The best gluten-free beer

Our picks for the best gluten-free beers


There is nothing more pleasant than enjoying a cold beer after a hard day’s work or refreshing the summer with this drink. However, many people had to refrain from such pleasure for a long time due to being intolerant to gluten. But, thanks to science, many industrial and craft brewers have managed to develop a formulation free of this protein to meet the demand of this growing sector. That is why we bring you a varied selection of recognized gluten-free beers, which you can enjoy with confidence whenever you want. 

1. Estrella Galicia Gluten Free Beer 24 Units

Among the most prominent manufacturers we have the Hijos de Rivera brewery which, with its product Estrella Galicia, brings us a beer in a pack of 24 units suitable for celiacs, with the best ingredients and aromas to delight the palate.

With it, you will not only be able to observe its golden hue, but also feel the tangible and refreshing tastes and aromas characteristic of malt, barley and nuts, reinforced by the herbal sensations provided by the hops.

Similarly, this special lager has an alcoholic content of 5.5° as a result of its careful production process in which gluten proteins are also degraded for safe consumption.

For this reason, it is accredited by the Federation of Celiac Associations of Spain. However, to enjoy and appreciate the qualities of what could well be the best gluten-free beer of the moment, it should be kept at a temperature of 5°C.

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2. Peroni Gourmet Italian Gluten Free Beer

This beer of Italian origin based in Rome, was founded in 1846 and is conceived as one of the most popular beers in this country. Therefore, it could be considered the best brand of gluten-free beers. In addition, it has the World Gluten Free Beer Awards 2017 recognition.

On the other hand, its characteristics are remarkable given its light yellow color and sparkling good appearance, balanced taste between bitter and sweet from the appropriate hop-malt ratio, this being its strong point. In addition, it is approved by the Italian Celiac Association, which guarantees its safe consumption for people sensitive to gluten.

In short, we can say that this gluten-free Peroni Lager with an alcohol content of 4.7° goes very well with appetizers such as pizza, brochettes, sandwiches, among others. Likewise, coming in a pack of 8 bunches of 3 bottles makes it a convenient presentation to share.

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3. San Miguel Special Gluten Free Golden Lager Beer

To speak of the San Miguel Especial is to mention one of the best-known beers among users. However, thanks to this gluten-free version, people with celiac disease will also be able to enjoy the quality and special flavor of this blonde that is so much ours.

This beer has an alcoholic strength of 5.4%, placing it among the soft cut beers that we find on the market. It is made with a combination of duly selected Pilsen-type malts, which give the product a very pleasant touch of cereal and finished off with certain white notes.

Also striking is its appearance, with a bright golden yellow color, which is finished off with a bright and quality foam. Parameters that place it among the best gluten-free beers of 2022 despite being one of the cheapest options in our selection.

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4. Cerex Pack of 8 Gluten Free Craft Beers

For the celiac group and lovers of fermented drinks, the concern about which gluten-free beer to buy can always arise, since they cannot afford to try any proposal, since their health is at stake.

For this reason, Cerex is committed to the enzymatic degradation process in its Iberico de Bellota Gluten-Free – Veggie product.

It is a recognized craft beer and awarded at the “World Beer Awards 2017” for its peculiar qualities, which make it appropriate to accompany the variety of dishes offered by vegetarian and vegan cuisine.

Likewise, through this convenient pack of 8 bottles you can not only enjoy its 6.5% alcohol content, but also its good flavor ratio between sweet and bitter, thanks to its touches of orange, walnut and acorn, which make it also in a fresh and vibrant drink.

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5. Lammsbrau beer s/g

For those celiacs who care about environmental care, they can find in this beer a good alternative to purchase, since in addition to being gluten-free, it is made from organically grown ingredients. Therefore, they will not need to ask themselves what is the best gluten-free and organic beer on the market.

As for its technical aspects, we can mention that this beer originally from Germany has an alcohol content of 4.7º and a bright pale yellow appearance with a full body.

Hence, it is a version that invites you to enjoy a drink that is low in both alcohol and bitterness, but with a marked fruity aroma and some herbal notes, as a result of its careful manufacturing and packaging process.

Due to its qualities, it is a Pilsener that invites you to enjoy it alone to cool off on a summer day or in the company of a good vegetarian dish at a convenient temperature.

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6. Daura Damm Gluten Free Beer Box of 24 Cans

When talking about Daura Damm we can say that it is one of the pioneers in the market of beers suitable for coeliacs. Not in vain her career and careful work in the selection of ingredients, process and marketing have allowed her to develop a product with all the flavor of traditional beer. Attribute that has made it worthy of multiple awards as the best gluten-free beer.

On the other hand, it should be noted that this refreshing Lagers not only has the endorsement of the Spanish Federation of Celiac Associations and COELIACS UK, but also of the Higher Council for Scientific Research, as it is the body in charge of ensuring that each production batch conforms to the permitted legal requirements.

For this reason, it is one of the most consumed internationally, given the security it provides. Its presentation in a box of 24 cans is convenient to enjoy it very cold in an outdoor outing.

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7. Eight Reales Porter Beer Gluten Free

One factor that must be recognized in the Ocho reales brewery is that it is the only one in Mexico that produces this alcoholic product suitable for coeliacs. It is a craft beer with an ethyl content of 4.5 gluten-free Porter type, in a presentation of 350 milliliters capacity.

It is a beer that has natural ingredients such as mixtures of pale, smoked and roasted malts, water, Ale yeast, hops in European and American varieties. In whose preparation any trace of barley protein that can cause damage to celiac people is eliminated, it is also suitable for vegetarians.

Likewise, its tasting provides a somewhat mild flavor to the palate with a tasting of nuts with coffee and chocolate, very pleasant to the palate.

Its dark color characterizes this beer as black, its aroma can also be described as exquisite and intense, due to the ingredients of its recipe.

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8. Julieta Blonde Beer Gluten Free

If you are looking for alcoholic beverages to share with people intolerant to gluten, the Isla Verde brewery presents us with this sparkling Julieta beer, native to the Canary Islands. The origin of this drink is very particular, since its preparation was the product of intolerance to such a substance by the manufacturer’s daughter.

After trials and recipes that provide the necessary quality and safety, this craft beer is born.

Likewise, this gluten-free Golden Ale type beer, with top fermentation, undergoes a second maturation effervescence in the bottle, which results in a translucent yellow color with floral, fruity, herbaceous aromas and delicate hop aromas.

To these qualities are added a refreshing and smooth flavor, which makes this drink one of the most outstanding of this brewery. In addition, it offers an alcoholic degree of 5.5 that could bring a subtle relaxation to those who consume it.

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9. Amber Special Beer Pack of 12

This special beer for celiacs with 5.2 degrees of alcohol, has an affordable cost as it is among the cheap packages of sparkling alcoholic beverages, given its presentation of 12 units of 250 ml each.

On the other hand, in its elaboration, the preparation ingredients stand out, such as barley malt, hops, corn and barley, which provide a mixture of select flavors and bitter aromas with a pleasant texture.

In addition, its slow-maturing amber/gold color, with low temperature fermentation, earned it the merit of being awarded the gold medal at the world beer challenge in 2016.

The Ámbar brewery of Spanish origin also stands out for being one of the first to launch a special Lager suitable for coeliacs. However, its production is based on traditional beer, but degrading the existing gluten in its formulation, to later obtain a beer with an appropriate flavor and care.

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10. Brunehaut Tripel Bio Gluten Free

Our selection would not be complete without a Belgian exponent in it, because in Belgium beer is not only a drink but also an essential ingredient in the kitchen and in its cultural wealth. Hence, its brewing tradition has been declared an Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. 

This fact that rewards the dedication that this nation has been able to have for its flagship drink. Hence its wide variety of types, which are made using various forms of fermentation, with the sole purpose of reaching all consumers.

For this reason, they could not ignore this segment of fans of this drink who are intolerant to said specific protein.

Thus, Brunehaut brings us its organic and gluten-free version, a beer with a strong taste and high alcohol content, with 8% alcohol content. It is also considered the only gluten-free and affordable Tripel, so it could well be the best value for money gluten-free beer.

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Origin and Use

With the increase in the rates of patients intolerant to gluten, the appearance of beers without this protein has not stopped surprising the market for this popular drink. Therefore, when allowing yourself to try one, it would be convenient to analyze our guide to buying the best gluten-free beer.


Despite the fact that beer is one of the longest-lived beverages of humanity, given the innumerable findings that relate it to ancient civilizations, the traditional formula that we know today appears in Europe in the 13th century with the introduction of hops.

With the passing of time, it expanded its borders as well as forms of preparation, conservation and presentation, allowing the enjoyment of a good and economical drink, which does not distinguish between races or social classes. Hence, specifically in Spain, between 1864 and 1906 the first factories were established, some of which are still present.

However, as this drink always seeks to reinvent itself to reach all consumers, in recent years it has been concerned about a growing segment, given the appearance of pathologies associated with gluten intolerance, giving way to versions without this protein that they preserve its organoleptic qualities intact and that are becoming more common every day in commercial and entertainment establishments.


Traditional beer is made from grains of barley or other germinated cereals, whose starch is fermented by the action of some specific yeasts and flavored with hops. For their part, the gluten-free versions use specific enzymes during their preparation, which act directly on the vegetable protein without transforming the other ingredients, thus allowing their flavor, texture and even color to be preserved intact. Or, starting from cereals that naturally lack gluten such as rice, millet, buckwheat and quinoa. However, their organoleptic qualities may be different, despite the fact that the same procedure is followed.

On the other hand, it should be noted that each brand incorporates ingredients and modifies variables in its recipe, which are easily appreciated in a comparison of gluten-free beers, in order to provide peculiar aromas and flavors. These qualities significantly differentiate each brand, although they sometimes determine how much it costs to acquire one version compared to another.


The conservation of beer will depend on the nature of its production and packaging. However, despite the fact that by regulation each brewing company must indicate the preferred consumption date on its products, this is not a guarantee of the conservation of its organoleptic qualities if certain variables are not respected.

In the first place, the shocks of heat and light induce the formation of unpleasant odors and accelerate their aging and, therefore, the degradation of their components. Therefore, it is best to keep them protected from solar radiation and refrigerated at a temperature between 7ºC and 12ºC, based on the fact that the lighter and hoppier they are, the colder they are.

On the other hand, the beer must be stored in a vertical position, since if it contains traces of yeast, they remain in the base of the bottle. In addition, this reduces the contact space with the air contained in it, which also protects it from oxidation.

Nutritional value

The gluten-free beer is made for those users who are affected by the consumption of this vegetable protein, such as celiacs. Allowing them to incorporate this drink into their diet and enjoy its nutritional contributions; Not in vain has it been included along with other fermented beverages in the Healthy Food Pyramid by the Spanish Society of Community Nutrition (SENC).

However, some people have also opted for the consumption of this type of beer, especially those that are not made from barley due to their low sugar content, since it could less induce overweight. But if you take advantage of its vitamins, mineral salts, soluble fibers, micronutrients, antioxidants and beneficial carbohydrates for the body.

drink responsibly

Beer has been linked to the drinking culture since time immemorial for different purposes. And since then it has been regulated by guidelines that lead to its moderate and respectful consumption, in favor of individual and collective health. Although beer is characterized by its low alcohol content, its excessive consumption can intoxicate and cause addiction. For this reason, it is important, in my personal opinion, to respect the recommended daily consumption doses, as well as to consume it at a convenient age.

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