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Wine Decanter – Buying Guide, Opinions and Analysis

Enjoying a good wine is one of the pleasures that can be shared with family and friends. To savor all its notes and body, you must have a decanter that allows it to be aerated. Among the alternatives available on the market, there are two models that are positioned as favorites. The first is the Vinenco Xx2s2s2sa1a1a-127, a decanter made of acrylic material, weighing 120 grams, which comes in a robust box with adequate protection. Another outstanding model is the Hotder HD01, a complete device, equipped with a base and a sophisticated design, which quickly aerates wine. 

The 8 Best Wine Decanters – Opinions 2022

Drinking a glass of wine serves to share and relax, but for this liquid to have body and to be able to capture all its aroma, it must be aerated and separated. This is achieved with a decanter. If you are interested in one of these, but you do not know which models are recommended, we invite you to take a look at 8 of those that are positioned among the best wine decanters, with the positive and negative characteristics of each of them. 

wine decanter for bottle 

1. Vinenco Wine Decanter and Bottle Aerator

This model from the manufacturer Vinenco has been suggested as the best wine decanter on the market, because it has a favorable design for its elegance and functionality, since, being light, its handling is simple and it should only be added to the bottle to obtain the aerated suitable, a better flavor and enhance the properties of the wine. 

This double-walled bottle wine decanter is made of acrylic material and favors the entry of oxygen, so that all the flavor and aroma are released, in order to achieve an optimized and balanced tasting experience. 

It has flexible blades and a rubber stopper, so it fits the spout of any bottle, making it a universal decanter, with a secure closure system and reduced dripping. Its manufacture is high-end and its BPA-free acrylic materials do not affect or alter the smell and taste of the content. Also, it is easy to clean. 

This model has been cataloged as the best wine decanter of the moment, which you can corroborate with a look at its pros and cons. 


Construction: It has a delicate and elegant construction, with acrylic material, which does not give off odor or taste.

Design: It has a light and practical design that is placed directly in the bottle, to decant with the Bernoulli effect.

Compatibility: Its rubber cap is flexible and compatible with all types of bottles.

Drip: It works without generating drips or spills, because its nozzle is optimized for uniform pouring.


Size: Its size may be a bit large when you want it to also fulfill decorative functions.

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2. Vin Bouquet FIA 022 Wine Decanter

With a direct injection of air, this model from the manufacturer Vin Bouquet is positioned as one of the best wine decanters of 2022, because it reduces the time to condition the drink and has an original design, as well as being one of the cheapest. 

This model is built with high quality materials, which results in a unique and balanced pour, for a natural flavor typical of wine, because it is made of glass, which enhances the properties of the liquid. Also, this bottle wine decanter provides quick aeration and its design is delicate and aesthetic, so it looks elegant. 

Due to its characteristics, this proposal is convenient to add to any bottle of wine and, in a matter of seconds, it will extract the aroma, nuances and body of the content, through correct oxygenation. In addition, its design allows for a more practical pouring, without annoying spills or drips that cause stains.

Manufacturers like Vin Bouquet compete to become the best brand of wine decanters and this model is a strong contender, something that is evident when reading its pros and cons. 


Design: It has a classic bottle design, wavy and transparent, so it is delicate.

Construction: The wine will not acquire strange flavors because the accessory is made of resistant glass.

Pouring: Simplifies the pouring of the liquid, by providing oxygenation, without spills or drips.

Bottles: It can be added in different bottles, because it is universal in style and fits every mouthpiece shape.


Adhesion: Depending on the use and the type of bottle, it is possible that the level of adhesion decreases over time.

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wine decanter aerator

3. Hotder Wine Red Wine Aerator with Base

If you are looking for quality and innovation and you are wondering which is the best wine decanter on the market, then you may have come to the right option, because this product from the manufacturer Hotder is cataloged as one of them. 

It is a wine decanter aerator that is intuitive to use and has an elegant design, with a black base to rest the item comfortably and aesthetically. In addition, its style is modern and sophisticated, capable of refining the wine and enhancing its flavor, just by oxygenating the content that passes through it. In addition, the process is fast and its structure is functional, as well as manageable, since it weighs only 440 grams. 

Its manufacture, made of predominantly plastic and methacrylate, is robust in terms of durability, but it is delicate in its external details. Likewise, it incorporates a filter that prevents the passage of impurities, has a compact size and is easy to clean. 

Deciding which wine decanter to buy can be a challenge. Therefore, we recommend learning more about this model through its pros and cons. 


Cleaning: After use, it can be easily cleaned under the tap and includes a black bag for storage.

Design: It has an elegant and modern design, with transparencies and black inserts for greater sophistication.

Base: For a more practical use on the table, it incorporates a base that allows the decanter to rest. 

Construction: Its construction is solid, made of methacrylate and plastic, with rubber areas.


Dimensions: For some tastes, its size of 8.6 x 24.6 x 9.6 cm may be a bit large.

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4. Woqo Wine Carafe, Wine Decanter

In case you are interested in a classic and elegant model, then we can recommend this carafe-shaped wine decanter aerator, which is practical for oxygenating all kinds of drinks, in order to intensify the aroma and flavor.

This model is made of glass and its design is delicate in the shape of a snail and with a capacity of 1.2 liters, which would be the estimate of 2 regular bottles of wine. In addition, this proposal has a secure grip system, which favors pouring the liquid into the glasses, as well as cleaning them to maintain proper hygiene.

Due to its characteristics, it can be used at home, restaurants and even in hotels. Being made of glass, its weight is 880 grams and its dimensions are 15 by 9 by 37 cm. To prevent slipping, this alternative includes a silicone pad, which is used to position the piece firmly. 

We have identified the positive and negative aspects of this model, so you can learn more about it. 


Design: It has a snail-shaped jar-type design, with a grip system that favors pouring.

Capacity: The contents of almost two bottles of wine can be included, so it is practical for 1.2 liters.

Manufacturing: It has a robust construction, made of high quality hand-blown glass and adequate transparency.

Accessories: Includes a silicone pad, which is used to place the jug and prevent slipping.


Stopper: A stopper is missing to keep the content isolated.

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mini wine decanter

5. Mafiti Professional Wine Decanter Aerator

Wine lovers may be interested in knowing the specifications of this prototype, since it could be recognized as the best value for money wine decanter, having an elegant and compact design, with a light weight of only 160 grams, so It is suitable for events.

This mini wine decanter has been equipped with an external capsule cutter and works through a system that allows air to enter, through the Bernoulli effect, so that its flavor and aroma are enhanced. Likewise, it has an elegant design and is made of robust materials, which provide it with adequate resistance, since it is made of food-grade acrylic, with a similar appearance to glass, so it looks sophisticated and is safe to use. 

In addition, its nozzle adjusts to different bottles and has a degree of inclination that prevents spills. For a better employment experience, it includes some additional accessories. 

This is among the cheapest wine decanters in our selection, with adequate performance, so we invite you to learn about its pros and cons.


Cleaning: Its cleaning mechanism is simple, just place it under water to keep it hygienic.

Accessories: It incorporates an aluminum cutter and a stopper that favors the sealing of the wine to preserve its properties.

Construction: It is made of resistant materials, but with delicate details, in glass-like acrylic.

Design: It has a modern and elegant black design with transparencies and is mini, so it is practical.


Filter: This model does not incorporate a filter, but this does not become a limitation of its good performance.

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Other products

6. Smaier Decanter Wine Aerator 

Made of blown glass with no traces of lead, this Smaier model is positioned as one of the favorites of users, because it has an elegant U-shaped jar-type design, which has been created to store up to 1200 ml of content. 

The model has a practical and functional design with a double nozzle, a wide one to pour the liquid that will be aerated from the bottle, and another small and delicate one, with an angle of inclination, which serves to delicately pour the wine into the glass, so that splashes and spills are prevented. 

Likewise, it has a curve that allows the wine to come out evenly and flow through the entire mechanism in an elegant way, because its design is aesthetic and it has a base that allows the element to be placed on flat surfaces such as tables. In addition, it is a delicate and easy to clean product, since, being made of glass, it can be washed.

To delve more into the specifications of this model, we invite you to read its pros and cons. 


Construction: It has a delicate but at the same time solid construction, made of lead-free blown glass.

Type: This model is a functional carafe-type wine decanter, with two spouts, one to empty the bottle and the other to pour into the glass simply and without spilling. 

Design: It is an elegant design that fits into different decorations as a central element, due to its aesthetic appearance.

Content: It is favorable to empty 1200 ml of content, which will flow correctly for a better taste. 


Thickness: It is made of thin glass, so care must be taken when handling the structure. 

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7. Maison & White Wine Decanter

If you want to buy a wine decanter, but you don’t know which model to select, we can recommend that you take a look at the specifications of this proposal from the manufacturer Maison & White, because it is delicate, modern and elegant, as well as functional to oxygenate the wine. 

The model is of the jug type and has been made of lead-free glass. It has a capacity for 2.5 liters of content and, due to its shape, when the liquid is poured, its aroma is released and the flavor intensifies. In addition, this proposal has been equipped with an oak stopper, which gives it a more aesthetic appearance and prevents the properties of the wine from being lost, while also including cleaning balls made of stainless steel. 

Likewise, it has a nozzle with a 6.5 cm opening spout, to facilitate the incorporation of the wine inside. With it, accidental drips and spills are also avoided.

If you have been interested in this model, then you will be able to know its favorable and negative aspects.


Design: It has a 24 cm high x 22 cm diameter jug-like design, with a single spout to fill and pour. Its appearance is elegant and subtle.

Manufacturing: It has a careful and fine manufacturing, made with high quality blown glass.

Cleaning: Its cleaning is simple. In fact, the decanter can be put in the dishwasher.

Accessories: It incorporates a stopper made of oak and a pair of stainless steel balls to improve the cleaning and preservation of the liquid. 


Cap: Its cap is oval and not completely spherical, so it may not completely seal the content. 

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8. Wmf Wine Bottle Decanter 

When looking for a delicate, practical and compact model, you might be interested in this proposal presented by the manufacturer WMF, because it meets these specifications and is made of stainless steel and plastic, so it is a durable wine decanter.

The model has a modern, aesthetic and professional design, which serves to aerate the wine and take advantage of its flavor and smell, since it can oxygenate the liquid once it passes through its structure. In addition, this alternative is equipped with a special anti-drip and spill function, so that stains on the table are avoided. 

Likewise, it has a spout length of about 8 cm and is easy to use, because it can be incorporated into the vast majority of traditional wine bottles, so it is universal. Its construction is resistant and can be easily washed, so it will remain hygienic.

Before making a decision, you can estimate the quality of this model through the pros and cons that we present below.


Construction: Its construction is solid, because it is made of plastic and stainless steel.

Design: It has a modern and elegant design, practical to incorporate directly into the bottle and aerate in seconds.

Anti-drip: It has been enabled with an anti-drip function to prevent spills.

Cleaning: It can be washed directly with water, because its materials do not rust and are resistant.


Professional: This model is not considered a professional type, but is intended for beginner wine connoisseurs.

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Shopping guide

To drink wine and enjoy an enhanced taste and olfactory experience, it is necessary for this liquid to be oxygenated and this can be achieved easily with a decanter, a functional piece of which there are different types, models and constructions. If you want to know more about these characteristics, we have prepared this guide to buy the best wine decanter on the market. 

style and type

Decanters are table utensils that are available in different presentations. Although they fulfill the same function, they do not all have the same design, so that, in the comparison of wine decanters, we will find several styles or modalities that suit different tastes. 

The most commercial type of decanter is the one that is placed directly on the mouthpiece of the wine bottle, by means of a system that fits firmly under pressure. These aerators have a spout on the other side, through which the oxygenated liquid will come out, thanks to the Bernoulli effect, with which the flavors and aromas are increased. 

Another type, often favored for home and restaurant use, is the carafe-style decanter. These models have different shapes, some have a snail design and a handle, while others have a U shape. Both incorporate a double spout or, alternatively, they can be of the jug type with a single inlet and outlet hole. 

Likewise, another type of decanter is the base one, which allows the piece to be placed on a surface while it is not being used in the bottle, and looks like a decorative ornament. These models can be equipped with filters and, as in the previous cases, their designs are usually modern, delicate and sophisticated. 

Construction and durability 

These wine utensils can be found in different materials, depending on the type, brand and model, so if you want to have an estimate of how much a wine decanter costs, then it is advisable to know about its manufacturing materials. 

A general characteristic of these pieces is that, for the most part, they are all manufactured with high quality standards and do not alter the natural flavor of the wine. Some of the best-selling models are made of acrylic material and have rubber areas, which allow a grip without slipping. Other models are made of stainless steel and are easy to use.

In any case, both alternatives have a high degree of durability and are resistant. Finally, there are the models made of glass, which are usually the most expensive and also the most delicate, because the glass can break. 

The way in which these decanters are made is careful and, in general, it is the result of blown glass, without lead, with hand techniques that ensure a product of greater quality and scope. These glasses can be thin or thick, providing a variable degree of solidity. 

Pour and drip

Perhaps one of the most important characteristics to make a choice is the price, but a cheap decanter is not only the most important. These pieces must be functional, that is, fully comply with the aeration and oxygenation process, for greater enjoyment of the notes and body of the wine, in addition to having a practical, fast and spill-free pouring system. 

Some models are equipped with anti-drip systems. In this way, once the wine is poured into the glass, no drop will fall out of it and there will be no stains. Similarly, some proposals have a curved nozzle so that the liquid can flow in a balanced manner.

Likewise, in jug-type decanters, there are many models that include a double nozzle, a wide one to pour the wine and another of smaller diameter, as well as a delicate one, which is where the drink will come out to be served in the glass.

cleaning and accessories

There are some models equipped with external accessories, which allow a better use of the decanter.

In this way, we can find from those that include bottle seal cutters, to those that have been equipped with stoppers, to preserve the wine with all its properties, whether in the jug or bottle. Some of these plugs could be made of oak wood, which improves conservation.

Likewise, certain carafe decanters incorporate a silicone pad, which allows them to be placed on the table, to prevent slipping, and there are others that may include steel balls, which facilitate cleaning of the piece, so that no traces of wine remain. after use.

Frequently asked questions 

Q1: How to use a wine decanter?

The first thing will be to open the bottle with the help of a cutter, remove the cork and, once it is open, place the decanter on its spout, using the adjustable nozzle and make sure there are no leaks. 

To continue, it is recommended to hold the wine bottle vertically when serving. This technique will result in a smooth finish and greater enjoyment of the flavors. For jug ​​models, the contents of the bottle will need to be poured into the jug from the largest diameter inlet hole. Once it has rested, it should be served by tilting the element over the glass, to let the liquid come out through the smaller diameter nozzle. Being such elegant elements, it is recommended to leave them on the table as a decorative aesthetic.

Q2: How to dry a wine decanter?

There are those who recommend that, after washing it with tap water, distilled water be used for a better cleaning finish, since, in addition, it dries more quickly. It is important to air dry, without using cloths or napkins, because these elements can leave residues, affect the functioning of the mechanism and change the flavors. In the case of jug-type decanters, it is recommended to place them upside down and wait for them to dry naturally, before storing them.

Q3: How to make a wine decanter?

To make a wine decanter, it is necessary to have specialized tools and have certain knowledge, so that the piece meets expectations in relation to design and function. In addition, glass, a torch, as well as following an already established model would be required. To mold the glass, it will be necessary to expose it to fire, in order to modify it, according to the specific shape that you want to give to the decanter or to the piece that will be part of the final model. Following this, a product that works as a sealer for the material is applied, or a sanding process is carried out.

Q4: How to clean a wine decanter?

Wine decanters are delicate pieces, so care must be taken when cleaning them. It is recommended to wash them with plenty of lukewarm water, which can fall on them directly from the tap, without using detergents, since these can be complex to remove and negatively affect the taste of the drink in the next use.

Some models are suitable for being put in the dishwasher but, before doing so, it should be checked if the proposal admits this type of cleaning. Similarly, there are some jar-style prototypes that include steel balls, which make it easier to clean the interior. 

Q5: How long should the wine rest in the wine decanter?

This depends on the model that has been selected, but it is recommended to wait about 5 minutes to serve the wine in the glasses, as this time will be enough for it to acquire enough oxygenation and all its aromas and flavors can be perceived and captured.

Q6: Which is better, a bottled or serving wine decanter?

Determining which type of decanter is best will depend on the needs and tastes of each person. Bottle wine decanters are easy to use and compact, as they only need to be added to the bottle to have the oxygenation effect. They are convenient because of their speed and because they are usually equipped with an anti-drip system.

In the case of the serving ones, they require emptying the liquid from the bottle into the pitcher, which can take a little longer. In addition, they take up more space on the table, but they are an aesthetic element that will capture visual attention. They are heavier and are usually made of glass, which favors the result, as many experts say that the best decanters are made of glass. Therefore, it is not possible to be sure which is better than the other, since outstanding models can be found for both types.

Q7: Why does a bottle wine decanter leak?

It is possible that the decanter leaks because it has not been enabled with an anti-drip function, so that, after pouring the glass, there will be a drop that will spill. It may also be due to not having the proper technique when serving the glass, since the bottle should be tilted slightly. Also, this can happen because it has not been fitted properly to the bottle spout.

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