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Electric Corkscrew – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Wine is one of the favorite accompaniments in almost all meals, but this liquor is usually bottled and covered with a cork to preserve intact the properties obtained in the barrels. To open any bottle of this type, you need to be equipped with a corkscrew that facilitates the task. Among the alternatives, the Arcos 604600 model has a modern design, available in black and with a translucent area, which works through a simple extraction system with a traditional spiral. Another model that stands out is the Vinbouquet FID 469, a corkscrew available in three colors and equipped with a corkscrew to cut the seal of the wine.

The 8 Best Electric Corkscrews – Opinions 2022

A corkscrew is an essential tool for any home or restaurant because it facilitates the action of opening wine bottles without having to exert force. However, if you want to make your choice between models recognized for their quality and functionality, then you should take a look at the most relevant features of eight of the best electric corkscrews on the market. 

Arcos electric corkscrew

1. Arcos 604600 Corkscrew

A common characteristic that these utensils have is that they are usually modern and elegant. These attributes are present in this Arcos electric corkscrew, which facilitates its use and reduces the time it takes to open a bottle of wine. 

This model has a delicate design weighing 998 grams, with a black handle, while the rest of its structure is translucent and the spiral is visible.

In addition, it has been designed to remove corks and bottle caps through a simple extraction system, which is activated by simply pressing an easily accessible button to turn it on and off.

Likewise, its structure, made of resistant ABS plastic, has a capsule cutter with removable properties. All these features make it recommended as the best electric corkscrew on the market, as it also works on battery power.

There are those who consider this model the best electric corkscrew of the moment, but an analysis of its pros and cons could certify it.


Charger: This equipment has a battery-powered electric operation and includes its charger, so it is autonomous.

Construction: It has a solid and robust construction, since its structure is made of ABS.

Powered: The mechanism of this model is activated simply by means of an on and off button.

Design: It has a modern and stylish design that is available in black with transparencies.


Foil cutter: Although the corkscrew includes a foil cutter, it seems that this one is a bit flimsy.  

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2. Arcos electric corkscrew 604900 

Quality and elegance come together in this Arcos electric corkscrew model that stands out as one of the favorites of users because, in addition to working well, its design is elegant and refined, practical for use at home or in a restaurant. 

This alternative has a meticulous construction, with a structure weighing 499 grams, in which every detail has been taken care of, in order to present a high-end product. Therefore, part of its body is made of stainless steel and the rest in ABS.

Likewise, it qualifies as one of the best electric corkscrews of 2022 for having a quick-use system through a classic spiral that removes the cork, an action that takes 20 seconds. Being electric, it requires charging and is compatible with most micro USB mobile chargers. 

This model demonstrates why Arcos is considered the best brand of electric corkscrew on the market. Here its pros and cons. 


Structure: The structure is resistant, made with a stainless steel handle and the rest of the body in ABS.

Operation: Its operation is electric by battery, with a traditional spiral system.

Time: The mechanism is fast, since it has two buttons and, after activating it, in 20 seconds the cork will be in your hand.

Accessories: It is equipped with a capsule cutter, rechargeable battery and a micro USB adapter cable, accessories that allow efficient use.


Instructions: Its use is not complex, but it does not include a manual in case you need to consult some information.

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Vin Bouquet electric corkscrew

3. Vinbouquet Electric Corkscrew

This model has repeatedly positioned itself as the best price-quality electric corkscrew because, in addition to being one of the cheapest, it has a design with properties that speed up the process and additional utensils are provided.

The Vin Bouquet electric corkscrew has a structure of 27 x 4.6 x 4.6 cm, with a weight of 363 grams. It is made of plastic, has a modern design and a cylindrical shape. In addition, the model has a decapsulator, which serves as a base to rest on surfaces. 

Its operation is classic but efficient, since to activate it you only need to press a button and the cork will come out in a matter of seconds, so it is a quick process. In addition, it is electric and wireless, so it does not require annoying cables, only the use of four double A batteries.

This electric corkscrew stands out for being among the cheapest and most functional, so reading its pros and cons will help you make an intelligent decision.


Structure: It has a structure that has been made of plastic, but it has resistant properties. 

Operation: Its operation is simple through a fast-acting spiral.

Modality: It is electric mode and wireless type, so you only have to press a button.

Design: This corkscrew has a cylindrical-shaped design, with stylized touches, making it a modern utensil.


Batteries: It is electric and portable, but it uses disposable batteries, which means an additional investment. 

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4. Vin Bouquet FID 004 Compact Electric Corkscrew

Being equipped with a Vin Bouquet corkscrew is a guarantee that wine bottles can be opened without difficulty, because its models are practical. Proof of this is this brand alternative, which is one of the most recommended on the market.

Therefore, if you want to buy an electric corkscrew, this could be the right proposal. It is considered a resistant piece because it is made of plastic and stainless steel, with dimensions of 18 x 26.5 x 5.5 cm. It looks striking and in keeping with modern kitchen utensils. 

In addition, it is multifunctional, because its 327-gram body is made up of a capper to cut the seals on the bottles and, as it is the base of the tool, it maintains stability. 

Its modality is electric, with an efficient and fast operation, since the process only takes 8 seconds. Likewise, it has wireless and rechargeable properties, for which it includes its respective charger.

This model denotes quality, but to know it in more detail, its pros and cons must be specified. 


Operation: It has an efficient operation of 30 bottles per load and requires only 8 seconds to remove a cork.

Construction: Its construction is strong, because its structure is made of ABS plastic and steel.

Design: It has a stylized design, with modern touches, an actuated button and an indicative LED light, in order to offer good performance.

Accessories: It includes in its structure a decapsulator and the charger, so that it is a complete team.


Charging: The first charge takes more than 8 hours to complete, so it cannot be used immediately.

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Rechargeable electric corkscrew

5. Turata Electric Corkscrew 

With so many alternatives available on the market, it is normal to wonder which is the best electric corkscrew. Among the universe of proposals, this model is one of the most recommended for being simple and functional for domestic use. 

Turata developed this corkscrew with a weight of 481 grams and a mechanism that works in a traditional way, by means of a spiral that is activated with a single touch of the button. In addition, its style is modern, since it combines the transparencies of ABS plastic, with a steel handle and soft-touch finishes. Its total dimensions are 26 x 10.5 x 8.2 cm.

Also, this rechargeable electric corkscrew is equipped with a wine bottle opener (with paper cutter), a pourer, a silicone wine stopper and a charging cable. During its operation it is precise and an LED light turns on. Therefore, it is not surprising that it appears as the best electric corkscrew of its kind. 

Suggesting which electric corkscrew to buy can be bold, but this model has pros and cons that could be of interest.


Accessories: The corkscrew is accompanied by a charging cable, wine stopper and cutter. These elements help to get the most out of the equipment.

System: Its system is traditional by means of a spiral and is activated by simply pressing a button on the structure.

Functionality: It is a fast model, with rechargeable properties and with LED lights that indicate the operating status.

Construction: It has a robust construction, made with ABS and steel, carefully crafted materials.


Weight: Being light, there are those who do not get used to its use, but this does not limit its use at all. 

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6. Olivivi Automatic Professional Electric Corkscrew 

Most users agree that it is most convenient to have a rechargeable electric corkscrew that works efficiently. This model from the manufacturer Olivivi is automatic, professional in style and complete.

According to its specifications, the model is capable of opening 90 bottles with a single charge, so its performance speeds up the process. In addition, its use is expeditious, since, in just 6 seconds and without effort, you will have removed the cork from the bottle. 

Also, its structure is attractive, with 581 grams, a stainless steel case design and transparencies. It has a spiral operation, which is the best known mechanism. 

This cheap electric corkscrew is supplied with other accessories that will be appreciated by wine lovers, including the corkscrew, wine stopper, bottle opener, pourer and data cable for charging.

If you have been interested in the characteristics of this model, then it only remains to know its positive and negative aspects. 


Construction: Its construction is resistant, since its manufacturer has added ABS and steel to its structure. 

Design: The frame measures 25 x 15.6 x 6.2 cm and has a slim design, with transparencies and stainless steel for a modern finish.

Performance: With a single charge it is capable of opening up to 90 bottles, in approximately 6 seconds each, which suggests a high performance.

Modality: This model is electric, portable and rechargeable, so its use is simple and fast.


Accessories: Although not the main product, some accessories may have less robust construction than expected.

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Lacor electric corkscrew

7. Lacor 63031 Electric Corkscrew With Charger Base

This model meets the expectations of users, being efficient, fast, with modern design and competitive price, so it is among the favorites. The Lacor electric corkscrew works by means of an automatic spiral mechanism, which is activated by simply pressing a button on its structure and, by pressing another, the cork will be ejected, which avoids having to do it manually. 

Its manufacturer has given it an ergonomic and modern design, which is available in black, with a smooth texture. In addition, it has a recharging base that, in turn, provides it with support, allows it to always be active and helps to decorate the rooms.

Its operation is silent and does not emit vibrations, so it is considered professional, but for domestic use. Its dimensions are 32 x 12 x 12 cm.

Before selecting this model, we have compiled a summary of its pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision. 


Ergonomics: Its design is modern and its features are ergonomic, because it has a soft-touch coating. 

Structure: It has a resistant structure, low weight and a manageable size that is available in black.

Operation: Its operation is electric, with silent properties and without vibrations.

Mechanism: Its mechanism is simple but effective, using a metal spiral that is activated by pressing a button.


Capsule cutter: It is equipped with a capsule cutter that may not be as efficient with some bottles of wine.

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Deik electric corkscrew

8. Deik Cordless Electric Corkscrew 

Those who wish to acquire a product with good performance and design, which integrates with the rest of the kitchen utensils, may be interested in learning about this Deik electric corkscrew proposal.

It is a device made of resistant materials, with a stainless steel cover that gives it a sober and modern style, in which you can see, in its translucent part, the opening mechanism through a spiral operation and LED lighting.

To complete the process, it only takes eight seconds after pressing a button. In addition, it is compatible with a large number of wine bottles and other stoppers, both cork and plastic. 

Being an electric device, this corkscrew is equipped with a battery that supplies power per full charge to open up to 30 bottles. It also includes a capsule cutter and a recharging base. 

Lacor presents this model whose pros and cons you must know to know if it is the option that suits your expectations.


Performance: On a full charge, this corkscrew can open a total of 30 bottles, which is a decent amount.

Operation: Its operation is electric and rechargeable, with a functional structure with an efficient metal spiral.

Time: With this device, removing the cork from the bottle takes just eight seconds.

LED: When the mechanism is activated with the button on its structure, green and blue LED lights turn on to know the operating status. 


Connector: The model does not have an adapter for a European plug, so it must be purchased through an additional investment. 

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Shopping guide

If you are used to enjoying a glass of wine, you need to have a corkscrew at home. These teams have a simple but efficient operation, which can speed up the action through an electric mechanism, but they are different in design, robustness, type of load and more. So, if you want to buy a good copy, you can review our guide to buying the best electric corkscrew on the market.

Construction and design

The construction materials are the most important characteristic when making a choice, because, according to them, the durability of the equipment may be extended or reduced. Also, through the manufacturing materials, it is possible to get an idea of ​​how much an electric corkscrew costs. 

These devices are simple and, in general, they are usually made of two materials with resistant properties such as ABS plastic and stainless steel. In this way, some proposals are made only in plastic, with different densities and colors within the structure. A recurrent use of transparencies is also observed, which allows visualizing the mechanism and its operation. 

Also, some more elegant proposals present devices made of ABS, with half of its structure covered in stainless steel, treated in different ways to provide a more modern design. Similarly, there are some brands that add a soft coating, which makes the grip and ergonomics superior, while giving them greater decorative styling as a utensil.

In addition, as for the mechanism to remove the cork, the vast majority incorporate a spiral, which in almost all cases is made of resistant metal. On the other hand, all the designs follow a pattern in relation to the stylized and cylindrical shape, with a length between 26 and 32 cm, of light weights, which allows their correct handling when opening the bottles. 

electrical mechanism 

These devices have a mechanism that works in a similar way. All are based on the classic spiral model, but with an electrical system that is activated automatically by pressing a button on the structure.

So, before making a hasty purchase, it would be best to establish a comparison of electric corkscrews in which you can analyze how this mechanism works, that is, if its power is given by disposable batteries or by a charging system. 

The two modalities usually lead to the same result, since both will remove the cork from the bottle automatically, perhaps one faster than the other, but the specific difference is the recurring investment in disposable batteries. 

Models that work with replaceable batteries are generally cheaper, but the recurring cost of this consumable must be added to their price. On the other hand, the rechargeable models include a USB cable for charging or a recharging base, so that the power is acquired from an independent electrical source, which charges the equipment and allows you to enjoy its mechanism without inconveniences or additional expenses. 

Operation and performance

Corkscrews are functional objects used in homes and restaurants. The vast majority are efficient, which means that some models are considered professional for home use, due to the speed with which they complete the process. 

A cheap corkscrew differs from a more expensive corkscrew in several ways. One of them is the performance it offers. Although they are all designed to open bottles, not all of them do it in the same amount of time or in the same amount. 

Some manufacturers claim that their models can complete the cork extraction process effortlessly in just 20 seconds, others indicate that their proposals can remove the cork and leave it in the hand in just 8 seconds after pressing the button, which means high-end performance. 

Similarly, in operation, the number of bottles they can open with a single full charge must also be analyzed. Higher performance models are capable of opening a total of up to 90 bottles per load, while simpler models open an estimated 30-40 bottles per load. 


Corkscrews are the main product, but many of these proposals are accompanied by other utensils that allow you to get more out of the equipment, so they tend to be more recommended options. Such is the case of the models that incorporate a wine pourer, silicone stopper, paper cutter or capsule cutter and the USB cable, or, instead, a charging base. 

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use an electric corkscrew?

To use the equipment, it must be charged. If it includes a paper cutter, it must be removed from the corkscrew (if it is removable) to remove the seal from the bottle. Then, the device will have to be placed on the bottle vertically. Meanwhile, hold the bottle firmly in one hand and the corkscrew in the other.

The next thing will be to press the button (it is usually the lower one) and with this the spiral mechanism will be activated, which will rotate until it enters the cork and, in parallel, will remove the cork from the bottle. Some models even turn on an LED light while the equipment is in the process, which allows you to be alert. Once the cork has been removed from the bottle, it only needs to be removed from the device. To do this, you usually have to press the top button continuously until the cork falls out. 

Q2: How to charge an electric corkscrew?

In the most conventional models, the first thing will be to place the micro USB cable in the hole of the structure. The other end of the cable should then go into a wall jack, which in turn should plug into a power outlet. The charging time can be between 2.5 and 8 hours. Usually a light will indicate that the charge is complete. 

In the case of models with a charging base, it must be connected to a power outlet and, to charge, it is only necessary to place the corkscrew on its base for the device to start charging. 

Q3: What autonomy does a rechargeable electric corkscrew have?

The autonomy of a corkscrew varies according to the brand, the power and the battery that the manufacturer has incorporated into the device. For this reason, there are some corkscrews that with their load can open up to 30 bottles continuously.

Also, there are some proposals with higher performance. In these cases, the battery is more powerful, it charges in a short time and provides autonomy for about 90 bottles consecutively, so they are high-end models. 

Q4: Why my electric corkscrew doesn’t work?

The first thing to check is that the device has a charge, since it may not work because it is discharged. Once this is verified, it is necessary to use other USB cables or connect to other power sources, since a connection failure may occur.

In addition, it is likely that some system mechanism has been damaged, especially if the equipment has been misused, since it cannot be exposed to water or forced. In case it has just stopped working and is still within the warranty time, it would be best to contact the seller and the company to have the corkscrew replaced and the situation resolved quickly.

Q5: What batteries does an electric corkscrew use?

The type of battery used in an electric corkscrew can vary by model and brand. In most cases, proposals have been found that work with disposable AA batteries, one of the most commercial and common on the market. The amount changes according to the power, but the recurring thing is that about 4 batteries are used. 

Q6: How to remove the cork from an electric corkscrew?

Removing the cork from the corkscrew is one of the easiest processes on most models because it is also automated. Once the equipment has been separated from the bottle, to recover the cork it is only necessary to press the opposite button until the cork falls out, so that it is not necessary to apply pressure.

In some cases, it may not include a button and must be separated manually, so it should only be unscrewed with counterclockwise turning movements. 

Q7: Which is better, electric or traditional corkscrew?

Electric corkscrews base their operation on the traditional mode, since both use a metal spiral. The difference is in the automation of the process, which, in the case of electric ones, makes it much easier and faster to remove the cork from the bottle, as well as requiring no effort.

For many people, the use of traditional models is complex and sometimes it does not turn out as expected but, in their favour, they are tools for life, with greater resistance and with difficulty breaking down, unlike the automatic ones, whose mechanism It can be damaged after a couple of years. However, with the latter, a total level of comfort is obtained when opening the wine bottles.

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