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Wine rack – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Wine is a living product, the tannins it contains oxidize and change due to factors such as temperature, vibrations or the way the bottles are stored. Due to this unique factor, if we want to keep the wine in good condition for as long as possible, the ideal is to have a bottle rack that helps us preserve its organoleptic properties. In this article we will analyze the best wine racks such as the Ikea Vurm, with a very innovative steel design, or the DanDiBo Regal, a fun barrel-shaped wine rack.

The 8 Best Wine Racks – Opinions 2022

Wall-mounted, with new and extravagant or classic designs, there are many types of wine racks on the market. To help you choose the one that best suits your needs without leaving your salary on it, we have prepared the following list and analyzed each product so that you have all the information.

Ikea wine rack

1. Ikea Vurm for 4 bottles

The Ikea Vurm wine rack is the fruit of the prolific mind of designer Karl Malmvall. As usual in the brand’s products, it follows the modern aesthetic of Nordic design and presents an unusual bottle rack, shaped like a column and designed to be hung on the wall. It’s an attractive design, so it’s sure to look good anywhere in the house.

This could be one of the best wine racks of 2022 and not only because of its unique design, but because of its functionality. Assembly is very simple, since you only have to anchor the bottle rack to the wall with four screws (not included in the package), if you prefer it can be mounted on aged wood, to improve its final appearance. The wine rack holds four bottles and is maintenance free as it wipes clean.


Design: It has a very attractive design, which adapts wonderfully to any environment. In addition, given its simplicity, it can be combined with other pieces to create a different bottle rack.

Assembly: Like all Ikea brand furniture and decoration, it is easy to assemble and you only need four screws to install it.

Weight: It is a very light bottle rack, since it is made of stainless steel, so you will not have problems with the installation.


Capacity : The bottle rack only has a capacity for four bottles, so we are dealing with a product that is more ornamental than functional.

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Wooden wine rack

2. DanDiBo Regal Barrel Wine Rack 1555

The DanDiBo Regal wooden wine rack is one of the most curious on the list thanks to a design that is out of the ordinary. In this case, we are dealing with a barrel-shaped bottle rack, made of aged-looking wood, like the one you would find in a used wine barrel or boot.

The wood is of first quality and the vintage look is achieved by a layer of special lacquer that also protects it.

This is the best wine rack for those users who are looking for a functional product, but also beautiful, since it serves as a decoration piece. It’s perfect for a country-style home or steakhouse-style restaurant.

It has capacity for 8 bottles of wine and dimensions of 50 x 35 x 28 cm, ideal for displaying your collection in any corner of your home.


Design: The design in the shape of an old barrel is a success, as it will become the favorite piece of decoration for many users.

Materials : The barrel is made of high quality lacquered wood, capable of withstanding the passage of time and humidity.

Versatility: It is a functional bottle rack, with space for 8 bottles, but it is also an ornamental product, so it can fulfill both functions.


Price: It is a somewhat more expensive product than other bottle racks on the list, which can be a problem for some users who are looking for simpler and more functional products.

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Wall wine rack

3. Blomus 65193 Cioso Bottle rack with wall fixing

The Blomus Cioso wall-mounted wine rack is the answer to all those who are looking for cheap, functional and discreet wine racks.

It could be the best value for money wine rack, since for a very good price you can get a design product, very discreet and with capacity for 8 bottles of wine.

The bottle rack has a total height of 74 cm, a width of 3.5 cm, that is, it is as wide as the washers that hold the bottles and a depth of 7 cm. In total, it is a very discreet bottle rack, which will look good in any environment, for example in a modern kitchen, thanks to the exclusive look that Flöz Design has given it.

It is made of stainless steel and is very easy to assemble, since you only have to make a few holes to anchor the bottle rack to the wall.


Design: It is a simple and elegant wine rack that looks great in any space, whether modern or classic. 

Size: Thanks to its design, the wine rack takes up little space, so it can be installed in small apartments without any problem.

Quality price : It is a bottle rack that looks great and has enough space to organize your bottles, it also has a good price.


Assembly: The bottle rack is made up of three parts and a hook, so assembly can be somewhat complicated.

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Other products

4. Zeller 13165 Pine Bottle Rack for 54 Pine Bottles

If you are wondering which is the best wine rack for lovers of vintage and simple design, Zeller could be the answer. It is a very elegant product, with classic and simple lines, with a design that is committed to functionality, eliminating everything that is left over and leaving only the essential.

In addition, with a capacity for 54 bottles you can organize your entire wine collection without problems.

It is made of white pine wood and has a natural finish, perfect to combine with the decoration of any space. In addition, it is easy to assemble, since all the parts and instructions are included in the purchase package.

It is also one of the cheapest options you will find, especially if we take into account the space it has.


Space: With space for 54 bottles of wine, it will allow you to organize your entire wine collection. It is ideal for a restaurant or a bar.

Design: It has a classic, simple and elegant design that looks good in any space, whether rustic or modern.

Materials : It is made of natural white pine wood, so it is a resistant and reliable product that will support the weight of the bottles well.


Instructions: The assembly instructions are only in German, which is a problem for many users who cannot understand them.

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5. AmazonBasics 12 Bottle Wine Rack

AmazonBasics could be the best brand of wine racks, as it is distinguished by producing products of all kinds of high quality and affordable prices. In this case, we are dealing with a wine rack that can hold up to 12 bottles, whether they are wine or cava. It has a very elegant and simple design, black.

It is made of steel and has a slim and reduced design, so it takes up as little space as possible, making it a perfect bottle rack for any corner of the house.

It allows the bottles to be placed in a horizontal position for better conservation and, as it has a fine wire-type design, it absorbs vibrations that could cause damage to the wine and, at the same time, it is reliable and safe.

The bottles are very firm, holding each other without rolling or colliding with each other.


Design: It has a very elegant and simple design. It is very fine, since it seems to be made with wires and the black coating gives it a greater presence.

Stability: Despite its thin and reduced design, it is a very stable product, capable of resisting and lasting a long time.

Resistance: Being made of steel and covered with a protective layer, it is a bottle rack that will withstand the test of time.


Size: For a 67 cm tall wine rack, it only holds 12 bottles of wine and only has one position, so it may not fit all needs.

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6. Wenko Norway Wine Rack Walnut 

The Wenko Norway bottle storage rack is made of light walnut wood and has a very traditional and vintage design. It offers a stable and durable surface on which to store and display up to 12 bottles of your best bottles of wine.

The inserts, by means of screws, are safety so that the bottle rack is stable and does not move or vibrate, which could harm the wine.

If you are wondering which wine rack to buy at an affordable price, this could be your best option, as it has been chosen by Consumer Magazine as the best value for money wine rack.

It has a width of 42 cm and a height of 28 cm, so it does not take up too much space and looks good on the kitchen counter or on any piece of furniture in the living room. 


Design: It has an elegant and traditional design, in the form of a shelf that goes well with any space, from the most modern to the most rustic.

Price: It has a really affordable price, which makes it perfect for those users who are taking their first steps in the world of wine and are looking for something cheap to start with.

Space: Thanks to its shelf-shaped design, with a width of 42 cm, it has space for 12 bottles and is still a modest bottle rack that fits in any corner of the house.


Assembly: Users comment that some of the pieces do not have holes for assembly, which complicates the task, since a drill is required to complete the installation.

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7. Relaxdays Bamboo wine holder for 3 bottles

The Relaxdays stand could be the best wine rack of the moment thanks to its fun and functional design.

It is ideal to have it on a shelf in the living room or on the kitchen counter, since it is a very stylish support, which will allow you to display 3 bottles of wine horizontally and organize all the accessories, such as the corkscrew, as well as Have a space for corks.

The wine rack is made entirely from fine-grained bamboo wood of the highest quality, which gives it a rustic and different touch. It is finished with a glossy lacquer that protects the wood from corrosion and the passage of time.

It measures 32 cm high and 31 wide. It has a compartment on one side to have the opener or the protective lid of the wine always at hand. 


Size: 32 cm high and 31 wide, it is a compact bottle rack that you can display anywhere, whether on a piece of furniture in the living room, a shelf or in the kitchen.

Design: Its column design, with the bottles stored horizontally and floating, make it one of the most attractive products on the list.

Accessories: In addition to the space for the bottles, it has a small section to store the opener so that you always have it at hand.


Space: It is only possible to store 3 bottles, so it may be small for certain users who collect wine and are looking for a space solution.

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8. MODO24 Cabinet shelf for 63 bottles

For those wine collectors who are wondering which wine rack to buy, the shelf from MODO24 is a good option. With space for 63 bottles of wine, in a 118 cm high cabinet-type bottle rack where you can organize your entire wine collection.

It is a very resistant and solid piece of furniture, made with light pine wood, treated and lacquered so that it can withstand the passage of time without deteriorating.

It has 9 shelves and each of them has space for 7 bottles of wine, which rest horizontally, slightly inclined towards the stopper so that it never dries out and damages the content.

The design is very stable, so you can be sure that your collection will always be safe and well organized. In addition, it is very easy to assemble, since the instructions and parts are included in the package.


Space: With enough space to store up to 63 bottles of wine, you can have your entire wine collection in one space.

Design: It is a cabinet-type bottle rack, very solid and stable, so you will not have problems with it moving when full or being flimsy.


Assembly: Assembly can be a bit complicated, since the shelves have different measurements for the front and back, so care must be taken when assembling it.

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Shopping guide

Once our comparison of wine racks is finished, we are going to explain the different factors that you should look at when buying one. In the following buying guide, we will explain the main features that make a wine rack suitable for you or not. 


We start with this guide to buying the best wine rack, talking about its capacity. Which is better, a large bottle rack or a small one? The answer largely depends on the user. For example, if you are a great wine collector, with a lot of wine boxes scattered throughout the house, what you are looking for is a large shelf, with the capacity to store many bottles.

On the other hand, if you are starting out in the world of wine collecting and you only have a few bottles, it would be best to buy a medium-sized wine rack, with space for 18 or 20 bottles and see how everything goes. If you like it and continue collecting, you can choose to buy a bigger one and, if you give up the hobby over time, you will not have spent too much money.

There are also wine racks for average users who just want a decorative element to store three or four bottles of wine. In this case, unfortunately, the wine racks can be somewhat more expensive, since you pay for the style. These small wine racks often sacrifice the functionality of large shelf-type wine racks, for colorful and attractive designs with space to store no more than four bottles of wine.

Be that as it may, always choose a bottle rack that has enough space to store all the bottles of wine you have at home and for some more, since there will always be someone who will give you a bottle of wine for any occasion. 

Finally, when thinking about capacity, you should also think about space. Remember that the wine racks with the largest capacity will also be the most cumbersome, so if you are looking for a large one, with a capacity for 60 bottles or more, you must have enough space in your house to assemble the furniture.


In the market it is possible to find wine racks made of metal and wood. You can also find models made of different plastic models, but these are usually less resistant and, over time, the plastic degrades, which can cause it to crack and become flimsy, with the added problem of some of the pieces breaking. the shelves dropping the bottles and making a mess.

The most common is wood and metal. An economical wooden wine rack may be the best solution for users who are looking for a simple product and do not want to make a large outlay. The problem with most wooden wine racks is that they usually arrive disassembled, with all the assembly parts in the same package, but with the drawback that you have to be the one to assemble the furniture. In this case, the assembly must be as precise and detailed as possible, each screw must be adjusted well, since otherwise the screws may break or come out due to the weight of the bottles, causing an accident.

Wood also requires a little more maintenance, since despite the treatments, over time the superior lacquer that protects the material can degrade. If the wood loses its integrity it can become brittle, which could also lead to accidents.

Metal is the easiest material to maintain, as you only need to clean it from time to time and make sure no rust forms. These wine racks also usually arrive assembled, since they are often made in one piece. In the case of wall-mounted bottle racks, you must make sure that you insert the screws well and that it is well secured, so that it does not fall due to the weight of the bottles.


Lastly, the design. This factor may be one of the most influential in how much this product costs. Simple wine racks, with functional and traditional shelf-type designs, are usually much cheaper. These wine racks are designed to fulfill their function of organizing wine and little else.

Wine racks with modern and attractive designs are usually more expensive and less functional, since they usually have less storage capacity. On the other hand, they are very showy and look great in almost any space.

Frequent questions

Q1: How to use a wine rack?

The first thing you have to do is review the user instructions, if it contains them. For wine racks that arrive disassembled, the first thing you will have to do is assemble it. To do this, read the assembly instructions carefully, check that all the pieces are there and gather all the material and tools that you are going to need. Follow the step-by-step instructions to assemble your furniture. When finished, check that all the screws are in place and, above all, that they are well assembled, since otherwise they could come out when putting weight on the shelves and cause the bottles to fall.

Once the wine rack is assembled, the only thing you have to do is find a good place to put it, as it should always be away from direct sunlight and in a place where there is not much traffic if possible. Once you have found the perfect place for it, you just have to put the bottles on it. You can order them however you want, by type of wine, by vintage or even by cellar, that will depend on you.

Do not forget that the wines have to be stored horizontally, so that the broth is oxygenated evenly and so that the cork is always moist. If the cork dries out and the wine comes into contact with air, the flavor will change and it will spoil over time. 

Q2: How to install a wall mounted wine rack?

The most important thing when installing a wall-mounted wine rack is to make the holes in the best possible way. To do this, you must first make sure that you have screws of the appropriate size and strong enough to support the weight of the furniture. You will also need a drill that has a hammer function and a drill bit the size of the screw, as well as rubber wall plugs.

With a pencil mark where the holes for the bottle rack will go, if necessary measure well before marking or use the bottle rack itself as a guide. Mark the holes in the wall with a pencil and start drilling with a finer bit, so as not to “break” the hole. Once you have passed the first bit, use the correct size bit and secure the hole. Next, insert the plugs with the help of a rubber mallet. To finish, you just have to secure the wine rack to the wall with the screws and that’s it.

Q3: What care does a wooden wine rack require?

The main thing is to make sure that the wood does not degrade over time. If the upper lacquer is being lost, it is best to remove it using sandpaper and, once clean, lacquer it again. You should also look at the condition of the shelves and the rest of the pieces, if any are damaged, you should remove it and replace it with a new one.

Q4: How to make a wooden wine rack?

It is possible to make a wooden wine rack from a used pallet. First of all, clean the wood well and make sure that there are no traces of nails or toxic materials on it.

Next, pick three planks from the top and using a holesaw, cut four bottle-sized holes in each plank. Join the three boards, you can do this by nailing the crossbars (the thick part of wood) to the back. Make sure you do it so that each crossbar not only supports the three boards, but slightly covers each of the holes, this way it will also serve to hold the bottle.

To finish, pass a sandpaper again on the wood and cover it with varnish. Install your bottle rack on the wall of your kitchen or your living room and that’s it.

Q5: Where to put a wine rack?

Wine racks should be placed in a stable place, free from vibrations, and away from direct sunlight, which can damage wines. It is also recommended that it be located in a place with a stable temperature throughout the year and with as few foot traffic as possible, to avoid tripping and knocking that would make the shelf vibrate.

Q6: How to clean a wine rack?

To clean a wine rack you only need a slightly damp cloth. Remove all the dust that accumulates on the bottle rack and that’s it. 

Q7: Which is better, metal or wooden wine rack?

It will depend on the needs of each user. For example, if you are looking for a modern and attractive wine rack, the best will be a metal one that, at the same time, also requires less maintenance and lasts longer. If what you are looking for is a classic and elegant look, the ideal is wooden wine racks, which go very well with restaurants and houses with rustic designs.

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