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Wine is closely linked to society and the history of mankind. Wine has always been present in all our meetings and celebrations, in religion and also in culture. From the first pictorial representations in amphorae and vases, to the statues of different deities such as Bacchus or Dionysus. 

Wine has been present at the heart of civilization forever. This drink has been represented countless times through culture and religion throughout the centuries. In this way, we can find the first versions of the gods of wine in Egypt and Sumeria.

Over time, wine has carved out an important place in society, being present at meals and meetings, but also in many works of art, whether written or painted. In this sense, philosophers, thinkers, writers, poets, film directors and even scientists have had wine in mind in some of their works and also in their sentences. 

Wine is present in popular wisdom, as a reference for many famous phrases and popular sayings such as “age is only important if you are a cheese or a wine” or the more than recurring “improve with age, like good wine”. In addition, this drink invites parties, which is why it is also present in popular songs, such as “long live wine and women” by the Spanish singer Manolo Escobar.

To help you understand how important good wine has been in the history of mankind, below we have selected some of the best phrases about wine, so that you learn to love this drink and develop your taste for wine.

25 famous wine phrases

“In true wine”

This phrase of Pliny the Elder does not come from ancient Rome and could be translated as “truth is found in wine”. This phrase speaks of the ease with which wine disinhibits people.

“Wine washes away our concerns, rinses the soul to the depths and ensures the healing of sadness.”

Seneca’s phrase is also about how wine is capable of making people happy, making them forget their sorrows.

“The best wine is not necessarily the most expensive, but the one that is shared.”

Georges Brassens tries to explain that the best wine in the world can be any, as long as you share it with someone important, who makes you enjoy.

“I would like to be all wine and drink myself.”

Federico García Lorca is one of the great Spanish poets and playwrights. His work contains many references to wine and, in this sentence, he refers to self-love.

“Wine, the older it gets, the hotter it is: contrary to our nature, the longer it lives, the colder it gets.”

This phrase by the Spanish playwright and soldier Félix López de Vega y Carpio compares the nature of wine with that of the human being. While the wine improves with age, the health and strength of the human being decline over the years.

“The people of the Mediterranean began to emerge from barbarism when they learned to cultivate the olive tree and the vine.”

This phrase from the Athenian historian and soldier Thucydides points out the importance of wine and oil in Mediterranean cultures. In ancient times, when there were no known ways to make water drinkable, it was wine that allowed the development of great cities and civilizations.

“Wine and bread moved armies.”

This phrase by Juan Abellán refers to wine as one of the staple foods of ancient armies.

“There is more philosophy and wisdom in a bottle of wine than in all the books.”

Louis Pasteur is known in the wine world for being the father of modern alcoholic fermentation, since he was the one who discovered how the natural yeasts of the “bloom” work by converting sugar into alcohol.

“Good wine resurrects the pilgrim”.

In ancient times, when pilgrims made their long pilgrimages on foot, at the end of the day it was the wine that gave them back their strength.

“Wine is the most civilized thing in the world.”

This phrase by the American writer Hemingway also seems to refer to the ease with which wine softens the human character and makes us happy.

“To know the origin and quality of the wine, there is no need to drink the entire barrel.”

This phrase from the poet and playwright Oscar Wilde actually tells us that when it comes to getting to know someone, it’s best to do it little by little.

“Spain, the beautiful country of wine and songs”.

With this phrase, the author Goethe highlights some of the virtues of Spain, where some of the best wines in the world come from, such as Pedro Ximénez wine, highly appreciated in Europe.

“Wine sows poetry in hearts” .

Dante Alighieri refers to wine as a source of inspiration.

“He who came into the world and does not drink wine, why did he come?”

A fun word game by Bernardo Piuma.

“Eat child and you will grow, drink old and you will live”.

This popular saying refers to the health benefits of wine.

“If the sea were wine, everyone would be a sailor.”

Another Spanish saying that exalts the virtues of wine.

“Although penicillin cures men, wine makes them happy.”

Alexander Fleming, discoverer of penicillin, also highlights the benefits of wine on the mood.

“Man owes wine to be the only animal that drinks without thirst.”

Another phrase from Pliny the Elder, which on this occasion refers to the fact that the human being is the only animal that drinks without being thirsty.

“Long live wine, which is the great comrade for the road.”

A phrase by Pío Baroja that praises wine as a good companion for any trip.

“Wine is poetry in a bottle”

Robert Louis-Stevenson, a Scottish writer, was also a great fan of this drink.

“Wine is the milk of the elderly.”

Plato’s phrase.

“God only made water, man made wine.”

This phrase by Victor Hugo points to man as the creator of wine.

“Food is the material part of food, but wine is the spiritual part of food.” 

This phrase from the writer Alejandro Dumas points to wine as food for the soul.

“A day without wine is a day without sun”.

This typical phrase from the area of ​​Provence, indicates that without wine a day is sad.

“A wine is the healthiest and most hygienic of drinks.”

Another phrase from Louis Pasteur about how good it can be to drink wine.

If you like good wines, surely you will know how to enjoy reading these phrases about wine in the heat of low -priced butane gas stoves.

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