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Whiskey Glass – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

In order to enjoy a good whiskey, it is important to have a specialized glass for this type of liquor, which will allow you to maintain the flavor you need and, in addition, to be able to easily oxygenate this drink. There are a large number of models of this type of cup; almost always their general characteristic is that they are short in structure and wide. Most of them are made of glass or quite resistant glass, although you should always be careful with the treatment you are going to give them, because it is a very delicate material. If you have decided to buy one of these, but you still have no idea which one of the best may be, we leave you with two very interesting proposals. The first is the Nachtmann Bossa Nova glasses, which break the conventional aesthetics of this type of glass with an interesting design and the usual 330-milliliter capacity. Our second option would be the Amisglass AMS-CP-WSK04 glasses. This set of four tumblers has a very elegant design and is made of high resistance crystal, totally free of lead.

The 6 Best Whiskey Glasses – Opinions 2022

Drinking our drinks preferably in the right place to prevent the flavors and different elements that make them up from dissipating with the air or changing the flavor due to the packaging material is important, but it is also important to have special glasses for each liquid. That is why if you are a whiskey lover you should have some intended only for this purpose. Knowing which is the best whiskey glass that we are going to find will depend on what you are looking for, since the designs and models are very varied and can be adjusted to different users at the same time.In order to help you a little more with your choice, we are going to recommend 5 models that are on the list of the best whiskey glasses of 2022; In this way we will show you the outstanding characteristics of each one of the models and you will be able to make the right decision according to your needs and tastes.

1. Nachtmann Bossa Nova Whiskey Glass

Main advantage:

If you are bored with the traditional smooth glasses, this model has a beautiful intertwined decoration with which to give your glasses a different touch and surprise your guests.

Main disadvantage:

The weight of this glass is somewhat greater than usual. However, the difference is not too high either, so you will soon get used to it.

Verdict: 9.8/10

A beautiful set of four whiskey glasses that is an interesting alternative to the usual boring plain glass. A novel product with which to give an original touch to your glasses.

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cup design

One of the aspects that Nachtmann Bossa Nova whiskey glasses stand out for is their design. Something that is obvious as soon as we see them. And it is that, compared to the design and style of the most classic whiskey glasses, with a smooth appearance, this model has a beautiful lattice design with intersecting lines that is even reminiscent of the diamond due to its shape and brightness.

This design has been carefully carved into the surface of the glass, so that it also generates beautiful reflections when using the glasses. All this without affecting its characteristics, with a structure that does not deteriorate or scratch over time.

Measurements and capacity

Other important aspects that we must assess when making a comparison of whiskey glasses are both the measurements and the capacity of the glass.

 In this case, the glasses have the capacity of 330 milliliters typical of the usual glass, so you have room for your glass and ice regardless of whether you prefer whiskey with water, ice or straight.

As for their measurements, the glasses have the traditional ones of this type of glasses, so you will not have problems when it comes to serving your drinks, even more so considering the capacity that we have already mentioned.

As a last aspect, it should be noted that the weight of this glass is somewhat greater than usual. Even so, it is not something especially problematic and you will soon get used to it.

Materials of construction and resistance

To close our analysis, it is time to take a look at the manufacturing materials of the glasses and their resistance. In this case, the glasses have been made of German-cut glass, which offers a completely transparent design and those bright touches that stand out so much in the product.

This material also offers adequate resistance, capable of withstanding both regular use and the knocks that are usually taken during use. However, some users comment that the edges of the upper part are somewhat fragile, so it is advisable to treat the glasses with care to extend their useful life.

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2. Amisglass Whiskey Glass Set

For now, we are not sure which is the best brand of whiskey glasses at the moment. But the truth is that, both for design and quality, this game is worthy of being part of it. We are talking about classic cut glasses made of high quality glass, although without the lead that was used in the making of these pieces in the past. A highly resistant material that does not lose its shine with use.

The glasses have the usual capacity of 300 milliliters, in a very interesting design. Its lattice in the area of ​​the lower part and in the base give it a very elegant touch when it comes to enjoying your favorite whisky.

To top it off, the thick glass of the glasses adequately withstands the use or knocks that these glasses usually take, while keeping your drink always cold. And when you’re done, you can wash the glasses in the dishwasher, without their good appearance deteriorating.

Enjoying whiskey requires a quality glass like this one, with which you only have to worry about savoring your favorite drink.


Material: The glass is made of high-quality, lead-free glass that has considerable resistance when used.

Design : The design of the glasses is very elegant, which can be seen both in the engraving on the walls and on the base of each piece.

Washing : So you don’t waste time, you can clean the glasses in the dishwasher, without losing shine or quality during the process.

Guarantee : Although it is rare that it happens, if you receive a glass with the slightest defect in its finish, the brand promises to change it free of charge.


Presentation: Although the glasses are of high quality, the box in which they are presented is not at that level, being too simple in its approach.

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3. Glencairn Twin Pack Whiskey Glass Set

It has a maximum capacity of whiskey or other liquids of up to 170 milliliters and has dimensions of 114 by 46 millimeters, which makes it very easy to handle. Its structure was made of glass of different thicknesses to give it an original touch.

It has a quite attractive design for most users, because it is rounded in the middle part of its structure, and below it is less wide, so that it looks like a cup and you can handle it more comfortably.  

This model comes in a set, a box with two units, so that you can toast on your special occasions or parties with your favorite person. To wash it you will not have problems either; They can be put in the dishwasher if you want.  

Thirdly, we want to let you know the positive and negative aspects of this product that can help you solve that question of which glass of whiskey to buy. Read carefully and you will know if it is the most suitable for you:


Capacity: so that you can enjoy a good whiskey, this model offers you the possibility of having 170 milliliters on hand.

Design: its design draws a lot of attention and is quite attractive, as it can look like a cup, due to its different measurements at the top and bottom.

Set: You will not be purchasing individually, but you will receive a set of two very elegant and highly durable glasses.

Material: it has been made of glass of different thicknesses, so that you can even take it to the dishwasher without complications.


Be careful: it is worth recommending that you be careful when handling this type of glass, because although it is of good quality, you should not drop it on the ground or receive strong blows.

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4. Stölzle SZ3555131 The Glencairn Whiskey Glasses 

It has an approximate capacity of 150 milliliters of liquid, which makes some users consider it ideal for whiskey tasting. Its total structure is made of glass, but it is a durable product.

It is imperative that you take into account that this model comes individually; If you want to share your drink with your loved ones, you must buy at least 2, which is ideal for a gift.

They are very attractive glasses, because their structure resembles a cup, which makes them more beautiful and elegant when you are using them. They are comfortable to use and fit perfectly in your hand as well as being a fairly light model, they only weigh 200 grams.

Next, we invite you to carefully read the details of a glass of whiskey that we can place among the cheapest on the market. Take a look and you will be able to know its pros and cons quickly:


Capacity: it will be very easy to perceive the smells and flavors of the whiskey that you want to serve in this glass, as it has a capacity of 200 grams.

Material: its manufacturing material is glass, which gives it a pleasant, elegant and very durable appearance.

Individual: the acquisition of this product is totally individual; You will only receive a glass when you want to make the purchase of it.

Design: it has a design that, in addition to being elegant and comfortable, is very light, so you can carry it very easily.


Be careful: you should know that because it is a material that can break or break with very strong blows, you have to handle it carefully and prevent it from falling.

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5. Luminarc 04245 Versailles 35Cl

This model is made of highly resistant glass, which makes it a durable product over time. The layer of this material comes in different dimensions, a little denser at the bottom, while the structure itself is thinner, so you should handle it with care.

It has a capacity of 35 cl of liquid and is one of the largest on the market. It has a minimalist but very attractive design, as its glass has a slightly blue hue, and it has a round structure so you can hold it with total comfort and elegance.

With the purchase of this model you will get 6 glasses. In short, you can enjoy your favorite drinks with your loved ones or friends, in your celebrations or special day. Also, the Luminarc 04245 is one of the cheapest models on the market.

The last product whose details we describe in this comparison, so that you can define and make a decision about it, is considered by many people as the best glass of whiskey for 10 euros:


Set: this whiskey glass model is a set of 6 glasses that will be ideal to share with your family or friends.

Capacity: the capacity of this glass is 35 cl, which will allow you to comfortably capture and perceive the flavors and smells of the whiskey you have purchased.

Design: its design is very compact, quite light and very attractive. You can take it in your hand in a very comfortable way.

Material: this model is made of very resistant glass material, which will allow you to take it to the dishwasher to achieve the best maintenance of it.


Fragile: you must be more careful with this glass model, as its users have indicated that it is fragile and can break easily.

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6. RCR Crystal 23853020006 Melody

It has a liquid capacity of 230 milliliters, enough to make a good tasting of dry liquor such as whiskey. This model comes in a set, so with the purchase you will receive 6 units, which will allow you to enjoy them with your loved ones.

The design of this whiskey glass is very attractive, as it is not the classic smooth glass; This is engraved with different figures that make it more eye-catching for users and that you can stand out from the rest when you use it.

It could be considered the best on the market, for everything described above and it is very resistant even if you use it constantly in your home or office. Although it is designed to drink whiskey, you can actually use it with any liquid you want.

This model is considered to be the best whiskey glass regarding its value for money.

Having a good whiskey in your hands requires a good glass, which does not change or alter its original flavors. In this comparison we show you the pros and cons of the best glass of whiskey of the moment:


Capacity: It has the capacity to store 230 milliliters of whiskey, which is possibly enough for you to enjoy a good whiskey that you have at your disposal.

Set: it is important to highlight that this product is not individual; when making your purchase, you will be receiving 6 glasses with the same quality and durability.

Design: in its design it has different engravings, which make it look elegant, attractive to the eye and, above all, it goes beyond the parameters of the traditional model.

Glass: these glasses have been made of glass, which gives it a very nice appearance and gives it a long durability.


Be careful: none of their customers have made negative comments about the quality of the product, however, you must be very careful when handling them, so that they do not fall on the floor.

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RCR Crystal 23853020006

Main advantage:

This model stands out for offering a practical and elegant set of 6 high quality crystal glasses, carved, with great shine and resistance. They are ideal for drinking whiskey, wine, and even drinking water.

Main disadvantage:

This product is purchased only in a set of 6 pieces. For this reason, it could be a bit of a hassle if you want to replace any of the cups.

Verdict: 9.9/10

This set of 6 glasses has the support and evaluation of many users on the net, who consider it a product with a very good value for money, since it has Luxion glass and a beautifully carved design.

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size and structure

Our sense of smell has greater preponderance than the sense of taste, since we can only differentiate 4 different flavors, while smell can identify up to 32 basic aromas. That is why when it comes to serving ourselves a shot of whiskey, we must consider the size and structure of the glass to be fundamental; the idea is that it can maximize our ability to perceive the exquisite aroma of this liquor.

The RCR Crystal glass has a very comfortable size, which makes it easy to hold it with one hand. It is a model with a short structure, vertical walls, a flat bottom that is thicker than the rest of its body, and its dimensions are 8.5 cm high and 7.5 cm in diameter. These qualities favor that the glass has great stability and resistance, which prevents it from easily tipping over.

Luxion glass and versatility

This set of glasses is manufactured exclusively by the RCR Cristal brand, under high quality standards. It has for its structure with Luxion glass of the latest generation, designed and manufactured in its laboratories; This type of crystal does not contain lead and is one of the most crystalline on the market. It also has high gloss qualities, with its refractive index being higher compared to other similar products.

Luxion glass also offers you safety and reliability, since it does not influence the aroma or taste of drinks. On the other hand, it is a product that has the necessary resistance to withstand automatic washing in a dishwasher.

Despite being designed to drink whiskey, given their transparency and resistance, these glasses can be used to drink any refreshing drink you fancy, as well as enjoy a sip of red wine.

Design and capacity

When we buy pieces of crockery or glassware for our home, it is important to consider not only that they are functional products; but also that they offer an attractive design and that they fit in with the rest of the utensils in our kitchen.

This Italian glassware model is available in an exclusive set of 6 glasses, which have a finely carved design with drawings and figures, which add an elegant and sophisticated presence. Thanks to this practical set, you will have enough glasses to celebrate a toast on special occasions, or at gatherings with family and friends.

Each glass has a capacity of 230 ml, which allows you to add soft drinks or several ice cubes to the drink, according to your preferences. In addition, thanks to its carved external walls, you will be able to hold the glass with a better grip.

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Buying Guide – What is the best whiskey glass on the market?

Being able to count on a specific type of glass at home to drink our favorite drinks is essential. That is why whiskey lovers always look for the best glasses to be able to taste each of the elements that make up this liquor.

In the commercial world you will be able to find different types of whiskey glasses, but these almost always have the general characteristic that they are of a low or short structure, and are made of glass, for the most part, to make them more durable.

You will be able to find them in different shapes, designs and colors, as there are some manufacturers that add a certain type of color to make them more attractive; the liquid storage capacity is also varied, the amount depending on the model you choose.  

Therefore, certainly knowing which is the best whiskey glass on the market may not be easy, since it depends on what you are looking for to satisfy your needs.

Why buy a glass of whiskey?

To be able to enjoy your favorite whiskey without losing each of the flavors that this liquor brings, and to oxygenate it with total ease, you have to have a special glass to drink it with the greatest pleasure. These are of different sizes and dimensions, which will allow you to drink any type of liquid in them if you wish.

It is important that you remember that these types of items are almost always sold in pairs or complete sets of 4 to 6 units. This may be a factor that you should take into account before making your purchase. If it doesn’t match, you won’t be able to invite a friend or loved one to enjoy the great taste of whiskey with you.   

When making a comparison of the whiskey glasses that you will be able to find, we have certain characteristics that you must take into account before making your choice, and some of them are the capacity, the manufacturing materials, the design, and the weight.

But, in order to better break down this information and to help you choose, we have prepared a guide to buying the best glass of whiskey on the market, detailing the necessary parameters to make a suitable and successful choice for your needs.


The materials for making the cups are varied depending on the type you are going to use. There are plastic, glass, crystal and even aluminum; In this case, since they are for liquors, you can get them in tempered glass or glass of different dimensions.

The most used by most manufacturers is glass, because it is more elegant and durable, but keep in mind that whenever you handle them you will have to take a minimum of care, so as not to break them.


The type of glasses also depends on their materials and the type of liquid that you are going to consume in them, that is why there is a fairly wide variety in the global market and this can make your choice difficult.

In the case of whiskey glasses, always keep in mind that these are small, almost always half the size of an average glass in relation to height. They are also usually wider to allow the liquid to move and the alcohol to be oxygenated.


The capacity of liquid that whiskey glasses can store is varied, depending on the manufacturer and the model; The thickness of the materials also influences, as there are some that, although they look large, do not have much capacity in terms of their milliliters.

So that you have an idea of ​​the average amount that you can find, we review the best-selling models on the market, managing to give you a reference that ranges from 170 milliliters to more than 300, in some cases.  

weight and design

Although the design is considered by many as something relative or perhaps not very important, there are users who only make their purchase because of how attractive the product is. This happens with whiskey glasses, as they tend to be very elegant and sometimes the crystal or glass can be engraved with original figures.

Most of these are practical, their materials allow you to wash them in the dishwasher if you wish.


How much it costs is a question that users always ask themselves before making a purchase, in order to be clear about how much money they should allocate for this new item.

When we talk about whiskey glasses, we can start by saying that they are a fairly cheap product; it all depends on what you are looking for, some can go from 8 euros onwards.  

How to use a glass of whiskey

In order to taste a good Whiskey, you must use a glass designed for such an action. Since depending on the manufacturing materials used in them, they will help you to properly preserve their aroma, flavor and even their texture. Thus, it will be necessary for you to be able to give the set of glasses that you have acquired the proper use, taking into account that you would have to be very careful to avoid any type of accident, since they are generally made of glass.

Unpack the whiskey glasses

If in your case you have purchased a set of Whiskey glasses, then you must carry out a careful unpacking to avoid breaking any of them. In this sense, it is ideal that you remove the wrapping material with great care, taking into account that you must place them in a safe place and then proceed with the cleaning that will leave the glasses suitable for use.

Clean them before use

Now, after having unpacked them, we recommend giving them a good cleaning to remove any amount of dust that may have lodged in them as a result of the time they have been packed. In this way, you could avoid any kind of incidents regarding your health. Thus, washing them with plenty of water and a little soap will be enough to be able to use them as many times as you want.

Consider the capacity they offer you

Before serving the amount of Whiskey you want to drink, you should consider the capacity offered by the set of glasses you have purchased. Since it will depend on what would be the amount that you can hold inside them without the possibility of it spilling, since for some people it is much more attractive to drink Whiskey accompanied by a touch of ice to give it a more delicate flavor..

In this way, there are glasses that offer you from 150 milliliters of capacity and up to 300 milliliters so that you can fully enjoy your toasts with your family or even at work meetings.

Employ them openly

Although the glasses you have purchased are special to taste your favorite Whiskey reserves, you could even use them openly thanks to their resistance and manufacturing quality. So, depending on your requirements, you can even taste a drink of red wine using them, that is, you won’t have any kind of limitations to use them openly.

Hold the glass properly

Depending on the design used in some models of Whiskey glasses, even the way to hold them properly will be essential to put into practice to avoid any type of accident.

It should be noted that some models of glasses come with their external walls well carved, so holding them will be easier than you expected, since they will provide you with a better and more reliable grip. Now, for the models that are totally smooth, you would have to take certain considerations when putting them into operation.

Wash them in the dishwasher

Being glasses designed to taste the kind of Whiskey you prefer, you will not need to carry out a very exhaustive washing process, so you could even wash them in the dishwasher if this is your case, to save yourself a little more time by having finished with its use.

The most popular brands

Being able to have the best whiskey glasses available at home will always be ideal just at the time of a toast with family or friends, even when you want to try some of your best reserves. That is why there are thousands of brands that stand out in the market for offering their best designs and qualities in terms of whiskey glasses, such as those called Villeroy & Boch, Stolzle Lausitz and Kitchen Craft.

This company was founded in a French town of Audun le Tiche by Francois Boch together with his 3 children in 1748, making it a completely family business based on the manufacture of quality products, aimed at the entire public in general.

After several years of service and thanks to the great acceptance of its users in general, the company decides to move to Luxembourg, where there is already a porcelain factory, and it is then in 1801 when it moves to the neighboring city of Mettlach in Germany, where it merges with a great competitor named Nicolás Villeroy. This is when the name Villeroy & Boch was born.

This is how Villeroy & Boch has been in charge of offering the best household utensils made of glass and with a high level of quality and resistance to withstand constant use.

Stolzle Lausitz has long stood as an independent company in the production of various household objects ideal for constant or even occasional use in your home, such as wishky glasses and wine glasses.

It should be noted that this company has been developing innovative and quality products for more than 129 years, where even the best wine tasters enjoy the elegance with which the different glasses designed for this action are manufactured. Likewise, there are innumerable models available in the market so that you can choose the one that best suits your style.

Today, Stolzle Lausitz is characterized as one of the best cup producers available in Germany, thanks to the performance provided by each of the employees who have been loyally serving the company for several years.

Since 1850, the Kitchen Craft brand has specialized in the distribution and sale of household products and wholesale hardware items. Thomas Plant, who was the founder of the company, tried for several decades to provide its products and services at a low cost and, of course, with an unmatched level of quality.

It should be noted that this company initially had the same name as its founder, but it was then that in 1996, they decided to call it Kitchen Craft.

In this sense, Kitchen

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