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Our selection of the best Muscatel wines

Muscatel wine is one of the best-selling wine varieties around the world. The protagonist of songs and characteristic for its sweet and light flavor, Muscatel is becoming more famous every day and, with that, comes the responsibility of winegrowers to produce wines of optimal quality, freshness and aroma to meet and exceed consumer expectations. In this list, you can find 10 quality wines that could become your favorites if you dare to try them and taste their unique flavors.

1. Godelleta Moscatel Mistela

Among the different varieties of Muscat wines on the market, we find this interesting proposal from Salton, as it is a young sparkling wine with a fruity aroma and soft touches of jasmine and white flowers, made from a selection of high-quality Muscat of Alexandria grapes. quality. That is why it is considered among the best muscatel wines of 2022.

The vintage that gives rise to this wine dates back to 2020 and offers an alcoholic content of 11.5%, making it one of the lightest among Muscatel wines. Very appropriate to toast at your next celebration or simply to accompany a meeting.

Now, so that you do not lack the right accessories to serve this wine and enjoy it, with the purchase you will receive an elegantly presented package that includes a 750 ml bottle and a pair of glasses, which show the emblem of the brand.

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2. Cartojal Natural Sweet Moscatel Wine DO Málaga

It is difficult to determine which is the best Muscat wine, however, if you want an alternative that gives you a well-preserved taste of the Muscat grape and a touch of smokiness, this bottle could be ideal for you, since it will give you 750 milliliters of this flavor.. This is due to the fact that the grapes have been harvested at their optimum ripening point, and the extraction of their aroma has taken place through cold pre-fermentation maceration.

The alcohol content of this 2019 wine is 15% and its sugar content is approximately 100 grams. The delicious flavor is complemented by floral aromas that you will feel when you open the bottle, which, when combined with hints of citrus and honey, will give the wine a characteristic fragrance.

In order to properly enjoy this muscatel wine from Andalusia, Cartojal recommends its consumption between 6 and 8°C.

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3. Mioro Great Selection White Wine DO Condado de Huelva

If you are looking for the best Muscatel wine of the moment, you may find different opinions, since taste is something very personal. However, considering that this wine has obtained medals in different international exhibitions, it is worth investing in this option.

When making the purchase, you will get a pack of 3 bottles of 750 ml each, so that you always have a bottle to consume or give away. This 2016 white wine has been produced in the county of Huelva and has a detail that sets it apart from the rest: Zalema, Muscatel of Alexandria and Listán grapes have been used in its production. This definitely influences its flavor, giving it an exquisite and unique taste, which is complemented by a citrus and herbal aroma.

After opening the bottle, the wine should be consumed within 1-2 days at a temperature between 10-12°C.

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4. Familia Torres Moscatel Floralis, Dessert Wine

Although Muscatel is usually made for quick consumption, there are some exceptions, such as this white dessert wine. Produced by what could be the best Muscat wine brand, “Familia Torres”, this drink comes from a 1960 harvest and has been preserved in the best way so that you can enjoy its flavor at this time.

The bottle with golden details and a beautiful floral design has an elegant and decorative appearance, to adorn your cellar while you have it there. This aspect certainly matches the 500ml of voluptuous sweet flavor content, which perfectly balances the soft, fruity hints and brings out that characteristic note thanks to the aging process. As for its aroma, it retains a floral fragrance that enhances the flavors.

Made from Muscat of Alexandria grapes, the wine is 15% alcohol and is best enjoyed chilled.

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5. Jorge Ordoñez No. 1 special selection Malaga Do muscatel

Although it is not one of the cheapest options, this wine still maintains a reasonable price so that you can enjoy a delicious drink without investing an excessive amount of money. The wine has been produced in the region of Andalusia, in the 2015 harvest and has been produced to be kept in good condition at a constant temperature between 12 and 15°C, always in a cool and dry place.

At the time of consumption, it is recommended to take it between 6 and 7°C, as this way you can enjoy a fruity and sweet flavor provided by the Muscatel grape, with a varied aroma in which tropical fruits stand out. This flavor provides an excellent pairing to combine with foie gras or soft cheeses.

On the other hand, this wine has 10% alcohol content, making it smoother than other options. The drink comes in an elegant dark bottle with gold details.

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6. Ochoa Moscatel Wine

If you don’t know which muscatel wine to buy, this alternative could answer your question, since you could obtain an internationally awarded drink as one of the best muscats in the world. Its beautiful bright yellowish color highlights and complements the elegant clear bottle with silver accents, making it ideal for a gift.

Made in Navarra to store in the cellar, this wine has been made with 100% Muscat grapes from small grains. From the 2016 harvest, this drink has 500 ml of content and, served between 8 and 10°C, it will be possible to enjoy a smooth flavor and enveloping aromatic tones. The wine is ideal to accompany desserts, blue cheeses and even serve as a base in cocktails.

Being a late harvest, this wine has used overripe grapes that have concentrated their natural sweetness to give it to the drink. This distinctive flavor is faithfully preserved so that you can enjoy the Muscatel grape from the first sip.

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7. Wire Moscatel de Setúbal Fortified Wine

People who are already used to drinking wine might pay less attention to cheap products and more to those considered strong. In this case, this drink, which comes from the 2012 harvest from the Setúbal region, in Portugal, has been fortified to reach a volume of 17.5% alcohol, however, none of these enrichment processes have affected its characteristic Muscatel grape flavor from Setúbal.

The drink has been made to always be consumed cold, at a temperature recommended by the manufacturers of between 8 and 12 degrees Celsius. When drinking this Muscatel wine, the aromatic tones will complement the experience with a taste of almond and hazelnut.

The wine has been aged in oak barrels for 3 years and an excellent pairing is achieved with strong cheeses and also chocolate or egg-based desserts. By consuming it, you can enjoy its characteristic flavor and also a more noticeable touch of alcohol.

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8. Marina Muscat Enrique Mendoza

The Moscatel de la Marina Enrique Mendoza is a wine that follows the most traditional approaches of this type of wine. We are talking about a product from the 2016 harvest and made in the Valencian Community. For its elaboration only grapes of the muscatel variety have been used, duly selected.

The result is a wine with a slightly greenish yellow color, clean and complemented by pleasant golden touches. Its aromas are very pleasant and muscatel notes predominate, reminiscent of scents of honey or orange blossom, as well as balsamic touches and the smell of freshly cut grass.

As for the taste, in the mouth we will feel light and unctuous sensations, where the acidity typical of citrus fruits predominates, which gives character to the wine. The result is an ideal proposal to accompany it with desserts, sweets, chocolates or even blue cheeses.

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9. Cheste Agrarian Wine Cooperative Sweet Moscatel Wine

Made 100% from Muscat grapes in Spain, this wine has been made to serve as an aperitif and also has an ideal flavor to be a dessert wine. In fact, its recommended pairing is fruit and cakes, as these foods complement its flavor.

From the moment you uncork the wine you will be able to feel an intense aroma of ripe grapes, which combines harmoniously with citrus floral aromatic tones. This will be your first impression and, when you try it, you will be able to enjoy a voluptuous taste that highlights the fruity and sweet flavor, until reaching a finish that balances all the elements of the drink.

As for its design, the transparent bottle brings out the bright yellow color of the drink, and it will look amazing in your home. With 750 ml of content you will have enough wine, with an alcoholic volume of 15% to enjoy the fruity drink and a touch of alcohol.

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10.  Pinord Muscat Sweet Dessert Wine

Pinord muscatel wine is a kind of mistela made from grapes that have not fermented and to which, after being made, vinyl alcohol is added. A product that has 15% alcohol and that offers a pleasant mix between the sensations typical of these wines and the alcoholic touch that it provides.

Among the sensations it offers, we find an intense aroma of grapes, which is accompanied by details such as perfumes of rose petals or certain touches of honey, very pleasant. A sensation similar to those we have in the mouth, with a creamy and light profile at the same time. A balanced flavor that is not always present in the muscats that we have on the market.

By the way, don’t forget that this proposal is made up of three bottles, which makes this wine the best value-for-money muscatel wine that we have evaluated.

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Origin and Use

Wine is a drink with a long history, as it has been part of different cultures for a long time. For this reason, there are several characteristics that can be highlighted in this drink. Muscat wine is a derivative of the Muscat grape and stands out for its fresh aromatic tones and its characteristic sweet taste.


The history of muscatel wine is a subject full of assumptions and confusing data that has sparked debates among experts in the field in order to find the exact moment in which the muscatel grape was discovered and the wine derived from said fruit began to be produced.. The reason it is so difficult to trace history back to its origins is because of its antiquity.

The Muscatel grape and the preparation of its wine appear for the first time in the documents of Bartolomeo Anglico, written between the years 1230-1240. However, thanks to the paintings of ancient Egyptians and the study of certain ampelographers, Muscat grapes and their wine have been in civilizations for much longer. Although there are discrepancies, the time period in which they could have been used for the first time is between 3000 and 600 BC.

Like the debate about its origin and history, the etymology of its name also has various explanations. Some say that it comes from the Persian word “muchk”, although others say that it comes from the Greek “moskos”. What we can be sure of is that, regardless of where its name comes from and where its wine was created, the Muscat grape and its derivatives have delighted different civilizations around the world for many years.


Although most people prefer to enjoy wine individually and in a glass, it is not surprising that some people want to take advantage of the sweet taste and aroma of Muscatel wine to make other preparations.

This drink can easily be incorporated in the creation of cocktails and can even be used in the preparation of desserts and other foods. Additionally, it is a good wine to serve as a base when preparing sangrias or to replace the sugar in these drinks. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about how much a bottle costs, as Muscatel wine is usually cheap.

A cocktail that you can prepare is the orange sorbet with Moscatel, for example. Making a comparison of muscatel wines, you will be able to find quality options that combine their aromatic tones with the characteristic flavor of orange, resulting in a fresh and sweet drink.

Among the various dessert recipes, you can find muscatel creams with caramelized grapes, grape and muscatel tarts, and even the famous fruit salad with a touch of wine.


In your guide to buying the best Muscatel wine on the market, you should bear in mind that, although the quality of the drink greatly influences its flavour, its correct conservation will also do so.

Although there are different varieties of Muscatel wine, they all have characteristics in common: they have a high degree of sugar, their aroma is strong and their flavor highlights the fruity tones.

To keep all these qualities alive, it is recommended to keep the bottle at a constant temperature of 8 to 13 degrees. However, in special cases, wine could be stored at lower or higher temperatures. This depends on the manufacturer and their vintage.

Nutritional value

Depending on the wine you buy, the nutritional value may vary, since the recipes for each wine depend on their creators. However, the average values ​​of this type of wine are about 124 calories and about 8 grams of carbohydrates. These figures for muscatel wine are usually higher than those for most dry wines, however, they are within the normal ranges that could be expected from these beverages.

It is necessary to bear in mind that, regardless of its exact nutritional values, the fact that the Muscat grape is its base ingredient means that responsible consumption of this wine brings health benefits such as the prevention of the development of heart disease and the lowering cholesterol levels, for example. In addition to that, its high content of vitamin C and antioxidant properties also help keep the body healthy.

drink responsibly

The delicious, sweet taste of wine can be deceiving, as the fruity notes can mask the taste of alcohol. In this way, it is easier to get drunk without realizing it, because you will forget that these wines usually have an alcohol content between 11 and 18°.

Always remember to drink in moderation to avoid going overboard and, also, keep in mind that, after drinking, you should not drive to avoid accidents.

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