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Our picks for the best gins

Gin is one of the best known and most used alcoholic beverages in cocktails around the world. The gin and tonic, a drink made with gin and tonic, has become one of the most popular drinks and, every day we have more brands, more types and elaborations and even new flavors. With so many options, it is difficult to distinguish a good gin, so it is advisable to find out if you want to enjoy a superior liquor that improves all your preparations and cocktails.

1. Nordes Atlantic Galician Gin

This is a gin made in Galicia and is named after a wind that blows from the north. It is a premium gin, with a unique and different flavor, characterized by combining fruity nuances with light balsamic touches. Its greatest secret lies precisely in its fruity flavor, obtained from Albariño grapes, the heart and soul of the distillate. 

It is a unique recipe in which they use 11 botanical ingredients, 6 of them of Galician origin such as laurel, sage, lemon verbena, mint and salicornia, a seaweed. All these ingredients together give it its personal, fresh and balanced flavour.

It is the best gin to give as a gift, as it has a very attractive presentation, with a world map on a white background inspired by the traditional ceramics of Sargadelos, which is made by hand. It is perfect to enjoy it in celebrations, together with a neutral tonic that allows its natural aromas to stand out.

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2. Bombay Sapphire Gin 700ml

Bombay is considered by many users to be the best brand of gin. It is a traditional cut gin, London Dry Gin, with an original touch of lime. Its preparation is one of the most demanding and is characterized by its steam infusion and by not using natural ingredients during its distillation. Once distilled, no aromas, dyes or sugars are added.

Among its botanical ingredients are juniper berries, Italian orris root, almonds, lemons from Spain, grains of paradise, licorice, cassia bark, angelica, coriander and Cubeba berries.

It has a mild aroma that makes it ideal for any cocktail, especially gin and tonics. Its tasting notes are juniper, ripe citrus and hints of spices, on the palate it is very soft and allows the botanical ingredients to mix very gently.

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3. Larios Rosé Mediterranean Gin 37.5%

Larios Rosé is one of the cheapest premium strawberry gins you will find. It is a very evocative liquor, with a smooth and balanced flavor, in which its flavor and a delicious aroma of strawberries are delicately combined.

This gin is born from an exotic combination of 12 botanical species in which the orange blossom stands out. It has a very bright, transparent color with light touches of pink. Its aroma is very fresh, with a mixture of strawberries and Mediterranean citrus touches, perfectly completing its flavor.

Like all Larios brand gins, it has a marked Mediterranean character. On the nose, it opens its tasting notes with a lemon aroma, followed by a subtle mix of fruit, floral and spicy aromas. In the mouth, it has a bitter but smooth taste, on the palate it is clear and clean, with first notes of juniper berries, followed by others of bitter oranges and Mediterranean lemon. 

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4. Seagram’s Dry Gin Premium 700ml

If you like classic gin, London Dry Gin type, and you are wondering which gin to buy, this may be your best option. It is born from the mixture and double cold distillation of fine and exotic botanical ingredients, together with the most neutral alcohols. The entire process is carried out in century-old stills and 100% American grain.

Its botanical ingredients include juniper from Italy, Czech coriander, angelica root, nutmeg, cinnamon, cocoa, bitter orange peel, cardamom and various essential oils. 

It has a very light and vivid color, with hints of gold and a very mild aroma with hints of citrus, botanicals and toiletry herbs. It retains its classic flavor that combines its notes of juniper and the most vivid herbaceous touches. It is perfect to savor with ice and a touch of lemon, or with a smooth tonic water.

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5. Gin Puerto de Indias Classic Gin 700 ml

The Puerto de Indias distilleries are one of the oldest and most traditional in Spain, located in Andalusia. Its name is due to the Andalusian ports, from which the ships that brought merchandise (especially spices) from the Indies and America departed.

Puerto de Indias Classic is considered by many users as one of the best gins of 2022, thanks to its intense aroma of juniper. It has a soft and dry flavor, in which juniper predominates, on citrus and fresh touches provided by lime, grapefruit, orange and lemon peel and coriander. It has very intense citrus touches, which reveal its Mediterranean character and provide a very fresh touch, which will delight lovers of classic gins.

It is a corpulent gin, full-bodied, with an unusual flavor and presentation in cheap gins.

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6. Roku Japanese Craft Gin 43%

Whether consumed on its own or mixed into your favorite cocktails, Roku’s gin can be a good choice. This is due to its Japanese artisan manufacturing process and its premium quality, which allows you to enjoy the classic flavor of one of the most widely used beverages in the world. This is why it may be the answer when you ask what is the best gin.

In the tasting, it is a gin with a citrus taste, specifically Yuzu, but other essences are also mixed in its preparation, such as those of sakura leaves and flowers, gyokuro tea, sansho pepper and sensha tea. For this reason, on more than one occasion, it is worth trying this gin alone, to enjoy all the complexity of its flavour.

Regarding its appearance, it comes in a beautiful transparent bottle decorated in reliefs, with a hexagonal design that will not go unnoticed in your cava.

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7. Dry Towers Premium Galician Gin 700 ml

This gin was born together with a conservation project for the Pazo de Cascaxide, one of the greatest architectural jewels in Galicia. The image of the brand is inspired by one of the iconic towers of the pazo, from which the design of the bottle and the name of the brand are also taken. It is an artisan gin, 100% natural, which is made with seven distillations in copper stills.

It has a base of cereals, which goes perfectly with its aromas of wild mint that grows along the Galician paths. It has a very pleasant light citrus touch, thanks to the native botanical ingredients, among which lemon verbena and cornus capitata stand out, a unique fruit from the Himalayas. 

All botanical ingredients have healthy properties, such as toxin removal and antioxidant properties. The brand takes care of every detail, especially in its presentation and preparation.

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8. Martin Millers Gin 700ml

Considered by many users as the best value for money gin, it is a classic gin, made with the purest water from Iceland’s glaciers. One of its main characteristics is its distillation, using a unique still made by hand in 1903 by John Dore and affectionately called “Angela”.

Its botanical ingredients include Cassia bark, Florence iris and coriander root, which are distilled five times with glacier water in its unique still.

It has a transparent color, very pure and clear. On the nose, it presents a soft aroma of lemon peel, seasoned with floral notes. On the palate it is elegant, with a smooth citrus and dry flavor, with hints of fruit and subtle notes of juniper and peppercorn. The finish is smooth, long and very soft, with a delicate aftertaste that allows you to enjoy a classic and different gin.

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9. Hendrick’s Gin Bottle 700 ml

Hendrick’s is an icon among premium gins, it is one of the most awarded and recognized brands in the world. Hendrick’s was the first gin to innovate, changing the classic distillation and creating a genuine and high quality product. Its main characteristic is the use of cucumber and rose infusion during its preparation, which also inspired its brand image: the rosebush.

It is distilled in Scotland, in the third largest gin distillery in the world, using traditional stills and water from Scottish glaciers, which improve the way the essences are diluted. Among the botanical ingredients used are juniper, coriander seeds, Java pepper, chamomile, elderflower, caraway, lemon and orange peel, angelica root and orris root.

It is a gin with classic touches, perfect for gin tonics and for making all kinds of mixed drinks, considered by many to be the best gin of the moment.

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10. Fluère Alternative Alcohol Free Gin Floral Distilled 700 ml

Fluère is a non-alcoholic alternative to traditional gins. It is a unique drink, made using the same manufacturing techniques used by perfumers to make high-end essences and aromas. It originates from botanical distillates used by the Roman legions to maintain health in winter camps.

It is made with natural botanicals such as Casablanca coriander, juniper berries, lavender, lemon peel and bitter orange. To obtain the best of each ingredient, they are distilled individually using hydrostats and, so that the drink does not have alcohol, they are prevented from fermenting. Once distilled, the essential oils that emerge from the copper pot ensure a unique flavor.

It is a tasty and healthy drink, suitable for drinking with ice and a touch of lemon or for making non-alcoholic cocktails, as it mixes very well with all kinds of drinks.

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Origin and use

We continue with our guide to buying the best gin with a bit of history. Below, you will find an explanation of its origins, as well as the cocktails you can make with it. In addition, we will talk about its nutritional value and how you should store it so that it lasts longer.


Although Italian monks are believed to have distilled the first gins while searching for a cure for the bubonic plague that swept Europe in the 13th century, gin traces its origins to the Netherlands during the 17th century. Its invention is credited to a physician, Dr. Franciscus Sylvius. Its consumption became popular in England after the so-called Glorious Revolution that ended up establishing the Orange family, of Dutch origin, on the British throne. 

The Orange King prohibited the sale and consumption of all alcoholic beverages that were not of British origin. This led to the population distilling their own ‘gin’, resulting in hundreds of poor quality distilleries. In 1742 its manufacture began to be regulated, with the appearance of the first London Dry Gin, the classic British gin that differed from the Dutch by the obligatory use of nebrina, the fruit of the juniper.


In the next part of this guide we are going to talk about mixes. Gin is one of the most used drinks in cocktails, because its neutral flavor allows many mixtures.

The main cocktail of gin is the gin and tonic, it is a traditional cocktail whose origin dates back to the British military detachments in India. It is a mixture of gin and tonic, which is usually accompanied by a touch of lemon. Nowadays, it is a very popular combination to which various accompaniments such as cucumber, red fruits and even sweets are added.

Other popular cocktails are the Tom Collins, which is made with gin, lemon juice, sugar, sparkling water and ice, and the Dry Martini, the cocktail that James Bond drank and which is made with gin, dry white vermouth and ice.

Gin is also found in the French 75, a very peculiar and light preparation, with gin, lemon juice and champagne. If you like classic cocktails, you will love the Gimlet, as it mixes gin with lime juice and syrup.

If you like stronger cocktails, you can make Gin Mule with gin, ginger ale and lime juice, with a few mint leaves. If you want something classic, you can mix a London Dry Gin like Hendrick’s with Campari, Aperol and red vermouth, to prepare a Negroni.

For the more daring, the Pink Lady is also made with gin, lemon juice, grenadine and an egg white.


To continue with our comparison of gins, we are going to talk about the best way to preserve it. If we take into account that it is a drink that should be served very cold, the best way to have it ready and well preserved is in the freezer. 

The gin, thanks to its alcohol concentration above 37.5 degrees, will not freeze, and you should never drink it at room temperature. As it cools, the perception of alcohol softens and allows you to better enjoy its flavors.

Nutritional value

Gin does not contain proteins, carbohydrates, fats or sugars. A good and cheap gin (with the correct distillation process) provides about 221 calories. Although it must be borne in mind that these values ​​are not absolute and may vary depending on the type, the amount of drink and other factors that may intervene in the modification of nutrients, such as the number of distillations or the fermentation process. 

Depending on the preparation of the gin, its nutrients and properties will vary, which will also affect how much each bottle costs. 

drink responsibly

Alcohol consumption is deeply rooted in the culture and can even be positive on certain social occasions such as celebrations. When consumed responsibly, it can be part of a balanced lifestyle, as beverages such as gin have beneficial health properties.

Moderate alcohol consumption is considered to be anyone who does not exceed the limit of 4 units of alcohol per day (a 30 ml glass of gin would be one unit of alcohol) in men and between 2 and 2.5 units in women. 

In addition, in moderate consumption, factors such as the speed at which it is consumed come into play. The human body (specifically the liver) metabolizes one unit of alcohol every hour, so slowing down consumption facilitates metabolism and reduces the negative effects of alcohol.

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