The best wine Ribera del Duero

Our selections of the best Ribera del Duero wines

Ribera del Duero wines are produced in a region that enjoys a continental Mediterranean climate, which provides all the conditions for the Tempranillo variety and other permitted varieties to emanate their potential and be transformed through different aging, fermentation and maceration processes into a drink of peculiar aroma, color and flavor. Therefore, below, we present a selection with ten of the best exponents that this denomination of origin houses.

1. Pradorey Oak Origin Red wine Oak Ribera del Duero

Among the best Ribera del Duero wines of 2022, we find the Pradorey Origen, which has been the product of the incorporation of new oenological techniques that have given it its peculiar character and meritorious recognition with the bronze in the IWSC and 90 points in the guide Penin.

Regarding its elaboration process, it comes mostly from Tempranillo grapes and in a low proportion Cabernet-Sauvignon and Merlot, a mixture that gives a certain intensity to its essence.

And to highlight the fruit in a special way and redefine its balance, the low-alcohol grapes were manually selected and their must was subjected to cold pre-fermentation for 3 or 4 days. Subsequently, the aging takes place in European oak barrels for 2 months and final rest in clay pots.

Due to its qualities, it is suitable to accompany cold meats, soft cheeses, pizzas, meat pies and all kinds of vegetarian specialties; versatility that allow it to be considered the best Ribera del Duero wine of the moment.

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2. Matarromera Crianza 0.75 ml


It is the flagship wine of Bodega Matarromera, as it shows the balance between fruit and wood that characterizes the brand.

For this, only the Tempranillo variety is used and it is aged in American and French oak barrels for 12 months in controlled environments. It is then transferred to the bottle where it finishes acquiring its attractive cherry red color with violet tones and its complex aroma.

It is an attractive wine that also has an affordable cost, which is why it could well be the best Ribera del Duero wine in terms of value for money, being convenient to be consumed by celiacs or people allergic to gluten and wheat, since it does not contain them in its composition and goes well with cheeses, sausages, red and white meats and even fish.

In addition, if you are looking for the best brand of Ribera del Duero wines to consume on any occasion, you can obtain it in this product, since Matarromera is synonymous with quality and experience. 

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3.  Protos Red Wine Oak

Protos red wine is one of the classic products when it comes to looking for the best Ribera del Duero wine. In this case, we are talking about the 2019 harvest. The original wine comes from 25-year-old vineyards, with the must spending six months in French and American oak barrels and another six months aging in the bottle.

The result is a fresh and intense wine, with a cherry red color finished off with a purple rim. On the nose, aromas of red and black fruits stand out, joined by certain spicy notes and a light toasted touch.

As for its flavor, in the mouth we will enjoy a good structure, with a sweet and balanced step and in which the tannins are perceived smoothly. A flavor that pairs perfectly with rice, pasta, chicken and poultry, as well as other similar dishes that do not have a special intensity.

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4. Altos De Tamarón Red Wine DO Ribera del Duero

Within the wide range of Ribera del Duero wines, we also have interesting proposals among the cheapest wines. This is exactly what happens with the Altos de Tamaron wine, which has a young and very interesting character.

It is a short-course wine, which spends a couple of days in a pre-fermentation maceration process. This step is brief but important, since it is the one that generates the base on which the final product develops its own color and flavor. A process that lasts the following four months, during which the broth spends in the bottle before being released onto the market.

The result is a slightly softer wine than would be usual, although it lacks neither the body nor the power typical of the wines in the area. In fact, it has a meaty and velvety touch that is finished off with certain spicy notes.

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5. Viña Arnáiz Gran Reserva Red Wine


Determining which is the best Ribera del Duero wine could be a complex task, since this denomination of origin houses a large number of red and rosé wines with peculiar qualities.

However, the Viña Arnáiz Gran Reserva is an excellent option to consider among the purchase alternatives.

The Viña Arnáiz Winery has a long history of family tradition, whose reforms and productivity have earned it its award as the best winery in Spain by the accredited Vinitaly International Contest.

It is the same that welcomes this Tinto Gran Reserva for a reasonable time to obtain its characteristics as a result of the careful handling of the Tempranillo, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon varieties.

Among its most precious organoleptic qualities are its intense cherry red color with a violet rim, aroma of wild fruits, spicy notes and an intense mouthfeel full of nuances. A wine that can be appreciated accompanied by roast beef or roast suckling pig, Iberian ham and sausages.

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6. Valtravieso Red Wine Lot 

From Finca La Atalaya in Valtravieso comes this interesting wine from Ribera del Duero. A broth made with 90% fine red wine and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon grapes, from the best vineyards of the winery.

The wine has a deep and seductive approach, which is achieved by aging for 15 months in French oak barrels, to which are added another 12 months of rest in the bottle. All this generates a highly desired and careful production from the vineyard, since it is cared for and analyzed to prevent the overripeness of the grape.

The result is a wine that has 92 rating points in the Peñin guide and is one of the best wines in the world according to the James Suckling ranking. An exclusive character to which is added the fact that each bottle is numbered, demonstrating how limited this wine is.

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7. Finca Resalso Red wine Emilio Moro


Wine is a traditional product of daily consumption and among the reds that can be included in the diet is this economic proposal by Emilio Moro: Finca Resalso. A winery framed in the wine tradition of Ribera del Duero.

It is an intense cherry red wine, with violet tones in a thin layer of pleasant flavor and finesse, with sweet tannins.

Which in turn is accompanied by clear and frank aromas of very ripe black fruit, complemented by a subtle background of wood, product of its four months of barrel aging.

Focusing on its presentation we can notice that it has the usual 750 ml dark bottle, convenient to keep its qualities intact and facilitate its use, either in the preparation of multiple dishes or to taste on any occasion, since it is one of the cheapest of Our selection.

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8. Mileno Roble Red Wine aged 6 months in barrel

This product offers the advantage of being purchased in a pack of 3 bottles of 750 ml each. Which is convenient to enjoy at a family meeting or dinner for its affordable price.

It is a red wine made entirely from Tempranillo grapes and a production process in which it spends 6 months in American oak barrels, to later remain in the bottle for 12 months and thus complete its ageing.

Regarding its appearance, it can be seen that it is a fine and elegant wine characterized by an intense cherry red color with slight cardinal rims, accompanied by lively fruit aromas with hints of pastry, dairy products and hints of vanilla, toffee and cocoa.

One of the necessary aspects to be able to enjoy Milenio Roble 2016 in all its expression is to serve it at the appropriate temperature indicated by the manufacturer. That is, between 16 and 18 degrees Celsius.

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9. Protos 27 Ribera del Duero Red Wine

If you don’t know which Ribera del Duero wine to buy, Protos 27 has been described by great tasters as an exceptional red wine. Not in vain has it won a gold medal at the IWSC (International Wine and Spirit Competition). 

To know the effort behind this award, it should be noted that it is a wine from vineyards over 50 years old, made from ripe red and black fruit. The vintage was harvested by hand and, in addition to a special selection of yeasts for fermentation, a 16-month maturation process in new oak barrels was used. 

All this process has given Protos 27 such an expressive body, in which notes of sweet spices and toasted touches are perceived. It has a long finish and, being quite balanced, it can pair well with roast meats, pork, lamb, cheeses and much more.

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10. Pradorey Elite Tempranillo red wine


One of the benchmark red wines for the quality and peculiarity that characterizes the Riberas del Río Duero region is this product, the result of meticulous management of the vineyards that make up Pradorey. In addition, we are in the presence of a wine that has been rated 94 points in the Peñín and Bacchus Oro guides.

In its production, this wine uses the vines of the noble Tinta Fina variety once they have reached a high aromatic concentration and nuance.

After its usual fermentation process, it spends 14 months in French oak barrels for aging and 6 months in French Nevers wood cones until it reveals its marked balance.

In the upper layer it shows a very vivid bright red color, with fruity aromas that attract the attention of any palate.

For this reason, it is suitable for pairing roasts, game and red meats, as well as being used on different occasions, so it can even be offered as a gift to a special being.

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Origin and Use

Ribera del Duero is home to a large number of wineries from which different types of wines are derived, where some seek to remain faithful to tradition and others are committed to innovation, all with the sole purpose of satisfying the diversity of palates. For this reason, this guide to buying the best Ribera del Duero wine seeks to make known what is behind each bottle.


Although the denomination of origin Ribera del Duero is young (since 1982), the winemaking tradition of Castilla y León dates back to time immemorial and grew along with Spanish history. According to data obtained, the Phoenicians on their commercial trips noted the potential of the area for wine exploitation given its geography and climate. Therefore, they did not hesitate to settle there, giving rise to what would eventually become one of the main drinks coveted by the Romans.

However, the monastic orders in the Middle Ages were the ones who dedicated their time and knowledge to improving production, regulating harvests and extending the culture of wine, becoming, over the years, the source of economic development of the region. region that even today continues to implement the most advanced production practices and technologies governed by quality controls supervised by the Regulatory Council.


The hallmark that notably characterizes the wines of the Ribera del Duero denomination of origin is the use of the Tempranillo grape, although other varieties are also allowed, but with some restrictions.

This is where its wide variety of reds and rosés come from, whether they are monovarietal (only Tempranillo), blends of Tempranillo, Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot, Malbec, Garnacha and Albillo (white grape) and even blends of different harvests. Which, together with the type and aging time, define how much a certain wine costs. Although it is usually cheap.

Thus, the reds are made up of 75% of the Tempranillo variety alone or together with Cabernet-Sauvignon, Merlot and Malbec up to 95%, and the remaining 5% is made up of the Garnacha Tinta or Albillo variety. For its part, the rosés are combined in a minimum of 50% with the authorized red varieties and the white variety Albillo Mayor in the appropriate proportions to give their characteristic tone.


A rule that applies to wines is that the higher its alcoholic strength, the more guarantee of longevity it has. However, this occurs as long as the bottle is not uncovered, since when it comes into contact with oxygen it loses its character. That is, its organoleptic qualities are modified.

For this reason, once a bottle is opened at home, it is advisable to have an air extraction pump, in order to preserve the wine for a few days, either in the cellar or, failing that, in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, all types of wine do not improve with time. Hence, they must be preserved depending on the grape variety, age of the wine, vintage, time and type of aging, place of origin and storage. In the case of Ribera del Duero red wines without aging, they can be stored for 2 to 5 years and aged between 5 and 25 years under controlled conditions of temperature, light and humidity.

Nutritional value

Wine is one of the few alcoholic beverages that provides nutrients to the consumer’s daily diet, benefiting their body. The reason for this is that it results from the processing of a grape with a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals.

If a comparison of Ribera del Duero wines is analyzed, it can be seen that they come mostly from red grapes, which, depending on the processing (mixtures of varieties) and aging time, significantly increase their nutritional value depending on whether they are Young, Crianza, Reserve or Grand Reserve.

Thus, for example, a glass of Matarromera Reserva would not only provide 120 calories and sugars, but also flavonoids, anthocyanins, resveratrol and some minerals, where it is advisable not to consume more than the recommended daily ration.

drink responsibly

The culture of wine is not only characterized by its particular language, full of technicalities, but also by enjoying this drink in moderation, since otherwise it is not possible to perceive each of the intrinsic qualities that increase its taste with each sip.; since they are the product of time and the joint work of nature and man that are worth respecting.

In addition, the excessive consumption of wine, like any other alcoholic beverage, can cause serious incidents when under its effects, and even addiction, and therefore long-term damage to the body.

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