The best herbal liqueur

Our selections of the best herbal liqueurs

Herbal liqueur is a type of brandy that is prepared by infusing or macerating aromatic herbs, flowers, seeds, spices and roots. These are very tasty drinks that have several beneficial properties for the body. In this article, we analyze some of the best herbal liqueurs so that you can choose the one that best suits your tastes.

1. Mar de Frades herbal liqueur 70 cl

Mar de Frades is one of the most traditional wineries in the Rías Baixas Denomination of Origin, which is why it is considered by many to be the best brand of herbal liqueurs on the market. This liquor has a double maceration, in the first herbs from the area are macerated with a distillation of Albariño grape bagasse and, the result, is macerated with other herbs that provide color and flavor.

It has a very attractive greenish-yellow color and a clean, very herbaceous aroma where notes of thyme, tea and chamomile stand out, providing complexity. On the palate, it is moderate, as it opens with sweet flavors that are balanced by the acidity of the herbs and the final balsamic notes.

This herbal liqueur can be drunk plain or cold, either with ice or served from the fresh bottle.

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2. Xantiamen Herbal Liqueur 70 cl

Thanks to the long Galician tradition in the production of brandies, Xantiamen could be the best herbal liqueur of the moment. In this sense, only herbs and roots from Galicia are used for its preparation, with which the best flavor and all the typical aromas of this liquor are obtained.

The result of the maceration of the herbs of the area is a liquor of an intense yellow color, with greenish reflections, bright and slightly dense. On the nose, it has a great aromatic intensity, where the alcoholic note of the brandy in which the herbs are macerated stands out, followed by the aromas of mint, anise and the rest of the herbs. Finally, in the mouth it is soft and round, very balanced and with a persistent aftertaste.

On the other hand, this liquor is taken in a frozen shot glass, although it can also be taken in a glass with a little ice or added to coffee.

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3. Familia Marí Mayans Ibizan herbal liqueur f

The Ibizan herb liqueur from the Marí Mayans family has been made since 1880 in Montecristo, Ibiza and has a Geographical Denomination since 1997. For its manufacture, only aromatic herbs from the island are used, such as fennel, thyme, Luisa herb, rosemary, rue, eucalyptus, lavender, chamomile, juniper, oregano, mint, healthy grass, lemon peel and a mixture of anise.

Thanks to its unique mix of herbs, this could be one of the best herbal liqueurs of 2020. It has an orange color, slightly golden, and in the glass it stands out for its aniseed aromas and for its broad and round flavor, in which the fennel, thyme and rosemary.

Ibiza’s traditional herbal liqueur should be drunk in a shot glass or glass, fresh or with ice. A few drops can also be added to coffee to enhance its flavor and is suitable for preparing pastry recipes.

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4. El Afilador herbal liqueur 1 l

El Afilador was the first Spanish brand with official permission to sell bottled spirits in 1943. For the production of its herbal liqueurs, only 100% natural spirits are used, without traces of preservatives or additives, which translates into a fresh and fruity, with very powerful aromas, which make it what could be the best quality-price herbal liqueur.

Thanks to its unique mixture of herbs and natural spirits, it has a bright yellow color, with golden reflections and a very deep aroma, in which the freshness of the aromatic herbs stands out. On the palate, it has a balanced, slightly sweet flavor.

It is a stomach liquor, with digestive properties, as it helps digest food. It can be taken in a frozen shot glass, in a glass with ice or by adding a few drops to the coffee to enhance its flavor.

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5. Ruavieja Herbal Liqueur 30% 70 cl

Ruavieja is one of the most nationally recognized brands in the production of spirits and natural liqueurs. This could be the best herbal liqueur at a good price, thanks to the mixture of natural ingredients, selected manually and macerated in top quality Galician brandy, which stands out for its sweet and alcoholic aromas.

This unique combination results in a liquor with an intense yellow color with greenish reflections and an aroma that is fresh at first, but which gradually becomes spicy thanks to the depth of the anise. On the palate the flavors of mint, menthol and a sweet background of chamomile are combined.

It is a liqueur to drink after copious meals, as it helps improve digestion. It can be taken in a shot glass or in a glass with ice, although it is best to chill the bottle and serve very cold in a wide glass.

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6. Abadía de Ulla Galician pomace herbal liqueur 

The herbal liqueur from Abadía de Ulla was born in the Plena Vinum winery, a young company that seeks to produce quality products from wines from the main Spanish Designations of Origin. That is why, if you are wondering which is the best herbal liqueur with DO Rías Baixas, this could be the most indicated.

Thanks to its mixture of herbs and roots, macerated with Galician wine spirits, it has a bright yellow color, reminiscent of ripe lemons. In the glass, citrus and herbal aromas predominate, making it pleasant and balsamic. On the palate it is very sweet and pleasant, with a persistent finish.

It is a suitable liqueur for parties and celebrations, especially after copious meals, as it helps improve digestion. To serve, it is best to chill the bottle and serve in a wide glass with a little ice.

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7. Panizo Herbal Liqueur 30º 70 cl

If you have a friend who loves traditional spirits and you are wondering which herbal liqueur to buy as a gift, Panizo’s could be the answer. Not only is it made in the traditional way, through a process of cold maceration of natural herbal and fruit elements, but it is also one of the cheapest liquors.

Due to the brand’s formula, in which 33 herbs are used, among which lemon verbena, nutmeg, palulu and chamomile stand out, it is a crystalline yellow liqueur, with very mild aromas where wild herbs stand out. and the menthol and citrus touches. On the palate it is silky and fresh, with a citrus finish.

It can be served in a shot glass, in a glass with ice or chill the bottle and mix it with soft drinks. It is also suitable for use in the kitchen to prepare sauces and cakes.

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8. Amaro Lucano Herbal Liqueur 70 cl

Amaro Lucano is a herbal liqueur typical of the Basilicata area of ​​Italy. It is a drink with a long tradition, since it was created in 1894 by Pasquale Vena with a mixture of more than 30 herbs from the area. In 1900, the family became the official supplier of the Savoy family, whose coat of arms appears in the brand’s logo.

This is a high-quality liqueur that differs from Spanish herbal liqueurs due to its colour. In this sense, we find a caramel brown liqueur, with citrus and sweet aromas, slightly reminiscent of vermouth. On the palate it is an intense liqueur in which bitter and sweet flavors from its mixture of herbs are mixed.

It can be taken alone, as an accompaniment to coffee, but also in a wide glass with ice and a slice of orange. It is recommended to chill the bottle and serve in a wide glass.

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9. Licores Moyá Herbal Liqueur from Mallorca Sweets

The Moyá family winery has a tradition of several centuries in the production of this type of liquor. Since 1890, the family has been dedicated to the manufacture of liqueurs from the cold maceration of a selection of Mallorcan herbs such as rosemary, lemon verbena, lime, orange and lemon blossom.

This unique blend produces a greenish-yellow herbal liqueur, with reflections similar to those of white wine. In the glass it has aromas reminiscent of the Balearic personality, with hints of rosemary and linden. On the palate it is sweet and balanced, with a long and slightly bitter finish reminiscent of citrus.

This liqueur can be drunk neat, after meals, although it is best to cool the bottle and serve in a wide glass with a little ice. In addition, being one of the cheapest options, it is also a good option for preparing sauces and as a base for cocktails.

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10. Fuckermaister herbal liqueur 70 cl

Fuckermaister is a unique drink, coming from the Due Company cellars, it is a very complex aphrodisiac liquor that mixes more than 30 herbs to offer you something completely different. To do this, the mixture of herbs is macerated in full grain alcohol distilled five times, obtaining a herbal liqueur suitable for the most demanding palates.

Among the alternatives to Jagermeister, this is one of the cheapest and, also, thanks to the mixture of herbs, one of the most successful. It has a dark caramel-like color and exotic aromas in which herbs are mixed with citrus and alcoholic notes. On the palate, the flavor of liquorice stands out.

It is a liquor designed to be drunk neat, in a shot glass or glass with ice. It can also be chilled from the bottle and served in a tall glass, or used as a base for cocktails.

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Origin and Use

Once our comparison of herbal liqueurs is finished, we are going to explain the history of this drink, as well as the possible mixes and cocktails that you can make with it. Finally, we will also detail the best way to preserve the bottles so that they do not spoil and the nutritional value of the drink.


Herbal liqueurs have a tradition as a medicinal drink since the Middle Ages. With the appearance of the first stills and the creation of brandy, alchemists and monks from all over Europe began to macerate herbs and roots to make spirits that contained beneficial properties for the human body.

In this sense, herbal liqueurs were very popular in Germany and Switzerland, where plants from the Alps were used for their preparation. The scholar Hildegard of Bingen listed many of the benefits these liquors, called kräuterlikör, had for digestive problems. These were made by macerating herbs such as sage, liquorice, thyme, wormwood, mint, gentian, ginger, angelica and anise.

In Spain, especially in the Levante area, a herbal liqueur known as Ratafia has been produced since time immemorial, while in Portugal it is known as Beirao and in France Chartreuse. Mediterranean liqueurs are made with herbs typical of the area such as fennel, thyme, rosemary, lemon verbena, lavender, rue or chamomile. Unlike German liqueurs, these have a golden color.

However, the most popular herbal liqueurs in Spain are those made in Galicia. These, also known as herbal pomace, use a type of liquor distilled from the skin of grapes for their macerations. In other words, it is made with the remains that remain after stepping on the grapes to make wine.

The origin of this drink is nothing more than the evolution of the spiced wines that the Romans and Celtic tribes already drank. These wines, which were also used in medicine, are attributed to the Greek physician Hippocrates, which is why they are called Hippocratic wines and their preparation resembles that of vermouth. In this sense, when alcoholic distillation was discovered in the Middle Ages, wine was changed to brandy, creating stronger flavored liquors with more properties.

Originally, these liqueurs were made in monasteries and each one had its own master formulas. However, thanks to the shepherds who traveled from one place to another carrying their flocks, these formulas spread everywhere and, over time, small producers appeared in the villages, making herbal liqueurs that were sold to taverns. local and that ended up becoming large producers and marketers.


We continue with this guide to buy the best herbal liqueur by explaining some of the best mixes that can be made with this drink as a base. 

For lovers of the typical Grasshopper, it is possible to make a similar combination, mixing herbal liqueur with lemon liqueur, curaçao, passion fruit syrup and fresh orange juice. It is a cocktail with an exotic flavor and very cheap to prepare.

Old Fashioned lovers also have their version with herbal liqueur. To do this, you can mix herbal liqueur, 3 shots of bitter, brandy and cherry syrup. Serve everything in a wide glass and decorate with an orange peel.


Regardless of how much a bottle of herbal liqueur costs, it is sold at the optimum time for consumption, so it is best to drink it within the next two or three years. 

To keep a bottle at home, the ideal is to keep it in a cool and dry place, away from sunlight that could be detrimental to its flavor and as dry as possible. In this sense, herbal liqueurs can be kept in the fridge, since they can be taken very cold to enhance their flavor and properties. 

No matter how well it is stored, any bottle that has been open for more than two years will begin to degrade, so it is advisable to consume it sooner.

Nutritional value

Each shot of herbal liqueur (30 ml) has 100 kcal, 22.33 g of sugar, 22.24 g of carbohydrates and 0.15 g of fat, as well as 3 mg of sodium and 8 mg of potassium.

drink responsibly

Herbal liquor has a high alcohol content, so it should be drunk responsibly and you should never drive after drinking. In addition, those under 18 years of age should not consume herbal liqueurs or alcoholic beverages.

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