The best beer without alcohol

Our picks for the best non-alcoholic beers

Non-alcoholic beer is a drink on the rise, every day more people enjoy all the flavor and freshness of beer, without the harmful effects of alcohol. It is a healthy option and a perfect alternative for those looking to take care of their health, but also for drivers or people who are prohibited from consuming alcohol.

1. Majara Be-Low IPA Non-Alcoholic Beers 

The return of IPA beers, which follow the pattern of the classic Indian Pale Ale-type beers, has even reached non-alcoholic products. We have the proof in this proposal from Cervezas Majara, which offers us a non-alcoholic beer made according to the standards of this old variety.

Among its nuances, we find a resinous aroma, a full and pleasant flavor and that dry touch that has become common in these beers. In its preparation, high quality cereals and Chinook-style hops are used, recognized for the balance they provide to the final product, while keeping the bitterness under control.

All this without forgetting that we are talking about a high-quality craft beer, made according to the most demanding standards. Regarding its presentation, the package contains six thirds packaged in a glass bottle, as is customary in these products.

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2. Mahou Non-Alcoholic Beer Dorada Lager Pack

Mahou Dorada alcohol-free beer is the result of 20 years of research, with a single goal: to preserve all the flavor of the beer, but without a drop of alcohol. Made with the same ingredients as the rest of the brand’s beers such as water, barley malt, the particular mixture of hops and Mahou’s own yeast, the result is a fine, tasty beer with no trace of alcohol.

This is achieved thanks to its special fermentation process, controlled to obtain a product with the lowest possible alcohol content, guaranteeing that it will preserve the authentic flavor of the brand’s Lager beers and that unique aroma of toasted cereal, with the perfect texture and the slight bitterness of hops. 

It is the best non-alcoholic beer to enjoy in summer, with a portion of fried fish on the beach or enjoying a paella with friends by the sea. 

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3. Unicer Super Bock Alcohol Free Black

If you’re looking for a dark beer, Super Bock could be considered the best non-alcoholic beer of the moment. Unique in its style, with a very dark brown color reminiscent of coffee and a dense, slow-forming foam. It is an example of the effort made by brands to offer a wide variety of options to non-alcoholic beer lovers.

Brewed at the brand’s brewery in Leça do Balio, just outside Porto, it is one of the most popular beers in Portugal. It is the only beer in the world that has managed to win 30 consecutive gold medals in the “Monde Selection de la qualité” and is present in restaurants around the world, from Luxembourg to Canada, passing through Angola or Mozambique.

It is a typical black beer, with a slight bitterness and the aroma of cereals and caramel, sweet and light, but without any alcohol, thanks to its unique formulation in the world.

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4. Heineken 00 Non-Alcoholic Beer Box 

The Dutch brand Heineken is a world reference and possibly the best non-alcoholic beer brand. This Lager-style 00 beer has all the flavor and style of the brand’s beers, with a very clear golden appearance, fine bubbles and a sweet flavor, not at all cloying and, best of all, it has 0.0% of alcohol.

Its fruity flavor is achieved, thanks to a unique system, in which the beer rests for 28 days so that Heineken’s secret yeast has the perfect pressure, balancing the natural gases of fermentation with the sugars and obtaining the best possible flavor..

To enjoy it to the fullest, this beer should be consumed very cool, between 2 and 4 degrees, and it will be perfect to accompany any lunch or dinner, as well as aperitifs.

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5. Birra 365 box with the 9 best non-alcoholic beers in the world

If you are thinking about which non-alcoholic beer to give to a friend, with this box you will be right for sure. Not only will you be giving him a good non-alcoholic beer, but you will also be offering him a tour of some of the best “non-alcoholic” beers from around the world, a variety of flavors and aromas, worthy of a place in any exhibitor.

The box contains 3 Clausthaler Unfiltered non-alcoholic German beers, considered by experts to be the best non-alcoholic beer in the world, 3 bottles of Dinkelacker 00, a very refreshing and great-tasting German beer, and another 3 bottles of Erdinger, a wheat beer. Alcohol-free, very creamy and smooth.

The beers are presented in a cardboard box, well separated inside and protected. The box features the Birra 365 logo and is very discreet, perfect as a gift or to enjoy at any time.

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6. Estrella Galicia Beer 00 

Estrella Galicia has been making non-alcoholic beer since 1988, although it was not until 2011 when the brand’s first 0.0 beer appeared, thanks to continuous research with the sole purpose of finding the perfect balance between aromas and flavors, to obtain a beer without any alcohol, but that preserves the characteristic flavor of the brand.

The result is a non-alcoholic beer with a much better palate than other cheaper options, which is obtained thanks to the interrupted fermentation process, which eliminates the alcohol and retains the flavor. This Pilsen-type beer is smooth, slightly bitter, thanks to its hops, and very refreshing.

It is pale golden in color, with fine bubbles and a crown of very white foam. Perfect to enjoy as an aperitif, but it also pairs well with all kinds of meats or, if you prefer, you can enjoy it with a paella.

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7. San Miguel Non-Alcoholic Beer Pack of 24 cans

San Miguel’s non-alcoholic beer is made with totally natural ingredients typical of beer, such as water, barley and hops. The manufacturing process is also the same as the traditional San Miguel beers, but its alcohol content is 0.0%.

It is a beer with a high content of B vitamins, folic acid and maltodextrins, nutrients whose main function is to provide energy to the body, which makes this beer a healthy option, perfect for those who seek to take care of themselves. Also, by buying in a pack of 24 cans, it allows you to save a little, so it could be considered the best value for money non-alcoholic beer.

Although it does not have any alcohol, this beer retains the characteristic flavor of San Miguel, thanks to its unique mixture of hops and barley malt, which gives it its dark golden color. 

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8. Amstel 00 Beer without alcohol pack of 6 bottles of 250 ml

Amstel is one of the most recognized beer brands in the world and one of the most innovative. It was the first to use refrigeration methods and also the first to launch a low-calorie beer on the market. So, if you are wondering which is the best non-alcoholic beer, Amstel 0.0 could be what you are looking for.

Made through a process of slow alcohol evaporation in a natural way, which eliminates all the alcohol, respecting and enhancing the flavors, it is a full-bodied beer, in which the essence of barley malt is noticeable, with a refreshing and natural character. unique.

It is a perfect beer to drink cold in the middle of the afternoon or surrounded by friends at a summer meal, to enjoy a paella, a barbecue or an aperitif on the beach.

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9. Amber Beer 0.0 pack of 24 bottles

Ámbar’s independent wineries have the honor of having been the first to present a non-alcoholic beer in Spain in 1976. In 2011, they produced the first gluten-free beer in the world and, a few years later, they reinvented their classic “sin”, turning it into a 0.0, without a trace of alcohol, but with all the flavor.

Ámbar’s 0.0 beer was the first to use palatinose, a slow-absorbing carbohydrate that provides a supply of energy for the whole day. Its unique formula also contains fiber to improve digestion, making it a healthy option, ideal for those looking for responsible consumption and taking care of their body at the same time.

It is a Lager-type beer, light golden in color, with a crown of light foam and fine bubbles. It has a balanced and smooth flavor, without the excessive sweetness of other cheaper products.

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10. Cruzcampo Beer 0.0 pack of 6 bottles of 250 ml

Cruzcampo’s 0.0 is made following the same traditional brewing methods, with 100% natural ingredients such as barley malt, corn and yeast, and offering the same characteristics and nutritional properties as alcoholic beer, but with a of 0.0% and a lower caloric intake.

Cruzcampo 0.0 maintains all the flavor of the brand, thanks to its natural composition and, above all, to the contribution of Perle-type hops, characteristic of Cruzcampo, which offers all its beers a refreshing and light aroma and character. The result is a perfect beer for very hot days, which gets the best flavor the colder it is.

It is a golden colored beer, with bright white foam, small bubbles and a fruity aroma, with a balanced and sweet flavor, but with slight bitter touches of hops.

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Origin and Use

After our comparison of non-alcoholic beers, we continue this article talking about the history of this drink, its conservation, the nutritional value that this type of drink brings to the body and also its main mixtures, with all these points you will be able to better understand non-alcoholic beer and make a better purchase decision.


If you are wondering who was the first beer brand to make a non-alcoholic one, the answer is none, since the origin of this drink is in the Egypt of the pharaohs. Beer has been part of human culture for more than 5,000 years, so it’s not surprising that the ancient Egyptians were the first to brew non-alcoholic beer. 

Beer, just like today, has always been part of social relationships. For this reason, the origin of non-alcoholic beer is found among the followers of the Egyptian goddess Hathor, and the truth is that it is a rather curious story. Hathor was the goddess of joy, the sky, love, music and dance, protector of motherhood. 

In the temple where his statue was, the faithful and priests of Hathor placed large vessels at his feet. In them they poured large amounts of beer and heated it for hours so that the alcohol in the drink evaporated and reached her head, so that the goddess was always happy and favored them.

As for its more human history, the first non-alcoholic beers intended for human consumption and for sale were made for the first time in the United States in 1919, due to the laws prohibiting the sale and distribution of alcoholic beverages at the time. The US government established that the highest amount of alcohol that any drink could contain was 0.5% or less. 

In Spain, the first non-alcoholic beer came out of the Ámbar distillery in Zaragoza in 1976 and was the brainchild of brewmaster Juan Antonio Corchón. It was a different kind of beer, with less than 0.5% alcohol and, at the time, it didn’t win over the public, as people didn’t like the idea of ​​drinking non-alcoholic beer.

Today, the consumption of non-alcoholic beer represents 14% of total beer consumption, which indicates that the initial rejection suffered by alcohol-free is already being overcome. 


We continue with this guide to buy the best non-alcoholic beer, with some cocktails that we can make with this drink. The best thing about beer mixes is that they are very fresh, perfect for any summer day.

The most common is beer with lemon. Despite its apparent simplicity, it can be made in many ways: with lemon soda, with lemon juice and even with soda, always to the consumer’s liking.

Something more elaborate would be the very good and cheap beer sangria, which has ingredients such as red fruit juice and also orange, lemon and sliced ​​apple. All this, seasoned with lots of ice.

For the more daring, how about a green beer? You just have to mix the non-alcoholic beer with a little Kiwi Rives, and decorate the glass with lemon or, if you prefer, with mint or spearmint, the perfect drink for St. Patrick’s Day.

And how about a Michelada? This is, along with the Margarita, the most consumed cocktail in Mexico and to prepare it, all you have to do is put ice in a wide glass or a balloon glass, pour lemon juice, Perrins sauce, a touch of salt and pepper and, finally, Lastly, the beer.


Beer, regardless of how much it costs, is sold in its optimal state of preservation. Therefore, it is best to consume it as soon as possible and not leave it stored for a long time. 

However, if it is necessary to store it, it is best to do it vertically, protecting the bottle from the sun and sudden changes in temperature. Whenever possible, it should be kept in the refrigerator. 

Nutritional value

A 100 g serving of non-alcoholic beer only contains 25 Kcal, a number much lower than that of traditional beer. The same amount also contains 0.3 g of protein, 5.3 g of carbohydrates and, in some cases, a special contribution of fiber and B vitamins.

drink responsibly

Non-alcoholic beer, as its name suggests, contains an alcohol percentage below 0.5% and, in the case of 0.0, even lower. This makes it possible to consume it without fear of getting drunk.

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