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Beer Making Kit – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

If you want to prepare your own beer, you must have a kit that will help you carry out this process easily. In this sense, it is of the utmost importance that you know its main characteristics, such as the ease with which you can make the drink, storage capacity, ingredients, type of beer that you can make, and the accessories that each set includes. Today, you can find many brew kits, each with different features. However, this time we wanted to focus on the most important models. The first is the  #Cervezania Embarrilado, which has an attractive and large design, so you can store your beer to serve it directly. In addition, its three-step instructions will help you easily keel this drink. On the other hand, the #Cervezanía Albero Gastronómica offers a selection of Belgian and German malts, which will allow you to taste a pleasant drink. In addition, it is suitable for brewing up to 5 liters of beer.

The 5 Best Beer Making Kits – Opinions 2022

To choose the right set that allows you to make your drinks correctly and easily, you must consider its most significant characteristics. For this reason, we analyze the most important principles of various models, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Next, we show you this list of the best kits to make beer in 2022, so it will be easier to choose the one you like the most.

1. #Cervezania Keg set for craft beer

Main advantage:

With a capacity of five liters, this barrel made of aluminum material will allow you to store and, above all, preserve your craft beer, without losing its properties and flavour. It has a set of bottles and a dispensing tap at the bottom to serve the drink.

Main disadvantage:

Some users indicate that the kit does not have the special disinfectant for the hygiene of the utensils. However, they say they are generally satisfied with the performance of the product.

Verdict: 9.8/10

This craft beer kit consists of a barrel made of aluminum, with a capacity of 5 liters, ingredients and instructions to make beer in three steps. It has a set of bottles to store the liquor, which can also be served directly from the barrel, through a dispensing tap.

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Beer in three steps

Perhaps at some point, while you were drinking a beer, you did not think that preparing it would be so simple, practical and, better yet, that you could do it at home. Although craft beer seems to have a complex brewing process, Cervezanía Embarrilado has developed a kit that includes simple instructions that will allow you to make beer in three simple steps.

Disinfect the barrel with boiling water, then empty it and add the mixture according to the instructions, let it rest for eight days at the indicated temperatures and voila, you will have the craft beer for that social gathering where you can take your signature drink.

Capacity and conservation

The barrel that includes this set from the Cervezania house has a capacity for five liters of liquid, enough to share with friends at a meeting or party.

Made of aluminum, this container promises to keep the beer in temperature and flavor properties, just like the big breweries do, so that when serving the liquor it is at the top of its conditions.

But if you prefer, the kit also includes a number of glass bottles, with their respective caps, enough to efficiently distribute the five liters of drink and preserve it in a different way, but equally safe, safeguarding the qualities of craft beer.

The best thing is that both the keg and the bottles can be used up to three times without losing the necessary pressure to properly preserve the beer.

Light and easy to handle

With an empty weight of 700 grams, this keg is light when transported, even when it is at the top of its beer capacity, that is, with its five liters of liquor.

As for handling when extracting the beer, if you decide that you will not serve it in bottles but directly from the barrel, it has a dispensing tap at the bottom that allows you to serve the beer directly in glasses, in a comfortable and practical way., without taking risks or wasting a single drop of artisan liquor.  

Also, in addition to the dispenser, the barrel is provided with three valves that help maintain the pressure of the beer, which will allow it to flow with that characteristic foamy appearance.

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2. #Brewery Brewing Kit

If you have thought about giving a kit to make beer as a gift, this model may interest you. It allows to brew up to 5 liters of beer following 8 simple steps. Although the person has no previous knowledge, they will be able to prepare this drink practically as they do in professional factories.

This kit offers Belgian and German malts of the highest quality, with which you can brew Pale Ale starting from cereal. In this sense, the hops are stored in pellets, to guarantee their freshness and quality. In addition, it has a fermenter bucket with a tap to facilitate bottling.

These characteristics will allow you to enjoy a good homemade beer. If we take into account the positive evaluation of some users, this could be considered the best beer making kit of the moment.

Finally, it should be noted that it has a considerable variety of accessories that will be very useful during the preparation.

There are a large number of beer brewing kits on the market to choose from, however, many users recommend this model because, in their opinion, it is the best beer brewing kit at the moment. Next, we will perform an evaluation of its characteristics to determine if it has what you need.


Manufacturing: It has a simple design but with a professional finish so you can make your beers without any inconvenience.

Bottling: It has a tap in the bucket of the fermenter, convenient to bottle the liquid without spilling anything.

Accessories: The kit contains many of the materials that will be useful during brewing, such as the special thermometer, the hammer capper, and various caps, among others.


Price: Compared to other models of the same type, this product has a considerably high price.

Adjustment: When you want to close the fertilizing bucket, the lid is a bit difficult to adjust, so you will have to apply more force to seal it well.

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3. Coopers European Lager Beer Kit

The arrival of homebrew kits is the latest novelty for those who want to venture into this new world. A simple product with which to give the perfect touch to your beer according to the variety that you like the most.

As an example, we present this Coopers kit, based on the European Lager standard with which to produce up to 23 liters of high-quality beer following the traditional process.

Although it is considered one of the cheapest beer kits on the market, this does not affect its quality at all, since it is an easy and practical product to use. Here are some of its most important features.


Quantity: It has the capacity to produce up to 23 liters of quality beer, through a traditional process that gives the drink a better flavor.

Yeast: It incorporates a special yeast for beer that simplifies the process and is suitable for any temperature.

Taste: The malt extract offers more intense aromas and flavors in the final product, also favored by the infusion enhancer to make a homemade product with superior quality.


Instructions: Its correct operation depends on you being able to follow its exact instructions, without giving space to other methods or actions.

Storage: The beer must be bottled in different containers, since this product is not suitable to be kept during fermentation. In this sense, it should be thought about before starting production.

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4. Youngs Brew Buddy Beer Making Starter Kit

With this kit you will have the possibility to prepare enough homemade beer for a meeting with your closest friends. This is because it offers quite a few ingredients, with which you will easily be able to brew up to 40 pints of beer.

The accessories of this kit to make beer at home include an instruction manual and a variety of equipment, which will allow you to make your drink easily and without many complications.

When you go to prepare your beer, you will only have to add water and sugar to the other ingredients that make up the mixture. After this, you must wait 21 days for the fermentation process to complete.

At the end of this process, the beer will taste good. On the other hand, you should consider that this mixture will have an alcohol level of 4.5%.

This is considered by many users to be the best brand of beer making kits. Therefore, we have selected this particular product to present its positive and negative aspects below.


Capacity: It is capable of producing up to 18 liters of very good quality beer, so you can share with friends or always have your personal reserve.

Accessories: The kit incorporates a good variety of equipment that facilitates the elaboration, so that you do not waste time looking for anything.

Alcohol level: The resulting beer has an alcohol level of 4.5%, being very light and suitable for hot days.


Time: Close attention must be paid to the fermentation time to obtain the correct product with the expected flavor.

Instructions: One user states that the instructions do not come in Spanish, while another indicates that the product does not include the manual, so you should check the manufacturer’s website to verify the procedure to follow.

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5. BrewBarrel Craft Beer Kit

By having this kit you will be able to taste the Lager beer, golden in color and soft malt, which gives the palate sweet nuances, without being bitter. In addition, it allows the elaboration to be carried out through an innovative pressure process, which helps to finish the drink in a week.

The mixture that this kit offers you has already been processed, so you only have to pour the malt extract, yeast, and hops into the barrel and wait for the fermentation process to finish.

It is a simple task that you can carry out without complications, even if it is the first time you make beer.

The barrel has a capacity of 5 liters and you do not need to clean or disinfect it. Also, you can pour the beer directly into the container and you will not have to use small bottles.

If you like beer and want to make it yourself, but you find yourself wondering which kit to buy beer, we recommend you review the pros and cons of this Brewbarrel model, so you can analyze if it is the right one for you.


Elaboration: Unlike other kits, this one has a pressure process that allows it to finish fermentation in a week.

Mix: Its ingredients have already been processed, so you just have to mix them together and wait for the beer to be ready.

Container: Thanks to its barrel design, you will not need to use bottles or other containers to distribute the 5 liters of beer.


Use: This kit is not reusable, so you will only give it a single use, this being a great disadvantage compared to other kits in this comparison.

Faucet: According to several users, it is necessary to apply force to open the faucet.

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#Cervezania Keg set for craft beer

If we are looking for a kit that will help us to keg our own beer in a simple way, then it is important to know the different characteristics that this model offers us, with which we can achieve a quality keg in just 3 steps. In addition, it has a storage capacity of 5 liters.

It includes an instruction manual in Spanish and English, so you will have the necessary instructions to make a delicious beer.

Once you’ve brewed and keg brewed, you can take it with you to all the gatherings you host, because it’s quite portable.

This might be the best value for money beer brewing kit out there right now. It is possible to use it three times and it does not cost too much money, since it is one of the cheapest on the list. It also has an attractive design that will attract the attention of any family member or friend.

Known by users as the best kit for making beer for 20 euros, this model has a series of features that have made it worthy of this title. Some of them will be described below.


Capacity: This product has a filling capacity of up to 5 liters, giving good performance per use.

Instructions: Your package includes an instruction manual with the step-by-step procedure, both in English and Spanish, to facilitate its follow-up.

Transfer: It is a very light and compact kit, which makes it a very comfortable portable equipment to take anywhere.

Design: Its presentation is very beautiful and striking, being suitable for any occasion.


Temperature: A stable 23º C is needed for brewing, so it is not the best option to use during winter or summer.

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Buying Guide – What is the best beer brewing kit on the market?

Beer is one of the liquors that can not be missing in the meetings you hold, but with the right set you can prepare it yourself without complications, offering your family and friends a unique craft drink. Taking this as a starting point, we have put together the following guide to buying the best beer brewing kit, with the aim of helping you choose the one that suits you best.


If you are making a comparison of kits to make beer, it is best to first check the amount of drink that you will be able to prepare with each set. In this way, you will know if it is the right one for the type of events you usually hold.

In this sense, it is good to point out that this type of kit is not intended to be used in large parties with many guests. However, they are a good excuse to have a small meeting with your closest friends.

In this sense, it is recommended that you take into account the number of people who attend the meetings you organize and, above all, you should consider how much beer they usually consume.

For small events, with few guests or people who are not heavy drinkers, a kit of about 5 liters may be enough. One of the advantages offered by this type of product is that you can delight everyone with the craft beer you prepare and there will be no leftovers, so you will not lose the mix.

On the other hand, if you are going to hold events that several people will attend, then the most appropriate thing is to look for a kit with which you can prepare at least 20 liters of craft beer.

In this way you will have enough drink to distribute among all your guests and, if the group is not very large, it is also possible that they can repeat several times.

Finally, you should consider that some manufacturers indicate the amount of beer that can be prepared in liters, while others express this data in pints.

Elaboration process

At this point you may be wondering how much this product costs, but before consulting prices, we must review what the brewing process is like depending on the kit. This feature is important, as you want to make sure you can prepare it correctly.

In general, these products have instructions on how to prepare them among their instructions. Although sometimes manufacturers ask to follow up to eight steps, these are simple and if they are well explained you will be able to make the product without problems.

Other kits only state that you need to mix the ingredients and wait for the fermentation process to finish. After it’s done, you just have to bottle the beer or leave it stored inside the barrels and then serve it.

On the other hand, you should also take into consideration the time it takes to ferment the beer, since in this way you will be able to know how long you will have to wait to taste the drink.

Depending on the brewing characteristics of each kit, beer fermentation is likely to take between a week and 21 days. Therefore, it is recommended that you prepare it well in advance.

If you have enough time and experience, it is recommended that you choose a complex preparation kit. If, on the other hand, it is the first time you are going to make craft beer or you do not have much experience in this area, the most appropriate thing is that you buy a kit that allows you to easily prepare it in a few steps.


Another fundamental aspect when purchasing a beer kit is the variety of accessories that these products have. The implements offered must include the ingredients to carry out the preparation, the equipment that is necessary at the time of mixing and those items that are required to package or serve the drink.

The type of beer you can prepare will depend on the ingredients, so we recommend you pay special attention to this feature. The idea is that you find a model that offers a pleasant taste and, at the same time, is economical.

Among the ingredients that these products usually include are malt, hops in grains, yeast and ground barley. The amount of mix in each product varies depending on how much beer can be brewed.

Other accessories that these sets have are: alcohol thermometer, valves, tap, hammer plater and lids, with which you can correctly pack this drink. 

You can also find special kits to keg or bottle the beer, which have no ingredients, but only include the barrel or the bottles with their valves or caps, as the case may be.

How to use a beer brewing kit

If you are a beer lover and want to make your own, it is recommended that you use a craft beer kit, which contains the necessary tools to prepare the drink. In this sense, we show you how easy it can be to use one of these kits, considering the following tips, which will be very useful.

Analyze the instruction manual

The first thing you should do before starting the preparation is to carefully read each instruction explained in the kit manual, as this will indicate the correct way to prepare the beer. Each preparation varies according to the type of kit you purchased, but each one should include a manual, which will indicate the steps for the necessary care of the instruments.

Properly wash all utensils

To properly disinfect the utensils, it is necessary to use a powerful cleaner that eliminates all microorganisms, such as Chemipro Oxi. Fill a large container with 10 liters of water and introduce all the utensils. Then add 10 tablespoons of detergent and let it act for 20 minutes to remove dirt. Then rinse several times with plenty of water.

Heats product cans

While the cleaner works with the utensils, place the cans of beer syrup in a pot of hot water for 10 minutes to soften the contents, since the syrup must be manageable for it to dissolve. Then, open them and add the syrup in a pot with 10 liters of water.

Add the enhancer

In the pot that contains the fermenting syrup, add a kilo of table sugar or beer improver that will give the liquor a sweet taste. Mix it for a few minutes and then add another 17 liters of clean water that does not contain chlorine, preferably bottled water.

add more water

After a few minutes, see if the syrup has dissolved. She continues mixing and adds 2.5 more liters of water. Measure that the temperature is between 18 and 28 degrees Celsius. At that point, you will have about 23 total liters of fermenter.

ferment the yeast

Now, it’s time to ferment the yeast. Open the envelope of the product and sprinkle it on the fermenter. Subsequently, close the pot with an airtight lid and place the valve with sterilized water, filling it up to half of its tank. Fermentation can last from 4 to 7 days, until the gas stops coming out of the valve.

Sanitize the bottles

After passing the fermentation, in order to store the beer, it is important that the bottles that you are going to use to contain the liquid are well disinfected so that the drink stays fresh. Pass them through boiling water, as well as their caps or caps. Next, start filling them using the fermenter tap, leaving 5 centimeters unfilled and avoiding shaking it so that the beer does not come out cloudy.

let them rest

Finally, shake the bottles a little so that the sugar mixes properly and let them rest in a dark place for 2 weeks. When that time has passed, place them in the fridge and try your creation.

» Review information from previous years

These products used to be among the most recommended, but now they are no longer available

Craft Beer 20 Liters

Con este kit también tendrás la posibilidad de preparar tu propia cerveza de forma sencilla, sobre todo si es la primera vez que vas a elaborar esta bebida.

No necesitarás conocimientos previos al hacerla y lograrás sorprender a tus amigos más cercanos.

Este modelo podría responder la pregunta sobre cuál es el mejor kit para hacer cerveza, porque entre sus accesorios ofrece una chapadora de martillo rápida y fácil de utilizar.

Con ella podrás cerrar apropiadamente las botellas donde almacenes el licor y tu bebida tendrá una mejor presentación. Incluye 100 chapas de 26 mm.

Asimismo, este kit para hacer cerveza artesanal de 20 litros te ofrece un fermentador de 30 litros, el cual es apropiado para utilizar con productos alimentarios. Este cuenta con un grifo y airlock, que te permitirán servir la bebida correctamente.

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