White Russian

white russian cocktail

How to prepare a white russian Number of people: 1  


  • 50 ml of vodka 
  • 25 ml Kahlua or coffee liqueur
  • 12.5 ml of half milk and 12 ml of heavy cream
  • ice to taste



  • A glass of whiskey, short glass or old fashioned
  • A metal stirrer or spoon
  • Measuring cup.

If you have a special dinner with friends or family, you can close with a flourish by preparing the White Russian cocktail for after-dinner, the smooth brother of the Black Russian.

There are as many variations of this drink as the imagination of mixologists and bartenders around the world has allowed, finding variants such as the Cuban White Russian that substitutes vodka for rum. Others substitute the milk for horchata de chufa to make it the Mexican White Russian. Here’s a classic way to prepare White Russian.

Step by Step

The White Russian drink does not come from Russia, but it owes its name to the main ingredient: vodka, and its preparation is so simple that it will not take you long to have a creamy and cold cocktail for after dinner.

In the whiskey glass add 3 or 4 rocks of ice.

Next, add the 50 ml of vodka and the 25 ml of coffee liqueur. 

Next, add the mixture of milk and cream, 25 ml in total.

Place the stirrer and serve it. 

The idea is that when serving it, the well-distinguished layers can be seen and when drinking the cocktail, it is stirred so that the drink acquires creaminess. 

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