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Orujo brandy or, simply, orujo is an alcoholic beverage that is obtained from the “orujos”, that is, the distillation of fermented grapes. These liqueurs must be natural, without flavorings or colorings. In this article we will present some of the best pomace on the market so that you can choose the one you like the most and enjoy this traditional drink.

1. The Orujo Aguardiente Sharpener 700 ml

El Afilador is one of the oldest brands of aguardiente and pomace in Spain. Created in 1943, it became the first with permission to market Galician pomace brandy in a bottle, turning the figure of the sharpener into an emblem for many lovers of the best pomace.

This is a very light colored pomace, clean and transparent, with silvery and bright reflections. Thanks to its elaboration following the original recipe, it is a complex liqueur, with a lot of body, which leaves a good tear in the glass. In the glass, it has an aroma full of nuances, thanks to its maceration process. On the palate it is strong, warm and very persistent.

It is a pomace for all occasions, both to drink as a stomach liqueur after a copious dinner, and to make the traditional queimada or to macerate fruit in order to make other fruit liqueurs.

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2. Ruavieja Orujo Cream 700 ml

Ruavieja is one of the oldest wineries in Spain, owned by the Rodríguez Ovalle family since 1889. It may be the best brand of pomace, thanks to the extensive tradition of its cellars, as well as the secret formula of its spirits kept by the members of the family and with which their products are made, such as herbal liqueurs or pomace.

Ruavieja Orujo cream is made with Galician milk cream and a selection of the brand’s best orujo, along with caramel and cocoa and coffee extracts. The result is a silky beige liqueur, very balanced and with good tears. It has aromas of chocolate, roasted coffee and caramel. On the other hand, the sweet and alcoholic flavors are very balanced.

Ruavieja pomace cream can be enjoyed on its own or with ice and is a great option to accompany desserts. 

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3. Panizo Orujos stackable bottle

This stackable bottle, with 4 pomace from the Panizo brand, could be the answer for those users who are wondering which is the best pomace to give as a gift. The presentation is very colorful, with the bottles stacked one on top of the other, showing the different colors of each pomace, with a cork stopper, as well as a slightly round shape, all inside a case with a handle.

Each of the bottles that make up the pack contains 250 ml of pomace. In this sense, the set is made up of a bottle of herbal liqueur, which stands out for its bright yellow colour, one of the traditional black coffee pomace with hints of a plum tone, another of white pomace brandy and, finally, a bottle of toasted pomace of golden color.

All Panizo pomace is of the highest quality and, thanks to its presentation, can be mounted in the minibar as a decorative object.

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4. Abadía da Ulla Galician Orujo herbal liqueur with Denomination of Origin

The Abadía de Ulla liqueur could be one of the best pomace of 2022 for lovers of the sweetest. It is a liquor made in a 100% traditional way, following the old traditions of the old distilleries. This toasted pomace is made in the Galicia area, with Albariño, Godello and Treixadura grape wines, native to northern Spain.

By macerating the pomace brandy with herbs from the area, this pomace has sweet and citrus aromas, as well as a very complex and pleasant mix of herbal scents. It has a yellow color, similar to that of ripe lemons and on the palate it is sweet, with a very wide and persistent depth of flavors.

This pomace is used as a digestif after copious meals, taken in a shot glass, although it can also be taken very cold, cooling the bottle in the fridge or with ice.

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5. Axunqueira pomace brandy 3 liters

Axunqueira pomace is made in a traditional and artisanal way, following a natural distillation process, from wines made from white Galician grapes such as Alvariño. These wines have been fermented with the grape skins themselves, so the brandy has a very characteristic aroma and flavor, slightly stronger than other pomace.

Thanks to its presentation in a three-litre carafe, this could be the best price-quality pomace, which is why it is highly appreciated by those who enjoy making their own homemade liqueurs. As it is one of the cheapest options on the market, it is usually used to macerate fruits such as oranges or plums, and thus produce fruit liqueurs.

It can also be enjoyed on its own, thanks to its slightly fruity flavor and aroma with hints of grapes and white wine.

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6. Mar de Frades Orujo Blanco 

If you don’t know what pomace to buy, but you are looking for a full-bodied and warm drink to accompany your food or unleash your creativity when preparing cocktails, you can look at this product from the Mar de Frades house. It is an intense white pomace, distilled by steam dragging from the bagasse of Galician grapes.

Among its main oenological qualities, we can highlight its 40% alcohol volume and its composition based on stable white brandy. On the other hand, when tasting this wine you will be able to identify fresh aromas of ripe fruit skin and its flavor generates a warm and unctuous sensation in the mouth, with a broad finish.

In relation to its presentation, it comes in a bottle with a capacity of 700 ml, with an elegant decoration that simulates waves. Undoubtedly, a pomace worth knowing and commenting on as it accompanies food or is combined in cocktails.

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7. El Monje Guadalupense pomace 700 ml

This pomace and herb liqueur is made in the traditional style of the monks of the monastery of Guadalupe, using a recipe that dates back to the 16th century. For its elaboration, the pomace from Galician grape wines is macerated with a secret herbal combination collected in the Sierra de Guadalupe.

This is a stomach liquor with a traditional flavor, in which the floral notes that offer freshness and intensity stand out, thanks to the contribution of woody-type plants. In the glass it is very clear, with bright green tones, while on the palate it is very complex, with a somewhat strong sweet background, thanks to the remains of the tannins from the maceration, as well as a citrus finish that harmonizes with the whole.

This could be the best pomace of the moment, as it is a stomachic liquor to drink neat or with ice.

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8. Hijos de Rivera 100% Galician Orujo HR cream liqueur

Hijos de Rivera is part of the company La Estrella de Galicia, founded by the Rivera family in 1906. These wineries, with more than 100 years, have always been dedicated to the production of beer, ice and pomace. In this sense, the orujo de Hijos de Rivera is cold distilled, drop by drop, following traditional Galician methods, with white grape wines.

This pomace cream has a clean and uniform appearance, a light ocher color and a creamy texture. Thanks to the Galician milk cream that is used, its aromas offer a fusion between cinnamon, milk and the alcoholic touch of brandy. On the palate it is soft and creamy, with a persistent taste provided by all its natural ingredients.

This pomace liqueur can be drunk neat, in a wide glass, or with ice. You can also freeze the bottle in the freezer to enjoy it very cold.

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9. Xantiamén Orujo Aguardiente Liquor

This is one of the cheapest products on our list, so you can enjoy all its flavor without spending an excessive amount of money. However, it may be the best choice if you prefer pomace balanced in sweetness, since it is a combination of wine brandy and pomace brandy. Hence its texture and special nuances.

It should be noted that it is a distillate made from grape skins, so you will find slightly different flavor notes than those generated from bagasse distillates, but in the same way, it is a pleasant experience on the palate that could become in your favourite.

As for its alcohol content, you should know that it reaches 40%, so it could be drunk neat, in a glass or short glass, either at room temperature or on the rocks.

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10. Cerex traditional cherry pomace cream Ruta Plata

Ruta Plata liqueurs seek to find a mix between the traditional and the modern. This is a new line of liqueurs that includes traditional recipes, together with ingredients from the northern mountains of Extremadura, to make a unique pomace cream, with cherries as a base.

This could be the best pomace of the moment, with a showy presentation in a narrow and tall bottle, with the cherries present on the label and in the color of the liqueur. In the glass, it has a pastel pink color and a smooth, slightly creamy texture. It has an intense aroma of pomace and cherry, very clean, which continues with nuances of praline, cocoa and caramel, with a finish reminiscent of sour cherries.

On the palate it is sweet, very creamy, silky and soft, with fruity touches. It should be consumed cold or with ice, in a round and wide glass. 

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Origin and Use

After our comparison of pomace, we are going to explain some details of this drink, so that you better understand its origin, its form of consumption, as well as its conservation, so that you have all the necessary information that allows you to choose the best pomace liqueur for you.


Orujo is a drink with a long tradition, almost as old as the distillation process. Its name comes from the Latin word “involucrum” which means in Spanish, “the wrapper”. Over time, the word lost the first syllable, becoming “volucrum”, which eventually became “pomace”. In this sense, the first Spanish pomace was distilled in the Mediterranean, when Arnau de Vilanova tried an Arab alembic to distill wine, the result was the “aqua ardens” that was used for medical purposes and that had a concentration of 60% alcohol.. 

However, it was not until the 17th century when a Jesuit friar named Miguel Agustí created the first stills that allowed pomace to be distilled with its skins, something essential for the appellation of orujo. The recipe for this unique distillation spread throughout Spain thanks to the fact that Galicia was well connected with the world, due to the Camino de Santiago, traveled by thousands of pilgrims from all over the world every year.

Orujo is a drink rooted in Galician culture, used since ancient times by peasants, sailors and soldiers, since according to tradition it “refreshes in the heat and warms in the cold”. Among the Galician towns, there was the custom of having a glass of pomace in the morning to gain strength during the work day and “kill the bug”. 

The “pure” pomace is used in Galicia to make other types of liqueurs, the most popular being herbal pomace, brown liqueur and pomace cream. It is also used in the kitchen to macerate fruit and prepare apple and pear compotes. At the same time, this liqueur has traditionally been used as a remedy for toothache, headache, flu and colds, as well as to treat sprains and rheumatism.


We continue with our guide to buying the best pomace, dealing with the subject of cocktails and mixed drinks that we can make with pomace, since it is a liquor with a neutral flavor that can replace other alcoholic beverages in the preparation of cocktails.

In this sense, the first cocktail that we are going to try is a variant of the famous Cosmopolitan, which can be made with white pomace, lemon or orange juice and blueberry liqueur, mixing well, adding ice and a slice of lemon.

We can also mix an inexpensive white pomace with lime, sugar and ice, to obtain a Galician variant of the Caipirinha. At the same time, to reproduce the famous “Mint Julep” we would only have to mix mint, liquid sugar and pomace in a metallic glass and add a generous amount of crushed ice.

The white or “pure” orujo is also widely used for the production of other liqueurs, especially fruit or coffee. To do this, the peeled and cut fruit is submerged in pomace and macerated for two or three weeks, so that the liquor absorbs the aromas and flavors of the fruit. At the end, it should be mixed with sugar or syrup to balance the flavor.


Commercial pomace, no matter how much it costs, is offered for sale in its optimal state for consumption. In other words, it is sold to be consumed, since in the bottle its quality does not improve over time, as it would if it were to mature in a wooden barrel. In this sense, when buying any orujo, it should be consumed within a period of between one and two years.

For its best conservation, the orujo must be kept in its bottle, always closed and in a vertical position. If possible, it should be kept in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight and where there are no sudden variations in temperature.

Nutritional value

In 100 ml of pomace you can find 279 calories, 0% fat and 1.83 grams of carbohydrates and sugar. At the same time, the pomace provides 2 mg of potassium per 100 ml.

drink responsibly

Orujo has a very high alcohol content, between 20 and 40 degrees, so it must be consumed responsibly and without abuse. You should never drive after consuming pomace. Also, those under the age of 18 should not consume alcohol.

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