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Our selections of the best Verdejo wines

Verdejo wine owes its name to the variety of grape with which it is made, the Verdejo, an autochthonous variety of Spanish lands, with a unique aroma and flavor. Verdejo wines must have at least 85% of this type of grape to obtain their denomination. In this article, we review some of the best Verdejo wines so that you can choose the one you like the most.

1. Protos Verdejo White Wine DO Rueda

For palates that prefer intense wines, this may be the best Verdejo wine. Its flavor leaves a fresh sensation on the palate, without being too acidic. Similarly, the fruity notes are perceived in its taste, which give complexity to the drink, with a long and slightly bitter finish.

With regard to its aroma, it is also a wine worth enjoying. You can find in it notes of green apple, tropical fruits and aromatic herbs, without forgetting the white flowers.

If you ask about its appearance, it is defined by its bright, crystalline, straw yellow color with greenish reflections. In addition, it is the result of a complex and meticulous process of pressing and controlled fermentation, aspects that give it its special roundness and body, which you can combine with shellfish and fish, as well as with pasta and rice.

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2. Huge verdejo white wine DO Rueda 6 bottles 75 cl

Descomunal is a product of the Cuatro Raya winery, which could be the best brand of Verdejo wines, since they produce 15 million bottles a year or, what is the same, 20% of the total Verdejo wine from Rueda. The brand is a leader in the export of this type of wine, with a presence in the United States, China and England.

This is a young and fun wine, with a bright golden color and reflections between green and silver, typical of the Verdejo variety. It has very marked and fresh aromas, reminiscent of stone fruit and wild herbs. Descomunal wines have a great structure and, despite being cheap wines, they are very complex, thanks to their lees fermentation process, which allows them to preserve their natural fruit flavour.

It is a wine with a wide variety of pairings, from white meats and salads, to seafood and rice dishes. 

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3. Four Lines verdejo white wine DO Rueda pack 6 bottles 

Four Lines is a characteristic Verdejo wine from the Valladolid area of ​​Rueda. It is a monovarietal white wine, made from a selection of the best Verdejo wines in the area. These wines have been fermented on their lees and stirred daily for 3 months, to obtain the best possible aroma and flavor.

If you want to know which Verdejo wine to buy, this can be a great option thanks to its straw-yellow color with greenish reflections, and its clean and bright aromas, typical of the variety, reminiscent of exotic fruits such as bananas and peaches, as well as to fresh herbs such as hay. On the palate it is strong and persistent, with notes of peach, apricot and a bitter finish typical of the Verdejo grape.

It is a wine to accompany all kinds of fish, shellfish and also for salads.

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4. Cuatro Rayas Verdejo Night Harvest 6 bottles 75 cl

This could be one of the best Verdejo wines of 2022, as it has won the Mezquita silver medal in 2019, the gold medal in the international Gilber and Gaillard competition in 2019, and the Vinosub30, Berliner Wine Trophy and Mundus gold medals. Vini, becoming one of the most emblematic wines of the winery. 

It is a pale yellow wine, with the typical greenish reflections and acerdos of the Verdejo variety. On the nose it is powerful, with citrus and white fruit notes, but where it shines is on the palate, thanks to its fresh, balanced and sweet flavor, very fruity and with a slightly bitter finish, reminiscent of fennel.

It is a Verdejo wine that pairs perfectly with all kinds of fish and shellfish, as well as light pasta and sweet rice, cheese and white meat.

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5. Poema Verdejo white wine DO Rueda 6 bottles 75 cl

Poema is a light white wine, made from a selection of Verdejo variety grapes, by night mechanical harvest. In this way, the grapes ferment in stainless steel barrels at a controlled temperature together with the lees and the skins, obtaining a stronger flavor, typical of Verdejo wines with DO Rueda. 

It is a wine with the characteristic golden yellow color of the Verdejo grape, with its greenish reflections and an unmistakable aroma, which mixes banana, peach and fresh grass. On the palate it is powerful, refreshing and persistent, with flavors reminiscent of stone fruits such as peach and apricot.

If you are wondering which is the best Verdejo wine to accompany white meat, this Poema could be the answer. Although it also pairs perfectly with fish, shellfish and salads.

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6. Mayor de Castilla Verdejo DO Rueda 6 bottles 75 cl

Mayor de Castilla could be the best value for money Verdejo wine. It is a white, young and fresh wine, with DO Rueda, made in Serrada, where the paths of Medina del Campo, Tordesillas and Olmedo cross, an area with an exceptional climate for the aging of this variety, since the low temperatures prevent excessive oxidation of the grape.

The result is a pale yellow white wine with greenish and steely nuances, full of fresh and intense aromas of pineapple, melon and passion fruit, with a sweet background reminiscent of anise. On the palate it is tasty and fresh, with a long and persistent finish, slightly bitter, typical of the Verdejo variety. 

It is a wine to enjoy cool, between 6 and 8 degrees, which pairs perfectly with fresh seafood dishes, roasted or grilled fish, sushi or cold starters such as anchovies or razor clams.

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7. Beronia Verdejo wine DO Rueda 6 bottles 75 cl

The Beronia wineries located in Rueda, Valladolid, have 65 hectares spread over several estates, with young Verdejo grape vines. These estates, close to the waters of the Duero River, contain veins of limestone, which gives the wine a unique minerality, while preventing the oxidation of the grapes and shortening the ripening times.

This could be one of the best Verdejo wines on the market, thanks to the unique style of maceration, with mixed barrels, which gives the wine a unique depth and complexity that you won’t find in cheaper options. It is a yellow wine, with greenish reflections and intense aromas of fennel, white flowers and fresh grass, with a deep flavor that mixes fresh fruit and the typical acidity of the grape.

It is a suitable wine to accompany all kinds of fish, shellfish and sweet rice dishes.

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8. Flor Innata New Vintage Box of 3 Verdejo white wine 

Flor Innata could be the best Verdejo wine of the moment, thanks to its unique elaboration, which seeks a balance between classic and modern Verdejo. For this, 100% Verdejo grapes from two different estates, located less than 4 km from the wineries, are used. 

The result is a wine that represents the main characteristics of the classic Verdejo, with its straw-yellow color full of greenish nuances, a high aromatic intensity, with aromas that recall tropical fruit and a herbaceous and aniseed finish, but with characteristics of a Verdejo. modern, thanks to an unctuous and pleasant flavor, very balanced and without bitter notes.

It is a very fresh wine that goes perfectly with all kinds of fish, fresh shellfish, soft pasta, sweet rice and white meat, as well as cold starters.

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9. Pata Negra Verdejo White Wine DO Rueda

The clean appearance and pale yellow color are just some of the aspects that characterize Pata Negra’s Verdejo white wine. However, it is its fresh taste that leaves a pleasant experience both in the nose and in the mouth, which makes it the favorite selection of many.

It is an intense white wine, with a citrus aftertaste and a persistent flavor, which comes from the brand’s night harvests. To this is added the gentle pressing process that removes from the must the typical flavors of the most solid parts of the fruit.

As a result, a festive and expressive wine is obtained, which you can buy this time in an economical pack of 6 bottles, very appropriate to accompany your favorite fish and shellfish, without having to spend too much money.

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10. Paz VI Bag in Box Verdejo 15 liters 

If you are looking for the best value for money Verdejo wine, you will not find anything like this 15-litre box of dry Verdejo wine, made with monovarietal grapes picked by hand in the Rueda area of ​​Valladolid. After the manual harvest, the grapes are transported in 10 kg boxes to prevent deterioration before pressing and maturation in stainless steel containers. 

The wine is protected in a plastic bag, inside the box, and has a tap so you can serve yourself whatever you want. It is a fruity, straw-yellow wine with green reflections and fruity aromas, with a slightly aniseed finish. On the palate it is fresh and tasty, with a stone fruit flavor and a dry and balanced finish.

It is a wine for daily consumption that pairs very well with all kinds of food, although you can especially enjoy it with vegetable and fish salads.

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Origin and Use

Now that you have seen our comparison of Verdejo wines, the time has come to learn a little more about these white wines and their history. Let’s see where they come from, their main characteristics, as well as the best way to combine and preserve them.


In the times of ancient Rome, Emperor Theodosius the Great, who was a native of Cauca, the current Coca in the province of Segovia, already brought wine from the Duero area, since he considered it to be the best wine produced in all the Empire. The Verdejo grape, native to this area of ​​Spain, is actually a hybridization, a cross between Traminer grape varieties, also known as Savagnin, and the Castilian white grape.

These grapes were brought during the time before Rome from the North African area. Cultivated by Cantabrians and Basques, the Romans continued with its cultivation and used it for winemaking. With the Arab conquest of the Peninsula, the Mozarabs continued to cultivate this variety, since the raisins it produced were highly appreciated, due to its slightly bitter taste, which softened the typical sweetness of this type of fruit. 

After the reconquest, with the repopulation of Castile by Galicians, Aragonese, Navarrese, Asturians and Cantabria, the cultivation of Verdejo for winemaking recovered. Specifically, the cultivation of this variety was located in the area between Segovia and Ávila, but in the 1950s these crops were moved to the Rueda area in Valladolid, where their wines would receive the Rueda Denomination of Origin. 

The vines that are grown in this area are pure clones of centuries-old vines that were grown in Spain centuries ago. These are very old, pre-phylloxera strains that preserve the pure DNA of Verdejo, something unique in the world and that does not happen with any other variety or DO.

Its name is due to the green color of its fruits in the first stage of development. These are vines that are not very vigorous and horizontal, not very fertile and with a production of 1.7 kg of grapes per vine, with small clusters and great resistance to drought. 


We continue with this guide to buy the best Verdejo wine, talking about its mixtures and combinations. Verdejo wine, due to its fresh, light flavor and with a final bitter touch, is very easy to pair with and combines perfectly with many different foods and drinks.

In the first place, an economical wine will combine with fish, salads and light rice dishes, while one of higher quality and price will pair with pâtés, cold starters, fresh fish and shellfish and even with white meats.

Verdejo wine, due to its freshness, is a great option for refreshing cocktails such as mimosa, which is prepared with crushed ice, orange juice, sugar and a little Verdejo wine. You can also make a Kir, with black currant cream of cassis or peach liqueur and Verdejo wine, this is a very light and fresh cocktail, perfect to drink as an aperitif before meals.

If you prefer something more classic, we recommend the Verdejo gin and tonic, which is prepared by mixing Verdejo wine and tonic, with a touch of lemon. Or also the Verdejo mojito, mixing mint leaves, lemon juice, sugar, Verdejo wine and sparkling water.


Any Verdejo wine, regardless of how much it costs, is sold in the optimum state of maturation, so it should be consumed immediately. However, it is possible to keep it in good condition for a year or two, as long as it is kept horizontal, away from direct sunlight and at a constant temperature. 

Once opened, it should be consumed in less than a week and should be kept in the fridge, upright and always covered.

Nutritional value

The 100 ml of Verdejo wine contains 81 calories, 0.1 grams of protein, 1.4 grams of sugars and 2 grams of carbohydrates. 

drink responsibly

Verdejo wine, like any alcoholic beverage, should be consumed responsibly and should never be driven after drinking it. Wine is also not recommended for consumption by pregnant women, children and anyone underage.

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