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Cocktail Shaker – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

A cocktail shaker is a container intended for mixing drinks of all kinds, mainly liquors and juices. Therefore, it is the tool that every cocktail professional or amateur needs. However, due to the variety of models on the market, we will only mention some of the most popular cocktail shakers among users, such as the Bartender Soul BSCSSBxx, which has a capacity of 830 ml and includes 14 accessories to increase functionality. On the other hand, the Natumo Vacocktail is a cobbler-type cocktail shaker made of steel, which among its accessories includes two bottle pouring spouts.

The 9 Best Cocktail Shakers – Opinions 2022

If you want to become a professional bartender or just want to surprise your friends on special occasions, then it is convenient for you to have one of the 9 best cocktail shakers of 2022. In this way, you can ensure good results in making high-end cocktails. quality.

boston shaker

1. Bartender Soul Boston Shaker Set with Professional Counterweight

This is a Boston shaker, as it offers a classic design with a large 830ml glass covered by a smaller 530ml glass, which makes mixing easy and provides enough capacity to make several cocktails simultaneously.

On the other hand, this model has a balanced weight to provide greater control during use and has a thickness of 0.7 mm. In this way, it is more resistant to deformation and accidental knocks, which is why many think that it is the best shaker of the moment.

For added versatility, this pack features multiple accessories, including 3 strainers, 2 spoons, 2 pourers, 2 coasters, 1 measuring cup, 1 pestle and tongs. For this reason, it is a premium set suitable for use by professional bartenders or beginners in the area.

According to the opinion of some users, Bartender Soul is the best brand of cocktail shakers, so if you are looking for a quality model, it is recommended that you get to know this set in greater detail.


Materials: It is made of 304 stainless steel to favor a long useful life.

Utility: It includes an e-book with multiple recipes, in this way, it can facilitate the preparation of cocktails for both experts and amateurs.

Accessories: The set has 14 accessories to increase the functionality of the shaker.


Sealing: To prevent the liquid from spilling, it is necessary to close the shaker tightly, so it could be difficult to open later.

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2. Buddy’s Bar Shiny Stainless Steel Boston Shaker

This cocktail shaker is suitable for use by professionals and amateurs of cocktails, since it works as a shaker to make 2 to 3 drinks simultaneously, which favors its versatility and efficiency.

In addition, it is a classic Boston shaker, characterized by having two glasses for mixing, a large lower one and a smaller one at the top. In this case, the upper glass is made of glass, which allows you to see the ingredients during the process.

Regarding food safety, the lower part is made of stainless steel, which has no taste or toxic elements that can be released during the preparation of the cocktail. In this way, it does not present any health risk. As if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest cocktail shakers.

If you are looking for the best cocktail shaker, then it is recommended that you analyze some of the most outstanding aspects of this model before deciding.


Capacity: The lower glass has a capacity of 700 ml and the upper one 400 ml for greater functionality.

Presentations: It is available in 4 different presentations, antique or polished stainless steel and antique or polished copper.

Practicality: It can be washed in the dishwasher for greater practicality.


Glass: The upper glass is made of glass, so it does not provide good resistance to shocks, if we compare it with the completely metal models.

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professional shaker

3. Natumo Premium Professional Cocktail Shaker Set with accessories

It is a professional shaker with a completely hermetic structure to avoid spills during mixing. In addition, you can disassemble it with just a little pressure, which favors practicality and allows you to make all kinds of cocktails in a few seconds.

It also comes with a host of accessories, including high-quality measuring cups, a pourer, a pair of reusable straws, a mortar and pestle, and a cleaning brush. It also has a storage bag that allows you to store the shaker and take it wherever you need.

In terms of design, it has an ergonomic shape that is more comfortable in the hand and is made of rust-resistant steel to provide a long service life. As if that were not enough, it is one of the cheapest and you can put it in the dishwasher for greater practicality.

Due to the wide variety of models on the market, it is normal to wonder which is the best cocktail shaker, so we invite you to carefully review the characteristics of this model before selecting one.


Type: This is a cobbler shaker with a 550 ml capacity, suitable for making drinks easily.

Closing: It offers a quick-open hermetic system, which favors safety and practicality during preparation.

Material: It is made of stainless steel, so it can withstand constant use.


Measuring cup: The surface of the measuring cup does not have marked measurements, which makes it difficult to know the quantities accurately.

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4. Innôplus Cocktail Shaker 12-Piece Professional Kit For Cocktails

It is a 12-piece cocktail shaker that includes 2 double measuring glasses with measurements of 15, 20, 30 and 40 ml, as well as 2 pouring spouts, 2 wine stoppers, 1 Hawthorn strainer, 1 ice tong, 1 spoon of bar and 1 macerator, therefore, it is suitable for use by beginners or experienced bartenders looking to expand their skills.

In addition, it is a professional Boston-type shaker, which has a lower glass of 750 ml and an upper glass of 650 ml, so it offers a fairly balanced structure.

On the other hand, this set is made of high-quality stainless steel with a polished finish, so the surfaces of the pieces give a mirror effect for added appeal. Similarly, it has a long useful life, since it is a shock-resistant material.

Making cocktails for your family members at special gatherings is possible if you have the best quality-price cocktail shaker. Let’s look at the pros and cons of this set.


Ergonomics: It offers an ergonomic design without sharp edges, to promote a more secure hold and avoid discomfort in the hands.

Capacity: You can make several cocktails simultaneously, since the glasses have capacities of 750 and 650 ml, respectively.

Measuring cup: Includes 2 measuring cups of 15, 20, 30 and 40 ml for greater versatility.


Language: Offers a cocktail cookbook, but it comes in English, which could be a problem for those who don’t know the language.

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electric shaker

5. Blackube Electric protein shaker 100% BPA free Tritan

This is a shaker commonly used to make protein shakes during workouts, but due to its tight seal and ease of use it can be used as an electric shaker. In this sense, it has a rubber ring that completely seals the structure to prevent liquid spills.

In addition, it has a capacity of 700 ml, enough to make more than one cocktail at the same time. Regarding operation, the motor incorporates carbon brushes and is capable of reaching a maximum speed of 4800 rpm, which allows the creation of a homogeneous drink.

This cocktail shaker can be cleaned by itself by adding a solution of water with neutral detergent and activating the mixing function. Also, you can separate the body from the base and put it in the dishwasher for greater practicality. As if that were not enough, it is made of technical plastic that resists abrasion.

If you are still wondering which shaker to buy and need a model that gives you practicality, then this electrically operated shaker could be a good alternative.


Design: It is made of highly durable Eastman Tritan plastic, which is BPA free and is available in the colors blue, black and pink.

Charge: The battery charges in a short period of 1.5 hours for quick use.

Mouth: It has a wide mouth, which allows you to introduce the ingredients more easily.


Power: It is not powerful enough to crush ice or mix fruit juice with a very thick consistency.

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Other products

6. HB life 15-Piece Cocktail Shaker Set

It’s a 15-piece cocktail shaker that features a sleek bamboo stand to hold all the accessories, keeping everything close at hand for quick cocktails. In addition, the utensils are made of 304 stainless steel, which does not retain odors, prevents stains and can provide a longer service life.

Additionally, it has a pair of pouring spouts and two straws, as well as a mixing spoon, bilateral measuring cup, cork, ice clamp, macerator, measuring cup, corkscrew and hawthorn strainer. Also, it comes with a practical cloth bag that allows you to store the shaker and take it wherever you need it.

In this sense, this model can be used by both professionals and beginners in cocktails, at weddings, home bars, family gatherings and all kinds of special occasions where quality drinks are needed.

With a versatile set you can make different types of drinks when you need it most, so it is recommended that you take into consideration some of the pros and cons of this model.


Accessories: Includes pourers, straws, corks, ice tongs, cloth bag, hawthorn strainer, corkscrew, spoon, macerator and measuring cup.

Capacity: It offers 750 ml of capacity for the preparation of various cocktails.

Support: It has a bamboo wood support, appropriate to keep all the instruments protected and organized.


Robustness: Some parts may be thinner than expected, so they may not be very resistant to drops and bumps.

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7. Cresimo Professional Martini Cocktail Kit 3 Piece Set

It is a cocktail shaker with a 708 ml capacity that can be used professionally to make cold cocktails, such as Margarita, Cosmopolitan, Apple Martini, Long Island Tea, among others.

In addition, it is of the cobbler type, so it incorporates a filter in the upper part that helps to better mix the ingredients. It also includes a double measuring cup of 15 and 30 ml, which allows you to prepare drinks with greater precision. Also, it comes with a propeller-shaped stirrer and a functional recipe guide.

The set offers an elegant and refined look, making it also suitable as a gift for a cocktail fanatic. Likewise, it’s made from premium-grade stainless steel, so it’s built to last and has a mirror finish that adds to its appeal.

If you are looking for a simple and functional cocktail shaker to make different drinks at meetings with friends and special occasions, then we invite you to learn more about this set.


Materials: It is made of stainless steel, so it offers durability and does not leak.

Guide: Includes an illustrated guide with different recipes to make cocktails professionally.

Measuring cup: It has a double measuring cup of 15 and 30 ml, which allows you to dose the ingredients of the cocktails more accurately.


Lid: The top lid may be difficult to remove, which could be inconvenient if you want to quickly make a drink.

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8. Ratel 18 Piece Cocktail Mixing Set

This is a cocktail set for parties for professional and domestic use, since it has 18 pieces, among which we can mention corks, bottle pourers, straws, ice tongs, macerator, measuring glass, Hawthorne strainer, straw brush, cleaning brush, bar spoon and bottle opener.

In addition, the shaker has a 750 ml capacity and has a strainer lid that helps create a more homogeneous drink. Additionally, it incorporates a wooden support in which you can organize all the accessories comfortably.

Also, it is important to note that the pieces are made of high-quality stainless steel, so they are suitable for being put in the dishwasher. As if that were not enough, the shaker offers a soft seal, in this way, you can easily open and close it to mix.

If you need a durable and stylish kit for making cocktails, then you should consider this cocktail shaker, which offers a mirror finish for added appeal. Let’s see its pros and cons.


Safety: It is made of food-grade steel, for safer use.

Manual: Includes a cocktail manual that can help both amateur and professional bartenders.

Sealing: Offers a quality seal that prevents thermal conductivity and provides easy opening.


Bag: Despite the large number of accessories, it does not include a storage bag to transport them comfortably, which could reduce its practicality.

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9. Vinekraft Cocktail Shaker Kit Cocktail Set 550 ml

It is a complete cocktail kit that has multiple accessories and a cobbler-type cocktail shaker. In this sense, it offers a glass with a capacity of 550 ml, enough to mix multiple ingredients at the same time. It also includes a wooden stand to organize the pieces.

In this sense, it has 1 double measuring glass with capacities of 15 and 30 ml, which allows you to prepare cocktails with greater precision in the quantities. On the other hand, it is important to mention that all the pieces are made of food-grade stainless steel, which is non-toxic and odourless, making it safe for health.

It is an appropriate gift set for a beginner or professional bartender, as it includes an elegant box that can be used as a gift, but can also be used to store the shaker when not in use.

A quality cocktail kit should include all the instruments you need to prepare all kinds of drinks, as is the case with this model from the Vinekraft brand.


Steel: All accessories are made of steel, which favors durability.

Presentation: It comes presented in an attractive box with the name of the brand, so it can be a good alternative to give as a gift.

Accessories: Among its accessories there are 1 macerator, 1 strainer and 1 spoon, as well as pouring spouts, ice tongs, a measuring cup and a wooden stand.


Edges: The edges of the shaker can be a bit sharp, so care is needed.

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Shopping guide

The function of all cocktail shakers is to mix and cool a content by shaking, which helps to properly combine the flavors and allows the drink to be better tasted. However, not all models offer the same functionality, so you need to know some relevant features of these utensils before purchasing one; such as the type of shaker, the number of accessories and the manufacturing materials. To help you make a good decision, we have made this guide to buy the best cocktail shaker.


Among the most used types of shakers are the Boston shakers, which offer a simple design, which makes them easier to use and clean. They are made up of a lower cup of approximately 800 ml capacity and a smaller one at the top with around 600 ml, which when joined together create an effective vacuum seal that prevents the cups from separating during mixing. Also, this type of cocktail shaker does not cost too much money and can be used professionally or domestically, which favors its versatility. For this reason, they are an interesting option if you are looking for a good and cheap cocktail shaker.

On the other hand, there are also the cobbler cocktail shakers, which have slightly more complex structures, since they are made up of 3 pieces, a lower glass between 500 and 700 ml, a lid with a built-in strainer and a second smaller lid to cover the strainer. However, these types of shakers are easy to use, so they are recommended for beginners.

For its part, the electric cocktail shaker is rare among professionals, but it is a practical tool for cocktail fans, since it is an airtight container of approximately 700 ml, which speeds up the preparation of the drink and does not require mixing. manually the ingredients, which could be a great advantage if you have no prior experience in stirring. 


Cocktail professionals not only need a good cocktail shaker, but also other accessories to guarantee a simple, fast and quality preparation. In this sense, when reviewing a cocktail shaker comparison in detail, it is important to choose a kit that has 1 or 2 measuring cups; which are versatile containers with two sides, used to dose some ingredients of the drink, which is very practical when preparing cocktails with greater precision. Also, it is good to have a fine mesh metal strainer to help prevent the filtration of very large elements, such as undiluted pulp and ice chips. 

Another very practical and distinctive element of professional bartenders is the bar spoon, which usually has a capacity of 5 ml to dose some ingredients; In addition, it is suitable for joining different elements before starting the mixing. 

Among the most outstanding accessories of a cocktail set is the macerator, grinder or mortar, useful for extracting or crushing the essence of some fruits, aromatic herbs, among others.

Although many pieces may seem excessive, the reality is that they are very necessary if you aspire to become a professional bartender. For this reason, the bottle pouring spout could also be added to the set, which is one of the most luxurious tools that we can find among accessories. It is an instrument with a fine nozzle, which replaces the common bottle cap, helping to more easily pour the liquor into the drink.


As for the materials used for the manufacture of cocktail sets, there are stainless steel, plastic and glass. The latter is not so recommended if you want to give the shaker constant use, since despite having a more affordable price, they can be less resistant to falls and bumps. However, they do have something positive, and that is that they allow you to visualize the ingredients during mixing for greater appeal.

If you are concerned about how much a cocktail shaker costs, then you need to think about the material. The plastic models are a little more resistant to shocks, they still allow you to see the content and they are not too expensive. On the other hand, the most commonly used are those made of stainless steel, since they cool quickly to perceive the temperature of the content and offer a longer useful life; In addition, they can be found at a good price. In any case, the most recommended thing is that the chosen set is made with BPA-free materials and does not have toxic agents, since they are containers that will be in constant contact with our drinks.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to make a homemade cocktail shaker?

To make a homemade cocktail shaker we will need a cylindrical or irregularly shaped glass cup and a plastic cup. The latter must have a more or less flexible structure, so it is advisable to use a disposable plastic cup that is usually thinner than reusable ones.

Next, we add the ingredients and place the plastic cup upside down inside the glass cup, making sure that the line of the plastic is completely attached to the glass cup. In this way, we create the structure that corresponds to the shaker, so it only remains to firmly hold both glasses against each other and shake to mix the cocktail ingredients.

Q2: How to open a shaker?

Cocktail shakers are generally easy-open containers, but depending on the model, they may have more or fewer compartments to open. In this sense, Boston shakers are made up of two glasses, one made of metal and the other made of glass or metal, where the first one carries the ingredients for the drink and the other goes on top to close the structure and start mixing; therefore, the opening and closing system is simple.

On the other hand, the shoemaker cocktail shakers are slightly more complex, since they incorporate a glass with a lid and, on top of it, a small container that can serve as a measurer. To favor the ease of opening, the lids of this shaker are inserted under pressure; This way, you don’t waste a lot of time starting the mixing or pouring the drink.

Q3: How to use a cocktail shaker?

A cocktail shaker is a container of intuitive use, so anyone can use it. It is even important to note that in professional competitions they do not evaluate the use of the shaker itself, but the flexibility during mixing, safety, speed, agility to serve and the type of drink achieved.

To use the shaker, it is only necessary to add the ingredients in the lower glass, which is usually the largest. Then, you have to place the lid or the closing glass depending on the type of shaker. In either case, the sealing is done under pressure, fitting the relevant piece into the upper part of the shaker. Once we are sure that it is completely closed, we proceed to mix. At the end, we must place the shaker upright on a surface and remove the lid to serve the drink.

Q4: How to shake the shaker?

One of the most striking aspects, within the capabilities of bartenders, is the movement they make when shaking the cocktail shaker. Something that not all people can do correctly. In this sense, the first thing we must do, after sealing, is to hold the structure with the left hand by the upper part of the lower glass and place the thumb on the base of the lid. It is important to keep your hand open to ensure a better grip.

With your right hand, you have to hold the lower part of the lower glass and place your little finger on the base to make sure that the parts of the shaker do not separate during mixing. Then, we can start shaking from the bottom up, making movements in a W, trying to bend the wrist to favor the style and speed up the shake. Once it is fully mixed, we will feel that the base or the top lid is a little cooler than at the beginning of the process.

Q5: How to make caipirinha with shaker?

Caipirinha is made with lemon, sugar, crushed ice, and a type of sweet rum called cachaça. First, we cut half the lemon into slices and add them to the lower glass of the shaker, then we include 2 level tablespoons of sugar, enough crushed ice and 60 ml of cachaça. We proceed to close the shaker, mix for approximately 10 seconds and serve.

Q6: How to make pina colada in the shaker?

To make a piña colada we must have the measure of the glass in which we will serve it, then fill it with crushed ice and add 40 ml of white rum and approximately 20 ml of coconut rum. Also, we incorporate coconut shake or a splash of milk to give the drink creaminess and finish by adding pineapple juice to taste. For the next step, we must pour the mixture into the lower glass of the shaker and start mixing. When the shaker feels very cold, it’s time to serve and enjoy.

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