.

It has an indicator that will tell you when it is “ready to serve” and so you can enjoy cold, foamy and palatable beers, to give yourself a great taste and accompany it with tasty meals while you enjoy a movie, for example.

It is very easy to use and has a non-slip base to prevent spills that nobody wants and that can give you extra work.

It has a tray at the bottom of the dispenser to store or receive any drips that could cause discomfort.

capacity and duration

The dimensions of this model of beer dispensers are 51 x 23 x 41.5 cm and its weight is 7Kg, so you will have at hand a very practical, compact design that is very easy to carry from one place to another when you need it. you consider it necessary.

The Krups The Sub Vanilla beer dispenser has a TORP capacity of 2 litres. So it’s an exclusive design for Heineken brand 2 liter TORP.

After opening the barrel and having it in the SUB, you will have a fresh beer for up to 15 days. So you should consume it before that time to enjoy its flavor and not lose its properties or exceed the time during which the beer retains its freshness in the dispenser.


It has the Peltier Cooling system technology that allows you to cool your beer to a temperature of 2°C in just 5 hours.

Its “Ready to serve” indicator will help you to be sure of the moment in which you can enjoy an exquisite and cold beer in the great comfort of your home.

It also has a powerful pressure pump that allows the expulsion of the beer with foam to enjoy a quite pleasant and delicious flavor for all tastes.

It has an ergonomic handle for easy grip, in addition to being a very quiet and ecological dispenser, as its energy efficiency is in the A+ category to contribute to the environment and not cause excess consumption that could be costly on your electricity bill. end of the month.

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2. Klarstein Beerkules

Considered by many users as the best brand of beer dispensers, the Klarstein Beerkules model is one of the most complete and interesting. Among other things, thanks to a cooling system that in about four hours leaves the beer at its temperature. Something that is combined with the different levels of temperature available that it includes.

Another advantage of this product is that it has universal compatibility, so you can use all 5-liter kegs without an integrated dispenser that you find on the market. The service system is very simple and uses CO2 cartridges to obtain a better result.

The device is finished off with details such as the high quality of its materials, which facilitate cleaning, or the barrel fill indicator, to conveniently see how much beer you have left to enjoy.

If you are not sure which is the best beer dispenser you can buy, learn in detail about this interesting proposal from Klarstein.


Universal: This dispenser is suitable for all types of barrels up to 5 liters in capacity and that do not have an integrated dispenser.

Temperature : It has a practical temperature selector, with which to vary the same degree by degree until you find the one that best suits you for your beer.

Display : The LED display makes it easy to see clearly both the set temperature and the amount of beer left in the keg.

Materials : The quality of its materials give the product a good durability, while facilitating cleaning.


Cartridges: CO2 cartridges must be replaced according to the manufacturer’s instructions, which adds a bit to the cost of using the product.

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3. Krups VB700800 BeerTender 

When it comes to beer, whether you are a purist or just an occasional drinker, you will surely agree that there is nothing better than a well-drafted beer, with two fingers of foam and at an optimal temperature.

Obviously achieving this in a bar is as simple as asking the bartender. But unless you have a bar at home, getting this product is not possible, unless you properly equip yourself with a good beer dispenser that allows you to carry out this task in the comfort of your home and just when you need it.

Among the most suitable models for this task we find options such as the Krups VB700800 BeerTender dispenser, one of the most recognized on the market for its quality and functionality.

This model is compatible with different 5-litre barrels, which it maintains at a suitable level of both pressure and temperature, offering a professional cutting system to make it much easier for you to obtain that perfect beer.

And so that you never lose control over the operation, you have both a temperature indicator and a barrel fill indicator, so you know when you have to think about changing it.


Indicators: so you don’t have problems with the kegs, you can see both the temperature of the beer and the fill level of the keg.

Assembly: the assembly of the barrels is very simple, with an adjustment system that prevents losses and improves performance.

Removable Handle – The handle on the dispenser can be removed to prevent unnecessary or unexpected product activation when not needed.

Collection tray: the dispenser incorporates a tray in which to collect the remains of beer, facilitating its emptying and cleaning effectively.

Design: the image of this product is very elegant, so you can wear it in your home bar or in your living room to give a special touch to any room.


Compatibility: compared to other models on the market, this product has limited compatibility, which can be problematic when using barrels from other brands.

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4. H.Koenig BW1880

It is a smart beer dispenser, which allows you to serve it easily and quickly. It is compatible with universal barrels of different brands, including barrels without pressure, which have a capacity of 5 liters. In addition, it is made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.

It has an integrated cooling system, which allows you to adjust the temperature between 2 ºC and 12 ºC, thanks to its powerful 65 Watt motor. In this sense, its temperature is adapted to the type of beer served, such as those of flavors at 5º, between 6 and 8º for white ones, 6 to 10º for Lager, 9 to 10º for amber and between 9 and 11º for toast..

It incorporates an LED screen with buttons to adjust the temperature, a removable waste collection container to facilitate cleaning and a non-slip base to prevent falls and loss of material.

This model provides a practical and efficient way to attend to your friends when organizing a party. However, it is important that you consider the following pros and cons before making a decision:


Temperature: It offers an adjustable temperature between 2 and 12º C, thanks to its integrated cooling system that adapts to the type of beer.

Compatibility: It is compatible with different brands of universal kegs up to 5 liters in capacity, even those that come without pressure.

Accessories: Includes an LED screen that shows the temperature degrees. It also has a removable waste catcher and non-slip base.


Noise: According to the opinion of some users, your motor could make more noise than expected, which could be uncomfortable. However, this sound is perceived only if it is very quiet in the place.

Consumption: Some users think that this dispenser could cause high electrical consumption, so the most appropriate thing is not to turn it on if we are not going to use it.

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5. Jago Beerkules

With this Jago model we changed the approach compared to conventional products. Something that is obvious when you take a look at its design. In this dispenser, we have a transparent tube about 90 centimeters long, located on a stable and quality base.

This tube holds about 3.5 liters of beer, which is poured from the top of the dispenser. When it comes to serving it, we find a practical tap at the bottom, which allows you to properly pour the beer without losing foam. In addition, it is among the cheapest in our selection.

As extras, the dispenser has a graduated scale on the tube, with which to see how much beer is left. The versatility of the product is also interesting, since it can be used with beer, but also with Tinto de Verano, soft drinks or any other liquid you want to serve.

Enjoying your beer in a different way is easy thanks to the fun and original approach of this dispenser.


Tap: The tap of the dispenser has a good quality and makes it easy to serve the beer properly, without losing foam.

Transparent: The transparent design of the tube allows you to instantly see how much beer is left. In addition, this is regulated, to see what you are drinking.

Stable : The dispenser has a good size base, so there is no risk of accidentally knocking over the tube during use.


Materials: The tubes are plastic, so they don’t have the durability or cold-keeping ability of glass models.

Deposit : The ice deposit or the cooling element that we find in other similar models is not included either. If you need it, you need to buy it separately.

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Buying guide – What is the best beer dispenser on the market?

A cold, well-drafted beer is a real pleasure. Something that, thanks to the new beer dispensers, you can even enjoy in your own home, comfortably and relatively cheaply, at least enough to forget how much it costs. Regardless, a beer dispenser is a long-term investment that should be made wisely for best results. That is why we want to offer you some tips in our guide to buying the best beer dispenser, with which to refresh yourself without your dispenser ending up heating up your pocket.


As with capsule coffee machines and other products, beer dispensers are compatible with the different barrels on the market.

There are some prepared for the Heineken system, a pioneer in the sector, while the most advanced are compatible with both this system and other types of barrels.

The general advice is that, unless you have full brand loyalty and do not want to use the dispenser with another type of keg, it is always better to have a beer dispenser that is compatible with various models of kegs so that at any time you can choose the one you like the most.

Or so that you don’t end up with a useless beer dispenser if one day your brand disappears or you decide to change the way the product is dispensed. There are good and cheap models that already include this multiple compatibility, so the price is not going to be a problem.

System and cooling capacity

Beer dispensers refrigerate the beer, generally at a temperature of 3 degrees, through a convection system that transfers the cold to the barrel itself.

Chilling time can take up to 12 hours, which is a bit of a problem when you’re low on keg or when you need to get it fresh sooner. That is why it is necessary that, when you make your comparison of beer dispensers, you decide on the model that offers you a shorter initial cooling time, both to be able to enjoy the precious liquid before and to be able to change the barrel quickly and have it ready. as soon as possible.

Some models have an ultra speed system that is responsible for cooling the barrel in less time by adding more power to the cooling system.


As a final element, we cannot leave aside the comfort in the entire operation of the beer dispenser. Sometimes it is worth spending a little more considering how much it costs to operate with a lower quality dispenser.

The cheaper models tend to have a slightly worse finish which makes them a bit harder to operate and assemble. Let’s remember that we are handling barrels with 6 liters of liquid plus another 2 kilos between the weight of the barrel and the mouthpiece, so it is important that the loading system is as comfortable as possible.

You should also look for a beer dispenser that has an easy-to-use draft system that allows you to operate with precision to improve the result once in the glass.

The additional drainage and the cleaning system are key to keeping the beer dispenser always clean, as well as the room where you place it. And if you can choose a model with a remaining beer indicator and thermometer, you will always have the beer ready at the desired temperature level.

How to use a beer dispenser

One of the things you can enjoy the most is sharing special moments with family and friends, and if you add a cold beer to that, even better. With beer dispensers you can always have this popular drink at a good temperature at home to serve it at any time.

Cool the barrel well

To install and then serve the beer with the dispenser it is necessary that you properly cool the keg. To achieve the cooling of the keg you can use two methods that you must put into practice between 6 and 7 hours before thinking of installing the dispenser in the keg to serve the beer.

With the first method you must get a plastic bag larger than the barrel; it should fit in the bag. Next, fill the bag with ice until the barrel is completely covered. There should not be a single space of your structure that is not in contact with the ice and tie the bag. Add ice as it melts. The second method requires you to put the barrel in a freezer or refrigerator at the lowest possible temperature for several hours.

Install the dispenser

When the barrel has reached a good temperature, it is time to install the dispenser. Start by removing the plastic cover from the top of the keg that covers the indentations and the valve where the dispenser should go. Position the notches on the dispenser over the indentations in the barrel, making sure they line up with each other.

The next thing you need to do is line up the dispenser pump over the keg valve, using the lever to match it up correctly as you push, which will help the ball sit in the right place. During this process you must turn the key until it is properly adjusted. To verify installation, pull the lever to the “On” position and pour beer. If there is some spillage around the faucets, you need to correct an installation step.

How to clean the dispenser

Cleaning the entire system that makes up a beer dispenser should be done every 10 or 15 days, or when you replace the barrel. To do this, use hot water, chemicals and detergents recommended for this type of cleaning. It is very important that after using these products you remove them completely from the system with enough water, since it is not only necessary to eliminate the bacteria that usually accumulate in the dispenser, altering the quality of the beer, but also everything that may be harmful to your health.

To clean the barrel you must follow an order in the system, starting with the barrel coupling, the hose and ending with the tap. This will make it easier for you to clean the dispenser without leaving anything behind. To access the internal parts of the dispenser, you must detach it from the barrel to begin cleaning out the debris.

The most popular brands

Beer lovers rejoice. You no longer have to drop by the bar to enjoy a well-drafted beer or pint. Thanks to beer dispensers you can now do it from the comfort of your home. In order for this dispenser to be of quality, we have studied the market, presenting you below with three brands recognized by consumers that will surely not disappoint you.

If you are a coffee fan, you probably already know the Krups brand. This brand has a predominant role in the world of capsule coffee, offering quality products at a good price. Something that also applies to the rest of its products such as beer dispensers for the domestic market. Founded in 1844, the company has always manufactured small products for the home, such as kitchen scales, which would be its first product.

A product that would keep the company afloat for more than 100 years, even in the war years. This pattern is maintained until 1966 when the third generation of the company sees the moment to make the leap into the world of small appliances. With this decision come traditional coffee machines, toasters and all kinds of products attached to the present, such as capsule machines.

This change triggered the growth of the company, which in 2001 became part of the SEB Group along with other major brands. And it also paves the way for the arrival of its beer dispensers, renowned for their cooling capacity and their high compatibility with all types of kegs on the market for a perfect beer.

The German manufacturer Klarstein is a manufacturer focused on all kinds of household and kitchen products for the home, currently offering a small catalog focused on small appliances of all kinds. Although it has been a well-known manufacturer in its country of origin, it has been new technologies and the rise of electronic commerce that have opened the doors to the different European markets for it, betting on a strong policy of direct outsourcing of its sales.

As with other European manufacturers, maintaining its own design line has benefited its products, as have the company’s high quality standards and the materials used in its products, which allow them to be differentiated from low-end products. Asia own cost. In the case of its beer dispensers, for example, metal predominates, especially resistant, with high-quality plastic finishes and with loading systems compatible with the main barrels on the market.

Currently, the Seb group has become a spectacular holding company that has brought together a large number of French and some European brands in the household and small appliance sector. This company, which emerged in 1844 as a small manufacturing workshop, grew little by little until it became an industrial company, taking its current name in 1944.

By then the company is already the market leader in France and launches the first pressure cookers, also applying marketing campaigns that take its sales to a new level. Within this policy, the purchases begin with which to turn the group into a European giant of kitchenware and household appliances. Among them is Krups, with whom it shares a market in beer dispensers.

We also find brands such as Rowenta, the rescued Moulinex after its bankruptcy, Tefal and many more. The advantage of the Seb group products is that each brand has maintained its own identity, while the Seb brand products maintain the traditional image of quality and tradition that has defined the brand. That is why it is not surprising that their beer dispensers are easy to use, very practical and with a French design with an elegant vintage touch.

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Krups VB5020FR

Descrito como el mejor dispensador de cerveza del mercado, el Krups VB5020FR es un aparato que posee una potencia de 70 W, ideal para enfriar el líquido de forma adecuada para disfrutar de la cerveza de forma sencilla sin necesidad de agregar hielo o guardarla en un refrigerador.

Su estructura es bastante resistente y de fácil limpieza, con mango ergonómico muy sencillo de manipular y una respectiva bandeja de goteo que mantendrá el líquido dentro de la máquina, en caso de que se derrame.

Esta máquina tiene capacidad para cinco litros, así que puedes usarla en casa, o también en una reunión con tu familia o amigos, y comprar los barriles de cerveza de marcas como Heineken Pelforth rubia, Affligem, Desperados. Por otro lado, cuenta con un regulador e indicador de temperatura, y también señala la cantidad restante, para que sepas cuando debes recargarlo de nuevo.

Para adquirir el mejor dispensador de cerveza del momento, debes considerar las ventajas y desventajas de este modelo, que los compradores han catalogado como tal. Léelas a continuación.


Potencia: Su nivel de potencia es de 70 W, lo que resulta bastante útil para mantener frío este líquido y que resulte agradable y refrescante al momento de consumirlo.

Capacidad: Podrás almacenar hasta 5 litros de cerveza, de diferentes marcas y categorías, así que tendrás un suministro suficiente para servir varias veces sin tener que llenar el depósito de nuevo.

Temperatura: Permite hacer un control de la temperatura, lo que resulta muy útil para hacer un consumo de energía adecuado tomando en cuenta las condiciones de temperatura del lugar donde uses el aparato.

Soporte: Cuenta con su respectivo soporte para colocar el vaso mientras sirves el líquido, en caso de que estés muy ocupado o no desees sostener el vaso durante su llenado.

Mango: Tiene un mango ergonómico que podrás manipular de una forma sencilla al momento de servir la cerveza.

Seb VB2158F2 BeerTender B80

Entre los mejores dispensadores de cerveza del 2022, también se encuentra el Seb VB2158F2 BeerTender B80, que puede almacenar cinco litros, para brindar un suministro de cerveza continuo, y mantener una buena temperatura, gracias a su potencia de 70 W.

Podrás servir la cerveza con comodidad, gracias a su sencilla palanca ergonómica, que se complementa con una base para colocar el vaso si así lo deseas, por lo que puedes prevenir derrames. Es una máquina ideal para consumir cerveza en pequeños grupos de amigos o familiares, utilizando como fuente principal del líquido los barriles de diferentes marcas de este licor.

Además incorpora una luz LED para que sepas cuándo está funcionando. Cuando lo recargues, no pasará mucho tiempo para que la cerveza esté fría de nuevo, de modo que puedes seguir bebiendo sin problemas y desde cualquier lugar de tu casa, porque la máquina puede ser colocada donde prefieras, ya que no es demasiado voluptuosa.

Recomendada por los usuarios como el mejor dispensador de cerveza por 200 euros, encontramos este modelo, cuyos pros y contras puedes leer a continuación.


Capacidad: Permite guardar y enfriar hasta 5 litros de cerveza, una cantidad suficiente para disfrutar de esta bebida con tus familiares y amigos.

Resistencia: Este dispensador tiene la mayoría de sus piezas hechas en acero inoxidable, de modo que posee un buen nivel de resistencia y durabilidad, para que no debas reemplazarlo rápidamente.

Mango: Cuenta con un mango ergonómico en forma de palanca, para que puedas servir la cerveza de una forma simple y controlar de manera eficiente el flujo del líquido.

Soporte: Posee su respectivo soporte para colocar el vaso de manera adecuada durante el llenado del mismo, sin necesidad de sostenerlo con la mano, para mayor comodidad.

Compatible: Podrás usarlo para almacenar y servir varias marcas de cerveza, por lo que tiene un buen nivel de compatibilidad y podrás disfrutar de tu cerveza preferida.

Klarstein Hopfenthal

Para quienes deseen comprar un producto de buena calidad pero que también tenga un costo no muy elevado, el Klarstein Hopfenthal es una buena opción, porque ha sido promovido por los usuarios como el mejor dispensador de cerveza de calidad precio, ya que es uno de los más baratos del mercado.

Posee un moderno diseño que incorpora una pantalla LCD donde se indica la temperatura de la cerveza. Funciona también con barriles de cinco litros, y en algunos casos conviene utilizar un adaptador.

Por otro lado, incorpora una bandeja de goteo, donde se pueden colocar dos jarras o vasos para ser llenados, así que podrás servir cómodamente, utilizando el mango ergonómico. Si quieres mantener este aparato limpio, podrás hacerlo, incluso con la ayuda del lavavajillas, ya que puedes desmontarlo y colocar algunas piezas en la máquina.

La base es antideslizante, para reducir el rango de movimiento y proporcionar estabilidad al servir, además de que la máquina no hace mucho ruido.

¿Todavía no sabes cuál dispensador de cerveza comprar? Entonces lee los pros y contras de este modelo, que también ocupa un lugar destacado entre las preferencias de los usuarios.


Limpieza: Podrás limpiarlo sin problemas, porque algunas piezas, (como la bandeja antigoteo), son extraíbles y apta para el lavavajillas, así que podrás limpiar la máquina fácilmente.

Indicador: Posee su correspondiente indicador de temperatura a fin de que sepas qué tan fría está la cerveza y si ya está lista para ser servida.

Capacidad: Tiene capacidad para almacenar 5 litros de cerveza, así que tendrás un suministro suficiente para disfrutar de esta bebida sin problemas.

Soporte: Incorpora su respectiva bandeja antigoteo que a la vez sirve como soporte con espacio para colocar dos vasos, haciendo que sea más cómodo el proceso de llenado.


Compatibilidad: Aunque en las especificaciones se señala que es compatible con casi todas las marcas de cerveza, los usuarios afirman que no es compatible con algunas marcas.

¿Cuál es el mejor dispensador de cerveza Philips del 2022?

Para los amantes de la cerveza fría, un dispensador es una alternativa de compra que no podrán dejar escapar. Es entonces necesario para llevar el mejor producto, indagar un poco acerca de su elaboración, revisando temas como la materia prima, potencia, capacidad de contención e incluso las dimensiones de la estructura.

En cuanto al diseño de la estructura es necesario que posea un peso en conjunto con una relación de alto, ancho y profundidad que se adecuen a los diferentes lugares donde se pretende colocar. Además, es necesario que el equipo brinde un buen sistema de sujeción a propósito de que se trata de un dispositivo de continua manipulación, que al usarlo puede deslizarse y sufrir algún tipo de deterioro que cese su vida útil.

Por su parte tenemos la capacidad de contención medida en litros que puede soportar el equipo, así como también los grados de enfriamiento dispuestos para mantener la cerveza a una temperatura agradable para cada persona. Todos estos datos verificables por medio ya sea de la lectura a través de una pantalla LED incorporada, de igual forma gracias a la ayuda de indicadores lumínicos para alertar de los ºC, nivel de llenado del barril contenedor, entre otros tantas especificaciones.

Sabemos que existen ciertas limitaciones de tiempo presentes en la mayoría d

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