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Our picks for the best martinis

Martini is a drink with a flavor and recipe that pleases the palate due to its distinctive ingredients and aromas. If you want to buy any of these liqueurs, you could review our selection of the best martinis, in which we will review the main characteristics and notes that can be tasted with each of them.

1. Ruby Vermouth Special Reserve Martini

With an alcohol content of 18% and an exceptional taste, this liqueur tops the charts and can be positioned as the best martini on the market. Rubino is a red vermouth that is made with a base of herbs, which give it its characteristic taste with aromatic touches.

Its name is a product of the ruby ​​​​hue of the liquid and, due to its preparation method, it stands out as a premium category vermouth, which has body and bitter notes.

When all these elements are integrated together with the herbs, a liqueur as complex as it is delicious is obtained. 

It can be taken in different ways, either alone or mixed with tonic water for an aperitif.

Due to its flavor, it can also be enjoyed in an American cocktail or even with other dark liquors, such as rum. It is available in a dark colored slim glass bottle with 750 ml content. 

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2. Martini Vermouth Rosso

Lovers of sweet flavors will be pleased when they try this liquor, product of the combination of several wines, along with 40 botanical ingredients that provide their distinctive caramel notes with citrus touches, making it balanced.

Thanks to its preparation method, which follows a traditional recipe, it is positioned among the first places of the best martinis of 2022 and among the cheap ones.

In addition, within its ingredients it has artemisia, an herb harvested south of Pessione, which gives it its scarlet color with a purple hue. 

In addition, its aroma is spicy and leaves an impression of caramel and oranges on the nose, which on the palate denote a bittersweet taste, but of a refreshing nature.

It has an alcohol content of 15% and is available in a 1500ml presentation, poured into a green glass bottle with a screw cap. It can be taken alone or combined.

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3. Martini Bianco Vermouth

It is complex to define which is the best martini on the market, but many will agree that the white is one of the favorites, because it is the essence of the classic Italian vermouth with an intense flavor, but reduced with sweet notes of vanilla and combined with citrus that give it its characteristic profile of balanced nature. 

It has an alcohol content of 15% and is based on wines, so it is light and fresh. Its creation dates back to the town of Pessione, with a formula dating back to 1910. 

There is not much to explain about its appearance: it is transparent like water, but its flavor seduces the palate and pleases as an aperitif, which can be taken in a classic way or in cocktails.

This Italian-made liqueur is presented in a glass bottle that allows you to appreciate its translucent hue, with a generous 1.5-litre content and a screw cap.

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4. Martini Special Reserve Ambrato Vermouth

Although it is not one of the cheapest martinis on the market, its flavor is one of the most acclaimed from this liquor house.

Ambrato is a kind of vermouth that is characterized by having a consistent body, but at the same time soft, with a combination of bitter and floral touches that translate to a honey flavor on the palate. 

Its color is amber, with a slight bitterness from the sherry and flowers, as well as other exotic spices that have been selected by hand, among which are 3 types of artemisia, Roman chamomile, yellow cinchona from Ecuador and rhubarb. Chinese. 

In addition, for the elaboration of this martini a traditional technique has been used, since all the herbal ingredients have been rested in oak barrels for two months. It is available in a 750 ml presentation.

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5. Martini Vermouth Spritz Rosé

With the homonymous name, Martini can become the best brand of martinis, because it has an extensive line of proposals, among which is the Royale Vermouth Spritz Rosato, a flavored liqueur that captivates with its notes, which are based on a recipe inspired in the Royale Rosato cocktail, which is 50% martini and 50% cava, which has also been flavored with sparkling wine.

This liquor has an indescribable balance on the palate, as it integrates a body of fruity touches with bubbles, making it fresh. Italian-made, this 2019 vintage martini is smoother than other members of its family, because it only has an alcohol content of 8%.

The martini works well as an aperitif or to drink in a glass, as it can be served with ice and a slice of orange.

This presentation is available in a transparent etched glass bottle, containing 750 ml and 6 of these are delivered, making it a convenient set. 

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6. Martini Bitter Special Reserve

If you want a recommendation on which martini to buy, we could suggest the Bitter Reserva Especial as one of the options, a classic liqueur, but with premium elaboration and an alcohol content of 28.5%.

This liquor has been created with high quality standards, based on natural extracts that give it its bright color.

Its recipe is the mixture of several ingredients, among which some bitter-tasting botanicals stand out, together with aromatic herbs, which have been macerated with alcohol, hence the result is a body of character. 

Among its merits, this liqueur has to its credit the Fibar 2018 product of the year award, which validates the most prestigious in the competitive industry.

This is thanks to the fact that the alcohol used is of Italian production, with a formula dating back to 1872. It is available in a glass bottle with engravings and a 700 ml content. 

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7. Martini Asti sparkling wine

With an Italian quality seal and a low alcohol level of only 7.5%, this sparkling wine is one of the most recommended as the best martini of the moment, as it is a refreshing liquid that leaves a sensation on the palate of wanting to go for more with another toast. 

This liquor has been manufactured in the Piedmont region and its characteristic flavor is derived from the pressed juices that are obtained in the form of must and that add all their aroma to the liquid. After a fermentation process, this liquid will become the base of the Asti wine.

According to the above, its aroma is elegant and has fruity touches, full of a taste that could be described as sweet, but at the same time refreshing.

It is available in a presentation with 750 ml content and has been stored in a stylized green glass bottle, with a distinctive brand label and cork lid.

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8. Martini China L’amarodolce liqueur

This model is included in this list for its complex flavor and aromatic fragrance, which make it one of the favorites of the Martini brand user community. 

The liqueur has been made using cinchona bark, together with a careful selection of natural ingredients such as herbs and aromatics, which accentuate the temperance of its notes.

Due to its style, the China L’amarodolce can be taken with ice and the zest of a lemon on any occasion, to enjoy the hidden touches that will come out of this mixture on the palate. 

Unlike other options in its family, this Italian liqueur has an alcohol content of 25%, but its flavor is smooth, thanks to the intensity of the herbs, which make it complex. It is available in a presentation with 700 ml of the liquid. 

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9. Fierce Appetizer Martini

Lovers of citrus and bitter tastes will find in this drink from the Martini family one of the most impressive flavors of this Italian brand, since it is a modern liquor, which has been made with natural ingredients that give it its intense flavor. color and rich aroma. 

This liquor has accentuated notes of bitter orange, fruit that has been selected and cut by hand in Spanish fields, to be part of this formula that includes a two-month maceration process, in which white wines and other botanicals are mixed, as well as like the skin of oranges. 

Due to its ingredients, Fiero de Martini is perceived as fresh and is convenient to drink in any season, since its composition is noble and allows you to create cocktails with tonic, to accentuate its citrus notes that differentiate it from classic vermouth.

This alternative includes 3 bottles of 750 ml, being a favorable quantity.

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10. Martini Vibrant Aperitivo Without Alcohol + Martini Aperitivo Floreale

Enjoying the flavors that characterize the Martini, without suffering from a hangover and at a reasonable cost, is now possible. This offer, in addition to competing for the position of the best value for money martini, may be the most suitable if you are trying to moderate your consumption of intoxicating drinks.

The pack consists of 2 very interesting versions of martini, one called Floreale, with an aromatic profile, fresh and with a touch of chamomile. The other, as its name suggests, is vibrant, fruity, and marked notes of Italian bergamot and artemisia give it a special taste.

Each of these products has been made in the same way as the alcoholic martini, but this ingredient has been removed slowly and efficiently, to leave only the flavor, so you can use it for your non-alcoholic cocktails or to drink it with tonic or ice

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Origin and Use 

The martini serves to stimulate the appetite and its flavor can be refreshing. Many brands have introduced alternatives with sweet flavors, while others incorporate bitter notes, but the original Italian formula is over 150 years old, which over time has been modified with botanical fragrances for new flavors, so that martinis can be found sparkling, classic and modern, with dry, caramel and even fresh flavours. As there are so many proposals, differentiated in taste and aroma, we invite you to learn more about this drink in this guide to buying the best martini on the market. 


If something defines this liquor, it is its history and, if you wonder how much the martini costs, then you should also think about the value of the recipe from its manufacturer. In addition, it would be appropriate for you to know about its history, as well as about the natural ingredients that have been added to make the drink.

The original formula of the martini comes from Italy, since it was there that this liqueur was invented, which is now more than 150 years old, during which time it has captivated the most demanding palates in Europe and around the world.

Each brand has its own story. However, its origin in Spain is related to the city of Reus in 1870, when different wineries dedicated themselves to distilling this liquor.

For the year of 1881, the Government began to establish the payment of tariffs on foreign products and, being Italy’s own vermouth, its price increased and it was this event that led to its production in Spain. Hence, there are some important wineries of national manufacture that compete with other Italian brands. The differences between each of the houses is in the formula, which although it has a similar recipe, changes according to the quality of the ingredients, the maceration time, among other variants. 

Today, many years after the origin of the first vermouth-based drink, the new generations continue the legacy of their master predecessors, with a mystique to safeguard the quality and integrity that identify the martini. 


Undoubtedly, any of the options of this popular liquor will be a pleasant experience, but before selecting a type at random, a comparison of martinis should be made, because each one has its recipe and predominant flavors, which are the result of blends of botanicals and wines, as well as the treatment of the grapes and the production process followed by each brand for each type of vermouth.

The first martini is the rosso and from this others have been created with special vermouths. To manufacture this liquid, more than 500 botanical samples are subjected to quality judgment and it is the combination of them that provides its differentiated flavor.

For this reason, there is a wide variety of martinis with a mixture of flavor, texture, aroma and color provided by wines, aromatic herbs, exotic woods, fruits and spices that, when extracted and then mixed, form dry blends for flavors adapted to each person. 

Martini mixes are varied. For example, it can be consumed with other distilled beverages such as vodka or gin, as well as adding special touches of fruit such as lemon and more peculiar flavors such as olives. In short, choosing a martini will involve identifying the tastes that each one prefers and compatibility with the model that is of interest.


The martini is cheap compared to other alcoholic beverages such as whiskey, because, despite being manufactured to high standards, it does not have an aging process that extends for so long, which allows the vintages to go to market quickly. more recurrent. 

Some presentations of prestigious brands are macerated in barrels for a period of 2 months, others use previously aged ingredients. Although its properties may be somewhat lost, it will remain a palatable beverage for up to 6 months after opening. Also, there are those who recommend that it be left in the fridge. 

Nutritional value

The martini mixes a number of ingredients in its recipes to create the different types of vermouths. Each of them has a nutritional value that is usually specified in the formula. In general, it is a low-calorie liquor. In fact, the martini cocktail is used to enjoy with friends without altering the figure. In addition, it is crowned the lord of appetizers, because its properties allow it to be the ideal companion for tapas such as cheeses and hams. 

drink responsibly

A reality that cannot be escaped is that the martini has a delicious flavor that captivates and pleases, whether they are sweet or dry, as there is one for every taste. However, it should not be forgotten that it is a liquid with alcohol percentages that vary according to the type, so it should be drunk responsibly and not exceed its consumption because it can be harmful. 

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