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Rum – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis in 2022

One of the ingredients that came to us from America is sugar. And as happens with almost all drinks, it did not take long for rum to reach our “old world”, being today one of the most consumed drinks. In fact, today the idea is maintained that the best rums come from the Caribbean islands, as we can see in proposals such as the Kraken Black Spiced. This rum has been aged for 14 months in oak barrels, which gives it a peculiar flavor. It is imported from the Caribbean and some 13 species were used for its preparation, such as cinnamon and ginger. In addition, it is presented in a particular 700-milliliter bottle. The Brugal Extra Viejo also stands out, a Dominican rum distilled and aged in oak barrels that contained bourbon whiskey. The result is an amber rum full of flavours.

The 5 Best Rums – Opinions 2022

Several rums try to hold the title of the best. Although the most recognized come from the Caribbean, there are others that also stand out for their flavor and quality, but among so many brands on the market and the different tastes it is difficult to select one. For this reason, we present a list of the five rums that are frequently recommended by users.

1. Kraken Black Spiced

Main advantage:

The black color of this rum is its most noticeable quality, as it is different and makes it a great option for special occasions, as it will draw the attention of all those present.

Main disadvantage:

You must be careful when consuming this drink, as the alcoholic strength is 47%. To avoid accidents and hangovers, it must be consumed responsibly and with great caution.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you are a fan of strong drinks with a unique flavor, then this is your best option. This pirate-inspired aged drink is perfect for professional rum drinkers looking to have a good time.

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Unique flavor

Nobody likes to drink something that tastes unpleasant, and for that reason, the manufacturers of this rum have paid special attention to this aspect. Because of that, this Kraken Rum Spiced model has, among its ingredients, 13 different spices ranging from cinnamon to ginger and a variety of other exotic spices. The aromatic quality is unique and its flavor has a special detail that can only be found in this drink.

So that the flavor is much more concentrated and you can enjoy each of the ingredients found in this special formula, this rum has been aged in oak barrels from 1 year to 1 year and 2 months, approximately. This aging process makes the flavor stand out much more when consumed.


The presentation of this rum is one of its great qualities, because if the color of the drink does not attract your attention, then you will surely gain interest when you see the design of sea creatures that is on the label. With a pirate style, this bottle of rum imported from the Caribbean is inspired by the mythical legends of the monsters of the high seas such as the Kraken and that is where its creative name comes from.

In addition to the creative and extravagant design of the bottle, another aspect that may interest many and scare others is the fact that the liquid content in the bottle is a very dark color that resembles the black ink of creatures such as squid and octopus. If you want to have more fun, then pretend you are consuming ink coming from a big Kraken.

Dimensions and fun for everyone

This model brings 700 ml of content so you can enjoy it several times, as it will last long enough to drink on different occasions. The alcoholic strength is 47%, so, even if you enjoy it a lot, it is preferable that you always drink with caution and moderation. The bottle has a weight of 998 grams, so it is light and you will not have to make an effort when carrying it.

People who are gluten intolerant cannot drink various alcoholic beverages, however, because Kraken Black Spiced Rum is gluten free, it is a perfect product for people who cannot consume this ingredient, but who enjoy the drinks of this type. The two side handles on the bottle will make it easy to pour a drink.

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2. Brugal Extra Old

To talk about Brugal is to take a look at one of the main Dominican rum brands in the world. A winery that has been producing an artisanal rum for more than 130 years, such as the Brugal Extra Viejo.

This liquor has the classic base of the brand, sugar distillate, which once filtered and processed is stored in American oak barrels. Bourbon was previously aged in them, which gives the drink some more than interesting nuances. 

The result is a rum with a characteristic, penetrating color and very striking amber tones. Almost as much as its aromas, with hints of wood, cocoa or vanilla nuts. Regarding the sensations in the mouth, these include notes of vanilla, caramel or honey, finished off with a sensation of cold on the finish, combined with an interesting spicy touch.

If you are one of those who like good rum, you will be interested in knowing more about this classic product from Brugal wineries.


Colour: The rum has a crystalline amber color full of nuances, where the special shine of an outstanding product within its category is not lacking.

Aged : This rum spends much of its life maturing in American oak barrels, which have previously served to age bourbon.

Taste : The rum has a pleasant flavor with hints of vanilla, caramel and honey, while its finish is spicy and persistent, leaving a pleasant freshness in the mouth.

Maturation : The rum maturation process lasts up to eight years, also counting on as many hours of sunlight as possible, in order to intensify aging.


Power: If you are used to more powerful or intense rums, it is possible that this one will be a little softer, although it is purely a matter of taste.

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3. R. L. Seale’s 10 Jahre

If you are one of those consumers who wonders about the best rums of 2022, you may have an idea with this liquor, as it is a representative of those that are among the most recommended by users for their flavor and quality.

RL Seale’s 10 Jahre is a dark rum that could be defined as fruity and floral, since its ingredients include notes of figs and other dried fruits, which are combined with nutmeg and vanilla, which gives it a sweet flavor, but at the same time of good body.

It is a classic and light rum, which although it seems to be soft, it is far from this, because in relation to the volume of alcohol, this bottle, which comes in a 700 ml presentation, has a strong dose that is located at 46 degrees, far above other similar rums.

RL Seale’s is one of the oldest rum trading houses in Barbados, with a vision of a family business, earning the position of the best rum brand, according to the opinions of many users. That is why this liquor is an option that you should take into consideration when making any comparison to enjoy a good rum.


Smell: A liquor that emanates soft notes of nuts, hints of fig and floral spices that make you sharpen your sense of smell before taking a sip.

Taste: When you wet your lips and palate with a sip of this delicious rum you can perceive the flavor of nutmeg with vanilla and dried fruit, with a lasting finish of toasted almonds, cinnamon and toffee.

Aging: A special rum with an aging time of 10 years in oak barrels that had previously rested brandy

Design: The extravagantly curved design of the bottle is intended to attract attention by simulating ancient leather bottles of sailors.


Price: This liqueur is the most expensive in our comparison, but its flavor, aroma and quality compensate for the high price.

Alcohol content: It is a classic and light rum, but with a strong dose of alcohol that reaches 46 degrees, so it has a very intense flavor.

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4. Dictator Orange

If after the options that we have presented so far you are still not sure which is the best rum on the market, then it may be convenient for you to know the properties of this drink that is recommended for those who are looking for a different and versatile flavor, because the flavor predominant in this rum is orange, which is convenient if you want a fresh and smooth flavor on the palate.

The elaboration process of this rum is rigorous, since it is distilled and later aged in oak barrels and, after this, the liquid obtained is macerated with orange peel from Colombia, to give it an intense and different touch.

The presentation of this elixir comes in a 700 ml bottle, with a conventional but elegant design, which denotes the quality of the product inside. In addition, this rum contains a volume of alcohol that stands at 40 degrees.

We know that with so many options on the market it is not easy to decide which rum to buy, but you can review the positive and negative aspects of Dictador Orange so that you can make a smart purchase and enjoy a delicious liquor.


Production process: This liquor uses an aged rum as a base for its production, aged for 100 months in bourbon barrels before macerating it with fresh orange peel from Colombia.

Taste: A genuine rum with a refreshing and fruity aroma, where the citrus flavor of the orange stands out, being smooth on the palate and an excellent companion as a base for cocktails and long drinks.

Presentation: A drink that comes in a classic transparent bottle, where the dark orange tone of the liquor is perceived, with rounded and perfect shapes that make it a point of attraction.


Caution: This rum has an alcoholic strength of 40%, so it should be taken with caution and responsibility.

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5. Eldorado 40%

With citrus notes and a smooth vanilla flavor, this rum is a sample of quality and adequate flavor with rigorous production and distillation processes. It is a light rum from Guyana that has been filtered twice with natural charcoal to strip it of its color and give it clarity and purity. Its manufacturing house is Demerara Distillers, a giant in the subject of distillation of spirits and of course rums.

Following the manufacturing process, the rum was aged for about three years in 45-gallon whiskey oak barrels. Hence its peculiar flavor and its notes that denote quality and a dry taste. In addition to the aforementioned ingredients, this rum has been macerated with other spices and fruity touches that balance its sweet and smooth flavor.

In this way, chocolate, coconut and raisins are also added to the formula, which give it a fruity flavor, but dry and sober. This liquor comes in a glass bottle in a 700 ml presentation and 40 degrees of alcohol volume. For this reason, it is considered the best quality-price ratio rum, as it is one of the cheapest.

We invite you to know the pros and cons of this liquor, since, in addition to being one of the cheapest on the market, it offers a high flavor content.


Design: It is presented in a glass bottle with a classic design and a capacity of 700 ml.

Taste: Its flavor is soft and fruity with a dry, rounded finish and a touch of coconut, citrus and vanilla with notes of chocolate and raisins.

Aging: Filtered twice through natural charcoal to provide that light tone, being aged for at least 3 years in oak barrels after bourbon maceration.


Color: The white and transparent tone of this liqueur may not attract the attention of some more demanding palates in terms of rum.

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Kraken Black Spiced

The kraken is a sea beast, a monster, a legend that lurks at the bottom of the seas for Caribbean ships and this rum honors the creature, with a flavor that connoisseurs describe as wild and mysterious, just like the mythological creature.

This liquor is an intense black rum that is imported from the Caribbean islands in a 700 ml presentation, considered by many lovers of good liquor as the best rum on the market, because it has been aged for periods of between 12 and 14 months in barrels. oak, which gives it a characteristic touch of wood.

It is made from several ingredients with strong flavors and other subtle ones, which combine spicy with sweet, to give as a result a balanced drink in which more than 10 exotic species are mixed, among which cinnamon, ginger and nail, among many others that the distillery prefers to reserve, but that give this rum a unique flavor.

If you are looking for a strong and aged rum, we recommend you check out this liquor that has been cataloged by users as the best rum of the moment, due to its particular characteristics.


Taste: A rum made with 13 different spices, among which cinnamon, ginger and cloves stand out, which give this drink a strong, spicy and extravagant flavor.

Aging: It is distilled in steel stills and fermented with sugar cane syrup and its aging is processed in oak barrels for a period of 12 to 14 months.

Colour: It features a dark black color that appears to be the black ink of the kraken, which makes it a challenging and fun drink.

Presentation: This spicy rum comes in a 700 ml presentation and the design of the bottle is Victorian-inspired, with two handles on the sides that resemble the shape of a giant squid.


Alcohol content: A drink with a high alcohol content that reaches a volume of 47% alcohol, so it must be taken with great caution and responsibility to taste its delicious and concentrated flavor, without unpleasant hangovers.

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Buying Guide – What is the best rum on the market?

Like other spirits such as vodka, gin or whiskey, rum is positioned as one of the most popular alcoholic beverages worldwide due to its sweet taste and versatility. If you are thinking of buying a bottle of rum, then you cannot stop reading this guide to buy the best rum on the market, in which we present a detailed description of the characteristics that you must take into account to get a bottle that fits to your preferences.


If you are looking for a good rum, then you cannot ignore its origin. It is well known that this alcoholic beverage is made from the fermentation of sugar cane. The liquid obtained, a kind of molasses, is treated through a distillation process that refines the flavor and is then joined with other ingredients and spices to obtain the precious liquid called rum.

This is the basic concept, its origin dates back to the 11th century in Spain, but this liquor produced in Europe underwent modifications when the Spaniards brought the cane to the Antilles. A better quality raw material was produced here and, in the 17th century, the natives of the Caribbean Islands began to distill rum like the one we know today, which was imported on a large scale to other continents.

So it is not just an idea that the best rums have their origin in the Caribbean, because the richness of this soil produces quality sugar cane, which is the base of rum. The most popular are Cubans, Dominicans, Venezuelans, Jamaicans and Caribbeans, in general.


Rum connoisseurs say that this drink has body, that it has personality and that its flavor, far from being smooth, is imposing on the palate. When making a comparison of rums, it is necessary to differentiate the types, since the general name is rum, but there are several varieties. In this sense, we find three large branches that are marketed and lead consumer preferences worldwide: white rum, golden or dark rum, and aged rum.

The first has a mild flavor and is popular in cocktails, since the Cuban mojito is made from it. The dorado owes its amber-toned color to the fermentation of the cane and later caramel is added. Meanwhile, aged or dark rum has a stronger hue than gold and is somewhat like the Premium line of rums, with a stronger flavor.

At the same time, it is treated through controlled processes of distillation and aging in barrels that give it greater quality and a characteristic and subtle flavor between wood and barbecue.

alcohol volume

If you want to know how much a rum costs, then you should check the degree of alcohol that it has. All alcohol-based drinks contain it in lesser or greater amounts.

The volume of alcohol represents the amount of this ingredient in the entire bottle. Presumably, the higher its grade, the stronger its flavor and the more intense its effect on the bloodstream. However, this is relative because the strong taste of alcohol is usually present in rums that have not been treated with distillation processes. Those that have been treated, although they may have a high volume, their taste is not invasive.

In the case of rums, presentations ranging from 40 degrees can be obtained on the market, passing through others of 42, 43 or 45, to others with greater content that reach 47 degrees.

These are mostly rums with intense, dry and traditional flavors, which have gone through rigorous quality control processes in the distillation and combination of selected ingredients. In this sense, the most recommended are those known as Premium or aged that combine a high volume with adequate distillation.


The idea of ​​the users is to be able to get a rum that is good and cheap, but this depends on the aging or the treatment that has been given to the product before being bottled. Rums, like other alcoholic beverages, owe their quality and special flavor to the aging they have had (only some have gone through this process).

Once the liquid that comes out of the sugar cane is obtained, it is treated by distillation and each brand and manufacturer adds its ingredients and flavors that give it personality and that identifies them. They are then taken to cellars, where the liquid is placed in barrels for a specific time, at a certain temperature and in defined quantities.

These barrels are usually made of pure and solid oak, so that the time the liquor is in them usually gives a flavor that, when combined with the formula of each manufacturer, leads to an attractive result for the most demanding palates. pleasures.  

How to use rum

Although the data collected shows that the first distillation of rum took place in the sugar cane plantations of the Caribbean in the 17th century, the truth is that, today, it is an alcoholic beverage with a global reach. Due to its great availability and variety of different uses for which it can be used, we have created a user guide that will help our visitors to expand the vision they may have.

Medicinal properties

According to certain studies carried out, rum, in small doses, can have medicinal properties and help us to have a longer life. It is well known that, when consumed in moderation, this alcoholic beverage represents a strong help in the face of stress and helps stabilize blood pressure levels.

It has also been shown that in certain conditions of low mood and/or low energy levels, a small dose can serve as a boost, greatly improving the person’s mood. Finally, we find that, in certain cultures, the product is also used for colds and to relieve severe sore throats.

In winter

Rum connoisseurs and lovers assure that, due to its rich and smooth texture, sweet and unique flavor, this is the best alcoholic beverage in the winter season.

When it is very cold outside, drinking a little rum can be the perfect solution to help the body warm up, which is why many people use it at the end of the day after spending long hours on the street.

In the process, you manage to eliminate the sensation of numbness of the muscles and relax the senses, to counteract the negative and even depressive effects that a particularly long and cold winter season can bring.

exotic cocktails

The truth is that we cannot make a user guide on rums without mentioning its widespread application in the creation of the most varied and delicious cocktails. This alcoholic beverage is used, like no other in the world, as a base to prepare a wide variety of drinks that will surely resonate in your mind. You can use your rums to make: piña coladas, Long Island tea, daiquiris, mai tai, rum punch and many more.

It is also important to mention that the highest quality rums undergo a truly memorable distillation and artisanal preparation process. Therefore, it is a good idea to enjoy the alcoholic beverage on its own, to appreciate the work of its creators.


Although the myth that any alcoholic beverage can work as an antiseptic seems widespread, there is a lot of ignorance about it. Well, when it comes to using a drink for its antiseptic functions, it must meet certain basic requirements. In order to clean a wound, the drink must have at least 35% alcohol or its disinfection capabilities are practically nil.

This figure immediately removes drinks like beer from the radar, but it means that we can use rums as an antiseptic in emergency situations, since their alcohol content usually ranges between 40% and 80%.

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