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Our selection of the best vermouths

If you are looking for a drink that combines perfectly with the appetizer that you plan to serve at the next meeting with your friends, vermouth is one of the best alternatives that you will have on hand. Ideal to serve with pickles, salted or smoked, vermouth is wrapped in the tradition of meeting friends to talk about the experiences of the week. To help you get to know and choose the most outstanding brands today, we invite you to look at the following selection of the best vermouths on the market.

1. Yzaguirre Reserve Red Vermouth

Considered the best value for money vermouth, it is a product that stands out for being an excellent option if you are looking to acquire a very aromatic and velvety drink, as well as very pleasant to the palate in a 1-liter bottle presentation.

It has a flavor with light notes of wood and spices, as well as herbs reminiscent of ripe fruit. In its first contact, the initial taste in the mouth is very balanced and harmonious with respect to the acidity of the product.

It is a vermouth that has been aged in oak barrels for 12 months and is an excellent option to use as a long drink with a few drops of campari, a few ice cubes, an orange slice and rind, as well as a small mint leaf. In addition, this product is ideal for flavoring meat stews, seafood paellas or for pastries.

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2. Martini Vermouth Rosso

Martini is considered the best brand of vermouth on the market according to the opinion of many users who love this spirited drink with more than 150 years of tradition. This product has a very characteristic sweet flavor that is combined with some very subtle and moderate citrus touches.

This vermouth works great as a complement to appetizers and even as a smooth alternative to wine served with meals. In addition, it is a drink that is perfect with antipasti, being presented in a one and a half liter bottle.

Its aroma is perfumed and very rich, complex and with clear notes of a spicy character, with a notable sweet nature, standing out naturally and very refreshing. This Rosso vermouth from the Martini brand stands out for having a very pronounced bittersweet taste and a perfectly balanced flavor.

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3. The 15º Red Vermouth Bandarra

If you are looking for a drink to serve with the appetizer at the planned Sunday lunch to share with your family, we recommend you take this red vermouth into account. Considered one of the best vermouths of 2022, this product has an alcohol content of up to 15 degrees, making it ideal for sharing.

Presented in a bottle with a modern and attractive design with all kinds of phrases printed around it referring to cooking, with a content of up to 1 liter and with a clasp system that allows the bottle to be closed so that the alcohol does not evaporate.

This vermouth is prepared with Xarel-lo and Macabeo type grapes, so it is recommended to serve it at room temperature and store it in a dry and dark place so that it does not lose its unique flavor. Manufactured by the Democratic Wine company in Spain from the 2017 harvest.

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4. Padró & Co White Reserve Vermouth

This Padró & Co brand vermouth stands out for being a product with an intense and very pleasant aroma, reminiscent of sweet herbs such as gentian, marialuisa, star anise, cinchona and angelica, among others.

This is a vermouth that provides balance and complexity in equal parts, with an elegant, round, fine and unctuous behavior in the mouth. In addition, a slight bitterness is perceived together with sweetness, ending with a refined citrus touch, which gives it a wide freshness and a splendid aftertaste that places it among the most sweet vermouths.

Some users indicate that this is the best vermouth of the moment, presented in a white bottle with a gold lid and floral designs that give it a really elegant appearance with a content of 750 ml with 18% alcohol content. It should be kept at room temperature.

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5. Vermouth Mon Dieu! Vermouth

If you still don’t know what vermouth to buy, we recommend you look at this alternative that, for its preparation, brings together some of the best-known ancestral techniques in the preparation of a modern and very tasty drink. Manufactured by Chàpeau Wines in La Rioja and with an alcoholic strength of 14%, this is one of the cheapest vermouths.

This vermouth is prepared with aging on the lees, which is a production technique that seeks to create greater aromatic complexity and more volume in the mouth. In its composition, the more than 40 botanical extracts and its sweet and pleasant flavor stand out.

It is a highly recommended product for people who are new to this spirit drink and want to discover the most vintage features of vermouth. In addition, it is a product recommended by the most experienced and classic drinkers, being one of the cheapest alternatives on this list. It has a weight of 748 grams.

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6. Martínez Lacuesta Reserve Vermouth

With an alcohol content of 15 proof, if you still don’t know which is the best vermouth on this list, don’t hesitate to take a look at this classy and very elegant alternative drink for aperitifs, bottled in a fine brown bottle with a classic design. with a content of 750 ml, manufactured in Spain in the exclusive Martínez Lacuesta wineries.

This vermouth stands out for being red in color and being a special reserve from the 2016 harvest, which is why it provides a spectacular and very pleasant flavor to the palate. For its conservation, it is recommended to store in a dry and dark place.

It is a perfect companion in your family meals or with your friends, which is why many people consider it the best vermouth on this list. The product weighs 748 grams, so it can be considered one of the lightest on the market. 

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7. Cinnamon Red 15

An excellent drink to place with the appetizers that you will serve at the lunch that you plan to organize for the weekend with your closest friends and family, this vermouth is one of the best and most elegant alternatives that you can choose. It is manufactured in the cellars of Davide Campari Milano, being a product of Italian origin.

This vermouth stands out for being completely enveloped in an intense and delicious citrus flavor that combines perfectly with the sweet and herbal aroma that is unmistakable thanks to its bitter taste.

It is a very rich and daring product, which is why most users consider it exciting and full of life. It has an alcohol content of 15 degrees and has a content of 1 liter in a bottle weighing 998 grams.  

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8. Casa Mariol Black Vermouth

This vermouth produced by Casa Mariol is an excellent alternative to accompany appetizers at special meetings and has been produced in Catalonia, Spain. It is from the 2014 vintage and comes in a 1-liter bottle, ideal for serving on its own or preparing some of the most delicious cocktails.

It contains an alcoholic strength of 15%. In addition, it has a mahogany color with some shades of brown, presenting an aroma of herbs such as thyme and rosemary, as well as hints of cinnamon with a bitter finish and notable notes of caramel.

In the mouth and on the palate it turns out to be a very refreshing drink with a balanced and complex level of acidity, presenting a strong and cheerful personality. To serve, it is recommended that it be at a temperature between 7 and 8 degrees Celsius.

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9. Lacuesta Vermouth Limited Edition

If you are looking for a very elegant vermouth to drink with your partner at a special meal, this option could seem like an excellent alternative thanks to its exclusivity and elegance. Aged for 14 months in one of the six barrels made from the best French oak, this vermouth is one of the most notable on this list.

It has a distinguishable iodized mahogany color, presenting very pleasant notes of chocolate, raisins and cherry on the nose. It has an alcohol content of 15% and is made in Spain, belonging to a 2016 harvest. Its weight is 1.25 kg and its approximate dimensions are 33.6 x 7.5 x 7.5 cm.

It has a remarkable Rioja, wine character and some menthols and barrel aromas. It presents itself on the palate and in the mouth as a silky, balanced and sweet drink, which ends with a pleasant bitter touch and light notes of cherry.

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10. Campari Bitter Vermouth

Campari is one of the most recognized and important vermouth brands known, being the favorite for many users due to the elegance and quality that defines it. This drink is presented in a 1-liter bottle and is ideal for making many of the best-known cocktails, such as the Martini, thanks to its 25% alcohol content.

Made in Italy, this vermouth comes from a vintage of 1960, so it is indicated to share in a special event, in addition to being suitable for vegetarians, so everyone can taste it without any risk.

Its smell is very distinctive, noticing a light aroma of fruits, herbs and some spices. In addition, its flavor is very characteristic and with a final touch of bitterness that is very elegant and subtle, but that excites the palate. It is known as a very charismatic and contemporary vermouth, historically classic.

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Origin and Use

If you want to share a special drink and you worry that nothing is missing so that your guests feel like kings spending a relaxed and pleasant afternoon, among the main spirits, vermouth can be a good ideal option to perfectly accompany the appetizer you plan to serve.. In view of so many good alternatives, we have prepared a guide for you to buy the best vermouth, a drink historically used as one of the most elegant and tasty companions that exist.

If you are wondering how much it costs, you should know that, before choosing the cheapest vermouth, it is important that you offer a quality drink so that your guests want to return in a later invitation.


The name Vermouth or Vermouth comes from a German word that means wormwood and is made up of a highly flavored wine of various colors depending on its type, appearing in white, pink, red, yellow and black, having a flavor that ranges from sweet to dry and spicy.

Its origin is located in ancient Greece, being created by Hippocrates, a Greek doctor who came up with the idea of ​​macerating wine with wormwood and dittany, resulting in a drink that was known in the Middle Ages as Hippocratic. Subsequently, and over the years, some extra products such as almonds, cinnamon and honey were added to this drink.

However, it was in 1786 when Antonio and Beneditto Campano from Milan created the concept of vermouth. At that time, the base was muscatel wine, sugar, alcohol and Carmel, together with other aromatic substances such as herbs and spices that personalized its flavor.


Vermouth is used in a wide variety of cocktails, both classic and modern, being a very special ingredient as it gives a unique flavor to the mixed drink, so in any vermouth comparison, it is important to look at its alcohol content.

Among the most famous mixes is the Royal Devil, which is an ideal cocktail for Bloody Mary lovers, combining vermouth with tomato juice, lemon juice, Perrins sauce, a touch of Tabasco, salt and pepper.

On the other hand, there is the Tarraco Sunset, ideal for those who love a fresh and deep aperitif. Use golden vermouth with herbal liqueur like Green Chartreuse and a little tonic with a lemon.

Another of the most famous cocktails of today and in Spain is the Beer Mouth, which is prepared simply by placing a little vermouth in a glass of beer, stirring gently so as not to overflow the drink due to the gas.


We know how important it is to consume a quality drink, so, in addition to taking care to choose the product well, it is vitally important that you know how to store it properly. It is important to bear in mind that the alcohol contained in alcoholic beverages evaporates over time, especially if you are not careful when storing the bottle, so after opening a bottle of vermouth, it is necessary to know the following: that are dry and sweet have a longer shelf life than conventional wines, but after spending 4 to 6 months open, the flavor will change significantly. Just keep the bottle closed when you’re not using it to ensure the drink reaches its maximum life.

Nutritional value

Very few consumers of vermouth know the nutritional value of this drink, so we will explain it to you below so that the next time you try it you will know exactly how it acts in your body.

It is important to know that depending on the type and ingredients of the vermouth, its nutritional value may vary slightly, however, none contain any type of protein. In addition, for every approximately 112 ml of traditional vermouth, in its pure state, there are 13.5 grams of carbohydrates, 13.5 grams of sugar and zero fat. Finally, this product provides 145 calories and among the best known nutrients are vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, B7, B9, B12, C, D, E and K. In addition, it contains 0.36 mg of iron, 6 mg calcium, 30 mg potassium, 4 mg magnesium, 28 mg sodium.

drink responsibly

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that you must be highly responsible when drinking alcohol, since it notably affects our liver and, in excess, as well as everything that is consumed in high quantities, it affects our neurons and can get us into serious problems. health and legal. First of all, what we most recommend is that you drink very moderately and, above all, never drive if you are having a few drinks with your friends.

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