The best frizzante wine

Our selections of the best frizzante wines

Crispy wines are the favorites of those who prefer tasty and refreshing drinks, with all the flavor of white wine, but with less alcohol content. These are fresh broths with fruity flavors that combine very well with light dinners and cocktails. Below, we compare some of the best frizzantes you can find.

1. Monte La Reina Vino Frizzante white wine Verdejo Tempranillo

The Monte La Reina wineries represent the spirit of youth and modernity, seeking to create a dynamic brand through their designs. In this sense, they have a multidisciplinary team in which the traditional wisdom of the vintners of yesteryear is fused with new techniques. Thanks to this, they are able to create a stylish rosé frizzante wine with a unique flavor.

It is a carmine-pink wine, with reflections of violet tones and fine bubbles, which ends in a persistent white crown. This could be the best frizzante wine for those who prefer aromas of intense red fruits, with hints of cherry and raspberry. On the palate it is sweet, with a fruit flavor in which strawberry and ripe cherry are mixed.

As for pairing, it is an ideal frizzante for after-dinner, enjoying fresh appetizers such as prawns. It is also suitable to accompany dinners and fish dishes.

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2. Dolce Crispy White Wine

Dolce Bianco could be the best value for money frizzante wine, with a classic but fun design and a bottle with traditional lines. With DO IGP Tierra de Castilla León, it is made with selected Verdejo grapes, with a controlled cold fermentation stop at 8 degrees. In this way, the sweet flavor of the fruit is maintained, while natural, soft and elegant bubbles are created.

It is a classic frizzante wine, with a pale yellow color and green reflections, typical of the Verdejo variety. On the nose it is very fragrant, where sweet smells predominate, especially candy. On the palate it is very refreshing and sweet, with the typical varietal flavors and a fine bubble, which creates a very pleasant sensation.

It is an ideal wine to “open the mouth” at meals, served fresh with appetizers, such as mussels, clams and all kinds of fresh seafood. On the other hand, it is also a suitable wine for dessert.

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3. Monte La Reina sparkling white wine Verdejo

Monte La Reina could be the best brand of frizzante wines, as many users say. This sparkling wine has been made with selected Verdejo grapes and has a design reminiscent of a bottle of champagne, with a white and gold plastic wrapper. This wine has been awarded the 2018 Mundus Vini silver medal and the 50 Great Sparkling Wines of the World.

Coming from its cellars in Castilla y León, it is a pale yellow, clean and crystalline sparkling wine that is very reminiscent of the best cava, with abundant and well-integrated bubbles. It has citrus aromas, with floral hints of orange blossom and tropical fruit. On the palate it is fresh, structured and very sweet, with a final acidity that balances the whole. 

It is an ideal frizzante to drink alone, as a substitute for champagne. It is also suitable to take with dessert or as an appetizer, as long as it is served very cold.

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4. County Privilege Cellars Fresh On Strawberry Wine

Fresh On is a different sparkling wine, made from the controlled fermentation of grape and strawberry juice from Huelva. Before the sugars turn into alcohol, the fermentation is interrupted and restarted, so that the carbon dioxide that creates the delicate bubbles that accompany it is released. If you are wondering which frizzante wine to buy for lovers of sweet flavors, this might be the one for you.

It is a low alcohol content wine, with a clean and bright ruby ​​color, with pink reflections and a crown of white foam. On the nose it offers a wide variety of aromas of ripe red fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and currants, ending in delicate floral aromas of roses and violets. On the palate it is acid and sweet at the same time, very balanced. 

It is an ideal wine to drink with typical appetizers such as Iberian ham, cured cheese, seafood or fried fish.

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5. Yllera 5.5 Frizzante Verdejo White Wine

Grupo Yllera has six generations of tradition in winemaking, from its wineries in Castilla y León. In their wines, they always seek perfection and offer the best value for money. In this sense, Yllera 5.5 is made with Verdejo variety grapes, harvested at night by machine, with cold maceration and double fermentation to obtain natural carbon dioxide.

It is a very light colored wine, which in the glass is reminiscent of a lemon drink, due to its light yellow tones and its fine foam. It contains intense aromas, with a good balance between sweet and acid notes, where the typical aroma of the Verdejo variety predominates, of green apple, with hints of citrus. On the palate it is balanced, with sweet and mineral flavors.

If you are wondering which is the best frizzante wine to pair with desserts such as creams or fruit tarts, Yllera could be the most suitable. It should always be served at 5 degrees, to enjoy it very fresh.

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6. Fizzy Frizzante Verdejo Sparkling Wine

The Fizzy brand version can be a good option if you are looking for the cheapest offers on the market. However, it is a good quality product, which comes from a meticulous and controlled elaboration. 

It is made with Verdejo grapes, specifically, based on the charmat method, so the carbon dioxide generated by the yeasts remains in the wine, to give it the traditional refreshing touch. As for its flavor, notes of green apple, pear and citrus can be distinguished, but also subtle touches of anise, making it a complex wine, while still being fruity.

On the other hand, it is presented in an attractive and youthful clear bottle with a frosted finish and a vibrant combination of tones that go well with the festive spirit that this drink evokes, which can accompany pasta dishes and entrees.

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7. Monte La Reina Vino Frizzante white wine Verdejo Tempranillo

The Monte La Reina wineries, in Castilla y León, add traditional knowledge to the most modern techniques to create some of the best sparkling wines. These sweet and refreshing wines stand out for their modern and colorful design, as well as for the quality of their wines, the result of the efforts of a multidisciplinary team, committed to providing the user with a product of the highest quality.

It is a broth of straw yellow color, very clear and with greenish reflections, with fine bubbles in a thick crown. On the nose, it has citrus and fruity notes, reminiscent of apple and peach. On the palate it is tasty and balanced, with flavors in which the balance between the sweetness of the fruit and the acidity of the alcohol stands out. It has great volume and a long and persistent finish, which is why it could be considered the best frizzante wine of the moment.

It is a sparkling wine to enjoy with appetizers of all kinds, as well as fish dishes, pasta and rice dishes. It is also a wine to drink with dessert, especially with fruit and cakes.

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8. Palace of Bornos Frizzante Verdejo

The Palacio de Bornos brand has a history of several decades in the wine market, so its experience is remarkable. In fact, it is considered the first winery to produce a sparkling wine in Castilla y León. 

On this occasion, it is looking for a place among the best crispy wines of 2022 with this low-grade product, which can generate pleasant sensations on the palate. It is a young, light and fresh wine, which derives from the vintage harvested at the optimum point of acidity. In addition, it has an effective stabilization process, which prevents it from losing the bubbles that characterize frizzante. 

In relation to its flavor, it has a nuanced sweetness with citrus notes and fresh tropical fruits. On the other hand, it may not be the cheapest frizzantes on our list, but the opinions suggest that the experience of trying it is well worth it.

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9. 61 Frizzing

61 is a sparkling wine with the Rueda Denomination of Origin, which is made naturally by manually selecting Verdejo variety grapes. Once pressed, the fermentation is stopped by means of cold, with which the desired alcohol content is obtained and the perfect concentration of carbon dioxide is created. The name “61” is due to the brand’s first sparkling wine being bottled in 1961.

It is a traditionally cut frizzante wine, with a very bright straw yellow color and silver reflections. It has fine and soft bubbles, with a thick crown. In the glass it has fruity aromas in which the scents of peach and citrus stand out. On the palate it is very fresh, lively and with fruity flavors of peach, with a long and very sweet finish.

61 Frizzante should be served very cold, so it is perfect for appetizers, as well as to accompany pasta dishes, Asian food and also for desserts.

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10. Bach Frizzante Moscato Wine

The selection and mixture of Moscatel de Frontignan and Alexandria grapes give rise to this sparkling wine of great freshness and flavor, which has earned a place among the market favorites. It is a broth with an intense aroma, with an alcohol volume of 11%, which is why it is defined as a fairly full-bodied frizzante.

In relation to its flavor, it is creamy and has a very accentuated floral background, which remains in the mouth for a long time. As far as its olfactory notes are concerned, orange blossom and rose flowers can be detected, but there are also some hints of lime and bergamot, hence its freshness.

Its presentation in a stylized 750 ml blue bottle also stands out, and if you are wondering how to consume it, you should know that it is recommended to drink this wine at a temperature of 4 to 6 degrees, to release its full potential.

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Origin and Use

Now that you know the products that we have selected in our comparison of frizzante wines, the time has come for you to choose. However, before doing so, we invite you to learn a little more about this type of wine, following our guide in which we will tell you where they come from and how you can preserve them, among other things.


Frizzante wines have become very popular in recent times. Actually, they are a type of modern sparkling wine, characterized by their “needle”, that is, because they contain carbon dioxide. The bubble in these wines comes from low-temperature fermentation, so the yeasts release gases that accumulate and create that “needle”. 

Unlike traditional sparkling wines, such as cava or champagne, which are fermented in the bottle itself, frizzantes use more modern techniques, such as isobarometric steel tanks, which are capable of controlling the internal temperature. In this way, during alcoholic fermentation, the temperature drops below 5 degrees, which stops this process. By doing so, you can control how much alcohol the wine will contain, which is why frizzante wines usually have very little alcohol concentration. In this sense, these wines usually have 5.5 degrees.

Similarly, traditional sparkling wines tend to have much more pressure in the bottle than sparkling wines. The former must have a minimum of 4 bars of pressure, so the bottles used are usually thicker and with a hermetic seal that prevents the pressure from being released.

Frizzante wines, meanwhile, tend to be much fresher, largely because they contain less alcohol. In addition, they also stand out for the balance of flavors, where the sweetest notes are equalized with the acid ones, thus avoiding the cloying sensation of other wines.

These are wines that differ from the more traditional sparkling wines due to their designs. In this sense, the frizzantes are usually similar to soft drink bottles, since screw caps are chosen, as opposed to the traditional cork ones. However, certain brands take advantage of the similarity of these wines with cava, to present wide and thick bottles, with the traditional appearance of champagne bottles. 


We continue with this guide to buy the best frizzante wine, with some cocktail recipes that you can make with this type of wine. In this sense, if you like white wines, you can try to make a version of the mojito with this type of wine. To do this, you must choose a fruity frizzante, which is not too dry, and mix it in a wide glass, with mint, lemon soda, half a lime and a lot of crushed ice.

For those who prefer something sweeter, they can opt for a frizzante made with Verdejo or Moscatel, which is also usually cheaper. These wines are the most suitable for preparing a Frizzante Mimosa, which is very simple to make, since it is enough to mix wine and orange juice in equal parts in a tall and narrow glass, one of the so-called “flute” glasses.

Another very simple mix is ​​the Spritzer, for which you just have to mix the white frizzante wine with some kind of lime soda like 7Up, and garnish it with a twist of orange peel.


Frizzante wine, no matter how much it costs, is sold at the optimum moment of consumption. For this reason, the ideal is to consume these wines during the four months following their purchase, since they do not improve by staying in the bottle. On the contrary, if they are stored for a long time, they can begin to lose properties.

In this sense, to preserve them, while they remain open, they can be stored in a horizontal position. They should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and where there are no vibrations or sudden movements.

On the other hand, once opened, it can be stored for up to a week in the fridge. To do this, it must be covered and in a vertical position.

Nutritional value

A glass of frizzante wine with an alcohol content of 5.5 degrees, about 100 grams, contains 40 calories, 9 g of carbohydrates, as well as 67 g of sodium and fat.

drink responsibly

Frizzante wines contain alcohol, so you should not drive after consuming them. Similarly, those under 18 years of age should not consume this type of beverage.

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