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If there is a drink that reigns among almost everyone, it is beer, which has been with us for thousands of years and today comes in all kinds of versions, which makes it more difficult to find the best beer of the moment. So that you have a good variety when choosing your favorite “blonde”, we leave you our selection of the best beers of 2022, with options for all tastes and palates.

1. Heineken Beer Box of 5 Torps x 2L

If we ask the most brewers what is the best brand of beer they have ever had, many will bet on Heineken.

A traditional product made with a unique yeast that the brand has been pampering for years to maintain its own flavor and pleasant foam. The result is a bright yellow beer with an intense foam, which has a light fruity aroma and leaves a slight sweetness in the mouth, with a very mild bitter finish. 

A beer that you can enjoy at its perfect point thanks to these five barrels, designed for Krups taps, with which it is possible to achieve that perfect temperature and the ideal shot with which to enjoy what is, for many, the best beer on the market.

In addition, this lot includes 5 kegs of 2 liters, for a total of 10 liters of beer. Ideal for the most amateurs.

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2. Alhambra Reserva 1925 Beer Pack of 4 x 33 cl

When it comes to deciding which is the best current beer, there are many candidates. Among them is the Alhambra Reserva 1925 beer. An interesting surprise from this manufacturer from Granada, who has produced a beer with an intense body and a particular flavor, due, among other things, to the purity of the water used in its production and to a careful process. malted.

The result is a beer with a constant and fluffy foam, with a nice golden amber color and light toasted touches. 

A beer with a nice balance between sweet and bitter, with notes ranging from bitter orange to caramel. These sensations are topped off with an alcohol content of 6.4 degrees, which gives the product a greater intensity than the brand’s traditional beer, which is slightly softer.

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3. Mahou 5 Stars Golden Beer Lager 5.5%

Among the cheapest beers in our selection we find another classic such as the Mahou 5 Estrellas. An easily recognizable beer for its bright golden color and for offering a creamy but also consistent foam. In the mouth it offers us a balanced flavor, with a soft bitterness and a certain touch of acidity. 

Regarding its aroma, this beer has a fruity and fresh touch, with notes of yeast and the floral sensations typical of hops. A somewhat lighter beer than others on the market, with an alcohol content of 5.5, in line with other Pilsen beers. So if you don’t know what beer to buy and you prefer to move between the cheapest proposals with this product you will always be right.

As much as we can be talking about the best value for money beer of our chosen ones.

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4. 1906 Special Reserve Beer, Pack of 24 bottles

If there is a beer recognized among Galicians and increasingly throughout Spain, that is 1906. A beer brewed by Hijos de Rivera in La Coruña, which uses both the family’s own specific must and raw materials in its manufacture. high quality. The result is a beer with a unique character, with abundant and very creamy foam, a dark amber body and a clean and transparent tone. 

Regarding its tasting, the toasted sensations stand out, offering in each sip a pleasant warmth duly integrated. This beer has an alcohol level of 6.5 degrees, so it “sticks” a little more than other softer beers, although it is not excessively alcoholic either.

As for the presentation, it is done in 24 thirds format, so you can enjoy it comfortably and at its ideal point.

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5. Inedit Damm Malt and Wheat Beer Bottle 75cl

Within the segment of premium and signature beers, this Inedit Damm creation is one of the most outstanding. And it is that behind this beer and its formula we find nothing less than Ferrán Adrià, his team from El Bulli and the brewmasters from Damm, who in 2008 decided to create this beer, specially designed to accompany the new dishes of gastronomy more current. 

The result is a beer in which malt is combined with wheat and which offers a pleasant variety of flavors and contrasts. Among its details, we find the improved body, obtained through unmalted wheat, which also generates greater smoothness in the mouth.

Its sensations range from citrus to more bitter touches, which makes it the perfect pairing for starters, salads and fatty fish. A beer that, without a doubt, is out of the ordinary and is very varied.

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6. Voll-Damm Double Malt Basket of 6 Bottles

For those who are not satisfied with the normal taste, the Voll-Damm Double Malt beer is an interesting proposal. This Marzenbier-style beer draws directly from the Damm tradition, which created its first such beer back in 1953 in the Hallertau region. The company uses twice as much malt as is found in a normal product, which means adding extra strength to the product. 

A beer with a much more intense flavor and about twice the body of a conventional Damm beer.

In addition, this double malt also means raising the alcoholic strength to 7.2 degrees, which reinforces the sensations of this product. A beer presented in a basket of six bottles of 25 cl each, with bottles of the right color to protect their precious content.

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7. Desperados Beer Box of 24 Cans x 500 ml

We totally changed the third, never better said, with a fresher and lighter beer like Desperados. This beer is of the Lager type and has a softer texture and body than other beers, such as Pilsen.

In addition, it has a touch of tequila, with which it is flavored to give it a unique and different touch. The result is a very pleasant beer, fresh in the mouth, as long as it is at its temperature, and with an average alcoholic strength of 5.9 degrees. 

Regarding its presentation, this beer comes in a batch of 24 cans of half a liter each, which maintain their good temperature once we take them out of the fridge and as long as we don’t take too long to consume them. In fact, its recommended consumption temperature ranges from 2 to 4 degrees, which helps the beer to enter even better when the heat is on.

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8. La Virgen Craft Beer IPA pack 24 bottles

One of the latest novelties to reach the beer market is the IPA or India Pale Ale style beers. A beer with a darker amber tone than other varieties and that is obtained through a high fermentation process.

Among these beers, we find the craft beer La Virgen. A product that has been recognized as the best beer in its category in 2019, so with it you will be sure to drink only the best.

Among its notes is a citric and somewhat resinous flavor, which is not common in either Lager or conventional Pilsen beers. It is finished off with an alcoholic strength of 6.5 degrees, so it has an adequate alcoholic balance, neither too intense nor lacking in strength. It is presented in bottles of a third and in batches of 24, so that you can enjoy it comfortably and keep it at its temperature without complications.

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9. Cerex Tasting Pack of 4 Craft Beers

Craft beer is another of the latest developments that the beer market offers us. A segment in which the imagination flies and where it is possible to enjoy flavors never seen before. We have the proof in this batch of four tasting craft beers offered by Cerex.

In this batch we find a more conventional craft Pilsen beer, along with a chestnut beer, another acorn-fed Iberian and a cherry-flavoured beer. Four intense but very balanced flavors, which have earned this beer the award for the best craft beer in Spain in 2017. 

However, these beers had already won this award in 2015, also receiving recognition such as the Two Gold Stars for Superior Taste at the International Taste Awards in Brussels in 2014 and 2015. Something that demonstrates the high quality of this artisan product.

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10. Cruzcampo Beer Box of 24 Bottles x 250 ml

Cruzcampo beer is another of the classics when looking for a simple beer. This Pilsen-type beer is somewhat softer than other conventional ones, remaining at an alcoholic strength of 4.8 degrees. We are talking about a beer with consistent foam and a recognizable straw-blond color, which has a fruity aroma on the nose. 

For its part, the flavor of the beer combines the sweetness of the malt with a slight bitter touch, in a beer with a softer and lighter texture. A beer that is recommended to be consumed at a temperature of about 0 to 3 degrees to get the most out of its innate qualities.

Regarding its presentation, it is made in quarter bottles and in a batch of 24 bottles, ideal to cover your beer needs for a few days.

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Origin and Use 

When it comes to beer, many times we only care if it’s cold or if it’s left in the fridge. But the truth is that we are facing one of the most consumed drinks in the world and that, moreover, has a long story to tell, in addition to other equally interesting and even refreshing issues, such as its mixtures.


With the history of beer it happens as with many other drinks that have been with us for a long time. Its origin is lost in the beginning of time and it is not clear when it began to be elaborated. The first recipe that proves the existence of beer dates back to no less than 3,300 BC and gives the Sumerians its invention. At that time, a very spicy barley bread was made that was fermented in jars of water to form the must and what would later become the beer itself.

Later, it would be the Egyptians who perfected the most traditional formula, thus giving rise to different products and new intensities for beer. In fact, at the time of Ramses II no less than 4 million liters were produced per year, which shows the importance and acceptance of the drink. Something similar happened with barley, which was even used as currency by the Egyptians.

At the time of Greece, beer would also have considerable importance, although with the fall of the empire and the arrival of the Romans, great lovers of wine, beer would be reduced to a drink of barbarians. It would not be until the Middle Ages, around the 10th and 11th centuries, the time when beer would regain its place. A boom mainly due to the work of the guilds and the good work of the convents. It was precisely in these convents that Lager beer would be discovered back in the 16th century, while Pilsen beer would not be discovered until 1842. The special malting process at a controlled temperature was the key to obtaining a golden, high-quality beer.

Since then and to this day, there are not many news. On the one hand, the arrival of the industrial revolution would also affect beer, making this drink one of the most popular and making it easier to enjoy a good and cheap beer. Interestingly, in our times we are experiencing a return to these more traditional trends, with the rise of craft beers or the appearance of new variants such as IPA or India Pale Ale, among others. So the future seems to have a lot to tell us.


Despite what it may seem, the truth is that beer is a suitable product when making mixtures. In fact, if there is a typical Spanish drink, it is the clear one, in which beer and soft drink are combined, either soda or lemon soda, to give it a special touch. Precisely this combination can be found in almost any comparison of beers that we have at hand, since it is marketed already prepared under various brands.

If we already enter the world of cocktails, the truth is that there are some interesting combinations. One of them is the Black Velvet, in which Guiness-type beer is mixed with sparkling wine in a glass of champagne. The result is a drink that is interesting to look at and surprising to taste. The same goes for “watermelon beer”, in which beer is mixed with the pulp of a watermelon, and sugar and maraschino or cherry liqueur can also be added.

However, Mexico is the land that knows the most about mixing beers. This is where the famous mix of beer with tequila comes from, which today we can find already prepared in the market. The Michelada also arose there, in which salt, piquín chili powder, ice, valentina sauce, tabasco, Worcestershire sauce, gravy and any beer are mixed. The result is certainly surprising.


Considering how much a good beer costs, it pays to know how to store it properly. For traditional beers, it is enough to keep them in a cool place and away from sunlight. In the case of craft beers, it is advisable to take some additional precautions, such as keeping the beers always horizontal, at temperatures below 15 degrees and in a particularly dark area, since the sun harms them more than industrial beers. In addition, it is convenient that the humidity of the room or the closet is around 50 to 70%, for optimal conservation.

Nutritional value

Although it is something that is not always reflected in any guide to buying the best beer, the truth is that the nutritional values ​​of this drink are quite interesting. A third of beer gives us 142 calories, mainly from the carbohydrates it contains. In addition, it has 1.5 grams of protein and almost 90% of its composition is water, as the base of the drink. So it’s a good way to hydrate with a touch of flavor.

drink responsibly

So that you drink responsibly, we leave you a couple of facts about beer. The first of them is its graduation, which is variable depending on the type of beer and its preparation. However, we are talking about a low-proof drink, which ranges from 2.5 to 15 degrees, although it is normal for it to range between 4 and 8 degrees. This means that in order not to test positive in a control, no more than two thirds should be drunk, in the case of men, nor more than one in that of women. As an alternative, we always have non-alcoholic beer or 0.0.

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