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Our selections of the best white wines

White wines are very versatile, being ideal to accompany different types of food, appetizers, desserts and, of course, liven up celebrations or meetings with friends. Of the great diversity of these wines on the market, there are some that stand out more than others, and they are the ones that we present to you in our selection that will serve as a reference to get the best white wines of 2022. 

1. Viñas Del Vero Macabeo Chardonnay Wine DO Somontano

Looking for the best white wine for fish, shellfish and light dishes, many users recommend the Macabeo-Chardonnay edition of Viñas del Vero, whose appellation of origin is Somontano, produced in the province of Huesca.

The harvest year for this wine is 2017, an agricultural year noted for the absence of fungal diseases in the plantations, which has an impact on the good quality of the product. 

According to the comments of oenologists, in this wine the presence of herbaceous, fruity and floral aromas is perceived, well marked, dominating a balanced and soft flavor. That is why it can be considered the best white wine of the moment.

In terms of presentation, this wine can be purchased in a pack of 6 bottles of 750 ml, maintaining a competitive price with other DO Somontano liqueurs. In addition, it has the backing of Viñas del Vero’s more than 30 years of experience and its wide range of wines. 

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2. Manor of the Plains Verdejo White Wine

The Verdejo grapes with which one of the best white wines of 2022, Señorío de los Llanos, are made stand out for their freshness and aromas, which is why the fragrance of tropical fruits is marked in this liquor, but subtly they can also be perceived floral scents.

Regarding the elaboration of the wine, we can highlight that the flower must extracted from the Verdejo grapes is used, which goes through a fermentation process at 16°C in stainless steel tanks, which contributes to the concentration of delicate flavors and aromas.

With regard to appearance, a pale yellow liquid is observed, with a bright appearance and golden sparkles. In the mouth, the wine offers a balanced acidity, combining well with light dishes, fish, sushi or shellfish. This product also has a good value for money, due to its presentation of 6 bottles at a very competitive cost. 

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3. Pata Negra Sauvignon Blanc White Wine DO Rueda

If you are passionate about pairing and want to know which is the best white wine to taste a mixed paella, foie gras or just as an aperitif, many users recommend this Pata Negra Sauvignon Blanc.

For its elaboration, the grapes were selected eliminating the damaged species, so that the must maintains a high quality. Subsequently, the fermentation was carried out in stainless steel tanks with rigid temperature controls until a clear liquid was obtained and it was then bottled.

With regard to the tasting note, a pale yellow liquid is observed, which reveals fruity aromas to the nose, predominantly peach and apricot. 

As for the taste, a good density and long palate can be described, at the same time as unctuous at the beginning. But, in the end, a slight contrast is produced since a roughness is tasted, up to a certain pleasant level, between the tongue and the palate.

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4. Martín Códax White Wine DO Rías Baixas

The Albariño grape variety is used to make this Galician wine, whose alcohol percentage is 12.5% ​​and its visual appearance allows us to appreciate a lemon-yellow liquid, with some green reflections. It is precisely the late ripening of this type of grape and, therefore, a longer vegetative cycle that defines the color of the liquid.

With regard to the olfactory notes, the intensity of the citrus fragrances such as tangerine and lime is perceived, while the floral notes are determined by the aromas of orange blossom, jasmine and hawthorn, all of these on a grassy base of hay.

When savoring this drink, it is recommended to serve it between 10 and 12°C to taste the ripe citrus notes that are perceived in the olfactory phase and that end in a balanced and enveloping flavor. 

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5. Veliterra White Wheel Wine

Those who want a good drink at cheap prices can follow the recommendation of some users about the best value for money white wine and purchase this edition of Veliterra. 

It is a wine made with the Verdejo variety and from the Rueda Denomination of Origin, a wine-growing area specializing in the production of white wine and one of the oldest in Castilla y León. 

About this wine we can highlight that, to be Verdejo, it has an aromatic profile in which tropical fruits predominate, being more refreshing to the nose. As for the taste, a sweetness is perceived at the beginning, but a more bitter end. This contrast gives an important attraction to the Veliterra drink, being ideal to accompany pasta, soft cheeses, rice dishes, among other foods. 

For its part, the low price of this product makes it an affordable white wine for all budgets and pleasant for demanding palates. 

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6. Marina Alta White wine DO Alicante

Young wines are traditionally fruity and this edition of Marina Alta is no exception, as we are dealing with a fresh, dry but smooth wine, which has been made with the Moscatel de Alejandría grape.

Due to the ripening of the fruit and controlled fermentation, it is possible to better preserve the aroma and flavor of the grape, being perceptible to the sense of smell and palate. Thus, when placing the wine in the mouth, a fruity flavor is tasted with hints of fennel and anise, maintaining the balance of acidity and sweetness.

Regarding the color, the drink is pale and on the wine label it has an identification that allows you to know when it is at the ideal temperature to be consumed, with an anchor appearing at the bottom of it, and so you can know that you can drink it without fear. lose its flavors or aromas due to the wrong temperature. 

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7. Paco & Lola White Wine

Galician wine has positioned itself as one of the most representative of Spain, inside and outside the country, and this variety of Albariño is very popular among users, since it has been produced since the Middle Ages. 

In this sense, Paco & Lola is emerging as the best brand of white wines in the DO Rías Baixas thanks to this product, a drink made with flower must and fermented for 21 days in stainless steel tanks with regulated temperature.

Of this wine we can highlight its yellow appearance with greenish tones, a clean color, as well as bright. On the aromas, we find herbaceous, citric and floral notes, predominating the smell of pineapple, grapefruit, lemon and white flowers.

As for the flavour, we can say that it is balanced, fresh, fruity and persistent, which goes well with shellfish, fish, sushi, white meats, appetizers or rice dishes.

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8. Protos Verdejo White Wine 75cl

The Protos Verdejo wine is a very interesting wild card when you are not sure which white wine to buy, but you are looking for a smooth proposal. This broth is made with 100% Verdejo grapes from Rueda, recognized precisely for its freshness and intense fruit aromas.

Specifically, this wine has pleasant fruity aromas with notes of citrus, green apple and tropical fruits. For its part, in the mouth it offers good acidity, a very intense flavor and a balanced finish, although with a small final touch of bitterness. Its alcoholic strength is 13%, so it goes down quite easily.

Regarding its color, we are talking about a straw yellow wine with a greenish touch, clean and very bright. Something that makes it ideal for pairing with dishes such as pasta, rice, fish and shellfish or cheeses that are not particularly strong.

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9. Four Stripes Verdejo Night Harvest

Of the cheapest wines in this selection, the Cuatro Rayas Verdejo stands out for belonging to the DO Rueda, offering good quality as it is made with rigorously selected grapes from the best vineyards in the area.

When serving this wine, we can notice a yellow color with green flashes. When sniffing it, citrus and white fruit notes are perceived, so that, when entering the mouth, a round fruity taste is felt, without ceasing to be fresh. The tasting sheet also mentions a final and delicate flavor of fennel, being appropriate to accompany fresh fish and shellfish, other white meats, cheeses and rice dishes, as well as pasta. 

For storage, it is advisable to keep it in a dry and dark place at temperatures below 20°C, but it is recommended to serve it at a temperature between 6 and 8°C.

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10. Vipava 1894 Malvazija white wine 

The Vipava Valley region in Slovenia has fertile, clayey soils with efficient water availability. These characteristics have allowed more than 350 winegrowers to participate in the production of authentic wines with specific qualities.

Such is the case of the Malvazija white wine, which has a medium-intensity olfactory bouquet, where daisy and jasmine spring flowers predominate. Fruity fragrances such as guava, green lemon, nutmeg, among others, are also noticeable.

This aromatic combination is maintained in the taste, providing a medium-bodied wine that maintains a balance between sweetness and freshness, with a lasting sensory effect after being tasted. In this way, you will feel the taste of orange peel, tropical and stone fruits, which combine very well with Asian and spicy foods, seafood and white meats with spice sauces.

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Origin and Use

White wine has probably existed for 2,500 years and is part of the culture of different countries in Europe, Oceania and America. Thus, like red wine, the production and elaboration of this traditional drink have evolved over the years to today offer a wide variety of white wines. For this reason, we want to show you some aspects that you must take into account to make a good choice of this drink, enjoy it and take advantage of all its benefits.


The history of the origin of wine is known from the Bronze Age, approximately 3000 years BC, and the remains found by archaeologists indicate that it was in Ancient Mesopotamia where the first wine harvest was made.

Therefore, the historical evolution of this drink accompanies the different human civilizations, always being associated with the noble classes, festivals and religious acts. In this sense, wine was a very important cultural element in the development of the Greek Empire and, later, of the Roman Empire, thus reaching Europe, China and even America with colonization. 

In the Modern Age, winemaking techniques were optimized, which opened the way to the great variety of wines that we know today and that continue to be perfected to expand the vast world of this drink, so it is important to have a guide to buy the best white wine, if you like this liquor more than red. 


Within gastronomy, white wine is a protagonist in the pairing because the different flavors present in it can combine perfectly with certain foods and dishes to offer a delicious experience.

Thus, depending on the type of white wine (dry, sweet, more or less intense, fruity, etc.), you can accompany shellfish, fish, white meat and even take risks with other types of grilled meat. In addition, for a good pairing it is not necessary to be an expert oenologist or taster, since currently most wines present combination options on their label.

White wine is also widely used to prepare cocktails in the summer. One of the most popular options is the wine mojito, in which fresh, clean mint leaves are combined with a little lemon juice and a tablespoon of simple syrup. This mixture is shaken slightly in a cocktail shaker and then 100 ml of rum is added to shake vigorously.

At the time of serving, add 150 ml of dry white wine (it can be a cheap one), add a tablespoon of flake ice and complete the glass with the mojito mixture. Finally, you can decorate with mint leaves and some sweet white grapes. 


If you are making a comparison of white wines, we recommend that you check the specifications to find out what the manufacturer’s recommendation is for their storage. Some must be kept in a dark place, at a temperature below 20 degrees so as not to alter their olfactory and taste qualities. 

But, if you frequently accompany your meals with white wine, you should have a special refrigerator to store the bottles and keep them at the correct temperature for quick service.

Nutritional value

In the search for white wines, we quickly look at how much it costs, observing large price differences depending on the brand, the denomination of origin, the grape variety, among other factors.

But, it is also important to know the nutritional value of this drink, since it is known to have a high content of antioxidants that are beneficial for the body.

In general, a 100 ml serving of white table wine can contain 83 calories, 2.58 g of carbohydrates, 5 mg of sodium and 71 mg of potassium, in addition to a few milligrams of vitamins B1, B2 and B3. This range can vary from brand to brand, so it’s important to verify this information directly with the manufacturer. 

drink responsibly

Like other alcoholic beverages, excessive consumption of white wine can lead to addiction, illness or fatal accidents if you drive a car under its influence. Nor is its consumption indicated for minors, pregnant women or cancer patients, liver diseases and other pathologies.

Therefore, the responsible consumption of this drink is an individual decision, since white wine can be the ideal complement to an evening, a meal with the family or a romantic date, as long as it is done in moderation and prudence.

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