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Beer Mug – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis


To enjoy a good beer it is necessary to have a good container to serve it. And although it is true that there are all kinds of glasses to serve beer, a good brewer knows that a pitcher always gives a special point even to the simplest beer. Among the options that we have within our reach, we find the Calledelregalo Personalized jug, which we can easily engrave and personalize, with a half-liter capacity and made with a resistant construction. If you prefer a German tankard, take a look at the Amoy-Art HB0802008A model, inspired by the most traditional German tankards and which does not lack details such as quality engravings or the pewter lid, among others.

The 9 Best Beer Mugs – Opinions 2022

Just as a good wine deserves a suitable glass, when it comes to beer, it is best to use the best beer mug that we have on hand. Such a wide world where we find all kinds of options to choose from. When deciding which beer mug to buy, there are many options to consider, so we have done some of the hard work for you, selecting and analyzing some of the best beer mugs of 2022, the results of which we detail below.

custom beer mug

1. Calledelregalo Personalized Gift Engraved Beer Mug

Nothing better for the most authentic brewers than having a fully personalized mug with their name, so that no one can take it away from them. CalledelRegalo’s personalized beer mug has a very original design, which we can engrave with both the name of that special person and the year of their birth, making it a very suitable gift for any beer lover. 

On the more technical side, the jug measures 79.7 millimeters in diameter by 150 millimeters in height, offering a total capacity of 510 milliliters. It is accompanied by a large handle, to hold it comfortably, as well as a firm and resistant base, which withstands use and the occasional blow. 

And so that nothing goes wrong, the jug is presented in a beautiful wooden box that includes the same engraving of the piece.

Surprise any beer lover with this beautiful personalized mug, with its own design of the best beer mug of the moment.


Customizable : It is possible to engrave different messages on the jar, depending on what you prefer.

Manufacturing : The product offers a very resistant construction, in accordance with European regulations and fully safe during use.

Capacity : This mug offers a capacity for half a liter of beer.

Dishwasher : Thanks to the quality of the engraving, it is possible to wash the jug in the dishwasher without any problem.

Box : The product is presented in a wooden box which also includes the engraving of the jug.



Weight: The weight of the jug is somewhat high due to the thickness of the glass, although not much more than other similar proposals.

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german beer mug

2. Amoy-Art German Beer Mug 

If you have ever wondered if it is possible to turn a beer mug into a work of art, this product is the answer. The Amoy-Art HB0802008A German Beer Tankard features a design that faithfully reproduces the finish and look of the more classic versions, with high-level details. 

Among them, we have its manufacture in high quality ceramics, which better maintains the temperature of the beer but also of any other drink. A process that is helped by the lid made of pewter, duly engraved and attached to the handle, which prevents insects and dirt from contaminating your drink. 

On the body of the jug we find different decorative details, such as the carved German coat of arms or the different circular rings on the base, which give the product a unique look. A beautiful piece worthy of being the best beer mug of the moment due to its design and finish.

Let’s see more details of this model, a worthy representative of the best brand of beer mugs in its category.


Design: Its design faithfully imitates the most classic and genuine German jugs.

Shield : The German shield in the central part adds an extra style to the piece.

Capacity : Its capacity of 0.6 liters follows the usual standard for this type of product.

Lid : The lid made of pewter allows you to keep your drink at its temperature and away from dust and insects.



Care : Since it is made of ceramic, it is essential to be careful with knocks during the cleaning process. 

Price : It is not one of the cheap options on the market, although its appearance deserves the price of the product.

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medieval beer mug

3. Game Of Thrones Stark Beer Mug 

If when deciding which is the best beer mug, you bet on medieval-style models, you have many options to choose from. But if you’re also a fan of Game of Thrones, then the Game Of Thrones mug MUGSTGT02 is just what you’re looking for.

We are talking about a 900-milliliter medieval beer mug, to drink in a big way, decorated with different icons from the series, such as the Stark family coat of arms and the famous phrase “Winter is coming” engraved on the main body of the piece.. This body has an imitation wood design, also present on the handle, which gives a touch of quality to the entire piece. 

Much of the piece is made by hand, so that it has a unique finish and its own details that are not reproduced in any other jar.

Enjoy your favorite series with a jug inspired by their families and made with the highest quality and detail.


Official product: The product has an official license, which is always a guarantee of quality regarding its design.

Capacity: The jug offers a capacity of 0.9 liters, so you won’t have to worry about filling it again for quite some time.

Handmade: A good part of the details, the painting and the engravings of the jug are done by hand, to give it more quality.



Cleaning: Due to its materials, it is not suitable for going through the dishwasher. It’s not microwaveable either.

Interior finish: The interior finish is ceramic and is not polished, which detracts a bit from the quality of the model.

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giant beer mug

4. Ritzenhoff & Breker 118940 Beer Mug 

When it comes to looking for beer mugs, we have regular, large, super large, and huge products. The Ritzenhoff & Breker 118940 model belongs to the latter category. We are talking about a giant beer mug, with no less than a liter capacity. 

A model made with very robust and high-quality glass, so you won’t have to worry about its durability, not even when toasting. This glass is dishwasher safe, so leaving the perfect carafe after each use is very convenient, as long as you have space in your dishwasher. 

To top it off, the design includes a beautiful circular warp on the glass, as well as the iconic Paulaner stamp printed on the front, to give this beautiful large beer mug an even more decorative touch.

Enjoy your favorite beer to the fullest with this oversized mug with a sturdy construction.


Thickness : The thickness of the material is considerable, so that it adequately supports the most intensive use without deterioration.

Capacity : As befits a giant jug, the product has a 1 liter capacity, one of the highest on the market.

Cleaning : Thanks to its construction, it is possible to wash the jug in the dishwasher without risk.



Weight : The weight of the empty jar is 1.7 kilos. If you add a liter of beer, it is approximately 2.7 kilos, so you will have to do a lot of force to move it. 

Finish : The finish is a bit rough, although it is not something that affects the resistance of the product.

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wooden beer mug

5. Jadeshay Natural Wood Beer Mug 

The Jadeshay 1226-JY07913 wooden beer mug is not only a high-quality product with an elegant design, but also one of the cheapest proposals in our selection. 

This model has been made of high quality wood from sustainable sources, to properly protect the environment. This translates into a quality base material that, after being worked, offers us a very elegant and very fine finish, which makes it easy to grip the handle comfortably. 

Inside we can serve beer but also tea, water or juices, given that due to its materials and cleaning it is really easy to leave the jug as new. Quality details typical of the best price-value beer mug that we have chosen, so that enjoying your drink is not expensive either.

If you are tired of glass, switch to wood when it comes to enjoying your favorite beer.


Material : The product is made of high quality wood, from ecological and duly controlled sources.

Weight : Despite being wood, it is an extremely light jug, weighing just 139 grams.

Finish : The finish of the pitcher is very nice and offers considerable comfort during use.



Capacity : The capacity of the jar is 350 milliliters, somewhat less than usual in this market.

Care : Since it is a wood product, it should be dried well and not used in the dishwasher or microwave.

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Beer mug with lid

6. Seltmann Weiden 001.617239 Compact Bayern-Beer Mug Series

When it comes to looking for a beer mug with a lid, we usually find products related to the most classic German tradition. However, there are more current alternatives such as the Seltmann Weiden 001.617239 model. A product made entirely of reinforced porcelain with anti-impact edges, which has greater resistance than products without this extra. 

As for the part of the lid, it is made of metal and is fixed to the part of the handle, as usual. On the body, we find a white finish with the Bavarian coat of arms stamped, while the lid has a smooth finish, in a simpler appearance than that of classic products. 

Regarding its characteristics, the jug has a weight of 765 grams and a capacity of 0.75 liters. Plus, there’s no problem cleaning it in the dishwasher or even the microwave, should you need to.

Drinking in style has never been easier than having this beautiful traditional cut German tankard.


Body : Its body made of reinforced porcelain withstands use better than other similar products.

Design: The model includes the coat of arms of Bavaria engraved on the porcelain, giving the piece a very elegant touch.

Capacity : Its 0.75 liter capacity is enough to enjoy your favorite beer in the traditional way.



Lid interior : The finish on the inside of the lid could be improved, although it is a purely aesthetic issue.

Weight : The total weight of the jar, once filled, is almost 1.5 kilos. Something that should be taken into account when using the product.

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large mug of beer

7. Original Gift Glass Giant Engraved Beer Mug

Enjoying beer in a big way is quite easy if you resort to options like the Gift Original RO000020 large beer mug. A product based on the design of the jugs used in the famous Hofbräuhaus brewery, recognizable both by the shape of their glass and by a smooth finish on the top, compared to the warped bottom area. 

The glass used in this jug offers high resistance, so there are no problems when using the piece or washing it. Its measurements are considerable, so the jug offers a capacity of no less than a liter of beer. 

As an extra, the front of the piece can be personalized with the name you want, using a technique that keeps the engraving for longer, without deteriorating with washing.

Enjoy your beer to the fullest thanks to this good-sized product with a traditional Munich design.


Capacity : Its size is considerable so that the product offers a capacity of no less than one liter.

Design : The design of the tankard reproduces that used in the famous Hofbräuhaus beer hall in Munich.

Engraving : The jug can be engraved with the name you want, using a technique that makes that personalization last.



Weight : As with all large products, its weight is more than considerable.

Base : The base of the pitcher is somewhat thinner than that of other similar models, and should be treated with care.

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glass beer mug

8. Bar@Drinkstuff The Great British Dimple Mug

For those looking for a simple and uncomplicated glass beer mug, nothing better than the four-piece set offered by Bar@Drinkstuff. These glass jugs change the approach for the more traditional image of the British type, also having the capacity of the traditional English pint, equivalent to about 568 milliliters. 

The mugs have been made of a glass of considerable thickness and with the dimpled finish typical of this style, so you don’t have to worry about anything when enjoying your favorite beer. And so that you don’t have problems when you finish using the jug, it can also be washed in the dishwasher, leaving it impeccable without effort. 

A traditional cut product with which to enjoy any beer at home as if you were in an English pub.

We leave you some more details of this jug of English design and high manufacturing quality.


Design : Contrary to the German prevalence, this product has a typically English design.

Cleaning : Thanks to the quality of the glass used in the manufacture of these jars, they can go through the dishwasher.

Complete set : The kit includes four pitchers, so you can share them with your friends or family.



Handle : The handle is a bit small to put the four fingers, especially if you have big hands.

Simplicity : It is a somewhat simple product, although if you just want to enjoy your beer, this is not a problem.

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engraved beer mug

9. YourSurprise Personalized Beer Mug

When it comes to surprising beer lovers, nothing better than giving them a beer mug engraved with their name, so they never lose their “favorite blonde”. The jar that YourSurprise presents us allows us to carry out this customization using a laser system. 

This technique has two advantages. One of them is the possibility to choose between different designs and fonts, to achieve a unique and personal look. The other advantage is that the quality of the engraving is so high that it does not disappear over time, even if the jar is washed in a dishwasher. 

For the rest, the jug has a capacity of half a liter, a cut glass base and a height of 15.5 centimeters. By the way, you can choose between a single jar or as many as you need up to half a dozen, depending on your preferences.

If you want to make a special gift, nothing better than a personalized beer mug like this one.


Stamping : The stamping is done by laser, which gives a better finish to the engraving.

Capacity : This mug has a half-liter capacity, making it ideal for beer lovers.

Cleaning : Thanks to its quality, it is possible to wash the jug in the dishwasher, without it deteriorating.



Weight : The jug has a slightly higher weight than expected, due to the thickness of the glass with which it is made.

Visibility : The visibility of the engraving can be improved, as it tends to be confused with the glass itself.

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Shopping guide

To enjoy any beer more, it is important to serve it at the right temperature and in a quality mug. This last aspect is not always taken care of, so sometimes we serve this drink anywhere. To avoid this, there is nothing better than using our guide to buying the best beer mug, in which we will learn about some important issues to find the perfect mug to enjoy our “favorite blonde” even more, either with style or betting on products. simple and inexpensive.

jug type

We start by assessing the type of mug we want, from among the options we find in any comparison of beer mugs. The most common pitcher is the third, in plain format and with variable capacity. It’s also usually the cheapest pitcher, so it never hurts to have a few around the house for when you have visitors.

A different aspect are the Stein-type jugs. This product comes from Germany and drinks from the tradition of the most traditional breweries, in a design made of ceramic with great detail and the traditional metal lid. Also traditional are the medieval court jugs, similar to those of the Stein type, although with some differences in terms of their design.

We stay in Germany to talk about brewery mugs. These would be the typical ones that we see in the reports about the region or in the Oktoberfest videos. Products of great size and very resistant construction. We close our trip talking about British jugs, very recognizable by the finish of the glass where you can enjoy a pint as it deserves.

jar material

In order to find a good and cheap beer mug, it is important that the material of the product is of adequate quality. Another aspect that should be checked, especially if we intend to wash the jug in the dishwasher or have a tendency to give it the occasional blow during use. All this without forgetting that this material also influences how much the jug costs.

All these problems disappear with materials such as glass, which is generally thick enough to prevent the carafe from accidentally breaking. Products suitable for the dishwasher and also for use with other liquids, which also have enough thickness to last a long time without damage. Also resistant are the models made of acrylic or plastic material, although obviously their final durability is not as high. That is why we must avoid strong blows, just in case.

Regarding the most exotic or less common materials, one of them is ceramic. This product is typical of Stein-type jars and requires manual and careful cleaning, so as not to break anything. The cleaning of wooden jugs should also be manual, since the high temperatures of the dishwasher are not always suitable for this material. Finally, if you opt for a metal jug, do not forget to dry it after cleaning it well so that it does not rust.

jar capacity

As a last question, we take a look at the measurements of the jug and, consequently, at its capacity. However, if you like large beer mugs, we can anticipate that you will not be left wanting, as some mugs can store up to a liter of beer in a single service.

In general, the capacity of the beer mug starts from a third of a liter, about 350 milliliters approximately. It is usually the smallest size in this type of jar and is common in different formats. From here we go to the half liter of jars of this size, which grows to 545 milliliters of capacity that looks British, in English-type products.

If we go to Germany, we find the usual 0.6 liters of Stein or medieval jars. However, this size falls short of jumbo-sized products, which hold 0.75 or even a liter of draft beer. Obviously, you have to have a lot of arm to hold this type of jug, both due to the weight of the liquid and that of the jug itself. But if one day you want to go to Oktoberfest, you should be building muscles.

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