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Vodka – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Vodka is one of the most famous drinks in the world, with which to enjoy a traditional flavor, and a drink of remarkable power both in the mouth and in alcoholic strength. A product that today is experiencing a new trend thanks to the presence of so-called flavored vodkas, which include pleasant fruity or herbaceous flavors to these traditional products. Something that makes them attractive when taken alone or in different cocktails. Within this new line is the Ciroc Peach vodka, which has a very pleasant base of grapes finished off with the flavor of fresh peaches. If you prefer a more traditional vodka, the Absolut Elyxis an interesting alternative. A traditional vodka that is still made in a still from 1929 with a manual process and a small-scale elaboration with which to obtain a transparent vodka with a silky texture.

The 5 Best Vodkas – Opinions 2022

Arrived directly from Russia, vodka is one of those classic drinks that we can find in almost any bar cabinet. A drink with a strong alcohol content and with such a remarkable evolution of flavors and presentations that today it is difficult to know which is the best vodka that we can find. So that so much variety does not make you dizzy, we have done our homework and that is why we offer you some of the best vodkas of 2022 with proposals for all palates.

1. Ciroc Peach Vodka 700ml

Main advantage:

It is a vodka with fruit flavors that can be quite good when combined to prepare different types of cocktails. Its bottle is very elegant and it is made from French ingredients.

Main disadvantage:

One detail that you can take into account before purchasing this bottle is that its neck does not have a dispenser equipped, which may make it difficult for you to obtain exact measurements.

Verdict: 9.9/10

If you have a meeting at home or go to a party with your friends and you don’t want to arrive empty-handed, this Ciroc vodka may be the right option to accompany both occasions.

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Vodka is quite a popular alcoholic drink all over the world. It can be drunk alone or accompanied by some type of natural juice or other liquors. If you need to buy a good vodka, perhaps you should first study the external design of the bottle, in case you want to give it as a gift.

Peach de Ciroc is a vodka that comes in a 700-milliliter bottle, enough for a meeting with friends or a dinner with your partner. The bottle has a very striking and elegant design, where you can see a completely transparent base that will let you appreciate the purity of the drink accompanied by a faded bronze color. Thanks to this, you could also use it as a complement for the decoration of the table or your personal bar.

As a gift, it could also be much appreciated, as it doesn’t have the common design of cheap vodka bottles.


One of the aspects most studied by regular consumers of this alcoholic beverage is the taste. Depending on the type of vodka, you can find varying degrees of bitterness, sweetness, and even hints of fruit, which is why you should check all of these before purchasing yours in case you have any personal preferences.

In the case of the bottle of vodka that Ciroc offers you, you will find a product elaborated in detail so that you can appreciate all the shades of flavors and your palate is impregnated for a couple of seconds.

According to the instructions of its manufacturer and buyers and also taking into account its ingredients, this Peach vodka, as its name suggests, has a slight peach flavor that makes it sweet, being very suitable for preparing all kinds of cocktails to serve to guests. that you have at home


Last but not least, the composition. By having information about the ingredients used in the production of vodka, you will be able to have a more accurate idea of ​​its flavor and bitterness, allowing you to decide if it is the right model to accompany that party at home.

Ciroc Peach is an attractive, tasteful vodka with a selection of ingredients that combine quite well. The description indicates that this drink has been prepared using French grapes, which are famous worldwide. In addition to this, the vodka has been distilled a total of five times in pot stills, thus providing it with a very distinctive flavor.

In its 700 milliliter capacity you can find an alcoholic strength of 37.5%, which is why we recommend you enjoy this drink in moderation and not drive vehicles after drinking it.

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2. Absolut Elyx Vodka 700ml

For those who prefer a traditional vodka, Absolut Elyx vodka is a good option. This vodka follows the original recipe of its distillery, made directly with wheat grains and naturally filtered water. A vodka that is made in small quantities following the traditional techniques of a premium product.

A process in which the 1929 alembic stands out, which is still used for its production, thus obtaining a smooth and fresh vodka with different fruit and floral notes and that finishes off with a silky and pleasant texture.

A vodka with a high transparency that can be consumed just without mixing, to better enjoy its different nuances. This vodka is presented in the traditional 0.7-litre bottle with a square design and a gold cap, as proof of the high quality of the liquid it contains.

Thanks to the good opinions of liquor tasters, this product can be considered the best vodka of the moment, since its preparation is based on traditional recipes that give it a pleasant taste on the palate.


Ingredients: It is a liquor that follows the traditional preparation of vodka, as it is made from grains of wheat and natural water.

Packaging: It has a bottle with a modern transparent rectangular design that allows you to appreciate its content, with golden decorations that give it elegance.

Taste: It is classified as a premium drink, so it has a pleasant and smooth taste on the palate.

Utility: Being a liquor with a traditional base flavor, it works perfectly to mix with other ingredients in the preparation of different Caribbean cocktails.


Consistency: According to one buyer, the drink loses its smooth consistency when ice is added.

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3. Belvedere Vodka 70cl 40º

Compared to the different vodkas that we find on the market based on the Russian “recipe”, Belvedere vodka is an alternative based on the Polish recipe.

A vodka whose recipe has more than 600 years of history and is based on two simple ingredients such as golden rye and water from the well of this distillery. The result is a vodka with a light touch of vanilla on the palate along with a pleasant smoothness and hints of cream in its tasting.

A formula that also leaves different notes of almonds and Brazil nuts in its flavor, with a pleasant silver tone in its presentation, with 40 degrees of alcohol typical of conventional vodkas. A product whose presentation is finished off with its traditional stylized bottle with a high neck and which presides over the traditional serigraphy of the distillery.

For those users looking to experiment with new flavors, Belvedere vodka has a history of more than 100 years, highlighting its variety in the Polish preparation. Read more about its advantages and disadvantages.


Recipe: It is a vodka that follows the traditional Polish preparation patterns, which gives it a different flavor and taste than others.

Packaging: The liquid is packaged in a bottle with a stylized neck with light silver touches, together with a representative label of the distillery of origin.

Taste: Thanks to the use of ingredients from Brazil such as almonds, the flavor of this vodka stands out among other brands, as well as being smooth with a slight presence of vanilla.

Versatility: It can be combined with different appetizers or meals, depending on the user’s tastes.


Concentration: Several buyers expressed that it is a little smoother than other vodkas, so its flavor does not predominate in the preparation of cocktails.

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4. Finland Vodka 700ml

Within the current vodkas there are also products that are far from conventional approaches and for mass consumption, such as the Finlandia vodka.

Something that is helped by different elements such as its water from a glacier that preserves a high purity, together with a variable pressure distillation system that allows obtaining a different alcohol with a smoother and more pleasant taste than other products on the market. All this to be a neutral vodka, although the brand also manufactures different types of flavored vodka, in case you want to try them.

A product that is easily recognizable both for the remarkable transparency of the liquid and for the elegant design of its bottle, reminiscent of those glaciers where the process of making the product begins. A bottle of 0.7 liters and conventional format topped with a beautiful silver cap, which for all its characteristics could well be the best vodka for value for money within its segment.

If you are a person who wants to enjoy a good shot of vodka but you are still not sure about which vodka to buy, the Brown Forman of the Finland brand is an option that does not disappoint. Next, we show you its positive and negative aspects.


Packaging: This model has a bottle that resembles the shape of the Finnish glaciers from which the water is extracted for its preparation.

Taste: It is a vodka that stands out for its neutral flavor but soft to the taste, being able to stand out in different drink preparations.

Versatility: Due to its neutrality, it combines well with other liqueurs and sweet ingredients for mixing cocktails and Gourmet drinks.

Design: The bottle that contains it has a simple and elegant transparent design that allows you to see the content, along with a cap with silver tones.


Grip: Due to the thickness of its bottle, for some people its grip is a bit unstable, being likely to slip.

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5. Smirnoff Red Vodka 700ml

Smirnoff Red Vodka is one of those classic products that you can never go wrong with. A traditional vodka with a neutral and balanced flavor that does not have an excess of alcoholic flavor as it happens with other cheap products.

Something that is due to its production process where three different distillations are carried out together with a traditional charcoal filtering method that is repeated ten times.

This process removes unwanted impurities from the alcohol so that only what matters is bottled. An alcohol from different grains obtained in the traditional way, according to the system established by the brand for many years.

This vodka is presented in the traditional 0.7 liter bottle with its particular circular design accompanied by the white and red label and the cap of the same color that are also distinctive of the product.

One of the most prominent products on this list is the Smirnoff Red, as it is one of the cheapest currently. Also, it stands out as the best vodka for 10 euros among the different existing options.


Taste: It is a liqueur that has a neutral and balanced flavor compared to other products on the market.

Preparation: This vodka is made under strict hygienic conditions and is distillated 10 times to remove impurities.  

Packaging: The vodka is packaged in a medium thickness traditional glass bottle that maintains the texture of the drink.

Design: It has an attractive design with a red label that stands out among other bottles.


Consistency: It was stated that when mixed with ice and other ingredients, it loses its presence in the drink.

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Ciroc Peach Vodka 700ml

If we are looking for the best vodka of the moment, within the flavored versions, many people will surely point to Ciroc Peach vodka. This vodka has a pleasant peach flavor with a fresh touch from the orchard due to its flavoring process with natural essences of this fruit.

A vodka that, at its base, is made with an alcohol obtained from the best French grapes distilled in Armagnac stills that give them a different touch to other vodkas with grain bases or similar.

A premium product that is very suitable for enjoying this drink made following the Russian approach, although with a pleasant touch of French glamour, both in its appearance and smell. Something that is also perceived in its bottle, offering that touch of orange color typical of the fruit in its decoration.

The quality of distillation and the trajectory of the companies are factors that are taken into account so that their products stand out and that has been achieved by Cîroc, a French company that is possibly the best vodka brand today. Know the pros and cons of one of its models.


Taste: It stands out for being a flavored vodka, as it has a natural peach extract that adds a soft and delicate touch to the taste of the palate.

Ingredients: This drink is prepared based on distilled alcohol, which is obtained from French grapes still in Armagnac, which gives it a different enhancement.

Packaging: The aesthetics of the bottle captivates the attention of different users, since it is designed with orange and golden tones.

Versatility: Being a Premium category liqueur, it can be combined with different styles of food, whether Mediterranean, Italian or Gourmet.


Opening: It has been thought that the security seal that the bottle has is difficult to detach, so it is necessary to exert a lot of force.

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Shopping guide

As with many drinks, vodka is today a product that has all kinds of varieties with which to enjoy different flavors and tastes. A different product that, given this avalanche of novelties, is somewhat more complex to buy. That is why we want to offer you our guide to buying the best vodka, so that you update your knowledge and know what the current market offers you.

Preparation process

Vodka is an alcohol-based drink obtained from the distillation of wheat and rye grains or other agricultural raw materials such as potatoes or certain fruits. An easily recognizable drink due to its transparent color and an alcohol content of around 405, which some consider related to the need for the product not to freeze in the cold of its country of origin.

Within the preparation process, different distillations and filters are produced, with which to obtain a quality liquid and a careful taste. In this case, there are two main recipes, which are the Russian recipe and the Polish recipe.

The first increases the percentage of alcohol up to 55%, while the Polish tends to be somewhat softer. However, the percentage of alcohol in current vodka is around 40%, which we have mentioned before, for both formulations.

In this case, what interests us precisely about this manufacturing process is the number of distillations and filtrations through which the liquid has passed. The higher this number, the purer the alcohol obtained.

This process also increases its alcoholic strength, although this is adjusted by adding water to the mixture, as happens with other beverages that we currently consume. In any case, there is no specific qualification for vodka as there is for gin or whiskey, neither in terms of degrees nor in other aspects.

neutral or flavored

In any comparison of vodkas that falls into our hands today we find two different types of product. The first large group is made up of traditional vodkas, transparent in color and with their original flavor. The second group, increasingly numerous, is made up of the so-called flavored vodkas that give the product an extra flavor that adequately complements its original aroma and taste.

Neutral vodka is the traditional vodka that we usually find in any store. It is recognizable by its transparent color and its traditional flavor, lacking additional elements and that may have slight nuances of flavor depending on the origin of the alcohol.

Therefore, the taste is obtained directly from the distillation and filtration process that we have mentioned above, with its alcoholic strength becoming more and more intense depending on how many distillations the product has undergone.

However, the latest trend among consumers is the so-called flavored vodkas. These vodkas have different flavors using herbs, different fruits or even more exotic flavors such as the well-known “caramel vodka”.

In this case, the offer is so extremely wide that it is easy to find a suitable flavor for our palate. A product that has the advantage of being somewhat smoother than the original vodka, which also makes it easier for the uninitiated to consume.

Presentation of the product

To close our tips, we talk about the different presentation formats of the product. A detail that goes a little further than the design of the bottle, since in general the formats with a greater product capacity tend to be more interesting in terms of how much the chosen vodka costs.

Vodka is generally presented in one liter and 0.7 liter bottles, these being the most common that we find on the market. For serious fans or those looking to get cheaper vodkas with volume purchases, it is possible to find 3 or even 4.5 liter bottles. And not from second-line vodkas but from quality manufacturers, who are also committed to these magnum-format bottles.

Regarding the line of these bottles, many manufacturers have used them to turn them into distinctive elements of their brands. Something that gives a special detail to the product and that is a guarantee of its quality. In any case, the best guarantee that we must demand of these products is that both the corresponding seals and the non-refillable cap are present on the bottle and are in a correct state, to avoid problems.

How to use a vodka

Vodka is one of the most traditional alcoholic beverages in the world. Its origin is disputed, whether it was the Slovenians, the Czechs or the Russians who invented it. However, vodka falls within the range of versatile liqueurs, those that can be taken alone or mixed with other flavors in cocktails.

Produced by the fermentation of grains or vegetables, vodka is one of the liquors with the highest alcohol content, oscillating between 37 and 50 degrees, which is why you have to know how to drink it and accompany it. So that you can enjoy a good vodka without complications, here are some tips.

Chill the vodka well

A simple and delicious way to enjoy a good vodka, whether neutral in flavor or flavored with fruit or herbs, is to drink it cold straight from the freezer.

For this reason, one of the first recommendations is to cool it down at least two hours before the evening begins. Don’t worry about freezing, as liquor takes longer to freeze than water. Also, hitting the freezing point won’t ruin the flavors of the liquor.

Use small glasses to drink it neat

If you decide to drink the vodka straight, it is best to choose the small glasses to drink it. Fill the glass up to three or five millimeters before the rim. Also, you can use cups or shots. If, on the other hand, you decide to drink the vodka in a cocktail, then you should use larger glasses or glasses, depending on the drink you are going to prepare.

Take small sips and enjoy the aroma

Avoid taking the vodka in one sip, its high alcohol content can quickly get you drunk or worse, intoxicate you. It is advisable to take small sips of vodka, to leave the liquor in contact with your palate for a few seconds, in order to savor and enjoy it.

Accompany with tapas between drinks

To balance the power of vodka and counteract its strong flavor, you can accompany the drink with appetizers or tapas. Smoked fish, sausages, cured hams, aged cheeses, olives or pickles can be a good option.

drink it as a cocktail

If the straight vodka is very strong, you can try mixing it as a cocktail. One of the most famous is the screwdriver. To do this, you need to mix half an ounce of vodka in six of orange juice, put some ice cubes and that’s it. The sugar in the orange will help soften the flavor of the vodka and make it more enjoyable for you.

Another typical cocktail that you can enjoy with vodka, highly requested by women, is the cosmopolitan. Its preparation consists of mixing two ounces of vodka with one of cranberry juice, one of orange liqueur and another of lemon juice. Shake well with a little crushed ice and voila.

Create new cocktails

Being such a versatile liquor, vodka can be used to prepare your cocktails in a personalized way, so you can use vodka by combining it with the flavors of your choice. Dare to experiment and combine ingredients to enjoy your own drink.

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