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Cider Pourer – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Are you a cider lover and want to enjoy a bottle at home, the same way you would in a tavern in Oviedo? To do so, you will need to have a good cider pourer, since this drink must be served following the traditional ways, to obtain all the flavor. In this article you will find a selection of pourers such as the Tokuyi Mini, a very simple electric model with a fun design that imitates a wine barrel, or the Vin Bouquet FIA, a much simpler model, with a filter and vacuum stopper..

The 8 Best Cider Pourers – Opinions 2022

The cider pourers serve, as their name suggests, to serve the cider. These products allow the liquid to be poured into the glass in the traditional way, causing the cider to break against the glass, oxygenating it and improving the flavour. Below, we present a list of the 8 best pourers, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.

Electric cider pourer

1. Tokuyi Mini Electric Wine and Cider Pourer

The Tokuyi electric cider pourer is one of the most compact and practical on the market. In addition, it has a very fun design in the shape of a wine barrel, which makes it an ideal complement for the kitchen. It is not only used to pour cider, but you can use it for other drinks such as wine or vinegar.

Thanks to its powerful vacuum pump, which is capable of extracting even the contents of the bottom of the bottle, it could be the best cider pourer in the comparison. It works with two AA batteries and it is very easy to install, since it is enough to extend the telescopic rod to the bottom of the bottle and adjust the barrel on the nozzle, so that it does not move.

Once adjusted, it will only be necessary to place the glass under the mouth and press the switch, which activates the vacuum pump and releases the liquid that will be poured into the glass.


Design: Its wine barrel-shaped design is one of the most colorful and fun on the list.

Rod : The telescopic rod, together with the powerful vacuum pump hidden inside the barrel, make it easy to extract all the liquid.

Size: Despite its barrel design, it is a small-sized electric pourer, so you can easily store it or take it with you.


Pressure : As the batteries run out, the cider pourer loses some strength, lowering the pressure, so it is not possible to form foam.

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2. Vinteky Mini electric cider pourer

This is a very powerful and reliable electric cider pourer, it offers a very stable operation, with a fairly long useful life. It is easy to use, clean and maintain. In addition, it is very compact and can be easily stored, the best of all is that it does not require much maintenance and works with 4 AAA batteries.

Thanks to its telescopic stainless steel rod, which complies with all food safety regulations, this could be one of the best pourers of 2022. The suction tube reaches the bottom of the bottle, since it has a total extension of 27 cm. 

Thanks to its barrel-shaped design, it makes an excellent gift for family and friends who love cider and wine. With this equipment you can serve cider like in cider houses, without fear of staining and obtaining the best flavor of this apple drink.


Rod: The 27 cm telescopic rod is long enough to reach the bottom of the bottle. 

Size : It is a very compact pourer, so you can store it in any drawer without being cumbersome.


Batteries : Being light in weight can make the bottle unstable, causing it to topple over if care is not taken when pouring.

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Manual cider pourer

3. Vin Bouquet FIA 006

This set is made up of two pieces; a manual cider pourer with filter and a vacuum stopper. Both have an elegant and very attractive design, and are made of top quality plastics, very easy to clean and that comply with all food hygiene regulations.

This is one of the cheapest pourers and also one of the best for wine lovers as it is perfect for any drink. The cap allows the bottle to be hermetically closed for storage, preventing oxidation of the wine and cider, while keeping the liquid fresh, preserving all the aromas as if you had just opened the bottle, since you can use the pump to extract all the air.

The design of this cheap cider pourer is one of the simplest and also one of the easiest to use, as it will allow you to pour the cider slowly and evenly.


Design : The elegant design of this cider pourer and stopper is very attractive, ideal for more traditional wine lovers.

Simplicity : Thanks to the simplicity of the two pieces, it is very easy to use. In the case of the cap, it is only necessary to place it and use the pump to eliminate the air inside.


Usage : If you don’t know how to pour cider properly, it’s easy for the content to spill out and make a mess.

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4. Metaltex Pourer Stopper for cider

This manual cider pourer is made of top quality plastics, which complies with all food safety and hygiene standards. It is very easy to clean, since you can put it in the dishwasher or wash it by hand. In addition, to use it, it will be enough to place it in the mouth of the bottle. 

With its classic pocket size, attractive green color scheme and great value, this could be the best value for money cider pourer. It is very light, tremendously useful and hardly takes up any space, so you can leave it in your kitchen drawer. 

To serve the cider it is not necessary to remove the stopper, since it has a built-in pourer. It is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a bottle of cider. 


Size: It is a very small pourer, with a very simple one-piece design.

Materials : The plastic from which it is made is top quality, very resistant and easy to clean, with a very attractive green colour.

Simplicity : This pourer is very basic and, at the same time, very functional. The piece perfectly fulfills its function and it is enough to turn it a little to pour the cider.


Design: The rectangular shape of the hole does not favor the regular descent of the liquid, so foam will form.

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Cider pouring stopper

5. Vinbouquet FIA 032 Pocket Cider Pourer

This cider stopper pourer has a basic pocket design. It is a very compact model, made of top quality PVC plastic, which complies with all food safety regulations. It has a very elegant green color and the mouthpiece holes are rectangular. It can be cleaned by hand or in the dishwasher.

If you are wondering which cider pourer to buy, this could be your best option. It is a very useful product, since it will also be used for wine and other liquids such as vinegar. In addition, it is compact, so you can take it with you on your outings or to pour it like a professional in your meals with friends.

As it is not necessary to remove the stopper to pour the cider, this pourer allows you to enjoy the drink in the most comfortable and fast way possible.


Design : It has a traditional design, one piece, with rectangular holes and green. It is very easy to clean.

Price : This is one of the cheapest pourers on the list, which, together with how easy it is to use, can be one of the best purchases.


Design : The design, with rectangular holes, does not facilitate the regular passage of the drink, so pouring may not be the best.

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Isidrín cider pourer

6. COEM Isidrín electric cider pourer

The Isidrín cider pourer allows you to savor natural cider in the best way, to enjoy all the flavor of this typical Asturian drink.

The pouring technique is not easy to master, and poor pouring can spoil the flavour, for this Isidrín, which is considered by many users to be the best brand of cider pourers, has created this highly original pourer.

This pourer works with a 15.6 W rechargeable battery. Both the motor and its battery have been designed for Asturian cider houses, in order to obtain a perfect culín.

This equipment has a button that allows you to dose the culín perfectly, so you can calculate how much cider you put in each glass. Our recommendation is to keep each glass at 100 ml.

In addition, it has a really fun design, representing Isidro, the classic Asturian cider pourer, so if you want to buy a cider pourer with all the essence of Asturias, this is your model.


Design : The design of the pourer represents Isidro, an Asturian pourer, who also gives the brand its name and is an attractive piece of decoration.

Dispenser : Thanks to its dispenser button, you can calculate the amount of cider served in each pouring, bringing the experience closer to that of Asturian cider houses.


Price: The price of this pourer is quite a bit higher than most of the products on the list, which can be a problem for some buyers.

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Wall-mounted cider pourer

7. Inoxlangreo Wall-mounted cider pourer Lagar

This wall-mounted cider pourer has a very attractive design, clearly Asturian, with the Victoria Cross on a blue background, just as it appears on the flag of the autonomous community.

Made of lacquered wood, it is the typical design that we can find in Asturian cider houses, which is why some consider that it could be the best pourer of the moment.

Its design allows you to take full advantage of the content of a bottle of cider, making the cider “break” perfectly against the rim of the glass, creating foam. It is for manual use by means of an air pump, with integrated support for the bottle and bellows button. 

It is perfect for Asturian cider bottles, but it is also compatible with Basque cider bottles and even for serving the typical Basque txakoli.


Design : Its design is one of the most attractive on the list. It is a traditional cider pourer, with the Asturian support and decoration, including the coat of arms of the autonomous community.

Employment : The use by manual pump is one of the most effective and easy to use, it also achieves the perfect flavor for the cider.


Installation: As it is a wall-mounted cider pourer, you need to make holes to install it.

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Automatic cider pourer

8. Vin Bouquet FIA 021 Automatic Cider Pourer

Vin Bouquet’s automatic cider pourer has a modern design, with a neck attachment and a wide mouth glass holder included. It has an electric motor and is very simple and fun to use, so if you are wondering which is the best cider pourer, this could be the answer.

As we mentioned, it is very simple to use, since just by pressing the button once you will serve the perfect cider, that is to say “a culín”, while if you keep the button pressed for longer, you will be able to serve the amount you want. Also, to clean this pourer you just have to place it in a bottle of water and serve twice in a row. 

The battery is long lasting, but it will completely discharge if not used for three months, still a great option, far superior to other cheap models.


Design: This pourer has one of the most attractive and useful designs on the list. Simply hook it to the bottle and place the glass on the support.

Simplicity : The button on the pourer is programmed to serve an exact “culin” just by pressing the button and, furthermore, if you want to serve more you just have to keep it pressed.


Faults: The battery is not easy to recharge, which causes many doubts in users and can be somewhat frustrating.

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Shopping guide

To continue with this guide to buying the best cider pourer, we are going to explain the main characteristics that you should look for in this type of equipment. These factors, such as the way of use or the design, can make the difference between acquiring a good pourer and a bad one. In addition, these factors will also allow you to buy the most suitable product for you.

Why pour the cider?

Cider is a drink that must be poured to obtain the best possible flavor, since, like other drinks such as wine, when it “breaks” against the glass, the flavors “awaken”. In the RAE itself, pouring means serving a drink such as cider or liquor. 

Like wine, cider must be poured, since in this way when it falls on the glass it is stirred and aerated, oxygenating itself and improving the flavour. Cider contains gas, although these are natural gases that are produced during the fermentation of apples. These natural gases are usually in a “rested” state, so in order for the drink to get all of its natural flavors, these must be awakened.

To awaken this gas, what is done is to shake it and aerate it. The best way to aerate it is by pouring it. By doing this, an emulsion of the gas present in the cider is produced, which oxygenates the liquid and awakens all the flavor and all the aromas.

Although cider can be served and drunk without undergoing the process, and it will still be an excellent drink, the truth is that it will not have this gas that characterizes it so much. By comparison, drinking cider without pouring would be like drinking a soda without gas. 


We continue with this comparison of cider pourers talking about the different types that exist. The most common and also the cheapest is the manual. The manuals are shaped like a stopper and, in fact, are designed to be put on the neck of the bottle. In this sense, these pourers also serve to cover and keep the liquid watertight and airtight, keeping the cider in the best possible condition. 

Manual stopper-style pourers are the best option for users who are not used to pouring and also for all those who are not very fond of cider. By pouring manually, it is very easy to pour out of the glass and splash, dirtying the floor or table. 

The electric or automatic pourers work with batteries or electric batteries. These are easier to use, since in most cases, they have supports for the glass, so you only have to leave the glass and press a button to serve the typical «culín». These pourers have a stainless steel rod, which is inserted into the bottle, at the top it has a vacuum pump that is responsible for absorbing the liquid and serving it.

These pourers are perfect for true cider lovers, as they allow you to pour cider without staining or wasting even a milliliter. These products also need more care and maintenance, since the cider can come into contact with the metal parts and corrode them, making it necessary to clean them more often.


The price is also a factor to take into account when buying a cider pourer. Both the type of pourer and its operation will have to do with how much one of these pieces of equipment costs. For example, the cheapest cider pourers are the manual ones and the stopper type, since they do not have pumps or batteries. Our recommendation is that if you are not a big cider aficionado or if you do not have much experience in pouring cider, you should choose one of these. And not only because of the price, but also because of how practical they are, since with them you can train yourself and learn how to pour cider.

Electric pourers, automatic and with a manual vacuum pump, are somewhat more expensive, but they are also easier to use. Most of these only require you to push a button to pour the exact amount of cider. The most expensive models serve the exact amount of cider, which in Asturias is called “culín” with just one touch. In the end, it will always depend on your budget and also on the use you are going to give it.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to use a cider pourer?

If it is an electric cider pourer, the batteries must be placed. Many models work with a rechargeable battery and others with AA or AAA type batteries. In the case of being a manual model, it will suffice to open the cider bottle and attach the pourer. Most have a stopper-shaped section that fits over the mouth of the bottle.

Electric models or those that have some type of vacuum pump, also have a metal rod that must reach the bottom of the bottle, to serve the liquid to the end. Some pourers have a ring or support to place the glass, the advantage of this equipment is that they allow not a single drop of cider to be wasted.

Once the glass and the pourer have been placed, it will be necessary to pour. In automatic equipment, it will suffice to press a button. To serve it, a small amount of about 100 ml is enough, equivalent to a drink, what Asturians call a “culín”. In the case of manuals, you must monitor the amount you serve, controlling the angle of the bottle.

Once served, simply remove the glass to taste the cider. Do not forget to clean the pourer once you have finished using it.

Q2: How to make a wall mounted cider pourer

To make a wall-mounted cider pourer, you first need a piece of wood of the right size. This piece will be the support, so the position of all the elements will have to be marked on it, such as the support for the bottle and the one for the vacuum pump, as well as the anchors or holes to hang it on the wall.

A suitable support for the bottle must be installed on the table, in which the cider bottle must be securely fitted. The vacuum pump must be placed inside the bottle, which may be manual or electric. The table must be cut and decorated to taste, you must also varnish the surface to make it as attractive as possible.

Q3: How to repair a cider pourer

First of all, you need to identify what the problem is. If it is a clog in the pump, you can use water or vinegar to try to remove the blockage from the system. If it is a battery problem, you will need to identify what it is; if it is a discharged battery, simply change the batteries or recharge the battery. In case you don’t know what’s wrong with it, you shouldn’t tamper with it, as you could lose the manufacturer’s warranty, so it’s better to send it to the selling company for repair.

The best way to repair a pourer is to prevent problems, so you should always clean it after use.

Q4: How to clean a cider pourer

In the case of stopper-type pourers, made of plastic or metal, they can be cleaned very easily, both by hand and in the dishwasher. You can clean them with hot water and soap, to remove bacteria and debris that may remain stuck.

In the case of electric pourers, it will suffice to put the pourer in a bottle of water or with a mixture of water and soap or water and vinegar, and serve several times, letting the water completely clean the system.

Q5: How to put a bottle in the cider pourer

The cider pourers have supports in which you can place the bottle. It is important to position the bottles well, adjusting the washers and making sure they are firm. On many occasions, it is enough to place the bottle above the ring, settling it on the support.

Q6: Which is better, an electric or manual cider pourer?

It all depends on what you need. Electric cider pourers allow the drink to be served without spilling a drop, since they have supports and buttons that expel the exact amount of cider. These kits are also more expensive.

Manual pourers or plug-type pourers are more suitable for all those who are learning to pour by hand. They are also cheaper, smaller and easier to maintain.

Q7: What benefits does a cider pourer provide?

The main benefit of a cider pourer is that it manages to get the best flavor out of the drink. The pourer, by pouring the cider into the glass, manages to “break” the drink, that is to say, he shakes and aerates it, causing the gas contained in the drink, which usually remains dormant, to awaken and activate all the flavors and aromas of the drink. the drink.

Like wine and other naturally fermented alcoholic beverages, cider contains natural gases and is considered a living beverage, so its flavor changes when exposed to air and oxygen.

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