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Coasters are part of those pretty utensils, but with a legitimate and useful purpose. If you appreciate the good appearance of your table and furniture, you must avoid at all costs those marks of coffee cups, glasses and glasses that leave surfaces with marks that are increasingly difficult to remove over time. The Dogidogs Set coaster alternative is a way for your best memories to be the barrier between moisture and your furniture. And, if the occasion calls for elegance, the Ikea Glattis model comes with 6 coaster units and a holder in a brilliant gold-like colour.

The 10 Best Coasters – Opinions 2022

Regardless of whether the surface of your tables is glass, wood, chipboard or marble, taking care of it requires preventing heat and water rings from damaging it. Here you will find 10 of the best proposals on the market to prevent any bottle, glass or glass from leaving its mark.


custom coasters


1. Dogidogs Table Coaster Set with Personalized Photo

Anyone who’s seen the havoc a cold beverage’s water ring can wreak on a table knows it’s true that stains and discoloration could be part of the fallout. The option that Dogidogs brings could become the best coaster against a drink that leaks to the bottom. 

As well as helping to protect your table and furniture, these personalized coasters will have everyone’s attention on any occasion. Your guests will be interested in each of the family scenes, playful poses or facial expressions captured in photos and stamped on this set of 6 hard fiber coasters. 

The square shape of each coaster has dimensions of 9 x 9 cm and 3 mm thickness, which makes them more than adequate measures to comfortably place the drink. Additionally, it has carefully rounded corners that enhance a very well presented design. 

Let’s look at other features that can make these coasters a perfect option to fill any occasion with fun memories. 


Photos: You can send up to 6 photos very easily through an image file to a contact form. 

Sublimation: This technique allows printing on the coasters with truly photorealistic results.

Quality: Each coaster will display a quality photo or logo in strong, vivid colors. 

Gift: If you have photos of special moments with friends, you can use them to surprise with these coasters as a gift. 


High resolution: Not just any image file can be sent. The 1600 x 1200 pixel requirements must be met for quality printing.

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Ikea coasters 

2. Ikea Glattis coaster set of 6

Suggestions for the best coasters of 2022 cover great brands, designs, and materials. As an example, these 8.5 cm diameter Ikea coasters that will dazzle your guests with their shine. In the world of decoration, hardly any other color beats the golden tone to show luxury.

In addition to this distinction requirement, these coasters have a smooth rounded finish that does not imply any danger when gripping them. Its Eva rubber base in the lower part protects the surface where they are placed from scratches and its stainless steel material will be the protective barrier between the bottom of the glass and the table. 

Whether it’s hot cups or glasses with very cold drinks, these 6 coasters will give you peace of mind as a host that you will have a pleasant gathering without damaging your furniture, as well as helping to create a very bright decoration. 

In addition to its gold-brass color, Glattis products from Ikea offer more attributes to be considered an excellent purchase. 


Holder: This set of coasters comes with a holder of the same material and color with a very nice design of three rounded tabs.

Material: They are coasters made of stainless steel for strength and durability and the bottom EVA plastic becomes a firm base so they do not slide.

Cleaning: Its metallic surface is very easy to clean. You just need to wipe it with a damp cloth. 


Absorption: They are not coasters that absorb moisture and, if they do not dry well, they may stain after the time of use.

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original coasters

3. Lovecasa Flower Pattern Ceramic Coasters

Apart from being original coasters with very fresh drawing patterns, their quality ecological material makes them stand out among the options. With porcelain on the top and natural cork on its base, this set of 6 units becomes a great ally against condensation from frozen drinks and hot temperatures of up to 700º C that could cause damage to your table. 

With their 10 cm diameter, these ceramic coasters are perfect for placing glasses, bottles, cups and mugs of various sizes on them. In addition, its material will not cause the uncomfortable feeling of the glass sticking after a long time after taking the last drink. 

Each coaster has a different drawing pattern, making it a very nice and effective alternative to keep the surface of the table or piece of furniture completely dry. 

With a wide variety of models in shapes and drawings, Lovecasa could position itself as the best coaster brand. Let’s see more pros and cons of your product. 


Design: Its leaf drawings evoke various tropical trees and, thanks to its print quality, they do not fade. 

Material: Ceramic is one of the best materials for absorption and can be easily cleaned with a cloth. 

Resistant: Their manufacturer describes them as coasters capable of withstanding hot temperatures of up to 700º C. 


Storage: You must make sure that your cork is not damp when you store them, choosing a dry and cool place.

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car coasters 

4. Bestek Universal Car Mobile Holder

If you are looking for the best cup holder to adapt to your vehicle, this may be the most convenient option for you. Bestek brings a doubly positive product, since it is a car coaster and, at the same time, it will be great as a cell phone holder. 

It’s black and red in color and will only take a few seconds to install on your vents, as attaching and removing it doesn’t require any special tools. Just make sure you get a good grip on the top two hooks on the rack and press the button at the bottom to adjust the bottom stability bracket to fit. 

Its 7 cm inner diameter firmly supports cans, bottles, glasses and travel thermos without spilling when driving turns. In addition, by placing it at the right angle, you can have good visibility of your mobile. 

Let’s know more advantages so that this product can be considered one of the best coasters and mobile phone holders for cars. 


Hooks: It comes with three pairs of hooks with different sizes to choose the one that best suits the thickness of the grid. 

Adjustable: It has a piece that adjusts to hold glasses or small bottles, protecting them from movement.

Materials: It is made of quality ABS plastic and silicone in the grip clips and bases that support the mobile. 


Hot drinks: You should consider that the coaster is placed on the vent, so if you put a hot drink in it, it might get cold quickly. 

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crochet coasters

5. Yizun 4 Pieces Handmade Crochet 

These beautiful crochet coasters show the best of this knitting technique capable of creating the most beautiful decorative pieces for the home. Its finishes reveal all the delicacy and dedication of a 100% cotton handmade product that, if you like, you can use daily or for a special visit. 

Its material allows you to feel each coaster like a real round sponge of 10 cm in diameter, absorbing moisture under the drink. Using this crochet coaster means having the most effective barrier between your furniture and the condensation on the bottom of your glasses.

In addition to its functionality, its beautiful design and durability transform each of the 4 pieces into the best price-quality coaster you can find when you want a decorative element that stands out at parties, baptisms or weddings.

In addition to being one of the cheapest alternatives, the quality of these coasters is demonstrated with each of its features. 


Colour: Their refined beige color and flower-style fabric make them very delicate decorative coasters.

Cotton: The high quality and thickness of its cotton allow these coasters to be machine washed without any problem.

Protection: Its soft material extends the protection of your table and furniture against possible scratches that glasses, cups and bottles could cause. 


Quantity: It is a set of only 4 coasters that may be short when you have several guests for a coffee.

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wooden coasters

6. Design Studio Labyrinth Bcn Palette-It Coasters

With these wooden coasters, the idea that only the functionality of protecting your furniture from water rings is over. The trend of using wooden pallets for interior and exterior decorations has taken over spaces in an important way for a few years.

With this idea, the young team from the Labyrinth studio decided to innovate by giving a new meaning to an everyday industrial object. So each of these 4 pallet coasters add to their standard function of looking great with a rather novel design measuring 12cm long, 8cm wide and 2cm high. 

Apart from being ideal for surprising your guests at home, these innovative coasters are an interesting option for venues, bars and breweries where both hot and very cold drinks are served.

This miniature version of the popular platform used in the industry could be considered the best coaster of the moment in originality. Here more of its qualities. 


Design: Each coaster is an exact replica on a smaller scale bearing the hallmarks of an original pallet piece. 

Material: The coasters have been made of pine wood. In addition to its quality, it is recycled to contribute to the environment. 

Lacquered: To prevent the light brown color of its wood from staining, a discreet matt lacquer has been added. 


Stand: This game doesn’t come with a stand, so you might miss one when you want to stack it.

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vinyl coasters

7. Difly Vinyl Coaster with Retro Design

If what you want is to remember the best music of the past with a whiskey, a beer or a good cup of coffee, these vinyl coasters will immediately transport you to a retro atmosphere. The 10.5cm diameter of each of these units is great for keeping drinks from sitting directly on your table or furniture. 

Their design immediately evokes vintage, as they look like the real vinyl records that for some time represented the success of the music industry. There are 6 discs with labels of different colors with the names of record companies and hits of the moment. 

They come packaged in a brown-grained box that also matches the retro-style presentation of these coasters that can function as an effective deterrent against water or heat. 

They are among the cheapest coasters on the market and with the power to make you remember the best of a record era. Let’s see more pros and cons to consider. 


Retro: They could help surprise your guests with the perfect decorations at an 80’s style party.

Non- slip: In the bottom center, they have a small rubber disc that works as a non-slip backing. 

Gift: This set of coasters can be a great gift for someone who enjoys a good drink and longs for record times. 


Vinyl: This material does not absorb the condensation liquid, so a small puddle could be created. 

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cork coasters

8. Com-four 32x Beverage Coasters Cork Set

The best coasters are made with materials that absorb moisture completely or, at least, in a very high percentage. Cork is naturally very absorbent, so this 32-piece option is one of the most effective for preventing surface marks. 

There are 16 round and 16 square cork coasters that, with their 0.5 cm thickness, become highly effective at collecting water droplets and preventing heat transfer. The round ones have a diameter of 10 cm and the measurements of the squares are 10 x 10 cm.   

One of the aspects that differentiates this model from others is that since it is presented with natural cork, it looks very good in environments with rustic wooden decoration. In the same way, it allows you to paint a logo or decorative design on its surface as desired. 

Let’s review the most important attributes to consider this set of coasters as a very good purchase. 


Quantity: It is a set of 32 round and square pieces, very useful when you expect to have several guests. 

Versatile: Their natural cork design allows these coasters to look great in environments such as parties, bars and restaurants. 

Kitchen: Since cork is a great heat insulator, these coasters can be used as helpful accessories in the kitchen. 


Tips: The corner tips of the square coasters may not be as perfectly finished. 

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Star Wars coasters 

9. Star Wars Metal Coasters

A host who likes to enjoy the company of friends and, at the same time, take care of their furniture can use as a strategy to have geeky coasters that attract the attention of their guests. In this way, there will be no glasses, bottles or cups leaving marks anywhere. 

If you are a fan of the galactic empire, these Star Wars coasters will remind everyone of the best moments of this successful film saga. It is a set of 4 coasters that will put aside science fiction to turn tables and furniture into reality without water rings everywhere.   

They are metallic silver and black coasters that with their designs bring to mind the emotion of the speed and maneuverability of the Tie fighters starfighters and the most famous ship of the Millennium Falcon saga. They are accessories that will surely be used with pleasure by both the host and his guests. 

In addition to having designs on a theme that seems to be popular forever, these coasters have other important features. 



Design: There are 4 different embossed designs that will immediately attract the attention of any fan of the Star Wars saga. 

Size: They are 1 cm thick and 9 cm in diameter in which glasses and cups of various sizes fit very well. 

Material: They are made with tin on top and a cork backing to keep them steady without slipping.


Price: Although it is an official Star Wars product, it has a high cost for only 4 coasters.

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Harry Potter coasters 

10. Harry Potter Coasters

Whether you’re a fan of Harry Potter through the books or the movies, Hogwarts School of Wizardry has come to your home to help. After a stain, scratch, or damage from hot temperatures, there are no magic tricks that can make a surface look good again, so prevention with these coasters is best. 

There are 4 Harry Potter coasters that summarize the emotion of one of the most successful sagas in the world. The four houses that become the student learning community are the protagonists in the design of each piece. 

Each 9 x 9 cm unit represents one of the houses. Ravenclaw’s crest represents all knowledge and wisdom, Gryffindor’s crest recalls bravery, Slytherin’s crest suggests cunning and ingenuity, and Hufflepuff’s, loyalty. 

Learn more about this alternative with which you will not doubt which coasters to buy to give to a Harry Potter fan. 


Colors: Each shield with its identification letters is stamped in gold on a different colored background for each coaster.

Metallic: The surface of the coasters is metallic, which makes their colors look bright and very eye-catching. 

Material: Its bottom material is cork, which is naturally absorbent and very good anti-slip.


Quantity: It is a set of only 4 coasters which would not be enough for a multi-fan gathering or party. 

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Shopping guide

A coaster is definitely a valuable utensil when you want to protect tables, breakfast bars, and furniture from those little puddles of water left behind by cold drinks. Any surface can get stained, especially wooden ones, so prevention is the key. This guide to buying the best coaster will give you some important suggestions to take into account for your selection. 


If there is one type of item whose selection is far from boring, it is a coaster. It is true that its material is key to being able to decide on a quality purchase, but it is inevitable that the immense number of different designs is not the first thing that catches your attention. A good coaster comparison has a lot to evaluate. 

Starting with their shape, you can get them round, square, hexagonal, and rectangular. In addition, details such as a smooth or embossed texture, having solid or patterned colors, a modern, rustic or vintage style and whether or not they come with a support are part of the characteristics present in the different models offered by the market. 

On the other hand, creativity overflows in each design and, quite simply, there is something for every taste. Among those with printed decoration, you can get geometric shapes or colorful mandalas. There are customizable ones to display your photos or logos, and among the most extravagant are vinyl records, video game figures such as Pac-Man and those that evoke sagas such as Harry Potter or Star Wars.


The material of manufacture of any product always influences how much it costs. However, this feature gives, at the same time, an idea of ​​its durability and good performance. In the case of a coaster, there are certain qualities in its material that help it serve its purpose. 

The absorption capacity so that it does not allow water to penetrate to the surface, the possibility that it can be easily washed and dried and that it is non-slip are part of the attributes of a good material. 

Among the most popular alternatives to choose from are cork with a very absorbent and non-slip nature. It can be presented alone or in a combination of metallic areas. For its part, ceramic offers its beauty and ability to dry quickly, so mold with this material is ruled out. 

Food grade silicone has also become very common in coasters as it offers optimal grip, ease of washing and very little chance of breaking. Other options include elegant leather, wood, sandstone, cotton fabric, vinyl, and stainless steel, among others. 


The sizes in which the coasters come are varied and the difference in centimeters between one and the other is an important factor to take into account. Ideally, buy them in a size wide enough so that the bottoms of the largest cups can rest comfortably. 

Unless you want different sizes of coasters for different occasions, it is best to be able to offer your guests the correct ones so that you do not have to balance the containers. In general, their diameters range from 7 to 11 cm in round coasters, and in square ones, the most frequent dimensions are 9 x 9 or 10 x 10 cm. 

Among the measures of a coaster, its thickness will also be of great help filtering the degrees of heat or cold so that they do not reach the table directly. It is usual to get 3 mm, 0.5 cm, 0.8 cm and 1 cm, and those with a pallet-style design usually have a height of 2 cm. 


In the market, you can find a very cheap set of coasters that also have a nice design, good material and meet the required dimensions. However, you should consider the number of pieces it comes with and whether these will be enough for the purpose you have in mind. 

When the idea is to buy coasters just for the family, sets of 4 or 6 pieces could be very convenient. However, when talking about a party for several guests, nothing is more advisable than placing many coasters in different parts and when buying sets of few units it will not be possible for you to do so, unless you buy several sets. 

However, it is important that you know that there are options that come with 8, 10, 12, 14, 30 and even 32 coasters in the same set. So they are part of the options for large events or places such as restaurants and bars.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a coaster?

The most effective way to use them is to distribute them in those places where people are expected to want to put their drinks. For example, at a family meal at the table, they are placed so that everyone can reach one so that neither the cup of coffee nor the glass of juice leaves their mark. 

If it is a party, arrange them in those places where the guests can stop to talk or dance. Anticipating this is the best way so that no one leaves the drink directly on any surface when they want to free their hands. 

Q2: How to make a coaster?

Your creativity and talent are what will allow you to make different models of coasters. For example, if you have a knack for knitting with needles, you can make beautiful sets of colored cotton yarn in any size and thickness you want. 

From a sheet of cork, you can also create square or circular coasters and paint geometric figures, funny faces and fruits on them with acrylic paint. Another very simple idea is to use wooden sticks for ice cream that will be enough to stick one next to the other on a base that will be like a platform to place the cup or glass. 

Q3: Which is better, vinyl or wood coasters? 

Well, the designs of coasters that are on the market made with both materials fulfill their function very well. Although neither is considered the ultimate absorbent material, both are highly effective as a barrier to moisture and direct heat on tables and furniture.

For a retro style, vinyl loves it. On the other hand, wood is more versatile in terms of being worked to look natural rustic, elegantly carved or painted and personalized. 

Q4: How to attach a car cup holder? 

Depending on the model of the coaster, each way of placing it may be different, so you will have to pay attention to the manufacturer’s instructions. If it is one that indicates that it must be positioned in the ventilation grilles, only the clips that it brings are adjusted and hooked.

There are ones in the form of brackets that just have to be slid between the door panel and the window. Others with a double cup holder design are inserted directly between the seat gap. 

Q5: How to decorate wooden coasters? 

You can create beautiful wooden coasters by sanding and cleaning the piece well and with figure stencils and spray paint you get beautiful designs. Another widely used and showy technique is with drawings on decoupage paper. For this, first paint with Gesso to help the wood absorb the background acrylic paint in the tone you have chosen. 

Then, cut out the figures in decoupage and stick them on each coaster, spreading the glue with a small brush. Finally, a layer of acrylic varnish will protect the decoration and make it shine.

Whatever form of decoration you use, a great finishing touch is to glue a piece of EVA foam to the bottom so the coaster doesn’t slip and stays put.

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