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Straws are a type of utensil with a simple format, which allow the person to drink any type of liquid more easily from a glass or bottle. In addition, this product is designed to be used by a child and adult target, depending, logically, on its design. A good example of this is the Longzon MPA-SAS-00002 model. It is a set of 12 metal straws with silicone nozzles, which can be easily exchanged, which is flattering for proper cleaning. Another shopping alternative is Flathead Products 5841502799, which comes with 10 silicone straws in assorted colors and a secure-lock storage bag.

The 9 Best Straws – Opinions 2022

The market has a wide variety of designs of reusable, edible, ecological, disposable, themed straws, among others; so, before making a hasty selection, the invitation is to review these nine sets of straws considered the best of 2022.

metal straws

1. Longzon Reusable Metal Stainless Steel Straws with Brushes

Recommended as the best straw, due to its ergonomic design, resistant body, attractive aesthetics and ease of cleaning, this set of 12 units stands out. Each of the straws has a length of 21.5 centimeters and have been made of stainless steel. 

In addition, in the upper part, a removable and interchangeable three-centimeter silicone mouthpiece is incorporated. Both materials are free of toxic agents that can be released and contaminate beverages.

On the other hand, these metal straws attach a pair of small brushes, designed to be inserted inside each of the reeds. In this way, it is possible to remove any stain or accumulated residue, maintaining the correct hygiene of the product. 

Also, it should be mentioned that, thanks to the drawstring bag integrated into the purchase package, it will be possible to store and transport the straws safely, without damaging or dirtying them.

In this set could be the best straw of the moment, due to its ergonomic and reusable design. Here, more details.


Bag: Thanks to the built-in bag, you can easily store and transport the straws.

Design: You will have six straight and six curved straws, so you can adapt them to the needs of each person.

Quality: Both the stainless steel of the straws and the silicone of the nozzles are free of contaminating agents.

Reusable: This is a reusable product, which allows you to take care of the environment and save money.


Color: A greater variety in the colors of the mouthpieces is missing.

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2. Vehhe Metal Stainless Steel Reusable Straws

Vehhe, on this occasion, presents a set of 10 metal straws that stand out among the cheapest, which can be adapted for glasses no larger than 30 ounces. This is because the first five units have a straight format, while the remaining five rods can be folded, so the size varies a bit. 

In addition, these structures have been made of food-grade stainless steel, a material free of toxic agents that can cause discomfort in humans or in the environment. Likewise, it is a product suitable for use with any type of hot or cold drink, thanks to its ergonomic design and pleasant aesthetics. 

In this sense, with these straws the person will not only be able to drink more easily, but will also be adding a decorative touch to the glass. Similarly, the straws can be put in the dishwasher or washed with the practical integrated brushes.

Next, the pros and cons of a set of 10 metal straws that are among the cheapest on the list and can be used by children and adults.


Cleaning: You can easily clean the inside of the straws, due to the pair of built-in brushes.

Safe: You will not have to worry about the release of BPA or other contaminating particles, since the material is certified.

Edges: Its edges have been carefully polished, to avoid hurting people’s mouths.

Reusable: Being a reusable product, you not only save money, but also take care of the environment.


Cover: As it does not have a waterproof cover, moisture can pass through the textile, but it could be a minor problem.

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reusable straws

3. Flathead Products Straight Reusable Silicone Straws

Promoted as one of the best straws of 2022, you will find this set of 10 units made of food grade silicone, a material with a flexible and soft body. In addition, this type of polymer does not have BPA or other polluting elements, so it is suitable for use by children and adults, without fear of experiencing allergies or intoxication.

It is important to mention that said silicone is easy to clean, being suitable to be incorporated in the dishwasher or washed under the tap, as each person prefers. In fact, the manufacturer incorporates a practical brush into the purchase package, which can be inserted through the straw, in order to remove accumulated waste. 

Likewise, these reusable straws have a length of 25.4 centimeters and a slight inclination added to their format, which allows a better adaptation to the glass and to the mouth when drinking.

Flathead Products might just be the best brand of straws out there, and this 10-piece set proves it. Below are other product details.


Brush: Thanks to the attached brush, you will clean the inside of the straws quickly.

Bag: A transport and storage bag is incorporated to keep the straws protected.

Resistance: You can use the straws with hot or cold drinks, since the material of its structure offers great resistance.

Safety: The polymer used is free of BPA, so its use is safe.


Colors: The colors of the straws are random, so it is not possible to select the shades according to preference.

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4. Os Oak & Steel England Stainless Steel Straws

With these reusable straws from Os Oak & Steel England, you will enjoy a resistant and durable product, made of food-grade stainless steel, making it a material free of lead and other contaminating particles. 

Likewise, said metal can be incorporated into the dishwasher for greater speed when washing it. Similarly, a couple of special brushes have been included in the purchase package, designed to be inserted into each straw and, thus, get rid of dirt and prevent the proliferation of mold due to humidity.

Regarding the presentation of these metallic straws, we have a set made up of eight units in rainbow, copper, gold and silver. In this way, it is possible to identify the reeds quickly, which is flattering for family members when using the straws, whether to drink water, coffee, smoothies, juices, cocktails or any type of drink.

These are straws that you can reuse countless times, thanks to their metal body and practical cleaning.


Brushes: It is possible to thoroughly clean the inside of the straws, thanks to the pair of built-in brushes.

Colors: The colors of the straws are assorted, so you will have various shades.

Strength: Each straw has been made from stainless steel for strength and durability.

Inclination: The structure has a slight inclination, which makes it easier to sip the drink.


Taste: Initially, there may be a metallic taste from the straws, but if you wash them a couple of times before use, you shouldn’t have a problem.

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edible straws

5. Winesfromspain Assorted edible straws Sips different flavors

With this product, many people have answered the question of which is the best straw, since it is not only used to sip drinks, but the units can be chewed and ingested, because your body is built with edible ingredients.

The set is made up of a total of 48 units and the flavors of chocolate, strawberry, cinnamon, apple, lemon, ginger, lime and cinnamon, which are incorporated in an assorted way. According to the manufacturer, in each package there must be a maximum of four flavors, incorporated according to the available stock at the time of making the purchase.

These edible straws have a colorful and slightly chunky aesthetic that will nicely complement any drink décor. In addition, they have been individually packed to prevent them from deteriorating or softening on contact with moisture, thus maintaining proper hygiene at all times.

If you still don’t know which straws to buy, you might be interested in this set of 48 units. Next, its advantages and disadvantages.


Packaging: Each of the straws is covered with a protective paper that prevents deterioration.

Edibles: After finishing the drink, you can eat the straw and enjoy its pleasant taste.

Set: A total of 48 straws are included, so it is a profitable product.

Texture: The straws have a soft body, which allows them to be easily chewed.


Flavors: Although the manufacturer indicates that the flavors are assorted, there may be packages of the same flavor.

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plastic straws

6. Zawtr Reusable Multicolor Curly Plastic Cocktail Straw

The Zawtr brand presents plastic straws with a large format from 24.5 to 26 centimeters long and a 0.5 centimeter diameter nozzle, which allows a fluid suction of drinks.

The set incorporates 12 straws with four different shapes, while the colors are distributed in groups of three units, so that people can enjoy purple, pink, royal blue and light blue straws. In this way, they can give drinks a fun and colorful touch.

On the other hand, we have the issue of manufacturing the straws, for which an ecological PET polymer was used, which is characterized by being a material resistant to deterioration, reusable and free of toxic agents such as BPA, which can be released and contaminate drinks. In addition, this plastic is easy to clean under tap water, with a mild detergent.

Learn about the positive and less flattering aspects of this set of 12 straws, which you can use in different drinks.


Design: The straws are long and have four different shapes, which are colorful and pleasant.

Reusable: You can reuse the straws on various occasions, because its resistant body can be washed.

Use: These straws are suitable for any type of hot or cold drink to be consumed by children and adults.

Plastic: The product was manufactured with ecological plastic, free of BPA or other agents harmful to health.


Boiling water: It is important to avoid exposing the straws to boiling water, as they could deform.

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bamboo straws

7. Bofa Eco Tableware Biodegradable Yellow Bamboo Straws

Bamboo straws are an ecological alternative that can help significantly reduce environmental pollution caused by plastic, whose degradation can take an average of a thousand years. The opposite is the case with paper, which, due to its cellulose composition, can biodegrade in a year.

In this sense, the purchase of this product from the Bofa Eco Tableware house is completely beneficial for the planet. The set incorporates 100 units made with three layers of kraft paper, which is a certified material, free of toxic agents and any bleaching process. 

In addition, this paper has a pleasant aesthetic that resembles yellow bamboo, and its body is robust and suitable for resisting hot or cold preparations, since it does not immediately disintegrate when it comes into contact with liquid. Therefore, it can remain practically intact to consume drinks throughout the night and then discard it.

With these straws it is possible to reduce the sources of contamination produced by plastic, since they are made of biodegradable paper. Here, more details of interest.


Manufacturing: Each straw was made with kraft paper, which is characterized by being robust and resistant.

Set: This is a profitable product, whose presentation includes 100 units.

Ecological: Being biodegradable paper straws, they help protect the environment from pollution.

Use: These straws can be used in any type of hot or cold drink, without fear of deformation or disintegration.


Non-reusable: Due to its paper body, you will not be able to reuse the straws.

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ecological straws

8. Phampy Reusable Silicone Animal Straws BPA Free

This is a product recommended on the web as the best quality-price ratio straw from this selection of products. It is a set made up of five units, made of food-grade silicone, free of toxic agents.

In addition, this polymer provides a flexible, resistant, light and durable body that can be used with hot or cold drinks, while the parts can be washed in the dishwasher or manually under the tap. In either case, it is important to use the built-in brush to remove residue from inside the reeds.

On the other hand, it is interesting to comment that these ecological straws have a size of 20 centimeters and their colorful structure has, in the upper part, the figure of some cute animals: elephant, giraffe, crocodile, duck and dinosaur, which will please the little ones. of the house

Among the available options, this colorful set stands out, which will please the little ones in the house. Here are its pros and cons.


Accessory: With the purchase a brush is attached to remove accumulated waste.

Diameter: The diameter of the straw holes is wide enough to use with thick drinks.

Edges: The edges of the straws are smooth, to ensure the safety of infants.

Silicone: The silicone used is free of toxic and polluting agents that may affect the health of children or the environment.


Long: Straws may be long for some glasses, but can be shortened.

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paper straws

9. Melliex Disposable Colored Biodegradable Paper Straws

These paper straws are made of a natural type material, free of BPA, dyes or other chemicals harmful to health. In addition, this is a biodegradable product that respects the environment, by avoiding long-term contamination, as occurs with plastics. 

The set includes a total of 200 straws with various designs. In this sense, you will enjoy eight different styles and colors: yellow, blue, red, pink, orange, green, purple, gray.

Each rod has a size of 19.7 centimeters and the diameter corresponds to 0.6 centimeters. This means that they are pieces that can be easily adapted to any type of glass and that, through them, drinks with a thick body can be sipped without problems. 

Also, it is important to mention that, although they are disposable straws, their body is resistant, so they will not disintegrate on first contact with the liquid to be ingested.

These straws are a good option for those who want to avoid pollution caused by plastics. Here are the pros and cons of this set.


Use: You can use the straws with hot or cold drinks, without disintegrating or breaking.

Biodegradable: Its biodegradable paper body promotes respect for the environment.

Set: You will have 200 straws in a single package, making it a profitable product.

Adaptable: It is possible to cut the straws to adapt them to small glasses.


Non-reusable: If you are looking for a product that you can use more than once, you will have to bet on another model, since this one is disposable.

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Shopping guide

Straws are often used by children and adults to quickly and accurately sip water, juices, smoothies, cocktails, among others. In addition, this type of product is used as a decorative element in different drinks. Below, we present a guide to buying the best straw, in which the main quality identifiers to take into consideration are compiled.

Fabrication material

After a set of straws has captured the attention of the buyer, the first thing that he will ask is how much it costs. However, this should not be the main concern, because if the manufacturing materials are not suitable, then the product may not be worth the investment.

Ideally, the person inquires about the type of raw material used by the brand, which are generally steel and polymer, trying as far as possible to ensure that they are free of toxic agents, dyes, aromas or any type of particles that can be released and contaminate the beverages to be ingested.

On the other hand, in the case of paper straws, they must be made of a biodegradable material, in order to avoid the generation of polluting sources that affect the environment. In addition, the buyer will have to take into consideration that any of the three materials must offer a slight flexibility and resistance to changes in temperature, so that they do not deform or disintegrate in contact with the liquid.


The issue of cleaning is one of the aspects evaluated in any comparison of straws, since it is a product that must be washed constantly, that is, every time it has been used to sip a drink. Of course, this only applies to reusable models.

In general, plastic and metal straws can be washed directly under the tap with detergent and the help of a soft sponge to rub the entire outer area of ​​the structure. Similarly, some manufacturers have designed the reeds to be incorporated into the dishwasher, in order to speed up the cleaning process and, thus, achieve a higher level of disinfection of the pieces, thanks to the temperature provided by the washing cycle of the dishwasher. equipment.

types of straws

Although the correct thing is to get a good and economical straw, it is also true that the selected model must satisfy the needs of use of each person. In this sense, you can find a variety of straws on the market with a straight, curved, long or short format, designed to adapt to different types of glasses.

Likewise, straws with an exterior in solid, fluorescent, neutral, translucent or patterned colors stand out. In addition, there are the thematic models, which are usually more colorful and, therefore, decorative. These incorporate removable nozzles and animated figures in high relief, at the top, to capture the attention of the smallest of the house, while other straws form abstract figures with the structure, being longer and more voluminous.

On the other hand, there are the edible straws, whose aesthetics are straight, robust and completely cylindrical, but, unlike any other model, these can be ingested. You will only have to sip the drink as usual and little by little the structure will hydrate and soften, so that you can chew it and enjoy its flavour.


That the purchased straws incorporate accessories is an aspect of great importance, since, in this way, it is possible to improve the user experience with the product. Also, the person will save money, by not having to buy the complementary elements later.

For this reason, it is necessary that the set of straws has been provided, first of all, with one or two cleaning brushes, whose thin and long design adapts to the interior of each of the reeds. In this way, it is possible to eliminate any type of residue and mold accumulated in these structures, produced by the passage of drinks and humidity.

Likewise, there are the storage bags, designed to keep the straws protected from dirt and deterioration at all times. In addition, these bags are convenient in reusable straw models, since you can store them after use and place them in the backpack, without leaking or staining your belongings. For this reason, the ideal would be for the linings to be made of waterproof fabric and to incorporate a practical closure by means of a cord, whose handling is quick and safe.

Frequently asked questions

Q1: How to clean the straws inside?

To clean the straws inside it is only necessary to have a special brush, whose design is linear and very thin. In this way, you will only have to introduce said instrument moistened with a soapy solution inside the reeds, rub it horizontally several times and turn it. Thus, it will be possible to eliminate the dirt generated due to the constant passage of drinks and accumulated moisture.

To finish, remove excess detergent and dirt with plenty of water, directly under the tap and let the reeds dry, to store them in their respective bag or solid case.

Q2: How to make paper straws?

Making paper straws is an uncomplicated task, for which you will need paper, a ruler, a pencil, glue, and scissors. Then, place the sheet of paper on a flat surface, and then draw some horizontal lines on it with a width of at least two centimeters, a distance on which the diameter you want for the straws will depend.

To continue, proceed to cut as precisely as possible and apply glue to one of the sides of the paper strips. In this way, you will be able to join the sheet with the opposite end, forming a cylindrical structure.

Q3: How to recycle the straws?

Reusing materials to make new creations is a form of recycling. For example, with some plastic straws it is possible to make necklaces and bracelets, which can be used by the little ones in the house and even by women. Everything will depend on the craftsmanship quality of the work done.

In the same way, with the straws you can do DIY works: portrait holders, mirror frames, the structure of a lamp, small boxes to place tendrils, lipsticks or other accessories. In addition, you can create strategy games for family fun, make collages on a canvas, floating shelves and endless crafts.

Q4: How to decorate straws for birthday?

To decorate straws for birthdays you just have to put your imagination to the test. Select a theme, for example, “safari”. Next, draw the silhouette of some animals on colored paper, cut them out and stick them to the top of the straws.

You can also lay out some ribbons and wrap a spiral ribbon around the straw. Remember that there are many specialized portals that you can review to get inspired and make unique creations, capable of surprising your guests.

Q5: Who invented drinking straws?

If we take a look at the past, it is possible to find historical records of straws during the 26th century BC. C., according to the findings of the archaeologist Leonard Woolley, during an excavation carried out in 1928 in the tomb of Queen Puabi, a native of the Sumerian city of Ur, currently known as Iraq. Among all the unearthed treasures, there was a straw used by the Sumerians to sip beer, without foam or residue getting in the way.

However, the creation of the modern straw is directly attributed to the American-born inventor Marvin Stone, who, in January 1888, patented the straw and, years later, began the mass production of this revolutionary product.

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