The best toro wine

Our selections of the best wines from Toro

Toro wines are those that are made in the Spanish province of Zamora, in Castilla y León. They are wines that are fermented, mostly with Tinta de Toro grapes, a native variety whose characteristics are similar to those of Tempranillo. They are full-bodied, high-grade wines, with great structure and a very wide range of aromas and colours.

1. Matsu El Pícaro Red bull wine 

El Pícaro is the young wine from the Matsu winery, which makes its wines with the typical grapes from the Toro area, the Tinta de Toro. It is a young wine, with DO and a high alcohol content that exceeds 14 degrees.

It is a monovarietal wine that perfectly represents the personality of the wines of the area.

Made with Tintas de Toro from vineyards over 80 years old, this could be the best Toro wine of the moment for those who prefer young wines.

It has a high color layer, with bright red tones and very intense fruity aromas, reminiscent of forest fruits, with light mineral touches. On the palate, it has a fruity and fresh character, slightly sweet.

It is a wine to pair with meats, cheeses and sausages of all kinds, as well as fish in sauces.

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2. Fariña Tear of Bull Wine

The meticulous production of this wine, which does not subject the fruit to pressing processes, gives rise to a fine violet-colored broth, in which aromas of strawberries and blackberries are perceived, but also liquorice and violets. To these touches the notes of vanilla and cocoa are integrated, coming from its maturation of 4 months in special barrels.

On the palate, it is a fresh and fruity wine, with such a pleasant body that many consider Fariña to be one of the best brands of Toro wines in Spain. That said, it could be a good choice to get a bottle, to have a good red wine in your cellar and accompany your favorite appetizers.

Finally, we do not want to forget to mention that its percentage of alcohol is 14%, which is why it is defined as a wine balanced in acidity, with a lot of body.

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3. Bajoz Roble Tinto DO Toro 

From the Pagos del Rey winery comes what could be considered one of the best Toro wines of 2022.

It is a young oak-type wine, made with 100% Tinta de Toro grapes, from vineyards over 40 years old, in clayey soil with the presence of sandstone. It is harvested manually and macerated cold, to continue with a controlled alcoholic fermentation.

The result is a wine with an intense cherry red color, with garnet reflections. On the nose it has a markedly fruity character, with the presence of notes of vanilla and liquor.

On the palate it is a typical wine from the area, full-bodied, unctuous and with a long and persistent finish, due to its marked tannins.

Like Toro wines, it has an alcoholic content that exceeds 14 degrees, so it pairs very well with powerful dishes such as red meats, roasts, mature cheeses and dishes with strong sauces.

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4. Monte La Reina red wines with 100% Tempranillo case opener

If you are wondering which Toro wine to buy to give to a friend who loves this DO, this case from Monte La Reina could be the best option. It is a combination of two reds, a Roble and a Crianza, winners of prestigious awards such as the Concours Mondial or the Decater World Wine Awards.

In this sense, the Oak is made 100% with Tinta de Toro and offers balsamic and roasted aromas, due to the 6 months spent in French oak barrels.

At the same time, it has a very bright cherry color, with vermilion sparkles and fruity and slightly acid flavours. The Crianza, made with Tempranillo, offers a cherry red color with ruby ​​reflections.

On the nose it is clean, with complex aromas in which roasted and toasted notes appear, as well as the fruity aromas typical of the variety. On the palate it is dry, balanced and very broad, with a smooth entry and a long finish.

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5. Ernesto del Palacio Pack Red wine 100% American Oak DO Toro 

The Ernesto Palacio wineries have 300 years of history in the production of high quality wines. Its wines are recognized for the tenacity and dedication with which they are made.

Since 1715, the family has cultivated its vineyards in the Toro area, using old vines that survived the Phylloxera that devastated wine production at the end of the 19th century, obtaining wines with a classic and traditional blend and flavour.

In this case, it is a pack of 6 bottles of red wine matured in American oak barrels. It is a broth of intense cherry red color, with a purple rim, bright and well covered.

On the nose, it stands out for its aromas of ripe berries, jam and notes of vanilla in the final part. On the palate it is broad, tasty and powerful, with pleasant flavors of ripe fruit and toast.

It is a strong wine that pairs very well with powerful dishes such as poultry, game, stews and any spoon dish. 

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6. Barbian Wine Bull 

The one from the Barbián winery is a young red wine that has been lovingly created to break the mold. It is one of the best value for money Toro wines, which has obtained much recognition among lovers of wines from this DO.

Produced with 100% Tinta de Toro grapes from vineyards located next to the Duero River, at an altitude of between 620 and 750 meters.

It is a wine aged for 4 months in French oak barrels, so it has a dark cherry red color, with a bright violet rim and thin tears.

Thanks to the oak, it is a wine with intense aromas reminiscent of roasted nuts and ripe black fruit. Despite being one of the cheapest options, it is very tasty and fruity on the palate, with a long and smooth finish.

It is a wine that improves with decantation and that pairs very well with all kinds of meats, as well as pasta dishes, cheeses and legumes.

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7. Collegiate Wine DO Tinto Toro Tempranillo

This could be the best Toro wine for lovers of fruity wines with strong aromas. Made with 100% Tinta de Toro grapes from vineyards over 20 years old, which obtain the properties of the stony and dry soil of the area.

The harvest is done automatically, it is destemmed and macerated between 5 and 7 days at a constant temperature of between 18 and 23 degrees. This wine has been awarded the gold medal at the 2016 Japan Women’s Wine Awards.

It is one of the cheap wines available on the market, but with a great personality, with a violet red color and balsamic aromas reminiscent of liquorice, as well as forest fruits such as blackberries and berries. In the mouth it is full-bodied, although it is soft and structured, with a persistent and refreshing finish.

It is a wine with an alcoholic concentration of 13.5 degrees, which makes it ideal for pairing with main dishes such as red meats, pasta, tapas or cured cheeses.

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8. Encomienda de la Vega Wine Bull

Encomienda de la Vega could be the best option for those users who are wondering which is the best young and cheap Toro wine.

It is a vintage red with short aging, made 100% with Tinta de Toro grapes from 20-year-old vineyards, cultivated more than 600 meters above sea level. These grapes, thanks to their cool soils, offer powerful wines with a lot of personality.

In this sense, we are dealing with a young red wine with a dark cherry color, with a clear rim and thick tears. On the nose it has aromas of black and red forest fruits, with a caramelized and spicy finish. Finally, on the palate it is a very dry and structured wine, with body, but which ends up being long and sweet, with a fruity aftertaste.

Thanks to its character, it is a wine designed to pair with red meat or small game dishes, as well as spoon dishes such as stews and stews, but also with cheeses and sausages.

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9. Parlaor Oak Red Wine DO Toro

Parlaor is a young red wine, aged in selected American oak barrels for 5 months. Made with 100% Tinta de Toro grapes, harvested by hand, destemmed and crushed for maceration in vats at 5 degrees, from where it goes to the barrels to rest.

There it obtains all its organoleptic properties, which have earned it the medal at the Auszeichnungen Berliner Wine Trophy 2017.

It is a broth with an intense cherry color, with violet hues and rims, which offers aromas of ripe red fruits, with final smoked and roasted notes due to the maturation in oak. On the palate it is a mature, full-bodied, persistent wine that perfectly integrates the alcoholic and fruit notes. 

It is a very tasty wine, so it pairs very well with hearty dishes such as roasts, game meats, cured cheeses and Iberian ham.

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10. Madremía 2016 Divine Proportion Crianza de Toro Young Wine

Divina Proporción could be Toro’s best wine brand for many users. Its wines come from 40-year-old vines that settle on stony soils, with long vegetative cycles and slow maturation, due to the cold climate of the area.

The grapes, once harvested, ferment at a low temperature with which wines with many nuances and a great structure are obtained.

Aged in Kentucky and Missouri oak barrels, it has an intense cherry color, with a medium-high robe and thick tears. On the nose it has aromas of currants and red fruits of the forest, with a typical toasted oak finish reminiscent of vanilla and cocoa. On the palate it has a medium step, with a soft and sweet flavor that makes it easy to drink.

It is a wine to pair with main dishes such as stews, roasts and Mediterranean recipes such as vegetables or pasta.

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Origin and Use

Once our comparison of Toro wines is finished, we will explain some details of this Denomination of Origin. We will analyze the origin and history of Toro wines, as well as their most common blends, the best way to preserve the bottles and we will also offer nutritional information.


The wines from the Toro area of ​​Zamora have been, since ancient times, among the most appreciated by great red wine lovers. The area of ​​the Denomination of Origin of Toro covers a total of 5,500 hectares that are entirely dedicated to the cultivation of vines. In this sense, this area was already highly appreciated by the Romans for the production of high quality wines and, since then, they have not stopped producing wines. Even Christopher Columbus chose Toro wines to carry on his voyage to the Indies that would end with the discovery of America.

Toro wine has always stood out for its body. This is due to the climatic conditions of the area, which are usually cold and harsh, which produces grapes with a high sugar content, which become strong wines, with thick and heavy tears. These wines were highly valued in ancient times for their preservation capacity, as they lasted much longer than other varieties.

This is due to the fact that the proximity of the Duero River creates a humid microclimate that slows down the winds, which, together with the undulating terrain of the area, with heights of between 600 and 900 metres, produces a high-quality native grape variety.

These wines, when they are young or cheap, tend to have a dark cherry colour, with violet highlights and aromas of forest fruits, both black and red, while the aged ones tend to be darker, with violet tones. In the mouth they are usually full-bodied, with a marked alcoholic character, which is why they are highly appreciated for pairing main dishes such as game meats, roasts and grilled meats, or forceful spoon dishes, such as the typical stews of Castile.. 

The variety used to make these wines is Tinta de Toro, an adaptation of the Tempranillo grapes to the Zamora terrain, which provides a great flavor, a lot of structure and a balance between alcoholic and fruit flavors. 

In recent years, the popularity of this DO has grown a lot, which is why large wine-producing groups have established themselves in the area, seeking to take advantage of the conditions of Toro and its grapes. 


We continue with this guide to buy the best Toro wine talking about the mixtures and cocktails that can be made with these wines. Beyond the typical combinations such as sangria or calimocho, there are many combinations with which to enjoy these reds.

For example, as they are full-bodied wines, they can be used to make the typical Glöog, a hot, spicy wine that is made in central European countries.

To make this drink, we mix 1 bottle of Toro wine, half of vermouth, 50 g of brown sugar, a touch of angostura, the skin of two oranges and one lemon, 7.5 g of cinnamon stick, 5 g of anise starry, 3 g of nutmeg, 1 g of cloves and another of cardamom. All together, it should be heated in a pot without letting it boil at any time.

For those looking for a more distinguished touch, it is also possible to make a Queen Charlotte with 2 parts wine, 1 pomegranate syrup, 1 lemon soda, ice and fresh strawberries. 


Regardless of how much it costs, Toro’s red wine is marketed at the optimum time for consumption. This means that it must be consumed at the time of purchase. However, Toro wines have a longer shelf life, so they can be kept for up to 4 years, as long as they are kept corked and stored horizontally, in a place away from sunlight and at a constant temperature.

Once opened, it should be consumed within a week and should be stored vertically, covered and in the fridge.

Nutritional value

100 ml of Toro red wine contains 85 calories, of which 97% are carbohydrates and the rest protein, with 0% fat. In this same content, it is possible to find 4 mg of sodium and 126 mg of potassium.

drink responsibly

Toro wine is an alcoholic beverage that should be consumed in moderation. Those under 18 years of age and those users who plan to drive should not consume wine.

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