The best sangria

Our picks for the best sangrias

Sangria is a refreshing and very popular drink, made from fruit and a mixture of spirits and wine. It is ideal to share with friends at meetings, celebrations and dinners, especially during the summer. Its main ingredient is red wine, but thanks to the fruit and sugar, it becomes a very different drink, refreshing and flavored, which serves to beat the heat.

1. Lolea Nº1 Sangria 750 ml

If you have been invited to a dinner and you don’t know what sangria to buy, with Lolea you will surely be right. With a very fun and attractive packaging, it is a traditional drink, light cherry red, clean, bright and attractive. It has little gas and has a fine “bubble”, which will prevent you from feeling bloated, which is why many users consider it the best sangria of the moment. 

Its aroma is very peculiar, different from that of other sangrias. On the nose it has some hints of young wine, with notes of cherries, orange and lemon, caramel, cinnamon and sour strawberry. Although the best of all is its flavor, since it is a very fresh sangria. It tastes like red berries and has a floral touch that makes it unique, with the unmistakable final touch of red wine, which gives it body and flavor.

Ideal for summer dinners and gatherings, with an attractively designed bottle that makes a colorful and fun gift.

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2. Amazon Compass Road Sangria 

Enjoying a good sangria without spending too much is easy thanks to products like Compass Road, the best value for money sangria in our selection. This version is made with authentic Spanish wine, to which the citrus touches of orange are added. The result is a pleasant and fresh drink.

However, this is not a particularly light version in terms of alcohol, given that its alcoholic strength is 7%. So the sangria goes well, but it is not the smoother version that we find in other proposals with less alcohol.

As for the presentation, this is key so that this sangria is cheaper than other similar versions. Specifically, it consists of six bottles of 1.5 liters each. So you’ll have enough sangria for you and all your people without spending too much.

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3. Monte La Reina Tempranillo Summer Sangria

Among the best sangrias of 2022 we find the one made by the Monte La Reina winery. This product is made based on a quality red wine, which offers a fresh and pleasant taste, unlike the more “stubborn” sensations of other lower quality sangrias.

This wine comes from the land of Castilla y León and has the firm commitment of the winery to offer quality wines, as would be expected in a premium sangria. The result is a drink with constant bubbles, a pleasant garnet red tone with purple reflections and a flavor that is as classic as it is pleasant.

This same approach is present in the bottle of Tinto de Verano that accompanies the sangria. Unlike this one, which has hints of orange, the red includes a fresh touch of lemon, thus offering a complete and very refreshing proposal.

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4. Sangria Republic VEGAN Yuzu

Changing the way things are done is a good way to stand out in the market. Something they know at Sangría Republic, where they have launched a series of alternative products to the usual sangria, ideal for enjoying new sensations.

This batch of canned sangria, the first novelty of the product, has the classic base of high quality red wine. However, the most striking are its accompaniments. And it is that, in this case, yuzu, Jamaica flower and vanilla are added to this wine, which is an interesting alternative to conventional products. This traditional product is also in this batch, although with a different touch. And it is that the can of classic sangria that is included has a touch of cinnamon, in addition to the classic orange.

The best thing is that this recipe does not include additives or preservatives, thus preserving the natural essence of its ingredients. All this in a formula that is also suitable for vegans.

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5. Don Simón Sangria Premium Pack of 6 Bottles

Don Simón is considered by many to be the best brand of sangria on the market. This is a classic drink based on the best Spanish wines and native fruits. It has a cherry red color and a shiny appearance. The design of the bottle is also very careful, with a floral motif that stands out and makes it very showy, ideal to take to a dinner with friends.

Being a premium sangria, it has a powerful flavor, with a touch of carbon dioxide in the mouth and a sweet aroma of vanilla, citrus touches typical of the Mediterranean, cinnamon, fruit and the unmistakable touch of red wine. The wines used as the basis for its production come from the best wineries in all of Spain, naturally fermented and carefully selected.

It should be served very cold, accompanied by ice and with pieces of tasty fruit, such as apples or peaches.

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6. Red Sea & Sun Sangria

The Mar&Sol Tinta sangria is another of those interesting proposals that breaks the usual trend. This sangria has a base of red wine made with both Garnacha and Cariñena grapes. A broth that has been made based on microfiltrations, in order to obtain the best flavor and keep all the aromas intact.

This base wine is flavored with a small touch of lemon and the notes provided by orange, to which vanilla and cinnamon are added. These two species add a point of intensity to the product, in order to achieve a more balanced and pleasant profile.

As for its alcoholic strength, this is 9%, so it is a sangria that hits a little more than other softer proposals. However, the touch of sugar that it includes helps to sweeten the product a little and make it more pleasant on the palate.

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7. Manor of Melvin Sangria 5 l

If you are preparing a party with friends, and you wonder what is the best sangria to buy in quantity, Señoría de Melvin has the answer. With a careful presentation in a 5-litre box, there will be no shortage of drinks at your parties and celebrations. It is a traditional cut sangria, made with fruit and red wine. 

This drink has a lot of character, as it is made with strong red wines, which is evident by its personal aroma of red wine. It is a full-bodied drink, in which the aromas of the pulp fruit, cinnamon and sugar stand out. It has a cherry red color, and on the palate it is hard, with hints of citrus, peach and wine.

It is ideal for mixing with other soft drinks, such as cola or orange, although it can also be served cold, with lots of ice and fruit slices.

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8. Atlantic Soul Sangria 75 cl

It is a surprising drink, with citrus and fruity touches, and the persistence of the Albariño wine used as a base. This is the first bloodletting in the Atlantic and a whole way of discovering the Galician Rías Baixas. It is a fun drink with a lot of personality, like its bottle that invites you to discover the secrets of the ocean.

It could be the best white sangria, and it can be enjoyed with lots of ice, orange and lemon peel, fresh mint leaves and pink peppercorns, to cool down on hot summer nights.

Made with Albariño from the Matín Cordax winery, it has a bright white color, with soft bubbles and a taste of citrus and fruity touches, with nuances of loureira and white caiño. Each sip is strong and intense, like the Atlantic Ocean from which it takes its name.

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9. La Tita Canned Sangria 

The good balance between sweetness and flavor is what best defines La Tita’s sangria. That is why it has managed to earn a place among fans of this refreshing drink. In addition, it comes in a very comfortable and practical 330 ml format, packed in cans, so you can quickly cool the sangria, if necessary. Similarly, this presentation will prevent you from opening a whole bottle of sangria just to taste a bit, which is also quite convenient.

On the other hand, given its quantity, it is among the cheapest sangria on the list and consists of 24 cans, so with a single purchase you can get a good amount of drink, to use it as you see fit.

In other features, you might be interested to know that its alcohol concentration of only 7% will allow you to enjoy sangria to accompany an appetizer, prepare cocktails or simply set the mood for a meeting.

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10. Don Simon Red Sangria 

Don Simón’s sangria is a classic for the summer. It is the most iconic drink of the brand, made with the best red wines from the Jumilla area and the best fruits from the Murcian orchard, without preservatives or dyes. It also does not contain added gas, so it is very smooth on the palate.

It is an internationally recognized drink for its excellent quality and for its fruity and full-bodied flavor. It has a bright red color, with golden hues from natural fruit juices. On the nose, citrus notes stand out, with aromas of lemon and orange. On the palate it is pleasant, with the initial flavor of the wine, which is softened by notes of fruit and cinnamon.

It can be served alone, very cold, or with ice. Although it is best to prepare it with fruit pulp, leaving them to macerate for a few minutes before serving.

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Origin and Use

We continue with our guide to buying the best sangria, getting to know a little better the fascinating history of this typical drink from Spain and Portugal. Keep reading and you will learn where it comes from, as well as the main cocktails that can be made with it and its nutritional value.


Sangria is known throughout the world as one of the most representative drinks of our country. Its origin is shrouded in legend, although the most reliable data points to the year 1800. Its creators, some Spanish and Portuguese peasants, who prepared it with local products: wine, apples, peaches and citrus fruits.

Other versions say that the origin of sangria dates back to the year 1700, and that it was invented by a group of English sailors. At that time, there was a prohibition against drinking in the Antilles and this group of sailors masked the Spanish rum with honey, spices, local fruits and wine, to make it look like fruit juice. From this English version it could take its names, which according to the philologist Francisco Marcos Álvarez, would come from the term “sangaree”, used by the sailors of the British West Indies.

Another version, even older, suggests that in 1694, on the island of Martinique, a drink was prepared with Madeira wine, sugar, lemon juice, a little cinnamon, powdered cloves, nutmeg and a crust of bread. toasted.

In Catalonia, a variant of sangria was created that used cava instead of wine.


Sangria, due to its sweet flavor, is very versatile and works well as an ingredient for mixed drinks and cocktails, especially for refreshing ones. Although you can also prepare a delicious winter sangria if you cook the sangria with dried fruit (figs, raisins, apricots and blueberries), brandy and honey.

Calimocho (or calimotxo) is a typical drink from the Basque Country and Navarra that is usually prepared with wine, but if we change the wine for sangria it will be more refreshing. To do this, just mix the sangria with some lemon or lime and a little cola, add a lot of ice and a slice of lemon and enjoy.

White sangria can be mixed with ginger, lime juice, vodka, mint leaves and star anise to make a “spicy sangria” that is as delicious as it is refreshing. If you are not a fan of spice, just remove the ginger and add crushed ice to enjoy a very cool drink, similar to a mojito.

If what you want is to surprise your guests, prepare a green sangria. This is a very simple recipe, refreshing and perfect for summer. To make it, simply mix white sangria with pieces (or juice, if you prefer) of kiwi and fresh green melon, along with lime juice. 

Instead, if you want something refreshing, you can prepare a “Puesta de Sol”, which is made with a mixture of lemon peel and juice, sugar, nectarine pieces and white sangria.


Sangria is a drink based on red, white or cava wine; a good and cheap sangria can have a mixture of several wines or even brandy. In its preparation, slices of fruit are usually added, if the fruit remains in the jar for a long time, the drink can end up with a bitter or acid aftertaste, since the sugars in the fruit break down. 

Sangria should be kept in the fridge, because if it stays out, it can end up turning into vinegar. To store a homemade sangria, you need to remove all the fruit pieces with tongs and cover the pitcher with a lid or wrap before storing it in the fridge.

In the case of the elaborated sangria, they usually have a duration of one year, although it can vary depending on the brand and the elaboration method followed, which will also influence how much it costs (since if it is elaborated in an artisanal way it will be more expensive). This year counts from the date of preparation and should not be extended. Once opened, the sangria should be kept in the refrigerator and can last between three and five days in good condition.

Nutritional value

To continue with our guide, we are going to talk about its many benefits. On the one hand, we have the citrus fruits that are usually used in its preparation and that provide vitamin C, which helps digestion and maintain the balance of the intestinal flora. It also reduces cholesterol and the risk of suffering from arteriosclerosis thanks to the wine that improves blood oxygenation.

The sangria also contains magnesium, phosphorus, potassium and vitamins A, B and B6, it has antioxidant properties and for the maintenance of the nervous system. A glass of sangria (with alcohol) has 173 kcal and only 0.07 g of fat.

drink responsibly

We cannot end this sangria comparison without reminding you that, even if it has a very low alcohol content, you should consume it responsibly. The human body metabolizes alcohol at a rate of one unit (the equivalent of a glass of whiskey) in one hour, so you should consume little by little and above all, you should not drive under the influence of alcohol.

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