The best coffee liqueur

Our selections of the best coffee liqueurs

Coffee liqueur is one of those drinks that has become a classic. A versatile product that is suitable both for taking it alone and for making it an ingredient in any cocktail. In all these cases, it is convenient to take a look at the best coffee liqueurs of 2022, since having a quality product is vital to enjoy a good experience. 

1. Baileys Coffee Flavor Liqueur 

When deciding which is the best coffee liqueur on the market, we have many options to choose from. One of these is whiskey-based products, such as Baileys Coffee Flavour. This variety of the cellar’s well-known Irish whiskey cream is now paired with flavorful roasted coffee, in a blend that could make a rich cocktail on its own. 

The liqueur offers pleasant sensations in the mouth, with a low alcohol content, around 17%. Best of all, the liquor is so pleasant that it is not only good to drink alone or in cocktails, but can also be used as an ingredient in all kinds of recipes, such as tiramisus, or to give an ice cream a different touch. 

Therefore, it is not surprising that for many fans this is the best coffee liqueur of the moment.

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2. Kalhua Liqueurs

With this Kalhua liqueur we travel to Mexico, where it comes from. There, in 1936, the first beans were planted with which a high-quality Arabica coffee is extracted, which is part of the ingredients of this product. Regarding the alcoholic base, it comes from interesting mixtures of rum and brandy, combined by means of a secret recipe and whose results are more than pleasant on the palate. 

In fact, as befits the best coffee liqueur, Kalhua offers a pleasant coffee aroma with hints of cocoa and vanilla on the palate, in a recipe reminiscent of Jamaican coffee liqueur. A liqueur that has a pleasant dark amber color, as befits its blend. 

It is topped with a moderate alcohol level of 20 degrees, so it can be used both to enjoy it alone and to mix it and make your favorite cocktails.

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3. Sheridan’s Dark Chocolate Coffee Liqueur Cream

If Sheridan’s is known for anything, it is for its ability to produce different and surprising liquors. And the case of coffee liqueur is no exception. For this reason, its presentation mixes the traditional coffee liqueur with dark chocolate, to give a very interesting touch to this drink that, properly mixed, recalls the flavor of a traditional Irish coffee. 

A product that also maintains the brand’s traditional bottle, separated into two spaces and with a system whereby both flavors are mixed directly at the time the liquor is served. In addition, this drink has the advantage of having a slightly lower alcoholic strength, just 15.5 degrees. 

And although it is true that it is not one of the cheapest coffee liqueurs in our selection, the truth is that its quality and flavor make it worthy of being among our highlights.

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4. Ruavieja Coffee Liqueur 

Compared to the more exotic options that we find on the market, there is also room for the more traditional coffee liqueur. We have the proof in this Ruavieja product, located close to being the best brand of current coffee liqueurs. 

This drink maintains the most traditional process of making Galician coffee liqueur, also using the brand’s own high-quality spirits as a base. The result is a drink with an intense flavor and aromas of toffee and ground coffee, with which to recall the sensations of more traditional products. The only difference with current products is its degree of alcohol, 26% and somewhat higher than usual. 

Ideal to reduce our alcohol consumption and enjoy even more of the flavors that the liquor offers in the mouth, for which it is recommended to consume it cold and in a wide glass, alone or with ice.

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5. Tia Maria Coffee Liqueur

Within the new trend of coffee liqueurs, we find this product from Tía María. A drink that, according to the brand’s product line, is made from cane liquor, similar to rum, in which high-quality coffee beans are macerated. 

In addition, the recipe also includes a hint of vanilla, reminiscent of the more traditional coffee liqueur that was made in Jamaica several centuries ago. The result is an intense drink, due to the type of coffee used, which is softened thanks to the special flavor of the cane sugar that it incorporates. 

An ideal liqueur to drink alone, to give a special touch to any coffee or to use it in cocktail preparations. As for its graduation, it is 20 degrees, so it is not a particularly alcoholic preparation.

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6. Gures Coffee Liqueur

Coming from a place as Galician as the Costa da Morte, we find this Gures coffee liqueur. A product that includes a mixture as curious as that of the artisan tradition and a spirit that fights against the established. This does not prevent this liquor from being based on the ancient tradition of Ourense brandies, one of the best known in the region. 

The result is a classic coffee liqueur, with greater power in the mouth due to an alcohol level of 34 degrees and all the flavor of always. Something that is due to its preparation, based on Godello grape brandy, Mencía or Garnacha, among others. It also incorporates natural coffee, a little sugar and a nice touch of citrus. 

As for the presentation, it is made in a half-liter bottle, with a mobile cap and reminiscent of traditional soda bottles. So if you are not sure which coffee liqueur to buy, you can always resort to a traditional product like this one. 

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7. Borghetti Coffee Espresso Liqueur

Arrived directly from Italy we have this Borghetti coffee liqueur. A traditional product began to be produced no less than in 1860, in a region where coffee is a complete religion. So if you are one of those who like the taste of Italian espresso in your liqueur, then you have found what you were looking for. 

A product that is made with a good quality alcoholic base, which fits perfectly with the pleasant taste of coffee, which we have been commenting on. This generates a pleasant taste, without the coffee being masked by alcohol, as happens with other lower quality products. Therefore, the result is a pleasant liqueur, which can be drunk neat or with ice. 

It is also optimal for use in cocktails and is even ideal for giving a spectacular touch to any dessert, such as a delicious tiramisu.

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8. Quenza Coffee Liqueur 

If you are not satisfied with any coffee liqueur, we invite you to try this proposal from the Quenza house, a liqueur that uses the renowned variety of grains “Maragogype” for its production. These are characterized not only by their scarcity, but also by their interesting maple aroma and marked acidity.

Thanks to this ingredient, the Quenza liqueur has a very intense and persistent flavor, with a marked touch of dried fruit, which leaves an astringent sensation on the palate. On the other hand, it is worth knowing that this product has been the winner, on two consecutive occasions, of the Tasting contest of Galicia, obtaining the first prize in the category of “Tasting of traditional liquors”.

Similarly, it is interesting to know that it combines sugar and Orujo brandy, which is why it has a great body, which you can accompany with ice or serve it directly at the right temperature.

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9. Panizo coffee liqueur 

This Panizo liqueur is the most suitable proposal for those seeking the flavor of the most traditional coffee liqueur. A product made according to the traditional Galician recipe, so it has the skin brandy and coffee as main ingredients. 

In its manufacture, high quality natural ground coffee is macerated with duly selected pomace brandy from the grape. This mixture is kept for three months, in which the coffee leaves its flavor and color in the liquor. The result is presented in a 70 cl bottle, with an alcohol content of 30%. 

A traditional cut liqueur that is among the cheapest on the market, but thanks to its quality it is close to being the best value for money coffee liqueur that we have selected.

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10. The Coffee Liqueur Sharpener

El Afilador coffee liqueur is another of those products that maintain a traditional approach, with which to enjoy the flavor of old Galician recipes. In its preparation, duly selected and roasted coffee beans are used, in accordance with the company’s own approach. Just what you need to get the brown tone and toasty finish that distinguishes this product. 

Regarding the base, the liquor maintains the pomace brandy as a fundamental element, but with a preparation that allows giving the product a consistent and natural aroma, silky in the mouth and that does not generate the strongest sensations of products with an alcohol profile. excessive. 

In fact, despite its 30% alcohol content, you won’t have the intense and unpleasant sensation of other lower quality products. What you will notice is the pleasant coffee liqueur flavor of the usual products.

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Origin and Use 

Coffee liqueur is a drink that is as traditional as it is frequent on our tables. A drink that has always been made in a traditional way, although it is now easy to find it in almost any establishment. However, it is true that if you are looking for more traditional products, you will surely not find them in a comparison of coffee liqueurs that you read on the net. In any case, so that you have all the necessary information, we leave you with some interesting details regarding this drink.


Although in Spain the history of coffee liqueur is traditionally linked to Galicia, the truth is that its origin is located in a more paradisiacal place. Specifically, we are talking about the island of Jamaica, where this interesting drink appeared back in the 16th century. In those days, different mixtures of liquors of variable graduation were made on the island with the area’s own coffee, thus creating this delicious drink. The most common alcoholic base was rum, which was left to cure together with the coffee for several weeks, until a suitable flavor was achieved. Some ingredients typical of the area, such as vanilla, were added to this mixture.

As for how it came to Galicia and how it became such a success, there are not many theories about it. It is true that the flow of immigrants from this land aims to become the correct answer, although an own creation is not ruled out either. What is particular about Galician coffee liqueur is the alcohol base used, orujo.

This orujo is obtained from the skins of the grape through a distillation process, thus obtaining a liquor with a considerable degree of alcohol. 

Best of all, it is so versatile that it is ideal for serving as a base for all kinds of drinks, such as herbal pomace or this coffee liqueur that we have been commenting on. The proof of its importance in Galicia is that there is even a denomination of origin in the region that protects this product. So when looking for a quality coffee liqueur, it is worth putting aside how much the liqueur costs and daring with one of these certified products.


One of the advantages of coffee liqueur is that it can be used as an ingredient in all kinds of cocktails. One of the best known is the so-called “White Russian”, made from vodka, milk cream and coffee liqueur, and which was El Nota’s favorite drink in the movie “The Big Lebowski”. There is another variety of this cocktail, the “White Cuban” or “Cubano Blanco” prepared with rum instead of vodka.

Other common mixes are the Montecristo, which mixes orange liqueur, coffee liqueur and black coffee, topped with lots of cream. We also have the Dirty Mother, which mixes brandy, coffee liqueur and ice, served in an Old Fashioned glass. Nor can we forget the Espresso Martini, served in this type of glass and which mixes vodka, coffee liqueur and an espresso coffee. Anyway, the recipes with this liqueur are innumerable, so there is a lot to choose from.


Since the base of the coffee liqueur is usually some strong alcohol, the conservation recommendations are the same for any liqueur. Therefore, it is enough to keep the bottles in a cool, dry place and away from sunlight. With these precautions, the product can be stored for up to 12 months without losing its properties. However, its consumption is recommended within a period of about 6 months once the bottle is opened.

Nutritional value

Due to the multiple preparations with which the coffee liqueur is made, its real nutritional value will depend directly on it. It is true that, in pomace-based products, the most common, the alcoholic strength is usually high and, consequently, so is its calorie content.

As a reference, a coffee liqueur with 45% alcohol would have a contribution of 343 calories, distributed almost half between alcohol (45%) and carbohydrates (55%). It may also contain a minimal amount of fat, almost negligible. In any case, it is advisable to read the product label to know its nutritional information in detail. 

drink responsibly

As the last piece of advice from any guide to buying the best coffee liqueur, you can’t miss our recommendation for responsible consumption. Something important given the high level of alcohol that this drink can contain. However, it is true that the way in which the product is consumed makes it somewhat more complex to have problems with it. 

For reference, for the 45-proof liquor we mentioned earlier, a couple of shot glasses would be enough for a man of a certain size (70 to 90 kilos) to test positive for alcohol. In the case of women, even just one would suffice. In any case, today the alcoholic strength of coffee liqueur has been reduced considerably, with the most common products being those that are around 20 to 25 degrees of alcohol.

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