The best sparkling wine

Our selections of the best sparkling wines

Sparkling wines or semi-sparkling wines obtain their gas through a second fermentation process, during which the yeasts release carbon that is concentrated in the form of dissolved gas. These are soft and refreshing wines, which are usually highly appreciated to accompany lunch and dinner. In this article we will compare some of the best sparkling wines so that you can choose the one you like the most.

1. Don Luciano Blue Moscato Charmat Moscato Azul

García Carrión is considered by some users to be the best brand of sparkling wines on the market. This Blue Moscato is a “charmat” type broth, that is to say that it has obtained its gas naturally, following the old methods of fermentation of French champagne. It is the result of a manual selection of Moscatel grapes whose must is filtered in isobarometric tanks to conserve carbon dioxide.

Its main characteristic is its attractive turquoise colour, with brilliant bluish tones and fine bubbles. It contains intense aromas of fresh fruits such as melon and apricot, as well as a floral finish with notes of rose petals. On the palate it is sweet without being cloying, with a taste of lychees.

Due to its color, it could be the best sparkling wine for celebrations and parties, as well as to accompany desserts and appetizers.

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2. Platinum Pack of sparkling wines

White wine from Chardonnay grapes serves as the base for Platinum’s aromatic creations. In this sense, these “fragrances” create very attractive visual and aromatic effects, forming pearly waves when the bottles are shaken. 

These cocktails could be the best sparkling wines of 2022, thanks to their combination of white wine and assorted floral and fruity ingredients. Thus, we can find wines of a showy pearly pink color, with floral and citrus aromas, reminiscent of an Andalusian patio where roses and oranges are mixed. We can also enjoy Fragrance No. 6 reminiscent of violets and berries or No. 2 with a bright orange color, with a flavor reminiscent of “Mimosas”.

These sparkling wines, served cool between 5 and 7 degrees, are ideal to accompany dinners, as well as for brunch.

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3. FV Moscato D’Asti Sparkling Wine

If you are wondering which is the best Moscato-type sparkling wine, FV D’Asti could be the answer. It is an Italian wine, whose production and packaging process is carried out with all the care and attention possible; with special attention to details, such as the elegant bottle or the stopper. Following a traditional vinification process, the Moscatel grapes picked by hand acquire a unique flavor.

It is a sweet, fruity and very aromatic sparkling wine, with a clear straw yellow color, fine bubbles, elegant and silver reflections. It contains attractive aromas of fruit and flowers, which open up to a series of flavors reminiscent of ripe fruit. It is a sweet wine, but without being cloying, thanks to a slightly acid finish that balances it.

In this sense, this is a much appreciated wine as a base for cocktails, since its taste is between sweet and acid, allowing a wide variety of combinations.

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4. Toso Moscato D’Asti Sparkling Wine

This could be the best sparkling wine of the moment for those users who enjoy Moscatos with appellation of origin Piemonte Asti, since it is made in the Langhe, which is the original area from which these sparkling wines come. The Moscatel grape grows in the calcareous and white earth soils of the area, from where it obtains its slightly bitter touches.

It is a low alcohol content wine, with a bright and intense yellow color, with fine and elegant bubbles. In the glass it opens up to a series of aromas of fresh fruit, where peach stands out, with a finish of fresh flowers. On the palate it is very sweet, soft and pleasant for those who are not used to drinking wine.

It is a broth to drink cold, between 7 and 10 degrees. It can be drunk as a glass for an aperitif, as well as to pair with desserts, pastas, pizzas or fruit.

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5. Bocopa Marina Sparkling Wine Sparkling Alicante PDO Fruity

From the Alicante Marina wineries, a different sparkling wine arrives with an elegant and exclusive appearance. It is a low alcohol content wine, made 100% with Moscatel de Alejandría type grapes, very aromatic and with light and fine bubbles. The bottle, in a shiny silver color and with the brand’s logo, is reminiscent of the sea and the beaches of Alicante.

If you are looking for a different product with which to surprise others and you are wondering which sparkling wine to buy, this could be the best option. It has a very light color, almost crystalline, which creates a crown of white bubbles. On the nose it is powerful, with varietal aromas that stand out and give way to citrus and tropical fruit. On the palate it is soft, like the Alicante climate, very fresh and not at all aggressive on the palate, with a finish full of fruity nuances.

It is an ideal broth for those who are not used to drinking alcohol or wine. It can be enjoyed at any time of the day, both alone and with meals, especially dinners.

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6. Pinord Sparkling White Sparkling Wine

Pinord is one of the brands with the longest tradition in the production of sparkling wines, as it was the first to market this type of product in Spain. Their wines are cheap, but of high quality. Fruit of the work of the Reynal family, this sparkling wine is made with the best Moscatel grapes and contains all the representative flavors and aromas of the Mediterranean.

It is a wine with a bright appearance, straw yellow in color with greenish reflections and fine bubbles. It is considered by users to be the best value for money sparkling wine, thanks to its varietal aromas reminiscent of white fruit and citrus, as well as its sweet and intense flavor, reminiscent of pineapple and apple.

It is a soft wine that should be served very fresh and pairs perfectly with all kinds of rice, seafood, light salads, pasta and also with fish.

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7. Sparkling Albariño Atlantic Soul

Coming from the prestigious wineries of Martín Códax, this sparkling wine is made with the best Albariño and Godello grapes, raised on the Galician coast, in cold and hard soils, which produce coarse-grained fruits, with a large amount of sugar and a round flavor.. Its fermentation process achieves a balance of flavors, with a medium alcohol content, which causes a very tasty mixture of acidity and sweetness, which you will not find in cheaper options.

The final result is a very light colored wine, straw yellow with greenish reflections. In the glass it releases a wide range of aromas, among which fresh fruits such as apple, pear and melon stand out, with a floral finish. On the palate it is very refreshing and persistent, with a great balance between the typical acid flavors of the variety and the sweetness of sparkling wines.

It is an ideal wine to accompany typical dishes of Galician cuisine such as fresh seafood, but also with fish, pizzas and desserts of all kinds.

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8. Sparkling Wine Pack Three Bottles

Gold Fusion is the result of the work of the Calcerrada Lara family, who in 1949 founded their first soft drink business. Later, they took over a winery and, as a result of this merger, the brand’s first sparkling wines were born. Gold Fusion sparkling wines are more than just wine, as they are cocktails with very showy aromas and colors, full of pearly reflections.

These are ideal products to give as gifts, as well as to take to a New Year’s Eve party, a bachelor party or to enjoy a meeting with family or friends. The bottles, when moved, shine with pearly and golden tones, creating a very fun and unique visual effect. In addition, thanks to their low alcohol content they are suitable for those who are not used to wine.

On the other hand, these are sparkling wines created with Chardonnay grapes, with the typical floral aromas of the variety and a refreshing flavor, in which fruit and citrus flavors are perfectly combined. 

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9. Ochoa Moscato de Ochoa Sparkling Wine

This sparkling wine is the fruit of a trip to the Piedmont area, in Italy, where Ochoa discovered Moscato D’Asti for the first time. It is a representation of the typical Italian sparkling wine, with double fermentation and fine, natural and light bubbles. It is made with 100% small-grain Moscatel grapes, which come from the estates that Ochoa has in the Traibuenas Forest and Traibuenas Milla, destemmed, crushed and lightly pressed.

It is a very clear sparkling wine, with a very pale golden yellow color, with natural and fine bubbles that are the result of its production process. As for the aromas, it has the typical aromas of the variety such as white roses, ripe fruits and a citrus lemon finish. As for the flavour, ripe fruit and citrus predominate, with a fresh and elegant mid palate.

It is a fresh wine, excellent to drink with great-tasting appetizers and starters such as foie gras and canapés, as well as desserts and fresh fruit.

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10. Sparkling White Sandara

Sandara Blanco Espumoso is a soft drink made with a sparkling base of white wine from Sauvignon Blanc, Verdejo and Viura grapes. More than a traditional sparkling wine, it is a novel concept that goes beyond simple wine and is very attractive for users who are not used to drinking broths with a high alcohol content. It is a wine awarded with the Best Buy Wine Enthusiast medal in 2016 and the silver medal at the AWC in Vienna in 2014.

It is a very light colored wine, almost white, with fine and elegant bubbles. In the glass, it gives off delicate, floral and fruity aromas reminiscent of melon. Finally, on the palate it stands out for its juicy and balanced flavors, reminiscent of summer fruits such as grapes, mango, peach and with a citrus finish.

It is a very suitable wine to pair with desserts, as well as with ethnic food dishes, but also to drink alone, very cold in a narrow glass.

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Origin and Use

Once our comparison of sparkling wines is finished, we want to offer you some more details about this type of drink. Below, you will find a guide on the history of these wines, as well as the best mixtures you can make with them and some tips on how to preserve the bottles so that they last longer.


The origin of sparkling wine is linked to that of champagne. Actually, it is the story of a mistake, with the Benedictine friar Dom Perignon as the protagonist. The first champagne is introduced at the court of the French King Louis XIV and is the fruit of the must of red and white grapes. The main difference between sparkling and other wines are the bubbles, which are produced by a double fermentation of the must.

As we have already said, the first sparkling wine was the product of a mistake. In the abbey of Haynes, where Pierre Perignon carried out his work as a winemaker, the low temperatures of winter interrupted the fermentation process, which at that time was carried out in the bottles. When spring arrived, this process was reactivated, but it created a large amount of carbon dioxide, which caused the bottles to explode due to the pressure.

Dom Perignon discovered that the broth in these bottles was sweeter than traditionally fermented wine. He decided not to waste those wines and take advantage of the climatic conditions to create a new type of wine, which would eventually become known as champagne. To solve the problem of bursting bottles, Perignon demanded to make the bottles thicker and reintroduced corks, already in use in Roman times, but no longer in use.

These wines were widely accepted at the court of King Louis XIV, who paid them great honors by creating a special glass to drink them in, in the shape of Madamme Pompadur’s breasts.

From the French court, sparkling wine became popular throughout the world, with Piedmont, a region in northern Italy, where it was most successful. There, especially in D’Asti, a new gasification method called Charmat was created. Today, in Piedmont there are more than 400 Protected Designations of Origin, made with the typical Moscatel grapes of the place. There, this wine got its better known name, Muscato or Spumante.


Moscato and sparkling wines are a good base for cocktails, as they have a wide variety of fruity, sweet and acidic flavors that balance each other, offering a base for mixing with juices and soft drinks.

For lovers of Mediterranean flavors, one of the cocktails that can be made is the Mimosa, a very simple mix that is highly appreciated by brunch lovers. It is about combining sparkling wine and 50% natural orange juice, in a flute glass. You can also decorate with a slice of orange or add some crushed ice to refresh.

If you prefer something sweeter, you can opt for a Pink Lemonade Mimosa, which is prepared with a mixture of lemon juice, sugar, fresh strawberries and sparkling wine. You mix everything in the glass of a blender, blend everything until smooth and present it in a flute glass with crushed ice.

For those who enjoy tropical flavors, the Tropical Bubbly is a combination of mint, pineapple, mango and sparkling wine. Again, to make it you just have to mix all the ingredients in the blender, give it a “twist” and serve in glasses or tall glasses with lots of ice and decorated with a slice of pineapple.


We continue with this guide to buy the best sparkling wine talking about its conservation. In this sense, the sparkling wine, regardless of how much it costs, is sold in its optimal state of consumption, so the most ideal thing is to drink it in the months following its purchase. Once opened, you must store it in the refrigerator, always covered and in an upright position.

If they are not opened, they should be kept in a horizontal position, covered and in a cool, dry place, away from sunlight. 

Nutritional value

A glass of sparkling wine (105 ml) contains 87 calories, 2.8 grams of carbohydrates and 0.07 g of protein.

drink responsibly

Sparkling wine contains alcohol, so it should not be consumed by those under 18 years of age. You should also not drive after drinking, as it could cause financial damage in the form of fines, in the best of cases.

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