The best tequila

Our selections of the best tequilas

As with other liquors, when choosing a tequila we must take into account a series of aspects such as its flavor and intensity. This will be determined according to the use you want to give it, whether you want to drink it just to taste it or to mix it in the preparation of certain cocktails. Also, keep in mind that, whether you are a collector or want to give a gift to a special person, a bottle that has a beautiful and unique design is highly recommended.

1. Don Julio Reposado Tequila

You are planning a celebration and you want to offer your friends a special drink full of flavor that your guests can enjoy either alone or mixed with other ingredients to create very unique cocktails, then this Don Julio brand tequila is your best alternative.

Considered one of the best tequilas of the moment, this product of Mexican origin has 92 Puntos Peñín awards, proof of its indisputable quality.

With a light roasted yellow color, it has a flavor with hints of dark chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla. It has been distilled in pot stills and aged in barrels for 8 months.

With an alcoholic content of 38%, this tequila is contained in a bottle of 700 ml and 699 grams of weight. It is one of the smoothest Don Julio tequilas in its range, plus it is ideal to drink with a little pink grapefruit juice, fresh lime and vanilla sugar.

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2. 1800 Aged Tequila

Tequila is the national drink of Mexico, so if you are a lover of its flavor or are organizing a Mexican-themed party, this is an excellent option to toast with your guests.

Produced in Mexico, this 1800 brand product is considered the best tequila this list has to offer.

The origin and production of this product is strictly controlled, with 100% blue agave, which has been harvested on family ranches and bottled in La Rojeña, Jalisco, Mexico. It has an alcoholic content of 38% in a 700 ml bottle.

It has been distilled using a double process and aged for 3 years in French oak barrels, obtaining a delicate aroma of vanilla, cinnamon and cloves. In turn, it has a toffee and nutty flavor with a spicy finish.

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3. Jose Cuervo Special Tequila

Considered the best value for money tequila by many consumers, José Cuervo’s special is produced with one of the best blue agaves harvested by hand using pruning and slow-cooking techniques.

It has also been pressed and distilled to finally be aged in oak barrels. It is a slowly processed product but its quality lies therein, being one of the cheapest alternatives.

With 38% alcohol content bottled in a 70 cl. bottle, it is a golden-colored young tequila made from various blends between reposado or aged and young tequilas. It is an ideal product to drink completely alone at room temperature or with ice, as well as in your favorite cocktails.

Produced in Mexico and awarded 90 Peñín Points, it is a product suitable for vegetarians and it is recommended to store it at a temperature between 15 and 35 degrees. The bottle has a weight of 998 grams.

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4. Silver Tequila pattern

Listed among the best tequilas of 2022, this product is a perfect alternative for lovers and collectors of this drink, as well as for those looking to give a special gift, thanks to the fact that it is presented in a very elegant glass bottle with a cork lid. with a rounded shape and decorated with a pretty green ribbon.

This tequila has a fresh agave aroma with slightly noticeable fruit and citrus details. At the beginning, it presents a sweet and soft flavor on the palate.

Therefore, it is a tequila that is recommended to drink either alone at room temperature or with ice or mixed with other ingredients in a delicious cocktail.

It has an alcoholic content of 40% in a 700 ml bottle with an approximate weight of 699 grams. It is a tequila produced in Mexico and manufactured by Bacardi completely suitable for vegetarians.

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5. El Jimador Reposado Tequila

Among the cheapest tequilas on this list, Jimador is one of the most requested and consumed thanks to the quality of the drink and the elegant taste with notes of wood and mint, with a slightly spicy flavor on the palate and a warm finish.

Produced in Jalisco Mexico, it is a tequila with 38% alcohol content, so it is ideal to drink alone in the form of shots or with ice, as well as mixed with other ingredients to create some of your favorite cocktails.

It is produced with 100% agave and is made with artisanal techniques in the well-known Casa de la Herradura.

It has been aged in oak barrels for 2 months, giving it a very characteristic flavor and a slightly pink colour. The bottle has a volume of 700 ml and a total weight of 699 grams, in addition to which it sports an elegant design with engraving on the glass.

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6. Kah Skull Aged Tequila

If you are looking for a special gift for one of your best friends who loves this folk drink, this is one of the best alternatives, since, in addition to its quality and flavor, it sports a unique and spectacular design in the shape of a skull with motifs. mexicans from catrín

With a remarkable flavor for its remarkable taste of coffee with chocolate and tobacco, achieved thanks to its aging process carried out in American oak barrels of the White Oak type for a period of two years. It is produced in Mexico and is a liquor suitable for vegetarians.

It presents some classic notes of agave with pepper, which are complemented by floral aromas and hints of mint.

It stands out for being possibly the best tequila of the moment, which contains 40% alcoholic strength in a 700 ml bottle and weighs 1.40 kg.

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7. Spur Miflex Xtreme Hi Plus Tube

If you want to know which is the best tequila that you can serve to your guests in the celebration that you are organizing, do not hesitate to take into account this traditional Mexican drink made with 100% pure agave.

It has a very elegant flavor with notes of caramel, coffee and vanilla, presenting a perfect balance between cooked agave and wood.

This reposado tequila has a distinctive and special flavor that makes it ideal for sharing at dinner. It has a 40% alcoholic strength in a bottle of 700 ml and approximately 803 grams.

It comes from the famous distiller of the San Nicolás ranch located in the highlands of Jalisco, produced with artisanal techniques and rested for 9 months in Canadian white oak barrels, which in 2007 received a gold medal in the international wine competition. and spirits.

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8. Corralejo Rested

Presented in an elegant blue bottle and sporting a fine engraving of its logo on the glass, this Corralejo brand tequila and made in Mexico is an ideal option both for collectors and lovers of this drink as well as to give as a gift to someone else. a special person.

The bottle, weighing approximately 1.4 kilograms, has a volume of 700 ml and the tequila has an alcohol content of 38%, making it ideal to drink neat or with lemon and salt.

In addition, it is also a perfect drink to mix with some of the most delicious cocktails.

It is an alcoholic drink totally suitable for vegetarians, it has a slightly straw color and an aroma of vanilla, pepper, salting and honey. On the other hand, it has a fruity flavor with noticeable hints of lemon and a characteristically elegant and smooth finish.

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9. Olmec White Tequila

Made with blue weber agave harvested using traditional handcrafted techniques in the high fields of Jalisco, Mexico, this tequila offers great quality and flavor, as well as a finely decorated bottle with many details etched into the glass. If you need to give a gift to a special person, this is one of the best alternatives.

It is a premium white Olmec tequila distilled in copper pot stills and bottled directly after distillation.

It is recommended to serve at room temperature or with ice according to your taste. Also, if you prefer it mixed with other products to make a cocktail, this is an excellent alternative.

With an alcoholic strength of 38%, this tequila is presented in a 700 ml bottle with an approximate weight of 699 grams. It is a product suitable for vegans and, to preserve its quality for longer, it is recommended to store it in a dry and cool place.

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10. Sierra Old Aged Tequila

If you still don’t know what tequila to buy, this is one of the best alternatives on the market today, whether you want to have an authentic and quality drink or you want to give a gift to a special person.

It comes bottled in a very characteristic bottle with a traditional Mexican design engraving and cap in the shape of a charro hat, with a volume of 700 ml and a weight of approximately 939 grams.

It has an alcoholic content of 40% and originates from Mexico, so it is guaranteed as a folk and flavor drink.

Its production meets strict procedures and quality requirements, coming from a special type of blue agave known as prochnyanthes. Sierra Tequila is considered the best tequila brand according to the opinions of a large number of users and lovers of this special drink.

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Origin and Use

Tequila is the official drink of Mexico, being known worldwide as a folk drink with a very characteristic flavor, which is usually drunk alone or accompanied with other ingredients to create a wide variety of cocktails. If you are interested in acquiring one of these famous drinks to toast at a special meeting, it is important to make a comparison of tequilas to choose the one that best suits your needs.

However, in the face of so many alternatives offered on the market, which make it difficult to choose the right drink for your celebration, we have prepared this guide to buy the best tequila, so that, if your priority is to know how much it costs, you can purchase the more economical.


The origin of tequila dates back to the time of the conquest of Mexico, since documents have been found that tell stories of witnesses who assure that the conquerors already distilled a liquor from the agave, which they called mezcal.

However, it was after the founding of the city of Tequila, in 1512, when the production of the drink began under that name. By that time, the liquor already had a better quality than the initial mezcal, with the presence of herbaceous and lymphatic flavors, presenting a notable rough and slightly coarse flavor.

However, the official date of the birth of tequila, as we know it today, dates back to 1795, when the first distillery in Mexico known as José Cuervo was founded.


Tequila is one of the most used liquors in a wide variety of well-known cocktails, either because we have had the pleasure of tasting them or because we have heard them mentioned in a movie.

Among the best known is the Tequila Sunrise, a long drink ideal for drinking in the afternoon, which, ironically in Spanish, means “sunrise” thanks to its color effect obtained by 100 cc of orange juice and 25 cc of grenadine juice, which are mixed with 50 cc of tequila and ½ lemon slice with a cherry.

Another of the best-known cocktails is the Acapulco at night, a high-quality cocktail that is drunk very cold, therefore, it is not usually served in a very long glass, but rather in a Martini-style glass. Its ingredients are 1 tablespoon of sugar, ¼ glass of tequila, ¼ glass of orange juice, ¼ glass of white rum, a slice of orange and 6 ice cubes.

Finally, an interesting variation of the famous “Bloody Mary”, the “Bloody Mariachi”, served cold in a highball glass. For its preparation, 45 cc of white tequila, 89 cc of tomato juice, 15 cc of lemon juice, 15 cc of orange juice, perrins sauce, pepper and salt are required. Some users recommend adding a sprig of rosemary, a slice of cucumber, and a slice of jalapeno.


It is always important to know how to store alcoholic beverages well in order to preserve their flavor and aroma, something that you should also do with tequila once it has been opened.

In the case of this folkloric drink, what you should do is place it anywhere away from sunlight, as well as heat, since it could evaporate, losing its characteristic essence.

If you store it in a cool, dimly lit place, this liqueur can last up to a year. It is important to keep in mind that it should not be stored in the refrigerator, as it could lose its aroma.

Nutritional value

Tequila contains at least 51% of the sugars that come from agave mixed with corn syrup or sugar cane. However, the purest contain up to 100% agave.

The following nutritional composition is found in every 100 grams of this drink: 266 grams (13.9% CDR) of Kcalories, 0% carbohydrates, 0% protein, 0% fiber and 0% fat. On the other hand, it includes 2 mg (0.1% RDA) of sodium, 0% of calcium, 0.1 mg (1.3% RDA) of iron, 0% of magnesium, 10 mg (1.4% RDA) phosphorus and 0% potassium.

drink responsibly

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that, like any alcoholic beverage, it must be consumed responsibly. Like any other liquor, too much tequila can seriously affect health, considerably damaging the consumer’s liver and neurons. This is because it is a powerful alcoholic beverage with an alcohol content of between 37 and 50%, which is why it is considered a remarkably strong dry liquor.

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